25 thoughts on “Now This Is Snow Removal . . . Canadian Style”

  1. Hi Professor, Just watched you on “Return to Area 51.” Do you still have a seal on your office door, or at least the notice itself? Would love to see it. Truly bizarre stuff.

  2. Cool video….makes me recall my youthful fascination with large locomotives and long freight trains. For while all of us kids knew the local schedules and would gather by the tracks to watch them roar by us. Monsters like this old DT&I locomotive were magical to a young boy’s eyes.

  3. Thanks Prof, enjoyed the videos. Husband was a dispatcher and nephew is an engineer. They love their work. Sent links to nephew so he could see them. Being a southern boy, he had not seen the plows or train from hell at work. Also, I thoroughly enjoyed them. Think a train ride through the snow would be a beautiful adventure. It is amazing, the progress that has been made in in the rail industry over the last century. If only the world would look forward to progress and stop trying to take us back to the stone age.

  4. Hey Jerry,

    Lets take a trip. Ice, snow, thunder and lighting. Then write a WSJ best seller titled storm of the century.
    Make a movie and make lots of money. My idea, 2/3 and 1/3 cut. Got legal team for contract too. So let it snow.

    Don’t go nuts yet, hang in there. Think green.

  5. Anarchist 2.0,

    Casey Jones is driving that train? Having coke? Oh boy. GD song says it all.

  6. Two comments- damn long train- hate to be in an ambulance waiting for the crossing to clear, and where’s the caboose? It ain’t a train without a caboose 🙂

  7. I just sent resume in for train snow plow job. Why? It’s fun, that’s why. Don’t get caught in railroad crossing or you will be plowed. See lawyer….It’s all your fault.

  8. When you see a train coming in the snow, please stand clear. My first year riding Metra (Chicago commuter train for those that don’t know) we were pulling into a northern suburb station and must have hit a big pile of snow.
    The only reason I knew is because I saw for the first and only time the conductor sprint through a car and down a platform. Turned out a woman was standing just a bit too close to the end of the platform, and she was completely taken out when the train hit the snow pile. Luckily she wasn’t hurt too bad, but next time I can guarantee she won’t be standing so close to the end of that platform where the train is still moving at a decent speed.

  9. That was really cool. I’m surprised it was able to stay on the track. The engineer’s window was completely covered.

    I’ll bet they get a lot of practice in the snow!

  10. What is fun is to see the trains with the snowplows on them. This is nothing, more like a car going thru a mudpuddle.

  11. Look at it from the bright side. Snow is better than ice….when driving.

    FYI, another storm is moving in. Sunday into Monday. Go shopping, and have cash on hand in case of power outages. Top off SUV with gas just in case.
    Anyone want to get into cross country skiing? JT hikes in this stuff? With snow shoes?

  12. I did a lot of work for a mutual insurance company that insured municipalities. I worked a few cases of motorists on state roads, and interstate highways, running into plow trucks. They were rear end collisions w/ drivers cavalierly driving into the mini snow squall made when a plow is moving powdery snow. It’s hard to understand the stupidity of some folks. But, that did not prevent lawsuits. The issue was always the lights on the trucks. Strobe lights are now used, but the accidents still occur.

  13. I was going to comment, but I seem to have lost my train of thought. All I see is snow in the screen now.

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