Journalist Films Anti-Semitic Reactions To His Walking Through Paris Wearing Yarmulke

25BE5ACF00000578-2956040-The_clip_shows_the_reporter_for_Jewish_news_outlet_NRG_as_he_is_-m-24_1424122602146Below is a very disturbing video of the responses that Zvika Klein, a reporter for Jewish news outlet NRG, received when he walked through streets of Paris wearing a yarmulke and a tzitzit (knotted ritual tassels). The video shows the level of anti-Semitism even in our capital cities around the world.

Klein walked around with a bodyguard while a photographer filmed him with a camera hidden in a backpack.

They film as Klein is called a “dog” and even spat at by people walking by. He walked through Jewish neighborhoods, around the Eiffel Tower, but mostly went through Muslim neighborhoods. He was surprised to receive “belligerent remarks” even in tourist areas, though on the whole they were much better than the Muslim or Arab neighborhoods.

Some comments were particularly shocking like a young boy asking “What is he doing here Mommy? Doesn’t he know he will be killed?”

In truth, I expect that Muslims wearing religious grab face the same type of commentary and attacks in some areas. However, the film captures the deep and growing divide on religion around the world, including the West.

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  1. @Anarchist 2.0


    ““French Media Documents Israeli Reporter’s Fraudulent Paris Walk on Muslim ‘Wild Side’”

    “The lack of integrity in Turley’s journalism doesn’t surprise me. The fact that the guy insists on calling this a “law blog” when all it offers is the usual tabloid fair indicates the guy’s dishonesty.”

    I’d previously overlooked your response to my post above, but want to say here that I can’t agree with your assessment of Professor Turley. I don’t even see him as a journalist, but as an attorney and law professor with an interesting blog.

    I read it everyday and post responses when I’m moved to do so, and he and his moderator(s) have posted them intact and without redactions.

  2. Who helped bring the ex-colonial Muslim/Algerians flooding into Metropolitan France? The anti-colonialists, the 68 Rioters, with their feckless Marxist deconstructionism of Western culture, and all the liberal secularism, tolerance and diversity nonsense that has followed in the wake … now it all comes back to roost. Bring back Charles Martel, King Edward, Louis Quatorze, Queen Isabella the Catholic. Vive Charles Maurras. Vive Vichy. Vive Le Pen. Vive la France!

  3. I will cautiously state my knowledge while decrying any sick, demeaning, derogatory and hatefilled words directed toward anyone for any reason… some of this is probably trained and rewarded gang activity. Outwardly I display few signs of ‘who I am’. But when the gang fronting for mafia aka developers aka some apparent d o d influence came for our home this is the type activity which suddenly surrounded me everywhere get out of our hood had lived there for over two decades ugly fat none are true. We’ll kill you. Constant glaring following and invective. I drove a generic car and am basically generic. This is sponsored hate for a profit. It’s my personal belief that this is leading towards ‘garrison’ cities such as the one Bhutto was assassinated in. A gang needs it all gang. Hope this is taken in the spirit intended. Anti Semitism and any hate disgusts me to my insides to have it suddenly turned on me over valuable property certainly enabled me to hone my totally lacking skill set at spotting gang activity which I am now a world class expert on. Albeit, self proclaimed. I admire his grit!

    1. It probably is manufactured. The whole thing looks like something out of infowars only not as good.

  4. Happypappies-
    “Why would I give you credit for painting desperation pictures of evil. ”

    It’s interesting, the more I prod you, the crazier you become. You should be as polite as possible to people because you’ve got zero self esteem and you don’t hold up well when you paint a target on your back. I’ve tried giving you the benefit of the doubt before, but you apparently saw that as me granting you license to give me sh!t.

    We can keep going at it as long as you want because I could care less what you have to say, but you’re standing on a cliff edge waiting for a stiff breeze to plunge you into psychosis. So keep going. Let’s see how this turns out.

    1. I have 0 self esteem – 0 – Okay lets say that this is true. If I have 0 self esteem, then, How did I lose myself to find myself in the first place,

      Go ahead, tear it up. I can’t wait.

      I will bet you NEVER let go of your ego for 1 millisecond. It would be far too precious to you.

  5. The human race has but one face on this planet. Whereas us dogs are barks of a different color.

  6. Fiver said…

    Sharia-phobics, you really do sound that silly and histrionic.

    And you know this because you checked it with those 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians just be-headed, right? Bravo!

    Given your expertise on Sharia Law, just how does it work out for you wherever you live? No worries, eh? Oh, wait…you live no where near Muslims, let alone Arabs, right? Bravo again.

    Me…I have no “Sharia Phobia” and have made that clear several times on the board. It is wasted and impossible proposition in the USA…even in my neighborhood, where, if it was to flourish, it would be here.

  7. ken-

    ““French Media Documents Israeli Reporter’s Fraudulent Paris Walk on Muslim ‘Wild Side’”

    The lack of integrity in Turley’s journalism doesn’t surprise me. The fact that the guy insists on calling this a “law blog” when all it offers is the usual tabloid fair indicates the guy’s dishonesty.

    If the supreme court releases an opinion, you’ll never hear about it here. If some tweaker sticks a baby in a microwave, Turley will be all over it. The guy is a prime example of the sleazy, self serving lawyers inhabiting washington.

    1. Anarchist 2.0

      Opinions are like A@@holes everyone has one. And you are one so no one really cares what you think. Turley was asked by Boehner to sue ACA and I bet that hack wins. He has more integrity in his breaking wind than all of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. 😉 😉

        1. Anarchist

          Is it difficult for you to understand a receptive intelligence? Lunar people never forget anything. It is their genius and if they can harness it then they can respond in kind.

          I find it a fortunate thing that there is “lunacy” for me to mediate between my inner and outer worlds. You see, we are all a reflection of the Holy Spirit. In fact, when we were created in God’s Image – we could never have seen our own minds if we could not remember – as Isis the Moon goddess of Egypt re-membered Osiris to create her son Horus.

          That’s right Anarchist – I remember and see the story of all of these legends and how they all are so weirdly and the Holy Spirit revealed to me in my lunacy, not to worry about it as it was making me feel like a hypocrite.

          So, you go ahead and feel superior to me. That’s okay with me. All the cards are on the table so to speak. I was only documenting Drug history for you before.

          1. happypappy-

            I’m not talking to a “receptive intelligence” I’m talking to someone with a mental disorder- someone that really should watch what she says to me because it’s so easy to drive you into fits of despair. Don’t dish it out honey, because you definitely can’t take it.

            “So, you go ahead and feel superior to me. That’s okay with me.”

            It ought to be. You’ve had at lot of practice at being inferior in your life.

            1. Anarchist 2.0

              I don’t feel Superior to anyone. If you feel inferior to me, that’s on you.

            2. The human race is in such a vast pit of despair and you want to drag it down with you. What a sad human being you are.

              1. happypappies-

                I tried to warn you that you’re in over your head. Later when you’re shaking and crying in the shower, you should at least remember to give me credit for that much.

                The human race isn’t a vast pit of despair. that’s just your life. Maybe if you quit pretending that your delusions add up to a God, you’ll be a little better off. But then, you’ll still be locked in a dogsh!t shellacked apartment with a thousand inbred ratdogs that comprise your only friends in the world, so maybe not.

                1. Anarchist 2.0

                  Why would I give you credit for painting desperation pictures of evil. How sick must it be to try to hurt someone and warn them of how they will be if they take a look at what you consider to be their despairing soul.

                  I live inside Music, visits with my Husband and many friends, Choir, Many Choirs around town and creative ability do do anything and everything I want to do.

                  I am sorry for you

  8. Thank you for this, Ken.
    I now expect the frightened little rabbits to disappear behind their alarmist, racist and xenophobic statements earlier.
    Aren’t you feeling silly right now?! If you were able to, that is.

    People like that Klein are a danger to us all, and those people include the like of Karen, Nick and Pogo eager to demonize groups for the sake of who knows what silliness drives you…and Prof Turley himself for so eagerly buying into and providing these stories that are polarizing and erroneous.

    1. I saw this already on The Last Refuge and those guys really are Islamophobic. They are ready for The Endtimes and are praying for Christs second coming. You should check that out sometime if you think people are Islamophobic here. This is mild. It’s the internet and people just like to vent.

  9. “French Media Documents Israeli Reporter’s Fraudulent Paris Walk on Muslim ‘Wild Side’

    “By Richard Silverstein

    “February 18, 2015 “ICH” – “Tikun Olam” – Though Israeli ‘journalist’ Zvika Klein’s Paris ‘walk on the wild side’ through allegedly Muslim Paris neighborhoods aroused indignation in Israeli and western media, the story aroused skepticism in French media. The French publication Les Inrocks published an investigative piece and interview with Klein which undermined many of the claims and assumptions on which his video was based. Thanks to reader Deir Yassin for bringing the article to my attention.

    “As I noted in an earlier post, Klein claims he walked through Paris for ‘ten hours,’ yet the entire video is 1:36. Almost half of the video shows him walking with no interaction with anyone (let alone being insulted). So there is less than one minute of negative interaction with Parisian Muslims.”

  10. I guess the CIA and our military are silly little rabbits for protecting our country from many extremist Muslim terrorist attacks, and it’s all a waste of money. Perhaps those who ridicule should ask to be exempted from such protection, since they feel it is so unnecessary to comment or be concerned about extremist violence unless it is done by Christians.

  11. I am so proud that there is a record of me adamantly criticizing extremist Muslim terrorists, and the subjugation of human rights, especially women’s, under Sharia Law in every country where it is practiced. It is a humane, rational opinion.

    Even though I am ridiculed on every thread on this topic, I am proud to stand up for the rights of women and gays who are killed under Sharia Law around the world.

    At the same time, I have consistently said I support the right of Muslims to practice their religion in peace, and have said that moderates come to America to escape extremism.

    I know I am on the right side of this issue. And those who make fun of my reasonable approach look very bad on human rights issues and the plight of women.

    I am against extremist terrorism and pro peaceful/moderate Islam. If you are against me, what do you stand for?

  12. fiver
    (.. the right-wing, “Western” values that directly led to almost half of those killed in German concentration camps being Jewish), but mostly it’s just scary.


    Not sure if I agree with your interpretation of history there Norm.

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