Detroit Man Asks Strangers If They Are Muslim And Then Stabs Them When They Answer That They Are Not

635597831540837830-Thomas-Terrence-Lavaron-39-YOA-Date-of-Photo-February-14-2015-e1424208036672-300x211Terrence Lavaron Thomas, 39, is a curious representative of the Muslim faith. First, he already stabbed to people at random because they were not Muslims. Second, when arrested, the alleged faithful felon had drugs in his possession. Violent and a drug user. I wonder what Sharia law would do with Mr. Thomas in a place like Saudi Arabia.

The account is bizarre. The victims say that Thomas walked up to them at a suburban bus stop and began a conversation. It seemed harmless banter until they said Thomas ask if either were Muslim. When they said that they were not, he proceeded to pulled out a three-inch folding knife and stabbed one five times and stabbed the other as he tried to stop the attack. Thomas then fled. Both victims are in their 50s and did not suffer life-threatening wounds.

Thomas was arrested soon after the attack and the police found the weapon and another knife as well as a stash of marijuana. He has been charged with two counts of assault with intent to murder, one count of carrying a dangerous weapon, and one count of possession of a controlled substance.

The crime is being investigated as a hate crime and his bond was set at $1 million. What is fascinating is that, if religion was the motivating factor in the alleged crime, Thomas would seen more interested in the violence than the precepts of the faith.

After reading about this attack, I went on some sites to check out the rules on drug use, which are prohibited as are intoxicants generally. Indeed, Jabir stated that Muhammad insisted, “Whosoever drinks wine, whip him. If he repeats it for the fourth time, kill him.” What is interesting is that if he can claim medicinal marijuana he might be excused. Medieval Islamic rules permitted the use of Hashish for medical purposes. The 14th century Islamic scholar Az-Zarkashi wrote of “the permissibility of its use for medical purposes if it is established that it is beneficial.” Michigan has a medical marijuana law but if this was medicinal, he would not have been charged with possession.

The result is not surprising: Thomas appears a really really bad example of the faith much like Islamic State fighters.

Source: Washington Post

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  1. Trooper York said …

    It is coming to a bus stop near you.

    Gee, thanks…and in Detroit no less. And some wonder why I carry a pistol.

  2. Interesting that when they have no liberals to argue with they argue with the voices in their heads…..

  3. Waiting on the Reefer Madness crowd to proclaim “See??? We were right all along. Reefer makes you violent !!!!!”

  4. …”under sharia law they would hang him.

    Well, except if he worked for ISIS or the Palestinian Authority or was of French Maghrebi origin, then they’d make a video lauding his acts.

  5. DBQ – thanks! I needed a laugh this morning since I’m coming down with a cold. And that is SO TRUE! Plus, it really reminded me of The Princess Bride. “Let me explain. No, it takes too long. Let me sum up.”

  6. I feel left out. Aren’t I the guy who just likes to argue with anyone?
    Good comment Gary.
    Yes, with my head in the sand, I didn’t know about these issues with these cannabis-type drugs.
    Opening day is still a ways away.

  7. Mary Steenburgen is a talentless drain on the last season of Justified. She got in a Hillary plug last week. WTF were the producers thinking? They must be Hillary supporters. So, Hillary has now ruined a great TV show.

  8. It must all be true. Raylan Givens is hunting down people who are taking over a state to grow pot on ‘Justified.’

    I also know, from my students not actual experience, that the potency of pot today is about 5x that of my day.

  9. I’m busy today so I will sum up the arguments in this thread

    Moderate Muslims don’t represent what this guy did

    Yes they do. If they don’t stop it.

    Radical Islam is going to kill us all. Die!!!!!

    But Christians are bad too….so there! (sticking out tongue)

    He is a mentally ill persona and Islam has nothing to do with it.

    If he was a Christian….you would blame Christianity.

    You are a Muslim hater if you disagree with hating Christians is a good thing.




    Tea Party!!!!!


    on and on and back and forth until the ultimate (and predictable) climax

    Annie hates Nick. Mespho thinks everyone besides himself is stupid and souless if they don’t agree with him.. Annie thinks people are stalking her on the internet and threatens to tell on you all to JT. Darren tries to smooth the waters. Po jumps in and gives yet another tedious lecture on why Sharia law is cool and Mulsims are better because some reason. Annie says Nick is a doodyhead. People start talking about sports.

  10. Karen, There are some very powerful strains of sativa on the market. The best medicinal quality of sativa is for chemo patients. Sativa is the strain that really activates the appetite. I see chemo patients buying sativa, but not the super strains. Just a low-mid potent sativa really activates the appetite. The vast majority of people buying medical cannabis are not looking for a medicine, they’re looking to get high. I’m not blind. But, I see cancer, AIDs, Parkinson’s and other folks using it as a medicine. As you know, I get ridiculed here by an angry one for using cannabis. Folks like myself and the aforementioned patients could care less about close minded, little people, who have a middle school intelligence and mentality. This country is dark ages in may respects. Because of the pharmaceutical lobby, little research is done here. Israel is where some great research is being conducted. It’s not a medical miracle drug. But it beats being addicted to pain meds or muscle relaxers. And, it is a miracle for this kids w/ seizure disorders. Maybe there are other miracles.

  11. The “good” representatives of the faith are the reformers/moderates, rather than the extremists. May they be a force for change, although they are fighting the tide in the ME, it seems.

    Nick – I did not know that a strain of Marijuana would be so psychedelic. I am very curious to know which strain he was carrying. I wonder if he was mentally ill and was inspired by the recent ISIS savagery. Or if he was sane and just decided to make a sweeping statement to impress ISIS.

  12. Pogo, The very low THC, high CDB, hybrid has a miraculous result w/ children having uncontrollable seizures. You’ve probably seen the stories?

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