Detroit Man Asks Strangers If They Are Muslim And Then Stabs Them When They Answer That They Are Not

635597831540837830-Thomas-Terrence-Lavaron-39-YOA-Date-of-Photo-February-14-2015-e1424208036672-300x211Terrence Lavaron Thomas, 39, is a curious representative of the Muslim faith. First, he already stabbed to people at random because they were not Muslims. Second, when arrested, the alleged faithful felon had drugs in his possession. Violent and a drug user. I wonder what Sharia law would do with Mr. Thomas in a place like Saudi Arabia.

The account is bizarre. The victims say that Thomas walked up to them at a suburban bus stop and began a conversation. It seemed harmless banter until they said Thomas ask if either were Muslim. When they said that they were not, he proceeded to pulled out a three-inch folding knife and stabbed one five times and stabbed the other as he tried to stop the attack. Thomas then fled. Both victims are in their 50s and did not suffer life-threatening wounds.

Thomas was arrested soon after the attack and the police found the weapon and another knife as well as a stash of marijuana. He has been charged with two counts of assault with intent to murder, one count of carrying a dangerous weapon, and one count of possession of a controlled substance.

The crime is being investigated as a hate crime and his bond was set at $1 million. What is fascinating is that, if religion was the motivating factor in the alleged crime, Thomas would seen more interested in the violence than the precepts of the faith.

After reading about this attack, I went on some sites to check out the rules on drug use, which are prohibited as are intoxicants generally. Indeed, Jabir stated that Muhammad insisted, “Whosoever drinks wine, whip him. If he repeats it for the fourth time, kill him.” What is interesting is that if he can claim medicinal marijuana he might be excused. Medieval Islamic rules permitted the use of Hashish for medical purposes. The 14th century Islamic scholar Az-Zarkashi wrote of “the permissibility of its use for medical purposes if it is established that it is beneficial.” Michigan has a medical marijuana law but if this was medicinal, he would not have been charged with possession.

The result is not surprising: Thomas appears a really really bad example of the faith much like Islamic State fighters.

Source: Washington Post

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  1. Clarification: I also have no hesitancy to calling pseudo-Christian bigots out, like the “Rev” Terry Jones…from far away Florida who goes out of his way to interlope here. What is his point? He acts as if the paper version of the Koran is somehow possessed…never mind that he is a lunatic of the first order who one time tried to carry a large pistol on his hip in to a Middle School here as part of his protest.

  2. Trooper York said….

    At least you are carrying Ari.

    Yes, because I can. Oddly, or it might seem so on this thread, the times I am usually not armed is when walking about in my own neighborhood…which is 90% Arab Muslim and the vast majority are harding working and locally investing people. When visiting my neighbors, a few who are also blacks of the Muslim faith, I don’t feel it is courteous to carry a concealed weapon in to their space, nor do I feel a need. If I did I’d likely not visit.

    My town is encircled on 3 sides by Detroit (Detroit has 2-3 independent towns fully inside its borders) and there are Muslim posers there, like this guy. Most acquired their “faith” in jail or prison….but not all of them. Some are sincere and not a problem. Not so long ago the DPD, DbrnPD,and the FBI went to arrest “Arab Muslim” weapons smugglers, from Detroit and Windsor,Canada, a few blocks from my house, and wound up having to shoot & kill the leader, a self anointed “Imam,” who shot & killed the FBI dog “Freddie.” I was among the first to donate to the FBI memorial, in DC, for their dogs lost in the LOD which was started upon “Freddie’s” death. The effort to use a non-lethal means was met with a blaze of gunfire form the “Imam.” I’d suggest he was displeased that his illegal business was interrupted, with no consideration of his alleged faith.

    As for Obama’s speech and remarks about bigotry toward Muslims…funny how I’ve not seen that other than from outsiders who do not live anywhere near here, but maybe passed through town a couple times and were offended by dual language signs. For the record Jews also experience bigotry from outsiders who do not live near them. Compare to Obama, who spent 5 odd years with Muslims in Indonesia, pre-teen years, compared to my 30+ years living elbow to elbow with them every day. I’d suggest I have the greater experience. The bigotry, if one must call it that, is not against Muslims per se, it against Muslim terrorists and the majority of our neighborhood feels the same way.

    As for the lady who shot herself while fiddling with a bra holster….anyone want to bet me that her pistol was not a striker fired pistol with no manual safety or de-cocking mechanism? Weird how she’s described as looking at the barrel end of the pistol…something I’ve never done unless the pistol was disassembled for cleaning. Something wrong with that holster I’d say….and the lady’s means of concealment.

    BTW…I have no problem with calling a Muslim extremist just that…and have done so in conversations with my neighbors….with no objections so far. As I promised a while l back I will be trying to talk to more neighbors who do not know me slightly or at all. Consensus so far is that the Muslim terrorist types, here and elsewhere, just make it hard to be an American Arab…as if that is an affront.

    I’d add, without reservation what slohrss29 said.

  3. happypappies – “I don’t like these kinds of posts because they are predictable. People get murdered all the time but if it’s a Muslim everyone goes ballistic. I am tired of it.”

    I wonder if you use the same filter when you hear of a white cop shooting a black thug? Is it o.k. to go ballistic then?

    1. Jim22 I don’t use filters. They are not useful or Christian. Did Jesus use a filter when he carried the cross to Calvary? No. That was a particularly mean spirited remark from you. I don’t know what prompted it. I repeat. I am tired of Islam being the blame for everything evil in humanity. It is too convenient. It is also historically inaccurate.

      BTW White cop – Black Thug very interesting. Do you think I am a racist Conservative? I am Socially Progressive so you have me pegged wrong, Sorry.

  4. I maintain the impetus of evil acts is the individual, therefore the analysis of religious, ethnic, or nationalistic possible causes is an expensive waste of effort. Religion is just a convenient vehicle for many to act on these evil acts, and even that analysis many times is incorrect, as there is a nationalistic or ethnic aspects to what appears to be religious-motivated crime. Put on whatever hat you like, if a crime is a crime, it should be treated swiftly as such. There is too much pervasive thought that we are all victims of our situations. We need to get back to more individual accountability. On a broader scale, don’t accept our government’s explanation for anything that happens in the world. Get some background and put it to your own test.

    1. slohrss29 I absolutely agree with you. It is totally on the individual and the religion is a convenient vehicle.

  5. I don’t like these kinds of posts because they are predictable. People get murdered all the time but if it’s a Muslim everyone goes ballistic. I am tired of it.

  6. DBQ,
    I laughed out loud at your post. It’s exasperatingly funny that we are that predictable. 🙂

  7. “There seems an unending supply of Muslims who are “not good representative of their faith.””

    That’s because the Muslims who are good representatives of their faith are going as quietly about their business as good representatives of Catholicism, Buddhism, Methodism, and Judaism, etc etc.

    These guys are making themselves exceptionally newsworthy.

    I think Inga noted on a different thread whether the issues were mostly cultural or religious, and that this should be teased out. This is important in order to get to the root of the problem with extremism. Malala indicated that extremists were often ignorant of the Koran themselves (at least in Pakistan) and used the ignorance and illiteracy of local people to further their aims.

    How are the Koran, Sharia, and additional text interpreted? Is interpretation ongoing and progressive or does it tend to look to the past? How do the interpretations differ between Wahabism, Shiite, Sunni, etc? Does extremism stem from a sense of powerlessness combined with a lack of humility?

  8. Trooper, Garrett Morris[Chico Escuela] didn’t get much air time on the SNL Anniversary. I thought the show was quite lame, and some downright cringe worthy. Jim Carrey did have a funny line before the show. “You know Brian Williams was part of the original cast.”

    1. I have never understood using a bra to hold things besides breasts. And why someone would put a gun in their bra is beyond me. I sure as hell would not put a pistol in my Speedo. Safety first.

  9. William Berry, did you hear the President’s speech today regarding bigotry toward Muslims? It was excellent.

  10. A young hipster girl got punched in the face doing an episode of the knock out game last week just a few blocks away from me. At five o’clock in the afternoon.

    No coverage of it anywhere. The NYPD is covering up crime statistics.

  11. What a swamp of vile bigotry the comment threads here have become. In addition to the usual suspects— NS, PS, DBQ— along comes Amy!

    Of course, I probably shouldn’t say this.

    Calling out ignorance and bigotry here is likely a violation of the civility rules. Blatant expressions of bigotry, OTOH, are OK.

  12. There have been a rash of people pushing people on the subway tracks. Recently a Chinese gentleman died. They are hushing it up and flying below the radar but I understand that there have been six incidents in the last eight weeks.

    I wonder what it will be like when it gets warm.

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