A Leading Cause of NYPD Officer Deaths Is 9-11 Related Illnesses

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

215px-NypdpatchThe 9/11 terrorist attack on New York City continues to affect the lives of many, especially those first responders who dared the situation and served with courage and Honor.

The tragedy manifests in manners that are beyond the emotional scars that might remain with individuals. The health effects to the body may persist for many more years. Inhaling of and exposure to toxins and carcinogens in their various forms continue to haunt the New York Police Department and other agencies more than a decade later.

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, a website devoted to memorializing the line-of-duty deaths of all law enforcement officers serving in the United States and its territories, 9/11 related illnesses are the second leading cause of death among officers of the New York Police Department. This encompasses over two hundred years of records for each of the various single categories.

The memorials include all the former agencies either merged or formed into the NYPD. The leading cause of death for NYPD and its predecessors is gunfire at 324. 9/11 Related Illnesses were second at 71. The Terror Attack itself caused 24 direct fatalities among NYPD. These statistics do not include other agencies such as ATF which also has 9/11 related illness deaths.

More distressingly, since the first reported 9/11 Related Illness death on May 3rd, 2003 the number of these deaths is over three times the number of all other causes of death combined: 71 compared with 20. From that date forward, 9/11 Related Illnesses is the leading cause of death and likely could be into the near future.

Conditions affecting 9/11 first responders and rescue workers include Pulmonary Fibrosis, Cancers, Multiple Myeloma, and other ailments.

New York’s Finest and Bravest made sacrifices in devoting days, weeks, and months in recovery duties to return loved ones or remains back to their families after the collapse of the twin towers. And for their service some have given their lives and more continue to suffer from their injuries. They should be Honored and remembered.

By Darren Smith

Source: The Officer Down Memorial Page

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    1. Patriot – other than hijacking the topic, unless Obama is secretly a Zionist Jew, Zionist Jews are not ruining America. The Obama administration is.

  1. It is particularly amusing to hear people who hate cops and always take the side of criminals and thugs like Michael Brown now pretending that they care about the police. These are the same ones who reflexively blame the police without waiting a half a minute to hear the facts of the case. Then when the facts are adjudicated they still carry on the narrative that pushes their agenda. They will be there crying crocodile tears at police funerals like Comrade De Blasio but push the narrative that puts a target on their back. What a load of crapola.

  2. The 3 towers were destroyed by controlled demolition using nano-thermite
    Israel did 9/11
    Former Director of Studies U.S. Army War College Dr. Alan Sabrosky: Israel did 9/11
    The U.S. military knows Israel did 9/11. We must break the Jewish-Zionist hold on US political life

    1. Patriot – so those planes that flew into the Twin Towers (one that I saw happen on live TV) were flown by Jews. Color me surprised!!!!

  3. Rafflaw, not surprising, considering. Pretty despicable though. They seem to only like cops when they are shooting or tasing minorities. When cops need help, just like veterans, they are demonized.

  4. Well raffy this place is well known for its cop bashing comments. It is right up there with the Holder Justice Department and a Uncle Al’s Action Network.

    Par for the course. Nothing to see here. Cop lives don’t matter.

  5. It is so “refreshing” when a story about the heroics of the NY police and fire and emergency providers and the physical and mental price that they are still paying today and the echo chamber here wants to discuss a few bad apples or attempt to accuse unions of creating the alleged problem. And so much credible evidence is produced to prove the vicious clams. Are union members who suffered from the repetitive days within the toxic mess any less deserving when their public service caused them great harm?
    Why should we be cautious on paying for the cancers that were caused by their service over 14 years ago? Let’s be proactive in treating people and paying for their sacrifices, while at the same time making sure they are valid claims.

  6. There is a huge fraud situation in the public employee ranks in NYC. If this is an Industrial Claim they should and must be paid or their families. However, as usual, we must be cautious. This is NYC. So far, the only person not sued for this is God.

  7. Anybody caught in the environment of the 911 cloud and debris would run the same risk as the police and firemen do, ya think?

  8. ? Wally? What do you mean?

    I know Nick. The biggest problem for fraud from police and fire departments is because they protected by public unions which shouldnt be around to start with. I am not anti-Union. But I am anti-public Union.

  9. Felix, I investigated many fraudulent cop and firefighter disability claims. Some of the worst abuses I’ve seen. I wouldn’t get calls from the municipal risk management people unless the fraud was REALLY blatant. Don’t want to have the media get ahold of it! It’s taxpayers money so bureaucrats worry little about fraud. They only worry about bad press because of fraud. Private insurance is much more vigilant.

  10. Id bet that just as many frauds are on disability from NYPD and NYFD as there are that have been actually affected by 9/11

  11. Chuck whats your point? 100 frauds and thats just who they caught keep in mind, versus


    Before 9/11, the NYPD had five recorded thyroid cancer sufferers in its ranks. Since 2001, it’s had about 50, Kleinman said.

    “The numbers are still small, but they’re significant enough in terms of the rate increase that we need to take a hard look at this and other diagnoses and see where this is going,” he said.

    The study looked at retirees as well as serving cops.

    Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said about 57 cops have died of Ground Zero cancers. About 500 have been diagnosed with some form of the disease since 9/11.

  12. A “hundred bogus claims” is not something to scoff at, unless you’re a govt. official, or a govt. groupie. But hell, these are just some cops who would probably kill an unarmed black youth if the continued on the job, so what’s the big deal?

  13. Felix, your point?

    You pull out a fourteen-month-old muckraking news article about a handful of people who tried to file bogus claims and got caught. A hundred bogus claims out of thousands. According to Shelia Birnbaum, Special Master for administering the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010 (P.L. 111-347) (Zadroga Act), many who are eligible have not even filed claims.

    How about the 2,500+ first responders and volunteers who have cancer directly related to their exposure to the carcinogens in the rubble? No one knows exactly how many have died or been sick who have NOT filed claims. Recently, three FDNY firefighters died on the same day of the same type of cancer.

    Then there is PTSD, which is as real as a broken leg, but broken minds and souls aren’t as visible, and are often dismissed out of hand, sometimes by their own families and health care providers.

  14. This truly is a national tragedy. New York’s officers and firemen set an example for all who come after of courage and sacrifice. It is the nation’s duty to take care of those who have given so much.

  15. This has been an ongoing tragedy made worse by Giuliani’s denial and obstruction of the problem by other Repubs like Christie Todd Whitman, when help would have mattered most at the beginning of the crisis.

    “You smell it, and you feel there must be something wrong,” Giuliani said. “But what I’m told is that it is not dangerous to your health.” Days later he encouraged New Yorkers to “go back to normal.”


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