Video Shows Islamic Fighters Destroying The Ancient Hatra Site

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 9.16.36 AMWe have yet another disgusting video of Islamic fighters systematically destroying their own history and culture in the name of Islam. The latest images are from Hatra, a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is in an area controlled by the Islamic State. We have previously discussed videos of these fanatics destroying museums and ancient cities as offensive to their Islamic values.

The video shows a militant destroying priceless heads from a wall with a sledgehammer while another fires a Kalashnikov at another. A spokesman is heard celebrating the destruction because it is “worshipped instead of God.”

Hatra is located 110 kilometers (68 miles) southwest of the Islamic State-held city of Mosul and was a large fortified city during the Parthian Empire and capital of the first Arab kingdom. The site withstood invasions by the Romans in A.D. 116 and A.D. 198, but has now fallen in the name of religion by these Islamic extremists.

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  1. HappyPappies…I just say what I think and let the chips fall where they may. Normally quite conservative, yet not “neo” as in say Dick Cheney’s case, but I have developed a distaste for half-arsed warfare. So I said what I said above. Just my opinion and its not necessary for others to agree. Thanks for compliments anyway.

    1. Aridog.

      You are welcome.

      I get so sick of the bs on here. I am sorry. Wait a minute. No, I’m not 😉

  2. No more conventional unit group troops to the ME. Nothing we’ve done there with our sparse force enclave strategy has improved a thing. Overwhelming force is all that can work and we’ve never done that since the Kuwait adventure….which we ended before total victory. Letting politicians run wars from outside the military is folly. We are proof. Now, with today’s force levels we can’t even muster over-whelming force if we wished to do so. The bull has been castrated.

    We might muster a couple division to defend Boston if invaded there…for 3-5 days, after which we’d need to rely on Kellogg, Brown & Root….for logistics, and without solid military logistics an army wilts in place.

    That is no insult to Marines and Soldiers, Airmen or Naval folks, it just is what we’ve been left with (to those fine service persons detriment)….for example, more Admirals that ships in the Navy. Ponder the fact the Union won the Civil War with only ONE officer above the rank of 0-8, and that was LTG Grant at 0-9. Today we’ve got 4 star ranks (0-10) in charge of paper clips and toilet paper (which they contract for)….and have created even more flag rank equivalents (they really do get their own little flaggies to fly when appearing anywhere) in the Senior Executive Service who are hard pressed to zip up their skirts or pants on any given morning. Example: Lois Lerner was level 3 SES.

    1. Aridog

      I love your orderly mind and wish people would listen to you and not the muddled emotional jingoistic Neoconservative lie which has nothing to do with true Conservatism.

      There is no rational way to expect these people to ever stop behaving the way they have always behaved short of a new Messiah in their own ranks.

      What I see in the Neoconservative Mind is a form of World Dominion and that is just Out of the Picture and it is nothing more than Neo Mercantilism which would destroy the World in short order.

      (Caps are for emphasis and not screaming or anything else such as not understanding what a proper noun is 😉 )

  3. I agree with Saucy Mugwamp and Eric.
    Consequently Eric, now we need to get the native people off their posteriors and fighting for their countries–then we can send troops back in to assist and clean up.

    Squeaky Fromm…good points made. Also, we can’t forget the breakdown of our freedoms and rights, our religion beliefs, our educational system, our constitution, our morals and values, our economics, etc.
    Just like the tyrannical fanatics who are striking down Hatra, groups of US dissenters are breaking down our American system of life.

  4. For once, I agree with Obama that the Mid-Eastern countries need to stand-up and take back their countries.
    However, with the way ISIS and other terrorist cells are recruiting and growing, I also believe the U.S. and it’s allies should offer logistics to these people, while they, the native people of these lands, need to do the fighting–at least for the present.
    There will come a time when the U.S. will need to send troops back in. I don’t think they should have ever left the area, they should have only scaled back–not pulled out. This latest ISIS crisis would not have gotten this massive, if American troops were present in Iraq.

  5. I wonder if they will also destroy the ancient city of Mecca–Not.

  6. Clarification…when I said “honor killings around here”, I meant the Detroit Metro Area…which includes Hamtramck, a small city inside Detroit proper, now populated by many Pakistanis but once was a solidly Polish stronghold. Last “honor” murder I recall was in Hamtramck.

  7. HappyPappies … we’ve had a few honor killings around here, but none by Arabs (that I am aware of), usually Pakistanis. The police always react immediately and the prosecutor charges them within 48 hours. Still, unsettling when it occurs….why’d they come here to continue their old tribal barbarism? Their practices are definitely pre-Mohammad, dating back to nearly the first millennium or before. 98% of my neighbors wouldn’t consider such a thing…but there is always that 2%…and it may get worse now that Ahmad Jebril has been loosed by the feds upon us…he will draw miscreants like flies to horse poop. I may have to reconsider my practice of NOT carrying a side arm in my neighborhood thanks to his ISIS funded butt (and that aspect is known even to the “Feds”) ….no telling who is listening to his crazy rants…er, “sermons.” No way his arrival is a good thing, for any of us here, Christian, Muslim, or purely secular. He WILL find adherents….thus render us all less safe.

    1. Aridog

      One wonders how long all of the religions of peace will continue to be religions of hate and use their venue to discriminate against their fellow man that they were told to love unreservedly and unashamedly.

  8. Karen S … he is already busy undermining sanity here. It only takes one adherent convert at a time and soon enough everything goes to Hades. As I said, 10 or less years ago he’d have been a nobody with few followers. Today, thanks to all the various adverse publicity, 90+% from the outside, he now has an audience. Those pigs heads on poles made it easy for him to relate to those offended…and I do not count as I am still a “Gringo” so to speak…but I was no less offended. BTW you are right about the multi-generational aspect of Arab population here…it dates to 1919 and before.

    1. Aridog

      I do know what you mean but I lose my mind every time I see women getting tortured.

  9. Emma Sky, another senior advisor in OIF, laments (link) the progress and opportunities lost in Iraq due to Obama’s sharp deviation from Bush with an approach that favored Iran’s encroachment in Iraq.

  10. Aridog – that’s sad. There are multigenerational Muslim Americans in Dearborn. I hope he doesn’t ruin it or take advantage of the angst of youth in today’s generation.

  11. issac: “Obama may not be perfect but he is far closer to what most people on this blog seem to want”

    Then perhaps you and they share the blame for Obama’s errors.

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