Pakistani Husband Learns Wife Went To Visit Her Sister Without Permission . . . So He and His Father Beat Her And Then Burn Her Alive

We have yet another horrific “honor killing” — this time in Pakistan. Muhammad Siddique became outraged when he learned that his wife, Shabana Bibi, 25, had not asked him for permission to leave the house to visit her sister so he and his father beat her, doused her with gasoline, and burned her alive. The only good news is that the authorities have arrested the father and son and charged them with murder as well as terrorism.

Once again, we have the inconceivable crime of two religious men who insisted that they were only being good Muslims by burning a woman alive. Not surprisingly, Siddique had been accused of spousal abuse for his entire three year marriage.

The arrest is a positive development since these honor killings are often quietly condemned in some areas.

Source: Yahoo

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  1. WIth about 3 a day in our country, how do you chacterize the perpetrators that look like you and sit next to you in church?

  2. po

    I read your article of 5:44 and understand how you can arrive at this junction. Having lived in France for many years, some years ago, I was given the opportunity to view from a distance and objectively, the US. However, I had somewhat of the same experience growing up in Canada. I have lived in the US since 1987 and have had the opportunity to be totally immersed in this ‘salad’.

    There is a lot to what you say but to put it in perspective one must compare and contrast the people, the situations, and the world within the timeline of the country’s history. To say that there has never been a time as ripe for your dire predictions does not take into consideration the abominable conditions of just fifty years ago. A Muslim back then was somewhat of a curiosity but a black was someone who could be lynched at a BBQ.

    One has to factor in the media and the ‘tabloid’ conditions of the posting of newsworthy events as well. We are inundated more because of how quickly events are posted as well as the efforts of so called reporters to embellish, something which has always been a part of the ‘news’.

    There is also a condition of ‘last gasps’. Christianity has never been less of a driving force in this American society. The Christian profile is not so much greater in its breadth but greater in its spikes. Mormans can’t have as many wives as they want anymore. Catholic pedophile priests have never been as close to where they should be, jail, as now. Extreme religious activities in all the major religions are not growing so much in number as simply making the news. And, the secular way of life in the US is dominating more often than not.

    When you look at the equality that has been gained for disparate groups that would not have had a snowball’s chance in hell fifty years ago, one can surely understand that the conditions in the US today are no where near as dire as those that ushered in the blackest moments of humanity.

    Your concerns are valid. However, it might be a good idea to put them in perspective. The immediate effect of an extreme point of view is often enhanced by the fact that it is such a small but dark dot on a relatively clear background, not so much everywhere but just hard to not notice.

  3. gee gosh golly grannie…take a chill pill…I get it…maxie and you are buds…you back each others left-wing play…we get it

  4. No kidding Cnidaria. No one here has defended Islamist extremists. Some people just aren’t going to lump every Muslim on the earth in with them. Not even Professor Turley, he defended a Muslim in a very well known case.

  5. yes of course maxie…you’re always the calm voice of reason and tolerance (dripping with sarcasm)…what you say and what you feel aren’t really presented on this blog…I believe a spirit is behind these islamic extremists…”evil spirit”

  6. Wadewilliams
    Say, did you know that in South Carolina you will get five years the first time you beat your dog?

    = = =
    Now why go spolin’ a good anti-Islam thread with ‘Mercan facts?
    You know it’s never when America does it…

  7. Annie,
    cnidaria’s comment just above my reply to you here is case in point.

  8. Ingannie
    Po, your article @5:44 is right on the mark. We see this trend in various issues such as Islamic bigotry, Feminism and women’s issues, LGBT rights, voting rights and more. If we don’t want a Theocracy in our not too distant future, we need to get Americans to wake up and smell the coffee.
    = = =
    All the more reason to not focus on domestic issues and target some foreign nation and blame it on a religion… I mean, why else focus distantly rather than near? Effect a change or not to effect a change. THAT should be the question…

    Why focus on egregious acts abroad and religion when here in America, religion is doing wicked things to our land? What is that term called again… oh MYOPIC!

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