Report: Two-Thirds of China’s Underwater Resources Unfit For Human Use

o-CHINA-SPACE-900Flag_of_the_People's_Republic_of_ChinaWe have followed the horrific environmental problems in China after decades of the communist putting industrial production above every health and environmental priority. That is beginning to change as cancer rates continue to soar and the country becomes increasingly unliveable in parts, including Beijing. When stories come out, the pollution and health dangers are often on a scale that is literally breathtaking. This week had another report from the environmental ministry itself — long viewed as hiding data and underplaying environmental damage. The report says that roughly two-thirds of China’s underground water, and a third of its surface water, were rated as unsuitable for direct human contact in 2014.

Only 3.4 percent of surface water meets the highest of six categories as “Grade I” resources. Some 63% are classified as meeting Grade III and fit for human contact and use. This is notably a further diminishment since 2013 when 71.7 percent of surface water in “Grade III” or above.

It is always uncertain how much we can rely on the data from the Chinese government, one of the worst environmental violators in the world. However, even the government is now admitting a massive loss of water resources to pollution.

The loss of underground water resources is truly incredible and shows the loss from pollutants percolating through the soil and destroying aquifers that are essential for drinking water. The report shows 61.5 percent of the 4,896 underground water sites as either “relatively poor” or “very poor”.

Those suffering through this growing pollution problem is obviously the least wealthy in the country who continue to draw from water resources deemed unfit for human consumption.

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  1. Olly

    Some sort of government has always existed. Unless you yearn for those glorious days of yesteryear when we were primordial ooze.

    The first government was the biggest guy in the cave. Then the smartest guy/gal with the best memory got involved. The people in the cave decided they needed the big guy with the club to protect them against enemies and themselves, but they couldn’t discount that guy/gal who could somehow predict stuff. Thus started the duality of might and religion/king and priest which has been evolving out of our Western societies and can be graphically seen in the East. In our time we have witnessed some major societal evolutions. Imagine being in any of the European countries five hundred years ago and thinking this possible.

    When someone chooses to live in society, or is obligated as is the case, has always been the case, and will always be the case, one has to take the rules with the benefits. That’s why we live longer than the time it takes to procreate. That’s why we can safely complain. It’s not government but what sort of government. The worst governments are those that are allowed to metastasize and in the case of the democratically elected government, be perverted to the control of the status quo and the oligarchs through the negligence and/or ignorance of the voters. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. (who said that?)

  2. Isaac, the EPA began in 1970 thirty years before president delirious was elected. but like most bureaucracies it has over reached it’s original purpose

  3. Olly

    All rights and freedoms do come from a government. The problems with government stem from negligence by those who mindlessly argue that they don’t need it or want it. And, no left to ourselves we don’t do the right thing.

  4. China has let the cat out of the bag. The cat being pollution that comes with profits. “The smell of pollution, why that’s the smell of success.” An American politician said that. The trick is to harness that entrepreneurial freedom of expression to cleaning up the mess.

    Money is the name of the game and if it comes from cleaning up the environment and developing renewable sources of energy then people work, get paid, and consume by doing the right thing. This is the function of government, to design and direct society. Unfettered, unregulated, free enterprise is simply not correct. History proves this. Common sense dictates that society must be guided.

    China, and India have the momentum to lead the world in the economy of shepherding society. The US should be instrumental by setting the bar, developing the technology, and implementing this new economy. Before there were computers there was no need. First the need was created, then the tech industry. In the case of pollution, the need is obviously there and the machine to address it exists. What is in the way is the status quo, oligarchs, and vacuous freedom fighters.

  5. This has got to be the fundamental fear for the ignorant statists. Seriously, limited government, free market capitalism does not equal an unregulated society. Government has a role in securing the quality of our natural resources with an emphasis on “our”. I realize this goes against the grain of those that believe all rights come from government but this conflict will always exist as long as we try to pretend being a constitutional republic subordinate to the administrative state.

  6. Paul

    Every now and then, you slip out of your character, I hope every now and then. Without the EPA we would still be puking our guts out in most major American cities. Of course any institution with that amount of breadth and depth will include some extremes. However, America is a better place for the EPA and the question should be not to do away with it but to refine and embrace it, Speckled Throated Bullfinches, Lazy Eyed Salamanders, Mud Puddles included.

    1. issac – when the EPA declares it owns your mud puddle we can talk.

  7. Sound environmental policy has historically been a luxury of wealthy societies in which people had other needs for food, clothing, shelter amply satisfied. It’s hard to get a nation living at a subsistence level to devote many resources to environmental issues.

    China was kept dirt poor for decades by a totalitarian communist regime, that finally began to loosen some controls and support some property rights in recent years. Industrialization has both caused many environmental problems and provided the means to begin to lift people out of poverty. Unfortunately, the rulers are still very authoritarian and corrupt. It’s not yet clear if they will ever permit sufficient economic freedom to create the sort of wealth needed to clean up their environment.

    1. Joe Rio – the rulers of China are less corrupt and they are working on that. They are doing a ‘scared straight’ program by taking them to prison to see their counterparts. There is sufficient wealth in the country to clean it up, it just needs the will power.

      BTW, everyone in China is corrupt. That is the only way you can do business. If you are not paying bribes you are doing favors. The current ruler, Xi, is knocking off the most corrupt one by one, but since everyone is corrupt, you cannot jail everyone. He has to stop at some level.

  8. Yeah, let’s get rid of the EPA and all that Obama regulation stuff. It’s bad for America. The oligarchs know what they are doing. Obama is the worst thing to happen to the US and what’s worse, he’s a Muslim and wasn’t even born here.

    What is going on in China and worse in India is what has been going on in the US, Canada, and European countries for centuries. The difference is that in the West we have been turning against this ignorance and ‘hell bent for leather’ charges for ‘freedoms’, ‘wealth for all’, etc and have reduced pollution. This is, however, still the pot calling the kettle black.

    LA pollution could be found in China at one time, as well as in the lungs of Angelenos.

    The stupidest of the stupid in America still refuse to curtail pollution until China, India, Brazil and other polluters stop polluting. America’s greatest pollution rests in its citizens that point the finger. A problem is a problem, is a problem. Shit stinks, no matter where it comes from.

    1. issac – the EPA just make mud puddles federal property. Yes, let’s get rid of them.

  9. The “one child per family” program was intended to lower the population. So is the pollution. It is not a problem but it is a solution. The more they breath the better they receive. Hail Mary Full of Grace may Mao be with you.

  10. Business is slowing in China, so they may take the time to clean some of the problem areas. And the difference in polluted water areas could be the difference in ministers. No one likes to be the one giving bad news in China.

    Nick – the Chinese are very free market capitalists. However, they have really stepped on the pirating of movies. Having a hard time getting my movies anymore. 😉

  11. Olly, Can you believe the ignorance of someone calling China “free market capitalism?” I think this is simply karma, and Mother Nature’s way of assisting China w/ their overpopulation crisis.

  12. Good point Darren!

    This is one reason our big corporations are over in China–fewer to no regulations. Money and power trump people’s health. And American’s keep feeding their piggy bank.

  13. It is for reasons such as this that I never allowed a business of mine to source food or beverage products from China.

    Since most food products contain water as a large ingredient this pollution issue could be more magnified in scope.

  14. Free market? Bwahahaaha! Actually this is what you get when government picks winners and losers to satisfy their totalitarian needs. Free market…Bwahahahahaha! Thanks for making my day!

  15. There is your unregulated, ‘free market’, Ayn Rand capitalism at work. Let the market sort out the problem, It’s simply just a great entrepreneurial opportunity for bottled water sales, hazmat suit manufacturing and cancer ward construction. Think of the economic possibilities! Keep government regulation out of the market and watch it flourish.

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