The Courser Option: Michigan Politicians Allegedly Orders Staffer To Accuse Him Of Sex With Male Prostitute To Conceal Affair With Fellow Politician

COURSER_0115_DSC4624-731x1024Michigan State Representative Todd Courser has an alleged bizarre way of spinning scandal. The conservative Republican ran on a religious right affiliation and was reportedly about to be implicated in an affair with another conservative lawmaker. According to a transcript released by Detroit News was to instruct his aide to implicate him in a sex scandal with a male prostitute. That’s right, it is better to be caught with a male prostitute than a fellow Republican legislator. It could be all part of Courser’s belief in what he calls “God inspired encouragers.”

GAMRAT_0115_DSC4054-681x1024According to The Detroit News, Courser told his aide Ben Graham to send out the bogus anonymous email filled with sensational details. It appears that once the scandal was disproved or blew over, his relationship with fellow state Rep. Cindy Gamrat would seem tame and unnewsworthy. Graham recorded the conversation with Courser who is married with children. Like Courser, Gamrat is a Tea-Party back candidate who is married with children.

Courser is quoted as reading the details for the fake email with the instructions that “You just get nasty about it.” The aide expresses shock and asks “Are you serious? … That’s ridiculous.” Courser is heard responding “I need it to be over the top.”

Graham says that when he refused to carry out the order, he was stripped of his duties and Courser fired him.

Family_With_Dog_800x600Courser describes a life of faith on his bio in the following way:

State Rep. Todd Courser was first elected to serve the 82nd District in the Michigan House of Representatives in November 2014. The 82nd District includes all of Lapeer County.

Rep. Courser was born in Flint, Michigan to Daniel and Georgeann Courser, who were married shortly after his birth. When he was 4, Courser was sent to a vacation bible school, which changed the course of their lives, as first his mother and then his father, found salvation in Jesus Christ. Shortly afterwards, his family moved to a small family farm in Lapeer, Michigan. Both of his parents had grown up in difficult family situations and wanted a different experience for their family.

Daniel and Georgeann Courser were not only loving and nurturing parents, but they were followers of Christ, which was reflected in their lifestyle. Although they did not have much money, they operated their home as a place for all who needed compassion and love. They did not receive any resources for this and had no government involvement. They acted selflessly, as loving, God inspired encouragers. Todd Courser grew up in this household, with his brother, his 2 sisters and however many lost souls found their way to the Courser doorstep. The family would feed them, mend them, wash them up a little spiritually and then watch them get their feet back under them as they would go back out into the world when the timing was right. Courser learned that money, accomplishments and positions that the world tends to value, were not as important as advancing God’s plans for him to do the right things for the right reasons.

Aside from the family farm, Courser grew up with his father’s meat business. His father considered savings to be 3 chest freezers full of meat in his view of the world at that time. His mother attended college, ran a daycare, cub scout dens, church events, attended her children’s sport events and worked nights as a waitress when needed to make the finances work. Courser does not remember ever living in a household without other people, who were not related, there.

The love and compassion that Courser’s parents emulated shaped the “religious” part of Courser, one of genuine faith.

Cindy_Head_shot_from_meetingFor her part, Gamrat also ran on her faith and commitment to God and family:

It has been an incredible and humbling journey over these last few years and would not have been possible without the hand of God, the love of my family, and the help from all those who have supported me.

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy but I believe together, and with God’s providence, we can conquer any rough or rocky areas that present themselves on the path between us and the precious gift of liberty.

What is most interesting is that Courser’s clever plan has drawn more attention to the scandal than would have occurred otherwise. It is certainly true that both would look like hypocrites in the eyes of their constituents. However, they would not be the first such politicians caught in affair. Courser however has added a bizarre twist that places both politicians in not only greater national exposure but a rather unhinged, desperate light.

Ironically, Courser was right in one respect. Few people are really that interested in the original affair.

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  1. Annie
    “So why did these two Family Value Republicans break their marital vows? ”
    = = =

  2. And we were supposed to feel sorry for his lying ass…

    @ Max

    No one said you have to feel sorry for him.

    There is a world of difference in NOT being sorry for someone; or in laughing, chortling and reveling in their pain. Poking at the pain and trying to make it worse.

    I don’t feel sorry, in the least, for this guy who got caught. He make his own bad choices and needs to face the consequences and in his case, because of his religion, face his God. So does the woman who was involved in the affair.

    I DO feel sorry and sad for the children and other people (spouses) involved. I have empathy for their plight, humiliation and emotional pain. To do otherwise is really quite morally bankrupt.

  3. Max-1
    1, August 10, 2015 at 2:41 pm
    And we were supposed to feel sorry for his lying ass…

    Max, they hold us to standards they themselves fall flat on. More hypocrisy.

  4. “Deal with the Devil. I don’t laugh at their (the Clintons’) pain. I don’t revel in their troubled relationship. I, also, don’t feel particularly sorry for them because they made the deal themselves and they CHOOSE to live with it.”

    Oh yes you do.

    I don’t feel particularily sympathetic to a conservative “Christian” politician who ran on Family Values and his “Christianity” when he CHOSE to cheat on his wife with another conservative “Christian” politician and then went to great lengths to blame it on some gay prositute scheme. Now tell me why this guy deserves my sympathy?

  5. Democrat or Republican, this guy is short more than a few bricks

    @ Isaac

    On this we are in agreement 😐

    His actions and lack of clear thinking make it obvious that he is not suited to be a representative of the people or his political party and he should resign. Probably the woman he was having the affair with should consider resigning as well. We don’t have much on her in this article. It does take two to tango. This is do know.

  6. DBQ

    Let’s not be hypocritical here, we all get a kick out of it when the opposition gets whooped a little. It’s nearly impossible to be absolutely neutral, confident in one’s view enough not to need an example of the faults of the other perspective(s). The ‘god fearing types inhabit both liberal and conservative camps. However, it seems just a little more appropriate when a conservative, bible thumper, holier than thou type messes himself like this. Screwing around, trying to hide behind the most ludicrous story that could be invented, and then firing someone for not cooperating. Democrat or Republican, this guy is short more than a few bricks.

  7. No less empathetic than you are dear DBQ on any given subject dealing with human suffering and misfortune. You never dissapoint.

  8. I am being honest about my glee at your conservative brethren’s hypocrisy. I thought that was pretty clear.

    Well….. thank you, at least…..I guess……for your honesty in your lack of human empathy for other people’s sufferings and your actual joy in people’s pain. It is nice to know where posters are coming from and makes us better able to judge the worth of their posts.

  9. On the other hand. WTF was he thinking. An affair with a male prostitute is better than being caught with your pants down in an adulterous affair with another woman? 😯

    Um yeah. If you are trying to save your marriage or save your wife pain, I don’t think the male prostitute idea is a better one than just admitting your actions. Either one is bad, but from my point of view as a woman and wife, the male prostitute is far and away the most hurtful and humiliating.

  10. DBQ, please. You are anything but, sensitive to other’s misfortunes. I am being honest about my glee at your conservative brethren’s hypocrisy. I thought that was pretty clear.

  11. Sooooo……evidently, because “some” people were mean to Hillary, Huma etc this is an excuse to abandon YOUR morals and savage others.

    Bad behavior in some does NOT excuse it it others. If you want to be mean and revel in other people’s pain and suffering, just be honest about it and don’t try to put the blame on other people’s actions. YOU are responsible for your own.

  12. That’s what I like about Presbyterians.
    1. Like atheists with a cross sticker on their window.
    2. Free to go after the mote in a Republican’s eye, because that’s what’s important.
    3. Judge them, lest ye be judged first.

    No need for standards or principles, just vote the right way and be left alone!


    “You don’t have to be a Christian or believe in God to understand hypocrisy. While it’s true that people of all faiths can be hypocrites, right-wing Christians march under a banner of religious pretense and feigned morality.

    If you were trying to define the Christian right, chances are you’d come up with a definition that sounds amazingly similar to the definition of hypocrite. Since the GOP is defined by the hypocrites that make up the party, it’s really not too surprising.

    Republicans have taken hypocrisy to a whole new level. It’s not only that they don’t practice what they preach; they also don’t preach what they practice. In fact, with the help of their political and religious leaders, the Christian right seems to have convinced itself that everything Jesus said about Christianity is wrong.”

  14. Yes, some people were so kind and sensitive to Huma, when the Weiner showed off his stuff to a potential love interest. All the sympathy for Hillary from some people after her marital troubles was sooooo touching. Those on the right were ever soooooo sympathetic to these women and others on the left whose husbands were philanderers.

    Just more hypocrisy from the right, yawn.

  15. What is really sad is the inhuman joy that some people find in other people’s pain and suffering. There are not just the two people who have broken their vows and “sinned” by committing adultery (if you believe in sin and it seems that THEY do); there are families, spouses, children involved.

    Even if you don’t believe in sin, the reveling in someone’s pain and suffering is really sick.

    People are weak. You do not know what the inner workings of any relationship might be to cause someone to be compelled to do what they do. To sit cackling behind a computer screen because someone’s pain and suffering fits into your biases, political persuasions and so that you can score internet points……is really disgusting.

    I don’t like the Clintons. I DO “think” that Bill Clinton is a serial womanizer if not rapist. I don’t need to have justification for what I think or feel. BUT…..that doesn’t mean I take pleasure in their pain. I have zero idea what their personal inter relationships are like and what drives them to do what they do. SO even though I don’t like them, I have some empathy and can imagine the Hell on Earth that their lives might be. On the other hand…..maybe they like it this way. /shrug

    Either way. To laugh and be amused at the pain and suffering of others is to be totally morally bankrupt.

    1. DBQ – I think the Clinton’s relationship has to do with covering for each other and Hillary was not upset at Bill for adultery but because he got caught. I have trouble empathizing with that position.

      1. @ Paul

        As I said, I don’t like the Clintons at all and consider that they have made a deal with the devil (so to speak) in their twisted relationship.

        This doesn’t mean that it excuses them from their actions. I don’t enjoy what must be a miserable existence for them. I do have some empathy having been in a miserable relationship at one time myself and seeing others in similar circumstances. Trapped.

        I think the Clintons are trapped in their relationship by their lust for power and the money that comes with it.

        While I feel some empathy for their plight, I don’t feel sorry for them in that if they really wanted to they could have extricated themselves at any time. Hillary chose to ignore and “stand by her man” for her own advantages and to advance herself. I am guessing the Bill has done the same with Hillary. I feel sad for Chelsea as well in this particular twisted situation…she didn’t choose her parents.

        Deal with the Devil. I don’t laugh at their (the Clintons’) pain. I don’t revel in their troubled relationship. I, also, don’t feel particularly sorry for them because they made the deal themselves and they CHOOSE to live with it.

        If they were the people down the street, I wouldn’t bother with it. Not my business. However, since these people are powerful and affect ALL of our lives with their lust for power, I do feel that WE all have some stake in it.

        I feel the same about this current story. Sad that they are in pain but because it does affect the people who voted for them, it is……somewhat….our business.


    “There’s an impressive legacy of moral hypocrisy on the right. From Mark Foley to Newt Gingrich to David Vitter to Larry Craig to, most recently, Dennis Hastert, the GOP is perpetually plagued by scandals. This is a curious phenomenon, considering that it’s the Republicans, not the Democrats, who fancy themselves the party of family values. It’s clear, though, that their ranks are lined with liars who rarely live by the light of their own values.

    Worse still, Mike Huckabee’s actions after it was revealed that Josh Duggar sexually abused four of his sisters. Huckabee rushed to the Duggar family’s support — then silently scrubbed their endorsement from his website.

    We ought to view the Republican Party as a case study in overcompensation. It appears the majority of their members moralize in proportion to their sinfulness. Even more annoying, when busted, their response is always to double down on their false convictions. Their hypocrisy and moral failures feel routine at this point. This is unfortunate for a couple of reasons. For one, the public becomes desensitized to this sort of thing, which means the hypocrites are able to survive their scandals.”

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