Fowl Attack: Spanish Woman Captured On Film Beating Animal Rights Activist With Duck

55d69d2ac461884c108b45a2For an animal rights activist, the only thing worse than being beaten by a deranged individual at a protest would be to be beaten by a deranged individual using one of the very animals you are trying to protect. That happened to a man in the Catalonian town of Roses when a woman hit him with one of the ducks that protesters were trying to protect from use in an annual festival. The video is below.

Every August for 98 years the town has thrown ducks in the water for people to catch and swim back to shore with them. About 50 ducks are thrown into the sea. The video below shows a woman capturing a duck as the protester is heard saying “Continue, continue. Continue to abuse, I am filming you. A little bit of empathy for the animals. They also have a life, like your children or your family.” He is a member of the animal rights group Animal Rescue Espana and other protesters can be heard yelling “You would not do that to your dog”.

It is not clear why the woman was not charged with assault. While I would not classify a duck as a lethal weapon, it would certainly classify a duck attack as assault.

The woman then turns violent and, holding the duck by the legs, repeatedly hit the man with the animal. It is not clear how the duck fared. Animal rights activists say that these ducks (even though being used as weapons) suffer “stress, internal hemorrhaging, pain, fear and suffering.”

The mayor has promised to hold a referendum on whether to end the “duck chase” like bull fighting in Spain on the basis for animal cruelty. A petition with 10,000 signatures have called for its end — two years before its 100 year anniversary.

Supporters of the festival say that there is no reason (when they can eat the ducks or stuff their livers for food) that they cannot use them for a swim and capture game. Activists say that many animals are eaten but that does not relieve humans of the obligation to treat them humanely and that capturing and holding these ducks for a long swim is facially cruel.

What do you think?

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  1. Life isn’t about what SEEMS to be: it’s about what IS. Bullfighting is a barbaric, inhumane practice which should’ve been outlawed years ago.

  2. Steg

    The difference is that both you and I are no longer ten year olds. Kids, due to their obvious immaturity and lack of experience, don’t always fully comprehend or appreciate the consequences or the gravity of their actions. It’s a given. As adults, however, we are justifiably held to a higher standard. While the story you relay is charming, to an extent, and gives one a glimpse into innocent childhood mischief, I think that a teachable moment was missed. No insult to your parents, who were probably wonderful, loving people, but wouldn’t it have been better to explain to you—that precocious ten year old ball of energy–just how terrified and frightened that duck must have been when it was unceremoniously grabbed and separated from the other ducks? Putting ourselves, in the place of others–whether those others are human or not–usually allows for a better understanding as to what pain/fear/trauma is being experienced by those we deem to be OTHERS.

    I also don’t see any justification for hunting, what you classify as, dangerous animals which have not been handicapped. Why in the world would anyone get enjoyment or pleasure out of such a thing? I understand killing a dangerous, predatory animal in self-defense, but I see no justification for killing for the sake of killing or for the sake of acquiring a trophy. None. This is where that teachable moment, years ago, comes in handy. Learning to identify or empathize with the victim would foster a decisiveness to never allow for the wanton abuse or murder of innocent creatures.

  3. One should read Hemmingway’s ‘Death in the Afternoon’.

    This animal rights thing takes away a lot of stuff. I still like going to bullfights and still hope the bull wins. The bull never seems scared and tortured. He just seems like he is figuring out how to get the man.

  4. Bam

    So I think you understand where I am coming from then. I find this particular situation hysterical because of the irony. I don’t get it either(harming and killing defenseless or innocents for sport or chuckle). I do understand hunting dangerous animals which have not been handicapped in any way. I also understand hunting for fun- catch and release like the story I’ll write below. I’m not the kind of person who seeks out abuse videos. This one happened across my daily routine. I don’t find this duck tradition problematic. Kind of like trying to catch a greased pig, but easier.

    I will reveal a snippet of how dark and twisted my person can be: When I was little (10ish), I used to catch ducks on the golf course we live by. You’ve got to wait until they’re juveniles, because if you handle goslings you risk alienating them from the family and thus killing them. When they’re juvenile, they can’t fly, all the ducks (mallards here) look like females until their maturity sets in. Anyway, imagine how traumatic it must have been for a bunch of ducks resting, and then a little ten year old boy leaps into their flock from an undisclosed location, pinning an unlucky one to the ground by it’s neck between my thumb and fingers.

    The duck was then gathered up, and brought home as a trophy presented to my parents(carried in my arms like you would any delicate creature). They would say something like, ‘nice duck, now go put it back where you found it’, and I would do just that. The ducks would always look nervous, but they’re good sports.

  5. Steg

    I think that my sense of humor, which can be quite dark at times, is intact. Of course, I see the irony of a PETA-like activist being hit with an animal, but, honestly, I don’t understand harming or killing defenseless and innocent animals for the purposes of sport or a chuckle. I don’t get it, the same way I don’t get clips posted on the internet where transients, on the street, are hurt and abused in the name of entertainment. People find those hysterical, too. I don’t. I’m just crazy like that, I guess.

  6. Bam, you don’t find it hilarious that a PETA style activist was beaten with a DUCK?! Where’s your sense of humor?

    Of course I feel bad for the duck! It is helpless! But this is a situation which happened, and is out of our control anyway. Sometimes you just gotta laugh.

    It is possible to hold two ideas simultaneously. Like- the subject of this post I find hilarious! Yet I also feel for the poor duck. My contempt for PETA style activists overrides my compassion for the animal- in this particular case. I’d have to review on a case by case basis, the level of humor vs empathy felt for a poor animal.

    Square this post against the old man losing his life for the artifacts. No comparison.

  7. According to medical professionals, it is usually a troubling sign when individuals get a kick out of viewing animals tortured or abused for mere sport. There is simply no justification for it and is not comparable to those instances where people kill for food. If you find this clip of hilarious or much ado about nothing, seek help. Not a good sign.

  8. Not that the person recording warranted an attack. They were within their rights to record in a public place, where we know there is no expectation of privacy. The woman with the duck was in the wrong for striking, but I agree with Nick… much ado about nothing.

  9. My initial reaction is- this is hilarious! The poor duck!

    Watching the video, we see the person recording only got whacked with the duck once. The duck seemed fine as she waded away after the hit.

    Ducks are delicious. I love animals, but PETA style people sometimes override my love of creatures, and while I don’t think I would do it personally, I applaud this woman exercising her right to bear arms. In this case, the arm has wings.

  10. F her. Tie her legs up and throw her about with proportional force. See how she likes it.

    She’s the reason why abortion is a valid option.

  11. Pin, people eat duck eggs. So I doubt caring about unmatched ducks has much play here.

    1. Annie

      All the eggs I eat are free range and fertilized but I doubt anyone outside of France or Fear Factor would eat an egg half gestated.

      That’s why I’m for forcing chefs to candle all eggs before they contemplate making an omlet.

  12. According to Annie, people like me only care about the ducks when they are still in the shell. I keep trying to cut scratch for those who have already hatched.

    To that I say ducks can get free wifi at Starbucks and learn that they don’t get ducklings if they don’t sit on their nest.

  13. Are we cats or are we humans? Is it necessary to play with our food first before eating? BamBam is right, this is cruel.

  14. There’s an apocryfowl story about those people who test aircraft windshields.

    A guy was going to show his confidence in the product by sitting behind the glass in the mocked up cockpit while an engineer fired a dead chicken out of a cannon to simulate a bird strike.

    At the last minute he was talked out of it and when the bird was fired it obliterated the glass and kept going, damaging a good deal of the background.

    It turned out someone had loaded the cannon with a frozen chicken.

  15. Why would anyone be shocked to see this type of cruel behavior occurring in a society which venerates and promotes the barbaric practice of bullfighting? I, for one, am not. It appears as though the black mark, in the form of a gift left by the Arabs years ago on the people and culture of Spain–bullfighting–has succeeded in infecting the entire society with a less than humane attitude pertaining to the treatment of animals. If bulls can be routinely tortured, abused and ultimately killed for the sole purpose of sport–all in front of screaming, maddening crowds–a story surfacing about this type of behavior occurring in Spain should be expected.

  16. I think the southpaw woman is no one to screw w/ and this is much ado about nothing.

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