Islamic State Bulldozes 1,500 Year Old Monastery

_85115479_85115478The Islamic State continued its campaign against civilization this week with the demolishment of a 1,500 year old monastery. ISIS views no religion but Islam as worthy of worship and kills non-believers as acts of true faith. ISIS has also abducted dozens of Christians and is known to sell girls as sex slaves — again claiming such rapes as acts of Islamic morality in its twisted reading of the Koran.

The bulldozing of the Saint Elian Monastery follows the execution of one of the world’s leader archeologists in Syria.

The monastery stood since the 5th Century, but was brought down by Islamic fanatics in bulldozers.

Christian priest Jacques Mourad, who lived at the monastery, is missing after being kidnapped. Mourad was renowned for sheltering both Muslim and Christian Syrians in Homs province.

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  1. @ Paul

    I am against religion in all forms because it keep humanity in bondage. I respect the walk towards enlightenment ie. spirituality. Not to be mistaken for new age or eastern religion or any type of organizational structure. The journey towards enlightenment is an individual endeavor and beyond the scope of worldly understanding.

    1. Neo – you might want to rethink religion. For some it is a great help.

  2. Yes Paul, I have read those writings, in particular the dead sea scrolls and one of my favorite the Nag Hammadi codex but then you begin to realize these are just branches towards the trunk of the tree, then come the roots. The Jesus project, although noteworthy, is just too superficial for me at this stage of the game.

  3. bam bam
    “No, unlike the Muslims, who adorn their buildings with the images of cold-blooded killers and animals who …”
    = = =
    Time to back that up with some facts, bams.
    And are you suggesting dogs and cats or just dehumanizing to validate your point, again?

  4. I clearly see the distinction between fundamentalist extremist religionists and practioners of mainstream religions, including mainstream Islam. I don’t think the majority of the millions of Muslims living around the world agree with the extremist Islam that ISIS follows.

  5. How about trying to draw a comparison between the merely anecdotal instances, where individuals have gone off the edge, with entire societies, which adhere to a demented and perverse ideology allowing and encouraging the wanton practice of rape, kidnappings, beheadings, etc. Are you too blind to see the distinction? The crazy man, shown by Max-1, stabbing someone at a gay pride parade in Israel–where is he now, boys and girls? Is his face, plastered on walls, in Israel, declaring him a martyr, a saint? No, unlike the Muslims, who adorn their buildings with the images of cold-blooded killers and animals who commit such atrocities, the Israeli government has him in custody and will prosecute the lunatic for murder. Your blatant unwillingness to acknowledge that distinction is all-telling.

  6. Yes Paul, as you understand it and as most christians understand it, but there is no battle of good over evil it’s the illusion that keeps people in their cycle of life in this world.

  7. I take the position based on Jesus’ teachings, very little accurate information is in the bible, that Jesus did not come to save humanity, he didn’t even come to save the world, but instead he came to show us how to escape this world.

    1. Neo – you need to follow the Jesus Project. They have marked the passages in the New Testament which they think accurately can be pinned to Jesus. Then read a book from the 60-70s called The Passover Plot. And if you have not already read The Lost Gospels, pick up a copy. Fun read.

  8. Hey Bam Bam, I’m a Presbyterian. Last I heard we are still considered Christian. Although I do think Catholicism considered all Protestant faiths as heretic.

  9. I. Annie

    My comment about Bill Clinton was, accidentally, typed on the wrong thread! Lol! I meant to submit it as a comment on the thread about the guy in Florida, accused of being involved in underage prostitution. I had no intention to purposely use it as a comment about what is being discussed here! Lol! Apologies. Please, continue on heretics!

  10. “…Only a bunch of actors and fruits and nuts from CA got into his ‘religion.’ Several countries have been smart enough to see past it.”

    Too bad these other countries failed to see past all the other fruitcake religions.

  11. The word “apocalypse” actually means an “unveiling” or a “disclosure of knowledge”, however, today it’s considered “world destruction”. In reality (Illusion) it’s the termination of this world system.

    1. Neo – much as I hate Wikipedia I am using them for this

      John’s Revelation), the last book of the New Testament, the revelation which John receives is that of the ultimate victory of good over evil and the end of the present age, and that is the primary meaning of the term, one that dates to 1175

  12. I don’t know, but is the sex slave trade a accepted thing with most Muslims? I don’t think so.

  13. But BamBam, did Bill Clinton base his horndoggery on his Baptist faith as these ISIS lunatics do? Your comparison seemed to be a bit of a stretch.

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