Taliban Reportedly Holds Huge Meeting To Select New Leader . . . in Pakistan

Flag_of_Taliban.svgFlag_of_PakistanPakistan continues to defy the United States and the Western world in harboring Taliban fighters and lying publicly about the collusion of its intelligence services with the terrorist organization. There is no greater example that a meeting of hundreds of Taliban leaders to select their new leader. That would seem an ideal time for an attack by the United States and Afghanistan, but the meeting is being held in Pakistan and reportedly with the knowledge of the Pakistani government. The “Unity shura” will be brought to the Taliban by the country that we have given billions of dollars to in the war on terror.

For years, Pakistan has been accused of hiding terrorists and leaking information from the United States. Taliban leaders will use Pakistan to help select a new generation of terrorist leaders after the death of Mullah Mohammad Omar.

The gathering will reportedly be held in the Pakistani city of Quetta and will draw 1,000 Taliban extremists. Afghanistan is understandably not happy with Pakistan which also has rebuffed objections from the United States. It appears that having Bin Laden living in Pakistan was not enough for the Pakistani intelligence services, long accused of having sympathizers in its ranks.

The Taliban has a conflict over leadership after a deputy, Mullah Akhtar Mansoor, was declared the successor. Mullah Omar’s family objected and the unity shura was called to resolve the matter. What is amazing is that there is widespread accounts of the meeting with religious scholars and commanders traveling to Pakistan for a virtual terrorist convention hosted by our ally, Pakistan, which continues to deny the obvious.

Making this even more troubling are reports that Pakistan will reportedly soon have the third greatest arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Source: Times Union

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  1. PCS, that’s a platform. I’m asking you about “basic science” technology. The Phoenix Lights event involved a huge triangular platform. The basic science was anti-gravity allowing for silent hovering. You mean to say Phantom Works et al. haven’t gone beyond incapacitating delivery systems, including those underwater? Reagan had “Star Wars” and “Brilliant Pebbles” in the early 80’s.

    What’s the secret space plane doing up there? The don’t exactly put that on the Nightly News.

    What the heck have they been doing down there in “Foggy Bottom?”

    1. forgotwhoiam – StarWars never worked but the Russian thought it would and spent themselves into bankruptcy.

  2. PCS,

    I left out the submarine nukes. If the “state of the art” of our technology floats huge silent triangles over Phoenix and jams, as tests, North Dakotan missiles in their silos since the 1980’s, I would presume the purveyors would similarly address the underwater components of generic nuke forces.

    What has Phantom Works et al. been doing with their huge budgets since the advent of nuclear weapons in 1945? What, besides the anti-gravity capability that has been demonstrated and recorded globally, has been developed over the past 70 years – what’s new that obviates the old?

  3. Isn’t the Taliban the folks we supplied arms and money to when they were fighting the Soviets? Now their the bad guys? War on Terror is a farce. It’s a trade and currency war that are being fought and sadly we are on the wrong side of the fence. The dollar will soon be dethroned as the worlds reserve currency. The IMF will be announcing this later this year. Because all currencies can be traded on the various bourses around the world, there is no real need anymore for one single reserve currency. It’s an outdated system. Once this happens, Trillions of dollars will come back into the United States. That is when we will really start to see inflation like we did in the late seventies and early 1980s, but based on the math, it should even be higher and will not be able to be stopped like they did back then because the economy is still to weak to handle high interest rates as interest rates usually follow the inflation rate.

  4. Personanongrata

    Do you mind if I jump in here for just a second?

    The Manhattan Project concluded 70 years ago.

    It would be my guess that nukes have been technologically obsolete for some time.

    I presume our anti-gravity craft have the capability of simply disabling the nukes of our adversaries.

    Oh yeah. You got ’em, but they don’t work.

    What have they been doing at Phantom Works for the past 70 years?

    I mean look at their budget.

    Are they like alternative energy? We pay tons of money for it and it does next to nothing.

    I guess anything’s possible.

    1. forgotwhoiam – those 3000 warheads of the US and 3700 of Russia are still effective. We (the US) have nuclear submarines running around the world with nukes on board. Those nukes can be pointed anywhere and are.

  5. ninian: Britain has no balls. You have a Queeny. No weeny. You have a tunnel with France. You cannot even stop the migrants from coming into Britain through a tunnel. Jeso.

  6. Imagine if humanity could travel back in time and recoup the tremendous amount of human productivity and fiscal costs associated with the research of nuclear weapons, the costs associated with developing the various delivery systems and the logistical costs of maintaining the nuclear weapons stock piles and delivery systems.

    What Did the United States Spend?

    Nuclear weapons are inherently unusable but hugely expensive. The United States alone has spent an estimated $8.7 trillion on nuclear weapons between 1940 and 2011.


    So the US government alone has squandered close to $9 trillion in 71 years since the nuclear age began.

    If the rest of the world combined matched the US and spent a collective $9 trillion to develop nuclear weapons over the same time period combined humanity has wasted $18 trillion dollars on death.

    The United Nations in 2008 estimated that it would cost humanity roughly $30 billion a year to end world hunger. If we multiply $30 billion by 71 years we get the sum of $2.13 trillion dollars or approximately $16 trillion less than humanity has wasted on just nuclear weapons alone.


    This speaks volumes about humans as a species and about our priorities or lack thereof.

    How pathetic.

  7. The United States and Pakistan’s Quest for the Bomb

    Newly Declassified Documents Disclose Carter Administration’s Unsuccessful Efforts to Roll Back Islamabad’s Secret Nuclear Program

    Nationalistic Pakistani Officials Insisted That Their Country had an “Unfettered Right to do what It Wishes”

    National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 333

    Posted – December 21, 2010

    For more information contact:
    William Burr – 202/994-7000

    Washington, D.C., December 21, 2010 – The Wikileaks database of purloined State Department cable traffic includes revelations, published in the Washington Post and the New York Times about tensions in U.S.-Pakistan relations on key nuclear issues, including the security of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal and the disposition of a stockpile of weapons-grade highly-enriched uranium. (Note 1) These frictions are not surprising because the Pakistani nuclear weapons program has been a source of anxiety for U.S. policymakers, since the late 1970s, when they discovered that Pakistani metallurgist A.Q. Khan had stolen blueprints for a gas centrifuge uranium enrichment facility. U.S. officials were alarmed that a nuclear Pakistan would bring greater instability to South Asia; years later, the rise of the Pakistani Taliban produced concerns about the nuclear stockpile’s vulnerability to terrorists. Since 2002-2004 the discovery that the A.Q. Khan’s nuclear supply network had spread nuclear weapons technology to Libya, Iran, and North Korea, and elsewhere raised apprehensions even more. (Note 2) Last week, before the Wikileaks revelations, the recently disclosed North Korean gas centrifuge uranium enrichment plant raised questions about the proliferation of sensitive nuclear technology by the Khan network. (Note 3)


  8. Making this even more troubling are reports that Pakistan will reportedly soon have the third greatest arsenal of nuclear weapons.

    That statement is complete hokum.

    World nuclear warhead inventories by country:

    Russia – 7,700 warheads
    US – 7,100 warheads
    France – 300 warheads
    China – 250 warheads
    UK – 225 warheads
    Pakistan – 110 warheads
    India – 100 warheads
    Israel – 80 warheads
    N. Korea – <10 warheads


    Even if Pakistan followed along with the script laid out in the article Mr. Turley has linked and was able to produce 10 warheads a year it would take over twenty years for them to create a stockpile larger than those held by China/France and that guesstimate is wholly dependent on both China/France standing pat and not producing any warheads in the future, which is a highly unlikely scenario especially in regard to the Chinese.

    In a perfect world all nuclear weapons would be abolished as they pose an ever present danger to the continuation of all humanity and the viability of Earth to sustain life as we know it as even a limited regional nuclear exchange may trigger a worlwide phenomenon known as nuclear winter.

    The paragrahs below were excerpted from:

    The Risk of Nuclear Winter

    Posted on May.29, 2015 in Nuclear Winter by Seth Baum,/b>

    Some new research has also examined the human impacts of nuclear winter. Researchers simulated agricultural crop growth in the aftermath of a 100-weapon India-Pakistan nuclear war.5)The results are startling- the scenario could cause agriculture productivity to decline by around 10 to 40 percent for several years after the war. The studies looked at major staple crops in China and the United States, two of the largest food producers. Other countries and other crops would likely face similar declines.

    Following such crop declines, severe global famine could ensue. One study estimated the total extent of the famine by comparing crop declines to global malnourishment data.6) When food becomes scarce, the poor and malnourished are typically hit the hardest. This study estimated two billion people at risk of starvation. And this is from the 100-weapon India-Pakistan nuclear war scenario. Larger nuclear wars would have more severe impacts.


  9. That would seem an ideal time for an attack by the United States and Afghanistan, but the meeting is being held in Pakistan and reportedly with the knowledge of the Pakistani government.

    Why is the US /NATO still militarily occupying Afghanistan over a decade after invading under the guise of destroying the leadership of al qaeda?

    Why should the US/NATO involve itself in an internal dispute between the Taliban (former government) and the occupations puppet government?

    What have the US/NATO to show for the over one trillion US dollars squandered in Afghanistan?

    What do the US/NATO have to show for the tens of thousands of human lives lost to direct military action and tens of thousands of human lives lost in-directly to the military occupation of Afghanistan?

    Why does the US/NATO continue to double, triple, quadruple, quintuple down their failed schemes in Afghanistan (and elsewhere) in face of empirical data that clearly shows the military occupation is a colossal failure especially in the realm of human misery/suffering while only serving to enrich war-profiteers?



  10. After all, Osama bin Laden died in a house near the local West Point, so the Talibans electing their new leader there is not as far fetched as we could think, especially since the Talibans were created and trained by the ISI, or Pakistani secret services.

    And could drones be sent there?

  11. ninian – Britain is armed and could do something. You seem to want the US to take the onus of this attack, but Britain needs to stand up and show it has some balls.

  12. One has to wonder why the meeting is advertised this far in advance. It is a clever tactical move to legitimize the thugs as a political entity representative of, in their minds, ‘the people’. If it goes forward and produces some recognizable administrative structure, the thugs will be next to impossible to eradicate. If they are bombed then Pakistan and their thugs can point the finger at the present Afghanistan government and their handler the US for not allowing a peaceful gathering to take place. If the Taliban do convene and create a leadership then they will surly take that to the next level. Their goal is to dominate and nothing else.

    The bottom line is that Pakistan put the Taliban in place to quell the diverse and maniac tribes that were creating no end of chaos following the departure of the Soviets. The Taliban clamped down on the tribal warlords and the areas of Pakistan inhabited by tribes that do not recognize borders were under control. Pakistan cannot quell the thugs in its North West areas and Afghanistan, with or without the US, cannot quell the thugs in that country.

    Pakistan will play both sides of the argument to keep the thugs from disrupting its tenuous areas and to appease the West. In the end the options are to ‘diplomatically’ leave Afghanistan and Pakistan to settle into their different forms of thuggery or to maintain pressure on them by surgically taking out the leadership at every opportunity.

    Just because the British and the Soviets failed does not mean there is no possibility of success. Both the British and the Soviets were fighting to control the country not create a country and they both had global adversaries obstructing them by arming the thugs. Perhaps this time around if the US stays the ‘drone’ course and is effective, Pakistan may be forced to come on board for a minor armageddon in the area. Religious extremism as an argument for thuggery is a cancer worldwide. It is perhaps the one common enemy of mankind.

  13. So Pakistan has around 120 nukes Vs India’s 100 nukes

    Free target information: The gathering will reportedly be held in the Pakistani city of Quetta and will draw 1,000 Taliban extremists. NATO is to timid and has no backbone to launch an attack.

    Europe has bigger problems. Syrian refuges flooding EU because of ISIS. Problem not seen since WWII. In the news every day.

  14. I always felt that there were American Fingerprints all over the Arab Spring. How countries toppled one by one to be replaced by pseudo democratic institutions that never have been the Islamic Way of Government.

    The system is still evolving but to me this process has CIA written all over it.

    If you are going to change the way people think this method of psychological warfare makes more sense than anything else. But it will take time and the solution has to come from within the Islamic World.

    The taste of “freedom” may be the just the right catalyst to instigate meaningful change?

  15. They have no interest in what America thinks. If you are going to fight a war you fight to win.

    You cannot win an ideological war if you are intellectually bankrupt.

    So you have to demonstrate that your thinking delivers a better outcome and a better life for these people, who regard you as evil.

    Or you give in as in Korea and Vietnam and Iraq etc.

    I predict you will give in and leave Afghanistan in a bigger mess than the British and Russians.

    You can’t fight these people in the way you are suggesting – and win. If indeed this is about winning or losing.

    Blow them up and more will take their place. It’s amazing you don’t see this.

  16. Turn the Quetta Hilton, or wherever these dirtbags are having their pow wow, into dust. Put those billions in defense spending to good use.

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