2015 Already Set To Be Hottest On Record

290px-The_Sun_by_the_Atmospheric_Imaging_Assembly_of_NASA's_Solar_Dynamics_Observatory_-_20100819earth-screensaver_largeThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has released new data on global warming that, again, the data supports the over-whelming view of scientists that climate change is a dire reality. The world has experienced record-breaking hot weather every month in 2015 and the year is all but guaranteed to be the hottest on record.

According to NOAA, August was the warmest August ever recorded — with records going back to 1880. It was 1.58F above the 20th century average. Indeed, every month this year has been the hottest on record.

On its blog, NOAA stated “We estimate a 97% probability that 2015 will become the warmest year on record.”

The issue of global warming came up during the last Republican presidential debate.

Source: Guardian

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  1. Mike, The truth is that growing ice is “An Inconvenient Truth” so it is not explained, merely dismissed.

  2. Science is often complicated.

    Perhaps Nick would be interested in reading this WP article


    I’m not certain if it is the same one he refers us to – he provided no link. However, as it is obvious that he is very interested in science, perhaps he will find that it broadens his understanding of climate science.

  3. I’m OK with global warming if it means DC soon becomes Miami. In fact, I’m tired of waiting and I think I’ll go drive my F-150 around the Beltway to hasten things.

  4. Mick, why would anyone waste time engaging you in your favorite pastime? This is obviously an obsession of yours and no one could ever make you see things differently. The stuff you repeat here on a daily basis is your own personal fantasy of what the Founders intentions were. You color the ideas you present here with sexism and racism. Your ideas regarding this natural born citizen nonsense are cloaked in some odd birther fixation and are laughable. You obviously don’t do well when people challenge you. Most people here actually just ignore you, which is probably a good idea. As for your Churchill story, that might be something that might be said to a spouse who rants all day on the internet about his odd ideas about the Founders and the Constitution.

  5. Ingannie,

    I don’t mind telling you.

    I think you’re absolutely brilliant.

    You remind me of my hero, Donald Trump.

    You respond with childish attacks when you have nothing of substance or weight to counter with.

    It’s a defense mechanism. You can’t debate, so you attempt to dominate.

    If you can’t dazzle ’em with brilliance, baffle ’em with bull—-!

    In your case, you attack.

    I much appreciated your answers to the questions above. They were vacuous. Excuse the pun.

    With reference to the Constitution, I present facts and quotes. If ever, you can prove the quote erroneous, please do so. I will gladly correct my screeds which will instantaneously morph into statements of fact.

    Let’s try an exercise. You say, “Americans CANNOT have guns in their possession anywhere.”

    Then I’ll say, “The 2nd Amendment allows for Americans to keep and bear arms and that that right shall not be infringed.”

    See how that works.

    The discussion ends.

    And you move to Cuba to “pursue happiness.”

    Oh I forgot. Hysteria, irrationality and an overdeveloped sense of nurture and compassion was provided for by the 19th Amendment.

    It’s all coming clear to me now. The 19th Amendment created ISIS. It took a while, but it happened from the “butterfly effect.” A relatively and seemingly minor event rippled through history with unintended and tragic consequences. America was turned into a cringing milquetoast by the 19th Amendment and now, the barbarians are at the gate.


    Now you say, “The Founders intended for America to be a cringing milquetoast.”

    Then I say no. They conducted a violent revolution against the entire British Empire. They battled the wilderness, Indians, pirates and whatever enemy they encountered. That doesn’t sound like a bunch of milquetoasts to me.

    See how that works?

    A little truth and a few facts go a long way.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if you could present points and counterpoints, pro and con,

    and keep that “inner-dominatrix” at home in the closet?

    Ben Franklin, 1789, we gave you a “republic, if you can keep it.”

    Ben Franklin, 2015, we gave you a “republic, if you can take it back.”

    Winston Churchill –

    “An old battleax of a woman said to Winston Churchill,

    “If you were my husband, I would put poison in your tea.”

    Churchill’s response, “Ma’am if you were my wife I would drink it.”

  6. OMG!! The Washington Post has a piece yesterday that the Antarctic ice cap is growing and growing. It reached the largest mass in 35 years this past Saturday. The scientists who are so certain about Global Warming, and want to jail those who do not concur, CANNOT EXPLAIN this. I thought they had all the answers. You lemmings are being conned.

  7. And Mick Forget, your assumptions about women, other than your daughter, are quite ridiculous. You obviously have some personal ax to grind when it comes to women and minorities. Your misogyny and racism often are quite evident in your rants. Any more rants about the “criminal” Abe Lincoln today?

  8. “Hold on there pardner! I beg to differ. I absolutely love Ann Coulter. And Sarah Palin is very compelling.”

    Of course you do.

    Everything else is just more blah, blah, blabbity blah, misogynistic, extremist, wanna be constitutional scholar nonsense, blah blabbity blah rant.

  9. Ingannie,

    Hold on there pardner! I beg to differ. I absolutely love Ann Coulter. And Sarah Palin is very compelling. Who could ignore Margaret Thatcher? Hey, you couldn’t possibly be wrong, could you?

    It’s not the 18th Century we long for, it’s the Constitution; more specifically, the words of the founding documents from 1789. It’s like the Ten Commandments. They have been around for millennia and they don’t require “interpretation” or modification. It’s like Einstein’s equation, E=MC2; a revelation, an axiom and a constant devoid of time. Hey, I’d love to see the Extreme Court, which is absolutely corrupt, “interpret” Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. I’ll bet those frauds wouldn’t even attempt that. Too bad the collectivist SCOTUS has no respect for the American Founders and their words in the founding documents, like rational people have immutable respect for the words of Einstein.

    The 19th Amendment is one more sop thrown to appease, temporarily, the unappeasable parasitic collectivist juggernaut. First private property was given as a “moral” imperative. Then the vote was given, as a “moral” imperative. Then free enterprise was given as a “moral” imperative. Then the vote was given further by the 19th Amendment as a “moral” imperative. Then the “War on Poverty” (poverty won) and the “Great Society” were given as a “moral” imperative. Then the “Amnistia Grande” was given as a “moral” imperative. Oops! There goes the country.

    Now there’s nothing left for Americans to give. Americans gave their property, their language, their choice (discrimination), their vote, their ideology, and finally their nation. The “White Man’s Burden’ turned into his entire estate.

    What’ll happen next in the goofy factory. No one knows. Let’s ask the women and their insatiable parasitic allies. What will they demand next?

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the people discover they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that democracy always collapses over a loose fiscal policy–to be followed by a dictatorship.”

    ― Alexander Fraser Tytler

    Tytler told us one man, one vote democracy would end up in a dictatorship.

    He gave no insight on what follows that failure.

    Could be war, could be subjugation. Keep an eye on those 6 billion Muslims distributing burquas. They are truly misogynists. They will make quick work of the 19th Amendment and affirmative action.

    The question is, what happened to you Ingannie? Why couldn’t you make it in normal, traditional family life; couldn’t you trust your husband (funny, I think a lot of women always did direct the vote of their husbands making it a family vote)?

    And why couldn’t you achieve and succeed without supportive and entitling legislation, taxpayer assistance and affirmative action?

    What American needs that anyway? Answer. No one.

    Self-Reliance is a virtue.

    Whatever you have is enough.

    Everyone has to accept their lot in life and improve with noble effort.

    Thou Shalt Not Covet

    Thou Shalt Not Steal

    Those last two are the driving principles of parasitic collectivists.

  10. 19th Amendment was adopted in 1920.

    “The 19th Amendment, guaranteeing women the right to vote, is formally adopted into the U.S. Constitution by proclamation of Secretary of State Bainbridge Colby. The amendment was the culmination of more than 70 years of struggle by woman suffragists. Its two sections read simply: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex” and “Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.””

  11. Lost in conspiracy theory land. How are you Mick/Forgot any less misogynistic than those Muslims? Some long for the 1700’s.

  12. Ingannie,

    No. Sorry. Let me explain my position.

    America has gone straight down the tubes since the 19th Amendment came into full force (1965?). It has gone from a fount of commercial/industrial innovation and wealth creation to a penurious welfare state – from a feared military power to a trembling coward, clueless and without a strategy.

    You might ask yourself why the Founders established a restricted-vote republic with only males, 21, European with 50lbs. Sterling/50 acres allowed to vote. Ben Franklin, we gave you “…a republic, if you can keep it.” Ben Franklin’s was a restricted-vote republic in 1789.

    And be on the lookout for those 6 billion Muslims distributing burquas. Their Sharia Law will take the 19th Amendment out first.

  13. “My daughter achieved and would have achieved on her own without the unconstitutional bias of affirmative action. Women have achieved throughout history. She spent her time achieving and never voted unless her parents encouraged it. She would be happy, in deed, to influence the single, undiluted family vote of her husband. She likes all things family. She would vote for the good of the American thesis and the principles of the founding documents, not for the acquisition of “free stuff.””

    John, Mick, Mickey, Forget,

    You think that a successful woman waits to get permission to vote and needs to be told who to vote for by her parents or her husband? So you wish for the repeal of the 19th Amendment because you don’t really care if your daughter or other women vote? Regressive and outlandish. Sorry, but your America is a thing of the past, thankfully.

  14. Isaac:

    “-transitioning to renewable sources of energy will help reverse the global warming trend by slowing down the emission of heat trapping gases into the atmosphere”

    It depends. If the renewable energy is too expensive for people to afford, they will just revert to burning trees for warmth. See my earlier comment on the increase in sales in wood burning furnaces, marketed as the solution to high energy prices. Renewables also need to be low polluting, because trees are also a renewable resource, but burning them pollutes if done on a large scale. They also need to be safe (see Fukushima). The renewable also needs to be past the Beta phase, efficient, and able to handle the scope of all of our energy needs. It needs to be consistent, unlike wind and solar which rely on specific weather conditions, or consist of a portfolio which can handle all conditions. Clearly, we need a clean, economical, efficient renewable energy source because fossil fuels are finite and help fund terrorism.

    “-transitioning to renewable sources will create a technological and manufacturing revolution that will eclipse that of the tech revolution bringing untold wealth and jobs,” You would think, right? And yet, as per usual, cheap Chinese manufactured solar panels outsell American made. Manufacturing of any renewable resource infrastructure could very well go overseas, so that won’t provide any jobs. The government has played venture capitalist quite badly in the renewable field, constantly backing projects that went bankrupt. Many renewable energy training jobs had a very poor job outcome for participants, last time I checked. There have been a few successful ones, but the majority came to naught. But there is that concept that when people abandoned candles in lieu of electric lights, a whole new industry of jobs opened up for the former candle makers. I have been disappointed in the job production in renewables, but hopefully that trend will change.

    “-transitioning to renewable energy will eliminate the dependence on oil and gas from dictatorships and other foul governments,” YES, absolutely, which is why I would like to see our energy portfolio change to favor domestic over foreign oil production, and Canadian and other allies production over regimes such as in the ME and Venezuela. (Do we get any gas from Venezuela, or do they just give it all to Iran?) What has always bothered me about foreign oil is the “not in my backyard” scenario. We at least have the EPA and other regulations. If we buy foreign oil, we are responsible for the consequences of such production in countries that may not have the same environmental protections, plus the blood and oil connection, the pollution during transport . . .

  15. Ingannie,

    “Mr.Forgot, did you forget that your own daughter is a woman? Is she “hysterical”? Is she a recipient of affirmative action, you so often rant about? Should she have the right to vote? That pesky 19th Amendment, “boo hoo” as DBQ likes to say.”

    This is very late but for the record:

    My daughter achieved and would have achieved on her own without the unconstitutional bias of affirmative action. Women have achieved throughout history. She spent her time achieving and never voted unless her parents encouraged it. She would be happy, in deed, to influence the single, undiluted family vote of her husband. She likes all things family. She would vote for the good of the American thesis and the principles of the founding documents, not for the acquisition of “free stuff.”

    The bigger issue is the future of Western countries as women pursue careers and politics instead of increasing the birthrate and nurturing the future of those countries – their children. The “dictatorship of the proletariat” imports people now because of the declining birthrate in Western countries. They are keeping barely ahead of the gathering Muslims and Sharia Law. When Sharia Law arrives, the 19th Amendment will be the first thing to go, but not the last.

    Looks like the 19th launched a “Brave New World” full of wackiness, bizarre and “politically correct” absolute nonsense.

    “Careful what you wish

    Careful what you say

    Careful what you wish

    You may regret it

    Careful what you wish

    You just might get it”

    We don’t have to worry. There won’t be a recognizable America left in 100 years. With the current birthrate and importation of “citizens,” Americans will soon be extinct. My ancestors were among the first in, as the Popham Colony, Maine, 1607. Perhaps my children will be the last out approaching the 22nd Century.

    Media Millennium

  16. And let me also repeat that, as predicted, the skyrocketing price of energy has seen a coinciding rise in the sale of wood burning furnaces.

    So now people are chopping down trees to heat their homes.

    Unintended consequences . . .

  17. Before the Industrial Revolution, the Earth went through consistent climate extremes, from warming to cooling. The line of our ancient seas can be seen far inland.

    Does anyone seriously think that there is something humankind to do to prevent these climate extremes from recurring?

    The main problem that I have with the Climate Change Movement is that it is political malpractice to convince people that they can stop the climate from changing. All of humanity could depart the Earth tomorrow on a space freighter, and the climate would continue to change. The best we can hope for is to reduce the effect of billions of people on the planet.

    You know those ancient shorelines far inland? There is no reason why that would not recur, regardless of anything we do.

    Let’s focus on the clear and present danger of toxic air and water pollution, habitat loss, and de-vegetation. That will make the Earth a healthier place for flora and fauna today.

    DBQ – you are absolutely right about the Little Ice Age and the Medieval Warm Period. Earth’s climate is in a constant status of change; it’s just so gradual that people do not notice.

  18. Educated folk denying global warming is like denying shabby conditions in the Russian or American Empires. Check the intentions before the reasons stated.

  19. whose fault is it if there is flobal warming? Banning something here and moving it off shore doesn’t stop flobal warming IF it exists. And if it exists the wind turbines will be chasing the wind….because synoptic patterns will shift and it is a scientific fact the polars go dark and cold and dense. How many people will flobal warming kill? If it will cost x billion dollars to mitigate the adaption to an otherwise always changing climate….we could fund it by making the selling of aborted baby parts legal. We fund the killing of people yet we don’t want anyone to die……of flobal warming.??? How hot is too hot? And I am sure all those guys killing giant jack rabbits during the dust bowl…..with clubs……had accurate thermometers.

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