Gallup Poll: 58% Of Americans Want Marijuana Legalized

It is a common lament these days that we seem a hopelessly divided country on virtual every major issue from immigration to health care to climate change. The exception appears to be marijuana. Not only are record numbers of citizens reporting that they use pot, but a new Gallup poll puts support for legalization at 58%. That is up seven points from just one year ago. In addition to the public support, there appears increasing investments and tax revenues associated with marijuana sales. That combination could make it difficult for Congress or the next Administration to reverse this trend toward legalization.

Notably, according to another study, the number of adults who said that they have used marijuana sometime in the past year has doubled in the past decade. The number of Americans reporting the use of pot has grown to 9.5% of adults in 2013 as compared to 4.1% in 2001. With one out of ten citizens using pot, a renewed crackdown would face prohibition type opposition. The biggest increases came in the South and among women, African-Americans, and the middle-aged. The results are reported in a study in JAMA Psychiatry.

Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have legalized some form of medical marijuana use. The most interesting trend however is Alaska, Colorado, Washington and Oregon and the District of Columbia which have also legalized recreational use. California could follow suit and add a huge population under the legalization category.

With the rise of both marijuana use and public support growing, this could make for a precarious political issue for politicians in a presidential election year. Forget about the chicken in every pot, these citizens just want the pot.

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52 thoughts on “Gallup Poll: 58% Of Americans Want Marijuana Legalized”

  1. It is infesting our National Forests. It is certainly a cash crop for Mexico. But I am with the group who are against legalizing it for daily use.

  2. At LEAST the last 3 Presidents have smoked pot, and they are still dragging their feet to legalize it!! Over 30 years ago my sister in law had cancer & a medical hospital school recommended getting her some pot.

    And the ONLY reason pot might be a ‘gateway’ drug is that our Government lumps it in with ALL the other illegal drugs, (and there is a HECK of a difference between meth & pot), so kids have easy access to pot, try it and find out the Government lied about it & then try something else!

    So the only reason I can figure why the Feds won’t legalize it is that SOMEONE (CIA) is making a crap-load of money off it!! Multiple customs agents have testified that the CIA was helping countries bring in, (what may even be their biggest export), drugs. So who knows how many people have their fingers in that pie.

  3. Of course it is perfectly ok for a doctor to give you a script for oxycotton. “Doctor, my back hurts! I am in pain!” Doc: “Alright, already. Here is your script. Go directly to Walgreens. Do not pass jail.”

  4. Dumb smoker is a redundancy. Pot smoker, tobacco, whatever…..
    Went in dumb, come out dumb too. Hustlin round Atlanta in the alligator shoes…

  5. One of my workmates once told me a story about his father, I do not know whether it was true. Apparently my workmate’s father worked in factory which had a conveyer belt made from hemp. Periodically the conveyer belt was replaced and then the workers would cut up the old belt and smoke it.

  6. Since hemp and pot are different i dont get your argument. Was the poll to legalize use of hemp or toking dope?

  7. Hemp has been a prohibited crop in America until last year…
    … Until then, the push to pot won’t happen for America.

    Finally, Congress decides to become ‘Job Creators’…

    One cannot smoke industrial hemp and get ‘stoned’. The genus is varied, like cherries are. Some cherries are red, some sour, some pink, some yellowish, and some trees only produce blossoms and no fruit. Hemp is THAT kind of plant.

  8. Sure there is no dope allowance…..ppl can spend their earned money how they want. But spending your money on pot forfiets. us tax payers dont have to give you room board and obama care. Your policy would be we give you all the basics you toke ypur disposible…..sounds fair…..unless your a taxpayer.

  9. Well gus puppet….so my kids should just get hooked on drugs….and i be forced to pay them an allowance until they’re forty….like spain or italy does? I think not. 26 with rehab deductible to mom and pop is enough. Some ppl smoke dope. All someother ppl do is smoke dope. There is a distinction and difference. If you wanna toke and are productive….great get sentences less. …they arent a deterrent. For you. But for many … cant be made legal …..can you imagine not only giving them section eight, off setting their electric, an obama phone and internet, medicaid,ebt,AND a dope allowance? That is what legalize says…..the right to toke it up equal to your other “rights”

  10. p.s.
    Lisa N,
    My alcoholic brother kind of hits home for me.
    It has been the medium in which both he and his daughter have been introduced to multiple other drugs. She is in recovery, thankfully so, while he is still awaiting a criminal court date for DV. Knowing this and other ‘family’ details, I can attest to the notion of pot being ‘THE’ gateway drug to be false and is a concoction of the Reefer Madness pushers/believers. FYI, another family member has been a pot smoker for over 30 years and is never known to use any other substance. You can call that an addiction, however the ‘Gateway’ aspect rings hollow.

  11. The US must not legalize POT, it is needed to give the police discretion to railroad niggers into prison where they belong.

  12. I fail to see what the poll has to do with anything ….. morally we have no right to prohibit non-violent activities …. like sucking on a doobie

  13. ‘Pollees’ where high….
    And\or polsters only call landlines. Who has them anymore? Only fly over without good signal or older folks still have a land line. Older folk are sick of paying to incarcunating ppl….the others might be high. Whatever why is the argument framed legalize? ….when most ppls beef is the sentences are too extreme. Most ppl probably don’t want it legal but they dont want the cost of the pokey either. As a taxpayer or criminal. Is there no middle ground? Still illegal but a hefty fine instead of time? That puts the burden on users and still frowns upon the use…..when it is regulated sure users pay for the regulation but it is not frowned upon and the blackmarket prices will beat regulated distro so the tax payer is still screwed.

  14. I’m conflicted on this issue. It is a gateway drug and takes a strong minded person, not to get into stronger drugs.

    I find this a sad state of mind for our country, to want to legalize a drug that affects your mind and takes longer to get out of your system than alcohol. Just another thing to worry about when driving.

  15. If 58% of the members on both sides of the aisle in Congress toked on weed occasionally, they’d probably get marginally more work done with much less acrimony.

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