Iranian Actress Flees After Posting Picture Of Herself Without Veil In Violation of Islamic Laws

Janan-m_3490980bThis picture of actress Sadaf Taherian would seem like most any such photo appearing on social media (beyond the fact that she is obviously especially striking). However, the government in Iran immediately spotted something missing. That’s right, a veil or hijab. As a result, Taherian has fled to the United Arab Emirates to avoid an arrest. In addition, leading actress Chekame Chaman-Mah has fled Iran after committing the offense of defending the right of an actress to post an unveiled image. Iranian officials have declared both women to be in violation of Islamic morality and laws.

The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance spokesman, Hossein Noushabadi, captured perfectly the utter insanity of Sharia-based governments like Iran and Saudi Arabia. Noushabadi proclaimed:

“As far as this ministry is concerned, these two individuals are no longer considered to be artists any more and do not have any right to act . . . Both of them have to apologize to the Iranian people and publicly announce that the reason behind publishing their photos on social media is that they suffer from lack of esteem and have psychological and personal complexes.”

Noushabadi added that “they would certainly be looked upon as offenders on their return to the country.”

There is obviously many modern women in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other Islamic countries struggling to gain basic rights despite the harsh Sharia laws and values governing every aspect of life. Just as female athletes have been forced to wear veils and yield to the will of their husbands, these actresses face absurd limitations in pursuing their profession with standard head shots. It is truly pathological to see officials like Noushabadi speaking of “psychological and personal complexes” in women exercising the most basic forms of expression. Iran’s and Saudi Arabia’s adherence of this medieval Sharia law system often seems like a collective form of dysfunctional mental illness as officials flog, crucify, or amputate their way through their populations.

My only hope is that years from now Iranian girls may read about these women who refused to accept these absurd limitations. In the meantime, however, two of these actresses are in flight to avoid arrest for a social media head shot.

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  1. Nick -I’ve always felt sorry for Jayne Mansfield. She was supposed to be very intelligent, and a good actress. But the studios relegated her to “dumb blond” roles and never developed her career. I wonder how Katherine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall did it, getting the meaty roles.

  2. To some extent the whining about the “mullahs” of Iran ignores or diminishes the trouble the US brought on its by overthrow of a legal constitutional regime there in 1953 and for the CIA etc propping up the brutal Shah of Iran.

    We should remember all the time our security apparatus troublemakers told us their illegal covert activites were really in our best interests and for peace etc and all those other lies. Do they hidden sins of generations of US oligarchs and their henchemn not count when we weigh them against the trivial oppressions of the “mullahs?”

    Here’s another question. I hear a lot about cultural diversity. Apparently people only think that applies to coddling Muslim immigrants in the US. If it’s a question of Muslims running their own countries, boy, the very same tolerance crowd comes out with crazy howls of opprobrium because they are suppressing hairdos. Wow.

  3. Karen, I have seen that Sophia Loren/Jayne Mansfield photo. I always looked upon Sophia as a natural actor, like Jimmy Stewart. She did indeed age well, ask Jack Lemon and Walter Mathau in Grumpier Old Men 2.

  4. An interesting note:

    Tehran, of all places, is considered the nose job capital of the world. Yes, folks, it’s true. Iran performs SEVEN TIMES more rhinoplasty surgeries than the US. SEVEN TIMES! Considering the oppressive and brutally controlled atmosphere, it’s fascinating that these surgeries–based upon sheer vanity and the quest to achieve a certain vision of beauty–appear to flourish in such an environment. I suppose that even the mullahs need to be able to stomach what they see when their wives finally drop the veils.

    Want a revolution in Iran? Encourage the bat-shit-crazy mullahs to crack down and deny their women the right to have their honkers fixed. That’s when you’ll see the fur fly. The homicidal and barbaric mullahs wouldn’t last a day.

  5. Jerry:

    Sophia Loren had such glorious joie de vivre in her movies. And she aged really well. She still looks fabulous.

    My sister has this hilarious photo of her on her wall. She’s looking askance at a buxom Jayne Mansfield sitting next to her at a table, who’s missed the memo on the line between sexy décolleté and trashy. I laugh every time I see it. But poor Jayne.

  6. In fact, Madison considered and assumed that the Constitution would never undergo further modification; thus the full 10 Amendments of the Bill of Rights.

    Seems as though the Preamble, Constitution and Bill of Rights, in the American restricted-vote* republic, with severely limited governance facilitating complete freedom of the individual and free enterprise without interference by government, was what the Founders established and intended. It very well may be that progressive/collectivist/socialist-cum-communist, liberal democrat America is the physical and universal anomaly.

    If nature is God, then God placed women on earth for one purpose: perpetuation of the species. There is nothing else of persisting consequence that man can do. Everything else will disintegrate and vanish. Forget the meek, the races among the species with the most dedicated and productive women will inherit the world. Americans, or Caucasians, appear to be in decline. In case no one noticed, the racial hybrid son of a foreign-citizen father was ensconced in the presidency in 2008. And China ended its one-child policy.

    The American Founders understood the imperative and crucial role of women. The American Founders understood that representative government begins in the home as the man’s vote represents his family. Deviation and perversion of the norm only serves to increase the rate of the population “death spiral.”

    The “morality and law” that produces the most offspring will dominate.


    * Criteria circa 1789 for the right to vote being 21 years of age, European, male, with 50lbs. Sterling or 50 acres.

  7. We need Putin to come on this blog and comment. I would like to know his goals in the muddle east. We might agree with his goals.

    I would like to outlaw tentheads and burka heads in America. Outlaw all religion except 8th Day Dog Adventism. We will need a Constitutional Amendment.

  8. Gary T:

    It’s funny you say that. when I first learned about the Taliban’s testament of women in Afghanistan many years ago, I thought if the men won’t treat their ladies well, they don’t deserve them. They should all come over here and be deprogrammed.

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