Iranian Actress Flees After Posting Picture Of Herself Without Veil In Violation of Islamic Laws

Janan-m_3490980bThis picture of actress Sadaf Taherian would seem like most any such photo appearing on social media (beyond the fact that she is obviously especially striking). However, the government in Iran immediately spotted something missing. That’s right, a veil or hijab. As a result, Taherian has fled to the United Arab Emirates to avoid an arrest. In addition, leading actress Chekame Chaman-Mah has fled Iran after committing the offense of defending the right of an actress to post an unveiled image. Iranian officials have declared both women to be in violation of Islamic morality and laws.

The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance spokesman, Hossein Noushabadi, captured perfectly the utter insanity of Sharia-based governments like Iran and Saudi Arabia. Noushabadi proclaimed:

“As far as this ministry is concerned, these two individuals are no longer considered to be artists any more and do not have any right to act . . . Both of them have to apologize to the Iranian people and publicly announce that the reason behind publishing their photos on social media is that they suffer from lack of esteem and have psychological and personal complexes.”

Noushabadi added that “they would certainly be looked upon as offenders on their return to the country.”

There is obviously many modern women in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other Islamic countries struggling to gain basic rights despite the harsh Sharia laws and values governing every aspect of life. Just as female athletes have been forced to wear veils and yield to the will of their husbands, these actresses face absurd limitations in pursuing their profession with standard head shots. It is truly pathological to see officials like Noushabadi speaking of “psychological and personal complexes” in women exercising the most basic forms of expression. Iran’s and Saudi Arabia’s adherence of this medieval Sharia law system often seems like a collective form of dysfunctional mental illness as officials flog, crucify, or amputate their way through their populations.

My only hope is that years from now Iranian girls may read about these women who refused to accept these absurd limitations. In the meantime, however, two of these actresses are in flight to avoid arrest for a social media head shot.

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  1. No, I remembered incorrectly. The boys were stoned to death in Iraq for having “emo” haircuts.

    I remember talking to a girl who was thrown in jail in Iran for wearing nail polish and driving with boy who had a different last name than her. It was her maternal cousin. She was born in America and visiting relatives in The Old Country. Her father had to bribe a judge with the deed to a house he still owned there, just to get her home. He’d warned her not to go anywhere with the police without calling him first if she got into trouble. He might never find her, and anything could happen to her. But they wouldn’t let her call anyone. He was lucky he found her quickly. She never wanted to go back.

  2. What a lovely actress. Arabs have said that Persian women are known for their beauty.

    But why did she flee to UAE? The religious police are even more strict. Perhaps it was the fastest place to go. I would think she would qualify for asylum here. And we would have a thriving movie industry for her to join. Where’s George Clooney’s wife Amal? We need her!

    The religious police are cracking down in Iran because there has been a surge of Westernization among young people there. The girls wear a hijab (I think they call it a roosari in Iran) farther back, showing a bit of hair in front. And underneath the rain coats they wear Western jeans. But the theocracy is fighting back. You will recall the boys put to death for having Western haircuts.

    I always say that change has to come from within, but when it trickles like this, one activist at a time, it comes at great risk to the change makers. It would take a concerted revolution, and unfortunately, the extremists are always the most organized in a coup.

  3. Funny about that.

    Annie is gone.

    Putin is always much jollier when he shuts down opponents.

  4. Sadaf looks a little like actress Sophia Loren. Need to screen test in Mambo Italiano mode with boom party chiefs.

  5. “They would bring the Sharia that caused them to flee in the first place?

    Yes, as is happening in Germany and France right now.
    When they come to America, they remain Islamic.

    They do not recognize that the problem is Islam, which is a political system disguised as a religion.
    They generally lack the insight to understand this, and soon recreate the very chaos they left.

  6. How in the world can one BE an actress if you are not allowed to show your face?

    How can you even interact with other human beings if you are forced to wear a sack over your head? ( I guess that is the point…keep women from human contact)

  7. I was thinking, maybe some powerful Hollywood producer comes and rescues damsel in distress. Hopefully not a porn producer.
    Another possible scenario is Secretary of State John Kerry dumps wife Teresa Heinz Kerry for Sadaf.
    John did it before, but it’s about money and net worth rather than beauty. Having both would be a match made in heaven.

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    We need an 8th Day Dog Adventist or an Atheist for President.

  9. Seems like a slam dunk for legal asylum.
    Seems like any woman there could do this to get legal asylum here.
    I would welcome them all.

  10. As a result, Taherian has fled to the United Arab Emirates to avoid an arrest.

    Come here instead!

  11. CONTROL is the dark side of human beings. Now, we all want control over our own lives. That’s a good thing. But, exerting control over others is where it gets ugly. We libertarians have no desire to control others except where their actions infringe upon us. This country was formed by libertarians. The US Constitution is a construct of libertarian government. Libertarians realize govt. is necessary, but it must be on a short leash. We have drifted away from what this country was meant to be. I see little glimmers of hope we are returning.

  12. It is nice to see the separation of state and church sentiments here. Just be sure to keep it in mind whenever you hear our government announce any new bills or laws. I am shocked at how many of these bills are formed from the writers personal religious beliefs in some way rather than from facts.

    As is often the case with religion, it is more about the power over others than the peaceful worship of a supernatural being. There are very few examples, maybe none, of a religion that does not follow this pattern; some are worse than others. In this case, it is so bad that even people who are religious in the west obviously recognize this as ludicrous and down right wrong.

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