Iranian Actress Flees After Posting Picture Of Herself Without Veil In Violation of Islamic Laws

Janan-m_3490980bThis picture of actress Sadaf Taherian would seem like most any such photo appearing on social media (beyond the fact that she is obviously especially striking). However, the government in Iran immediately spotted something missing. That’s right, a veil or hijab. As a result, Taherian has fled to the United Arab Emirates to avoid an arrest. In addition, leading actress Chekame Chaman-Mah has fled Iran after committing the offense of defending the right of an actress to post an unveiled image. Iranian officials have declared both women to be in violation of Islamic morality and laws.

The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance spokesman, Hossein Noushabadi, captured perfectly the utter insanity of Sharia-based governments like Iran and Saudi Arabia. Noushabadi proclaimed:

“As far as this ministry is concerned, these two individuals are no longer considered to be artists any more and do not have any right to act . . . Both of them have to apologize to the Iranian people and publicly announce that the reason behind publishing their photos on social media is that they suffer from lack of esteem and have psychological and personal complexes.”

Noushabadi added that “they would certainly be looked upon as offenders on their return to the country.”

There is obviously many modern women in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other Islamic countries struggling to gain basic rights despite the harsh Sharia laws and values governing every aspect of life. Just as female athletes have been forced to wear veils and yield to the will of their husbands, these actresses face absurd limitations in pursuing their profession with standard head shots. It is truly pathological to see officials like Noushabadi speaking of “psychological and personal complexes” in women exercising the most basic forms of expression. Iran’s and Saudi Arabia’s adherence of this medieval Sharia law system often seems like a collective form of dysfunctional mental illness as officials flog, crucify, or amputate their way through their populations.

My only hope is that years from now Iranian girls may read about these women who refused to accept these absurd limitations. In the meantime, however, two of these actresses are in flight to avoid arrest for a social media head shot.

52 thoughts on “Iranian Actress Flees After Posting Picture Of Herself Without Veil In Violation of Islamic Laws”

  1. Requiring that breathtakingly beautiful face to be covered is proof enough of the stupidity of the culture.

  2. To those who say Shria law is not a threat I say any component of theocratic government is a threat. Components of that law that oppress and punish women for fashion infractions and those that punish heresy and blasphemy with death seep into the culture and make free speech and women’s rights impssible even if the theocracy loses its potency. Both religion and culture can be oppressive and those who refuse to accept this put us all at risk. By the way, theocracies are dangerous to humans no matter what religion forms the basis of the theocrats’ vision.

  3. Maybe the United States should start leading by example instead of judging other governments.

    We could abolish the Kangaroo “FISA courts”, state “Fusion Centers” blacklisting centers, the Bush Kangaroo “Preemption Doctrine” and stop locking people up for decades without charge or trial.

    Let’s put up or shut up!

  4. And yet Obama wants to flood our country with similar Islamists, just as they are invading, er “migrating to”- Europe.

    Where will women run to then?

  5. Taherian fled to UAE?

    The UAE’s judicial system is derived from the civil law system and Sharia law. The court system consists of civil courts and Sharia courts.
    According to Human Rights Watch, UAE’s civil and criminal courts apply elements of Sharia law, codified into its criminal code and family law, in a way which discriminates against women.

    Women in UAE are victims of flogging and stoning. Flogging and stoning are legal judicial punishments in the UAE due to the Sharia courts.

  6. Some nations tried to censor images of Elvis Presley, only showing him from waist up. Very similar mindset!

  7. Where is The Donald on this? He was supposed to be hosting Saturday Night Live this coming Saturday. If so then they need to play the SNL song that they played 30 years ago before they went un political. It is called Bomb, Bomb, Iran.

    Play it Donald or I won’t vote for you.

  8. Some cultures attack their own women. Others attack their own underclass and drop bombs on other countries. None seem to be free of various forms of depravity.

  9. She fled TO the UAE. Where will woman like her be able to flee to if the Islamification of the world doesn’t stop? I do not believe for a second that any woman chooses to wear the viel.

  10. She was fortunate in that she had the opportunity to flee, rather than be caught up in this asinine criminal justice system that is resident in Iran. Just leave people alone. Why is that hard for many governments to accept?

  11. I don’t understand this posting. There are many professional Iranian women eg doctors etc on network sites who do not cover the head. They have not as yet been targeted in the same way. There must be something more to this story. As a celebrity they must be worried about her influence on public opinion?

    My understanding of these Islamic Customs is that they are related to the different Hadiths of each group. These related to different interpretations of the Koran and are in part responsible for the Sunningdale and Shia Split and civil wars. Similar to Catholic and Protestant conflagration…..

    Will it change? Of course it will. Will it take time? Yes of course. But in the age of a global world and the Internet in particular attitudes can be changed much more rapidly.

    Whilst no reasonable person would agree to suppress freedom this is not how life works – not even in America.

    I would say that many women choose to cover up. It is as much of their identity as a Texan Ten Gallon Hat. And that’s OK

    Compulsion is another matter.

    It is not so long ago that Martin Luther King made his Stand and talked about “His Dream” and look what America did to him. So I think a little humility is in order. It’s important not to cast the first stone.

    Change will come and Sadaf Taherian is part of this. The fact that she can flee elsewhere illustrates the changing Islamic world.

    And in the 1950s many actors were forced to flee America, under Senator McCarthy’s purge.

    There is no real difference except that America always stood for Freedom. Except when it didn’t.

  12. Not wearing fabric on one’s head is somehow an affront to a particular deity: How stupid, petty, and wickedly unimaginative can our species get, not to mention tragic.

    If people privately want to believe this stuff, with the freedom to express it publically, then ok. But being instituted by government? Please.

    All religions impose arbitrary, clearly invented rules, based on equally invented fables. Her experience is but another sad example.

    Theocracy of every flavor can go to (manmade) hell.

  13. Lisa N

    Come on. Now, tell us what you REALLY think–please, don’t be shy; this time, don’t hold back.

    Lol! 🙂

  14. Might as well starting digging her grave. These pigs who practice Islam and Sharia law are the Neanderthal selfish deceitful self serving child rapist woman beaters homosexual killers who oppress their women.

    Our American women libbers keep their big fat mouths shut and say nothing. If they were republicans, these bra burners would be all over it.

    This woman is beautiful and has already had her clitoris cut off by these pigs and now they make them hide such beauty because their egos can’t take it, if another man looks at them or if they want to pleasure themselves. These men need their rocks shot off, every single one of them.

  15. Ahhhhh, Tehran in Spring. I hear that it’s lovely. Why, the stonings, the beheadings, the fun–sun-soaked fun for the whole family. Sometimes you can even catch a breeze through the veil–that is, of course, if you’re lucky. Sounds like these Iranian versions of Thelma and Louise better keep on moving. If Ahmed, Mohammed and po catch up with them, I say hold hands, put them in the air and floor it over the Grand Canyon.

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