Afghan Woman Reportedly Dies After Public Flogging After She Is (Wrongly) Accused Of Running Away From Home

ghor_lashingWe have another outrage against women in Afghanistan where Shirin Gul, 26, was reportedly flogged to death in the Shahrak district of Ghor after being accused of running away from home. What is fascinating is how the greatest concern is not that a woman can be publicly flogged but whether the flogging proved too excessive under Islamic law. Recently, a 19-year-old woman was stoned to death in Ghor.

Her family insisted that Gul died following the beating. Local officials confirmed that she was flogged but denied that she died as a result. The family said that she had gone to the town to visit her uncle’s family.

According to her family and some locals, Gul died after she was meted out the lashing.

The plight of women and girls in Afghanistan and other nations under Sharia law is chilling. To think that a women walking to her uncle’s house can be confronted, interrogated, and then severely flogged under Islamic laws is otherworldly. In what is especially twisted is the notion that there is an investigation into the level of flogging as opposed to the disgusting notion of flogging women and girls in the name of morality. To beat a woman to death raises the specter of not just religious fanaticism but a degree of enjoyment by the abuser. Indeed, in our stories covering morality police, one often concludes that people drawn to these functions display extreme misogynistic and sadistic tendencies. Religion becomes an officially sanctioned avenue to satisfying such sick desires.

In any civilized nation, the men who flogged Gul would be locked away as dangerous sociopaths. Yet, in this twisted environment, they claim the mantle of the enforcers of a moral code.

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  1. More extremist violence against women:

    Both Austrian girls who voluntarily joined ISIS, and were used for propaganda, have allegedly been murdered. They grew disenchanted with the strict lifestyle, and tried to leave. The most recent one was beaten to death. Many young people make terrible, stupid mistakes. These girls were not lucky enough to survive theirs.

    1. It’s horrific, but our government uses these types of horrors as a basis for regime change globally, not so much in good faith but rather to maintain oligarchic control of our own government by enforcing the dollar as the world’s trading currency and at the expense of the hundreds of thousands who are killed in the process.

      Let’s stand back, and take a good look.

  2. And here’s a devil’s bargain:

    Assad lined up families and shot them, men, women, and children. ISIS jihadis and other rebels fought him. Assad opposes ISIS. We oppose Assad and ISIS. Russia has decided to support Assad in a bid to increase its influence geopolitically in the region. Russia is urging us to support Assad against our common enemy ISIS.

    So while we support the Syrian refugees driven away from Assad’s bloodthirsty regime, we may find ourselves supporting the Assad/Russian alliance, which created the refugee crisis.

    This is a similar Faustian bargain in which we aided and trained the Mujahideen to fight to Soviets, out of which Osama Bin Laden arose to fight us. In fact, it is predictable that anytime we train forces in the Middle East, whether it’s Iraqis or Afghanis or Syrians, it is very likely that a terrorist will rise up and bite us. But will that change our decision?

    Here is an article from only last year, describing how Assad’s threat is only regional, while ISIS’s is global. Prophetic:

  3. Did her family report, support her punishment, and only object to her death? Or did the religious police arrest her for being an unaccompanied woman?

  4. What a heartbreaking story. That poor lady. The name “Shirin” means “sweetie.”

    It is so difficult to overcome brainwashing.

    Women suffer under extremism, and they suffer under Sharia Law. They are not equal citizens. And when you’re not an equal citizen, you have to depend upon the good will of those in control to treat you fairly. With human nature being what it is, we’ve seen the corrupting influence when people have ultimate power over another. In this case, the men have ultimate power over women under Sharia Law, and too many abuse it.

    I’ve seen this when other religions go extremist, for example the Yearning for Zion child brides and Lost Boys. Extremist Islam has more scope because the governments in the Middle East have become extremist. Even Lebanon, Egypt, and Turkey slid down the extremist rabbit hole. Violence is the method of the extremist splinter groups, although they each have different end goals.

    This is a good reminder of what Middle Eastern women suffer every day.

  5. Several hundred years ago small groups of self important mentally impaired people took the word of a girl to hang and burn women and men as satanists. This was in Christianity. The West has evolved out of the same religious sewer that Islam is in now. Back then some Christians wanted to live in peace but ultimately they believed so fervently in their fairy tales that they would burn people alive for expressing a different point of view. Sometimes it was just to get rid of people in the way. In many old cities of the Spanish Empire remain government buildings with a sort of a mail box type slot in a wall. There people could accuse anyone and that person might just end up getting roasted. Islam is no different today. From Saudi Arabia to Afghanistan the religion is nothing more than an abomination on humanity, a device to garner and keep power for the privileged few.

    The only reasonable Muslim is one who gets away from these cesspools of satanic activities and successfully integrates into a Western society. There are few if any Muslims living in Western societies who would condone flogging a girl for running away, or any of the other paranoid travesties. Those that surface are few and far between and are dealt with under the secular laws of the Western nation.

    Of all the extremist Christian nut cases no act of breaking the law is condoned. This is true with Islam also in the West. The West is the most societally evolved expression of humanity is spite of its failures. Those who wish to live here and shelter under its secular law should be all treated alike. Those that wish to perform these atrocious acts of satanic barbarity in Saudi Arabia to Afghanistan should not be even allowed to visit the West. This sewer of humanity must be separated from the West as much as possible. If someone goes to Syria to fight for ISIS then regardless of nationality they should never be allowed back to the West.

    In the US and other Western nations acts that are upheld as religiously correct in the sewer that is the Islamic country du jour are seen as humanity’s failure, insanity, and deprivation. Let’s keep it that way. Never refer to these disgusting acts as ‘part of their culture’. They are simply the dregs of human kind wallowing in filth that has yet to be cleaned up.

  6. Meet the Afghan army trained by the U.S. 10 years later. It’s nation building @ $3 Trillion tax dollars.

  7. I do not see any amount of warfare that will change a culture completely ignorant of anything outside of what they are “taught”. A reformation of this religion from within must take place before things begin to change. We should wholly support that effort and make it very clear to ALL faiths that we have ZERO TOLERANCE for practices that violate OUR constitution. If US citizens violate our laws then prosecute and punish them. If they are not citizens, deport them.

  8. Sorry Bill…..I misunderstood you. You didn’t claim it is our fault.

    (More coffee needed)

  9. While we think flogging, stoning, repressing, and killing women for violations of some religion is morally reprehensible in a civilized society (and I think rightfully so), we love regime change which has killed hundreds of thousands on innocents over the past 14 years. The irony never ceases to amaze anyone looking.

    Let’s get a grip on perspective at this point, let other sovereign states alone, and worry about ourselves rather than about others. The Starship Business Enterprise and the fascists who drive it need to be decommissioned at the nearest port of call.

  10. I wonder how they view our Hellfire missiles raining down on their villages.

    I wonder what that has to do with the Muslims flogging and stoning young women to death for the crime of ??? I wonder how that has anything to do with them preferring that young girls die a fiery death instead of fleeing the school building without their required body and face coverings. They would rather their children DIE than have their faces seen.

    Right. It is all OUR fault that the Muslims beat and torture their women. /facepalm

    We fire these missiles because we are keeping ourselves safe and making the world a batter place

    Exactly right. WE do this to protect ourselves and try to stop the sick dog from invading or infecting our selves. I’ll restrain myself from making pancake jokes because I know that “batter” is a typo. It’s hard….but….I’ll do it 🙂

    BTW: I told you all so. I gave it 90 days until a violent backlash by the citizens of Europe….but evidently things are ahead of schedule.

  11. I wonder how they view our Hellfire missiles raining down on their villages. They do not perceive these things the same way we do, that’s for sure.

    I am not saying this to claim we are worse than they are. We are not. But we are judging them through the lens of our mores and beliefs. We fire these missiles because we are keeping ourselves safe and making the world a batter place. They see only that we are killing them and raining down death and terror. Whose perception is the correct one?

    We believed, at one time, that giving blankets infected with Smallpox to natives so that we could take over their land was okay. Today we are appalled, but only because we judge what they did then through the lens of living with the wealth and riches which their actions passed on to us.

    They are not us. We cannot judge them by ourselves.

  12. @ Barking

    Redeemed is the word you are looking for. Redemption is a Christian concept. Islam is beyond redemption. Like a rabid dog, the kindest thing to do is to put it down and protect everyone else.

    Meanwhile, in the US, the delicate snowflakes in our elite colleges who are wrapped in a protective cocoon of swaddling, are devastated over the micro aggressions of having to read the Great Gatsby or Mark Twain and can’t figure out if they have been raped or merely had their hand held without permission.

    It would do these girls a world of good to try to understand what the REST of the world is dealing with. Perhaps it might make them less self centered, self absorbed and have some empathy for other people. Nah. Probably not.

  13. “Religion becomes an officially sanctioned avenue to satisfying such sick desires.”

    ….including sexual predator Catholic priests …….

  14. The liberals love of Islam would make for a hilarious movie if it weren’t so tragic.

  15. Their country, their laws. I am confused on the sequence of events here. Did the authorities accuse her of running away and then flog her to death or did the parents report her? Was there a trial?

  16. I agree with Justice Holmes. I would add that places in the Muddle East and east of the Muddle toward China which have Islamic faith are beyond repair. The word repair is not exactly right. Repair assumes that a clock was built right at the factory in the first place and is just broken. No, these Islamic countries cannot be reformed, altered, or brought to civilized standards of human decency unless the religion is dampened and controlled. Communism is going too far and perhaps fascism is more in tune with what is needed. A Hitler not a Stalin. A Woodrow “Jim Crow” Wilson is not the right “fix”. He is the one who segregated Washington DC and the armed forces and who took us to war in WWI under the promise that We Will Make The World Safe For Democracy.

    Well, we have been trying to make Afghanistan safe for democracy for 9 years or so and it is an utter failure and indeed the clock has turned back. Do not forget that the Russians were occupiers 35 years ago and did a much better job. They had women brought up to standards of equality such that some women went to their medical school.

    But we Americans just could not tolerate having the Soviets occupy Afghanistan. It would be like the United States occupying Texas. Oh, correct but I guess it makes a point of some pirate territory being in a nation state’s “zone of influence” or “sphere of influence”. In this case Afghanistan is more like influenza.

    I would also comment, and quote from Justice Holmes in his opinion in Buck v. Bell back in 1927: “Three generations of imbeciles are enough.”

  17. This is what we spend billions protecting. This is what we continue to waste billions on. We need to leave the Middle East and take care of our own country. Let the Saudis deal with it or not!


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