The Halal Friendly Skies: Rayani Air To Offer Flights On An Islamically Correct Airline

Rayani_AirThis month a new airline will emerge with a curious mission: to be the Halal friendly skies. Rayani Air will be Malaysia;s first “Islamic airline.” That alone is not too surprising. After all, we had Hooters Airline for people with a different transportation need. (Frankly, I would just be delighted if a religious airline declared that God intended passengers to have legroom). No, the surprising thing is the impetus for the airline: conservative Muslims believe that the two Malaysia Airlines recent disasters were punishments from God for not adhering to Islamic values. That’s right. God killed a couple hundred people (including devout Muslim passengers) because the airline was not sufficiently pious.

Now here is the other surprising fact. The founders Ravi Alagendrran and wife Karthiyani Govindan are actually a Hindu Indian couple (They combined Alagendrran and Karthiyani to create “Rayani.”). (It is reminiscent of our earlier discussion of ChristianMingle and its Jewish owners).

We have previously discussed this bizarre notion of God killing people to show his displeasure. It would seem axiomatic that God should be at least as logical and human as those he created. Otherwise, those 11 people killed on Christmas could be claimed to be the same type of message to reform Texas politics or commit to a different set of religious doctrines.

Now Muslims can fly Rayani and have Islamic prayers read before taking off and no prohibited foods or alcohol. Presumably, God will then just down one of those Are Lingus or Lufthansa flights.

Source: IBTimes

24 thoughts on “The Halal Friendly Skies: Rayani Air To Offer Flights On An Islamically Correct Airline”

  1. Personally…if flying or whatever….and shtf….i’d rather be in a group where ” if we gather in his name he is there”….. So let them decide….moreover….from today’s terrorism perpective that flight is the one to fake. It will by nature be safer. Too bad i can’t buy stock in it. No doubt eni.ies to islam will stalk it..
    .it will have good security then.

  2. You nor i have any knowledge of the stance of the souls taken in the christmas storms. Nor do you or i know that the “muslims” in the crashes were
    ….in adherence plus many were chinese….maybe not muslim at all. The second flight just because from a muslim departure- airline doesn’t make them muslim. We can mock god if we want. Pretend our logic is better than his. But in the end then who is god? And if it is just man….then we don’ t have religion. We have pious elite dictators, watch how well that tyranny works. I believe god takes souls when he takes them. We may never solve the great mystery until we do. But keep in mind….you can bet everyone of the ppl going down on those planes was probably praying to god. The dozen whos cars left them flying likewise. So you can mock god and religion all you want…..if you want.

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