The Democratic Debate Brought To You By Max Bialystock: The DNC Engineers A Flop In Latest Debate Scheduling

For months, critics and candidates have been publicly denouncing what they view as open favoritism of the Democratic National Committee (and particularly DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz) toward Hillary Clinton. Even DNC members have objected to the role of the DNC and the view that it is trying to guarantee that Clinton is the nominee. One of the most commonly cited (and commonly accepted) examples are the small number of debates scheduled by the DNC at hours that guarantee the least exposure for Clinton. That criticism is likely to become deafening this Sunday when the key debate before the Iowa caucus will be scheduled not only on a Sunday night but in direct conflict with the NFL playoffs and the new episode of Downton Abbey. Our house is a typical example of the obvious dilemma. My wife is a Downton Abbey fan and, as you know, I am a football fan. The result? The debate might as well have been held by the DNC on Mars. It is a schedule that only Max Bialystock could truly love. [Update: despite virtual universal derision over the scheduling of the debates,  Wasserman Schultz went public today and claimed that the schedule was actually designed to “maximize” exposure.  This type of statement only magnifies the view that party leaders and some politicians have such a low opinion of voters that it borders on open contempt.  How would scheduling a debate on a Sunday night in conflict with two of the biggest television draws maximize viewership — putting aside the refusal to allow more debates as demanded by two of the three candidates and many voters? Indeed, if she was implausibly trying for the largest audience, she is grossly negligent as the low ratings have proven.]

Despite this bizarre and overt effort to minimize audiences, any effort to shield Clinton is failing if recent polls are an indicator. Clinton is falling in the polls much as she did in 2008 and the bias of the DNC is resonating with the base.

What is curious to me is that I thought Clinton was doing quite well in debates and recent interviews. The clumsiness that we saw earlier seems to have been largely removed. In other words, she really does not need the help from the DNC. Indeed, all of this weird minimalist scheduling is simply reaffirming the view of her critics that she is an establishment insider and that there is no real choice being allowed voters.

The scheduling on Sunday is also playing into GOP critics like Sen. Ted Cruz who observed that “They keep scheduling the Democratic debates at like 2 a.m. on Alaska PBS. It’s almost like they don’t want anybody to see their candidates for president.”

I find all of this fascinating to watch (or not watch in the case of the Democratic debates) because it seems so counterproductive and damaging to both the Clinton campaign and the DNC. The conventional wisdom has long been that parties want as many people to watch debates as possible. Conversely, this seems engineered to be a flop like the DNC version of “The Producers”

In the end, when the low ratings roll in, the DNC could always quote Downton Abbey with a sense of satisfaction: “We were a show that flopped”

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  1. Martin O’Malley also has an impressive life history. Here is a bit from wikipedia. All three are quite impressive. Please look up all three on wikipedia.

    Martin O’Malley was born on January 18, 1963, in Washington, D.C.,[3] the child of Barbara (née Suelzer) and Thomas Martin O’Malley.[4] Martin’s father served as a bombardier in the U.S. Army Air Force in the Pacific theater during the Second World War, and said he witnessed the mushroom cloud rise over Hiroshima while on a routine mission.[4] Thomas later became a Montgomery County-based criminal defense lawyer, and an assistant United States Attorney for the District of Columbia. O’Malley’s father was of Irish descent and his mother has Irish, German, Dutch, and Scottish ancestry.[5][6][7][8] He is a descendant of a War of 1812 veteran, and is an active member of the General Society of the War of 1812.

    O’Malley attended the Our Lady of Lourdes School in Bethesda and Gonzaga College High School.[9] He went on to The Catholic University of America, graduating in 1985. Later that year he enrolled at the School of Law of the University of Maryland, Baltimore, earning his Juris Doctor in 1988 and passing the bar that same year.[10]

  2. On Bernie and his background and early life, from wikipedia:

    Sanders was born in Brooklyn, to Dorothy (née Glassberg) and Eli Sanders.[21][22] His father was a Jewish immigrant from Poland whose family was killed in the Holocaust,[7][21][23] while his mother was born in New York City, to Jewish immigrant parents.[24][25] Sanders has said that he became interested in politics at an early age: “A guy named Adolf Hitler won an election in 1932. He won an election, and 50 million people died as a result of that election in World War II, including 6 million Jews. So what I learned as a little kid is that politics is, in fact, very important.”[26][27][28]

    Sanders attended elementary school at P.S. 197, where he won a state championship on the basketball team. He attended Hebrew school in the afternoons, and celebrated his bar mitzvah in 1954. Sanders attended James Madison High School, where he was captain of the track team.[29] While at Madison, Sanders lost his first election, finishing last out of three candidates for the student body presidency. Sanders’ mother died in June 1959 at the age of 46, shortly after Sanders graduated from high school.[23]

    Sanders studied at Brooklyn College for a year in 1959–60[30] before transferring to the University of Chicago. While at the University of Chicago, Sanders joined the Young People’s Socialist League,[31] the youth affiliate of the Socialist Party of America, and was active in the Civil Rights Movement as a student organizer for the Congress of Racial Equality and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.[7][8] In January 1962, Sanders led a rally at the University of Chicago administration building to protest university president George Wells Beadle’s segregated campus housing policy. “We feel it is an intolerable situation when Negro and white students of the university cannot live together in university-owned apartments,” Sanders said at the protest. Sanders and 32 other students then entered the building and camped outside the president’s office, performing the first civil rights sit-in in Chicago history.[32][33] After weeks of sit-ins, Beadle and the university formed a commission to investigate discrimination.[34] Sanders also participated in the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.[35] That summer, he was found guilty of resisting arrest during a demonstration against segregation in Chicago’s public schools and was fined $25.[36]

    In addition to his civil rights activism during the 1960s and 1970s, Sanders was active in several peace and antiwar movements. He was a member of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and the Student Peace Union while attending the University of Chicago. Sanders applied for conscientious objector status during the Vietnam War; his application was eventually turned down, at which point he was too old to be drafted. Although he opposed the war, Sanders never placed any blame on those who fought and has been a strong supporter of veterans’ benefits.[37][38]

  3. I looked on Wikipedia her ethnic background:

    Hillary[nb 2] Diane Rodham was born on October 26, 1947, at Edgewater Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.[2][3] She was raised in a United Methodist family, first in Chicago and then, from the age of three, in suburban Park Ridge, Illinois.[4] Her father, Hugh Ellsworth Rodham (1911–1993), was of Welsh and English descent;[5] he managed a successful small business in the textile industry.[6] Her mother, Dorothy Emma Howell (1919–2011), was a homemaker of English, Scottish, French, and Welsh descent.[5][7][8] Hillary has two younger brothers, Hugh and Tony.[9]

    The entire wikipedia article is quite impressive. I recommend reading it. Google: Hillary Clinton- wikipedia.

    1. “Hillary[nb 2] Diane Rodham was born on October 26, 1947, at Edgewater Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.[2][3] … The entire wikipedia article is quite impressive.”

      How true, how true. Being born in 1947 is very impressive. I rate it right up there with being born in 1946 or 1948. And, we can be assured that Hillary, ever the self made woman, did it all by herself.

      I think it is fair to say that being born in 1947 is one of Hillary’s highest and finest accomplishments.

  4. So, Anthony Wiener is a Fish Moaner? Does it mean Vienna?
    Maybe Anthony Wiener hails from Vienna.
    Where is Bernie from? Oh, I know Brooklyn but what are his roots? Where did they come from when they hit Ellis Island in NYC and applied for citizenship?

    What is Hillary’s ethnic heritage? Irish? I would have to resort to Blazing Saddles and say Not The Irish!

    What is Trump’s ethnic background? He looks Irish. Or Kraut.

    O’Malley has to be Irish. Maybe Scots-Irish.

  5. “What does Wien mean?”

    Why that’s kind of like whine, as in whiner or follower of Trump. See above ‘Fish Moan’ for a better idea.

  6. One question we could decide tonight is whether Bernie is too old. Some of the questions will be directed, maybe not directly, on that issue. I think that the narrators should ask him some trick questions. Like what was the name of his first grade teacher? Who won the 1964 World Series. What does Vermont mean in French? Where does the Green Mountain state stand on issues like migration? Where is East Saint Louis? How many bubbles in a bar of soap? What train company is named after the Vermont capital? Who was Hans Richter? What does Wien mean?

  7. Bill said that all he wanted was an erection, not forward, not backward. All he got was four more years. Now he wants another four more. Where is Monica when he needs her.

  8. Paul

    The Catholics are all for planned parenthood. They have a certain patina of rationality. The bible thumpers are the ones who are stone cold against any tampering with whatever the f*^k they believe. Cruz has them, but that’s all he has. Hillary will win if she doesn’t implode or get too cocky. Trump is just a version of the ‘Fish moan’. Rubio is a punter not worth taking a chance on. Bernie is too old. the rest are wandering around looking for a way out. Hillary is the only one with experience enough and at least two more than any Republican option, regardless of the morality baggage. One thing you have to understand, or maybe not, there are no morals in politics or government. All we can hope for is direction, forward, not backward.

  9. The Hillary is going to be on Saturday Night Live! again. They are going to sing this song while she ascends a stage. The lyrics will be changed to protect the innocent.

    Springtime for Hitler and Germany
    Deutschland is happy and gay
    We’re marching to a faster pace
    Look out, here comes the master race

    Springtime for Hitler and Germany
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    Means that soon we’ll be going
    We’ve got to be going
    You know we’ll be going to war

  10. Tune in tonight for a debate between Hillary and Bernie and O’Malley. This is Sunday Night and it is not on Fox Business on some computer link from Cloud 9. And there is nothing to compete with it. Only some old farts game on tv and some Brit show with old ladies wearing Queeny hats. Many will watch because they want to hear Bernie tear into Trump and Hillary tear into Cruz control. O’Malley will just talk about himself. Those in Baltimore are fed up with him. I just saw some ad for this debate on tv and knew nothing about it. You would think that this blog would have mentioned it. After it is over I am watching a re-run of The Producers.

  11. Did we ever swap prisoners in any war? Civil War? Would the South swap black soldiers back? I think not. Korean War? Swaps across the DMZ? What about the MIA thing which gets bandied about? Do we still have Americans back in Nam? That is “Vietnam” to those of you who don’t know.

  12. To the critics of the prisoner swap

    You’re correct. This was a bad move. Obama is overwhelmed. He should have arranged to sell cocaine through the CIA to get money to buy missiles and then traded the missiles to Iran for the prisoners. Yup.

    Ronnie, I was a tail gunner in a B-52 in WW2, Reagan.

  13. Hillary is on TV this morning on a show called Face The Nation. She is facing forward not left or right. Yak, yak, bo back. Her hair looks shaggy. Tonight she is on center stage with Bernie. He is on Face The nation and is facing to the left. It is a staged thing. The interviewer is off to the left. They set him up. This weenie guy (name unknown) is doing the interview. Bernie is from Brooklyn and sounds like it. Turdy turd and a turd.

  14. Debbie Wasserman is an offspring of Sgt. Schultz from the old tv series about prisoners of war in Germany in WWII. The was a well kept secret in Florida until the guy went down to clean out the well and pumped it out. So when asked about why the debate was not on Prime Time she said: “I know Nuth Thing!” She had a German accent. Then she admitted that the debate could be had with free shipping from Amazon Prime. And, you did not have to find it on the computer from Fox Business channel.

    Meanwhile, The Producers II is coming out this Spring. Yeah the producer of The Producers was gay. This is a story about how The Trump took over center stage. There is a song in the movie to the tune of Mister Ed and it is along the lines of: “A dork is a dork, a dork of course, Unless, until the silly dork is named Mister T!”

    Meanwhile, a spokesman for a mosque in Florida said that no Muslim can vote for any woman for any office, Hillary included. He is quoted as saying that “two L s don’t make it right” and that had to do with the spelling of her first name.
    If she runs against Rubio she wont win FL with or without the Muslim vote. If she runs against The Donald, she won’t win NY , with or with the Catholic vote. And if she runs against Cruz she won’t win Texas with or without the Ex s vote. All my X es live in Texas. Meaning my ex wives. The worst thing would be if Kasich gets the nomination because Hillary can not win without Ohio. This summer I hear them coming. They’re probably on their way. Gonna get down to it!
    Nuff said. Or barked.

    1. BarkinDog – Planned Parenthood came out for Hillary this week. What makes you think Hillary would get the Catholic vote? I am not sure she is going to get the nomination.

  15. (music- to the tune of Henry The 8th I am I am– Herman and the Kermits)

    I’m Hillary The Eighth I am!
    Hillary The Eighth I am I am!
    I got married to the widower next door.
    He’s been married seven times before.
    And everyone was a Hillary!
    It wouldn’t be a Willy or a Fred.
    For their ain’t no name like Hillary!
    Hillary The 8th I am!

    — end

    Hillary is an 8th Day Dog Adventist by the way. Bernie is a 9th Day Dog Adventist. They only differ as to which day it was that God Sent Dog To Earth To Give Guidance To Humans. And both believe that Dog is God spulled backwards.

    Some Democrats are odd and some are even. Some were even for Stevenson. Adlai. He was born on the 8th Day. But he was not a dog. He had a Call To Greatness. He could be a writen in if you don’t like Hillary or Bernie.

    There is a dog out here reciting a poem. I will relate it.

    “Bernie and Biden sittin in a tree.
    K I S S I N G. First came love. Then came marriage…
    Then came Hillary with a baby carriage.”

    Here is some other news gleaned off the internet. Hillary reported to her doctor, who put his records up on the Cloud where they were stolen, that Bill has a disease called Stiffilys. It has some thing to do with a person named Monika. And he only gets “Up”, whatever that means, on “Hanica”m what ever that means. The doctor’s middle name was Quack and he is not a duck. Although he hails from Duck Creek, NC. The doctor says in his notes that he is befuddled and up Duck Creek without a paddle. Whatever that means.

  16. The Democrats are clearly in the tank for Hilllary. Now the question will be, will she be arrested before the elections?

  17. By the way John, I read The Four Agreements 14 times consecutively in order to cope with a huge relationship betrayal. So I get “Don’t take anything personally”….not that it’s highly relevant to your comment. Just wanted you to know that we have something in common. Isn’t that nice?

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