Fifteen Year Old Boy Mistakenly Raises Hand In Mosque and Is Accused of Blasphemy But Then Praised After He Cuts Off His Own Hand

UnknownThere is a truly horrific story out of Pakistan that reveals the sheer insanity that can be instilled in an entire community through religious orthodoxy. News reports indicate that Mohammad Anwar, 15, cut off his own hand after being told that he had committed blasphemy by failing to pray enough. His act was reportedly celebrated by the community as a wonderful testament to his Islamic faith.

This horror began, according to a local police chief, when an imam told a gathering at a village mosque that those who love Mohammad always say their prayers, then asked who among the crowd had stopped praying. Anwar apparently raised his hand by mistake after mishearing the question. The crowd then turned on him and denounced him of blasphemy. Anwar went home and cut off the offending hand to prove that he is a faithful Muslim. He then brought his hand to the imam on a plate to the praise of his parents and the community.

Various news reports have published this story, which was supposedly based on the account of the local police. Even with the past accounts of grotesque abuses under Sharia law, these stories continue to mystify me and I am left hoping that the story is apocryphal.

The imam bore the greatest responsibility in singling out the boy and triggering the public condemnations as a blasphemer. His name is Shabbir ​Ahmed and he has been reportedly arrested after the story.

31 thoughts on “Fifteen Year Old Boy Mistakenly Raises Hand In Mosque and Is Accused of Blasphemy But Then Praised After He Cuts Off His Own Hand

  1. Speaking of condemning a culture because some of its members destroy their own lives, the US has as many suicides annually as it has murders, a very high number of both compared to other countries. Islamic cultures encourage abhorrent behaviors, but so does the US gun culture.

  2. If indeed this is true…I don’t know anymore…it is insane!
    Then again, this is Pakistan, feverishly fervored religious ignorance. The ironic thing is that the imam himself is a hater of the Prophet Muhamad, who would never support the blasphemy laws that exist there and cost the lives of many.
    At least the right thing was done : “Police filed anti-terrorism charges against Ahmed and arrested him on Saturday, police chief Ali said.
    “Such illiterate imams of mosques should not be allowed to deliver speeches. His arrest is under the National Action Plan that hate speeches inciting violence are no longer allowed in this country,” Ali said.​​

  3. There are many who believe the human mind is a stable logical reasoning organ that can think its own way out of any situation.
    It is shaped and molded by society and can easily be locked into a mind- set and the key thrown away.
    The mind-set or zombie mode is not confined to race , intelligence, training , or age, we all have the potential to become zombies.
    Julian Jaynes called it the bicameral mind. It is an obedient mind without self- awareness or judgement.

  4. The scene is tragic as presented, but is it true? The boy cut off his hand (assume at the wrist), stopped his own bleeding, put the meat on a platter, walked back to the gathering and played another version of Jack Horner? He cut through ligaments, tendons, primary sensory nerves, and arteries as he separated bones and skin. Now I recently had the trapisium (near the base of the thumb) removed from my wrist. The radial nerve was nicked…my God it hurt after the anesthesia wore off.

    Now also would like Jonathan to define “religious orthodoxy” and apply it to this incident.
    Fanaticism? Sure.
    Orthodoxy? Not so much.

  5. You as a presumably thinking, sentient human being aren’t vehemently Islamophobic? Why on earth not? What’s wrong with you?

  6. Regardless of how this boy’s hand was removed, it is a step in the right direction to arrest this Imam.

    It takes a special kind of stupid to equate this story to guns in the United States.

  7. No need to worry. The Flying Spaghetti Monster can easily grow new appendages for His loyal servants. Just have faith. And pray. Because it works.

  8. Unfortunately the opportunity here will be missed. The Imam will be scolded and perhaps made to publicly apologize. The sickness will continue to fester and spread. If the government had half a brain they would lock him up for life along with the parents who obviously did the chopping. Then when anyone protests, off they go to the slammer. There will be riots and a few bombings but you have to surface and expose the cancer before you can cut it out.

    Perhaps it’s time for a 1950’s Chinese Communist style re-education program, starting in Pakistan. Banning religion can be a good thing in certain situations. Ataturk had the right idea.

  9. Ataturk did the right thing, but unfortunately the imams are lying about him, saying that he was good Muslim” This is how the current dictator is trying to paint him.

  10. Well that’s one test of extremism. Anyone who praises the amputation of a child’s healthy limb is an extremist, including his parents. Clearly, since they were reported as pleased they are also responsible for brainwashing him.

    It’s possible he did it to his own hand, quickly, with an axe. He or someone else applied a tourniquet, passed out, and then struggled back to the mosque to show what a good little disciple he was. Or his parents may have done it to him. It needs to be investigated.

    Poor kid. It’s so hard to overcome brainwashing from birth. From the link in Professor Turley’s article, on the one hand they arrested the imam, but on the other, mob justice for blasphemy accusations are skyrocketing, and being used to enact revenge. That is also a litmus test for extremism. It’s not the definition of blasphemy that is the issue; it’s the actions taken against those who are accused of blasphemy that makes it extremist and violent. Having been raised a Catholic, I have been told I was going to hell by many Protestants, but no one physically attacked me for it.

    Moral equivalence with guns? Why not with kicking puppies? Domestic abuse? Bullying? Transignorance? Why stop with the US is just as bad meme with guns?

  11. “Religion is the opiate of the ignorant.”

    How unique jomo! I’ve seen many ignorant people use the topic of religion as their motivation for intolerance. It is ironic that your natural right to speak your intolerance is protected by our existing rule of law, which was inspired by a generation of people very religious in their beliefs.

  12. And I’d add to that those against religion have no realization that it is thanks to religion that they are here now to speak their mind against it.Thou shall not…has been the law that guided billions of people throughout history and insured people worked harder at being fair to others.
    If the billions of faithful people worldwide had no longing to please God and no fear to offend Him, you’d realize fully just how badly things can go for humanity.

  13. Jim Jones, Heaven’s Gate, Branch Davidians, Salem Witch Trials, and Solar Temple show a similar religious induced insanity. Religion and cultism are not separated by much.

    Sadly, for the boy who had his hand cut off, anyone who would have said he didn’t deserve the punishment would have been subject to similar or worse punishment.

    When it comes to being a member of a religious group, I consider the Groucho Marx line, ‘I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.’

  14. Just another day in Islamoworld. There’s no cure for the cult of Islam except to take every measure possible to ban it from all civilized nations. And today’s there’s another story in the news about some poets in Iran who face lashings and worse. Real poetry, art, music, science, and other things that could benefit mankind and make for a more civilized world are, of course, anathema to Islam. But as long as there are dupes like JT who will decry Islamic acts as “non-Islamic,” the insanity will continue.

    For JT and other Islamopandering dupes, fools, and dopes, here’s an instructive video from Pat Condell:

  15. Keep Islam to the East of Corfu where the Ten Commandments Don’t Apply. The end of Europe is near. Mr. Obama: Build Up That Wall!

  16. Olly, the ones who dismiss religion are usually the ones who know the least about it.
    I have yet to meet one of those deniers who has read fully any of the holy books. Especially the New atheists. Those people have prophets in Dawkins, Hitchens and Harris…
    a priest in Bill Maher…
    holy books in the writings of the former…
    churches on the media sites of those…
    doctrines and talking points that they keep spouting…
    dogmas that they abide by…
    a refusal to stray outside of those doctrines and dogmas and inform themselves about that which they speak on…
    And yet they eschew religion?
    The most illogical thing I have ever seen.
    Thank God they are the rational ones!

  17. When I was a kid, I once used the Lord’s name in vein, and for punishment, my mother washed my mouth out with soap. Doesn’t seem so bad now.

  18. With tongue firmly place in cheek I declare that this is a positive trend for young muslim boys/men. Since our elected leaders, who serve only the elite 0.1% and corporate oligarchy, have decided to enrage 1.6 billion muslims worldwide (or ~24% of the world’s population) with what to them must seem like a new Crusade, we have entered into a “generational conflict.”

    General Martin Dempsey, the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has stated that the war against ISIS is a “generational conflict.” And General Ray Odierno, former Army Chief of Staff, has echoed these sentiments by stating that “ISIS is a 10 to 20 year problem; it’s not a two year problem.”

    With this in mind, one handed muslim boys and men have a much more difficult time building IED’s, shooting rifles, spreading propaganda via social media, and sexually harassing European women.

    It’s time to reinstate the draft for mandatory 2 year service whether in the military or service to your country in a peaceful manner (lotsa stuff needs fixin in this country). Most of the Congress Critters don’t have family members who are currently in the military so letting these undeclared wars go on forever means nothing to them.

    Google Smedley Butler (especially his quotes). He won the Medal of Honore TWICE, and he was the most highly decorated Marine in history at the time of his retirement. Here is one of his quotes:

    “I served in all commissioned ranks from a second Lieutenant to a Major General. And during that time, I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street, and for the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism.”

    Sorry for getting off topic or if I offended anybody. I’m just soooo pissed off at the state of our country.

  19. This is clearly insane.

    If this was done in the US, the mosque would be held culpable, arrested, and charged with endangering a minor, causing injurious harm, and exploiting the minor for cultic purposes.

    I am OK with religion in the home but I am not OK when religion becomes so paramount as to amount to ignorance. When someone is gravely mistaken for doing something, a full account of what happens needs to be investigated. That’s what is needed to be done before some crazy stuff like this happen.

    I used to go to a church, where church members prided so much on clothes. The pastor said, “God loves men who dress well in clothes, and it honors or pleases God.” I couldn’t stomach that myself. In the Bible, it is clear that:

    Jas 2:3 And ye have respect to him that weareth the gay clothing, and say unto him, Sit thou here in a good place; and say to the poor, Stand thou there, or sit here under my footstool:

    James 2:4 Are ye not then partial in yourselves, and are become judges of evil thoughts?

    They cared so much that they wanted me to dress like them. They hated the fact I wore casual clothes because I don’t make enough $$$ to afford really good clothes like them. So I wore my own casuals, even if they ignored me. A few of them shook hands just out of spite and denial. They just couldn’t come to terms with the fact I’m not like them. I’m different from them yet I attend the same church as them.

    Now? I work a lot, go to college, study Computer Science. I don’t even go to that church anymore. Even if I’m wealthy, powerful, and influential, I refuse to support that church or any of its pastors. They failed to exemplify the Christian spirit all because they’re so worried about those damned clothes!

    This article about the Mosque? It’s way borderline messed up more than what I get at the church I used to go to. That fifteen-year-old boy will end up a moron for the rest of his life not realizing he’s buying into a bunch of bullcrap.

    There’s multitudes of reasons why I won’t support Islam but I will support true Christianity, not pagan Christianity.

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