Pakistani Government Bans Valentine’s Day As “Insult” To Islam

220px-Nisar_Ali_Khan240px-Antique_Valentine_1909_01Pakistan is the latest Muslim country to ban a holiday as a threat to Islam. In this case, it is not Christmas but Valentine’s Day. The Interior Ministry has proclaimed that the harmless holiday is now deemed an “insult” to Islam and banned by order of Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan (right). Khan is one of the leading and most senior members of Pakistan Muslim League.

While hardline Jamaat-e-Islam supporters have historically denounced Valentine’s Day, this is the first time that the Pakistani government has yielded to such sectarian nonsense.

Strangely, however, a Muslim league politicians presented a flower as a sign of love for Valentine’s Day, so not everyone thinks that Islam is so fragile that it cannot tolerate people celebrating such holidays.

18 thoughts on “Pakistani Government Bans Valentine’s Day As “Insult” To Islam”

  1. If Muslims weren’t so blind to history, they would find some elements of pop culture that they could embrace. I realize that the expression of love, compassion, and tenderness — traditional to the American experience of February 14 — are wholly alien to the Islamic experience, but there is a side to St. Valentine’s Day that I’m sure most Muslims could relate to. But you have to know your history; specifically February 14, 1929. Now, I realize that the event that took place on that particular day was really a matter of Mob business, but the idea itself of spewing blood and tissue itself surely has great universal Islamic appeal:

  2. Why can’t a man with multiple wives give EACH of them a Valentine present (whatever those would be)?

    Or, is this [proposed] ban to reinforce the [presumed] lack of human love / mutual respect / etc alleged nature of Islam?

  3. “Becker” (Ted Danson) once remarked that the only guy who celebrated St. Valentine Day properly was All Capone.

  4. Of course they have to be against valentine’s day because they believe not in exclusive relationship of one man and one wife. Under Sharia law they can have for or five officially and the rest unofficially.

  5. Valentinee Day wasnt banned. A politician wants it banned, but that doesn’t mean a law was actually passed.

  6. Let’s sent the Pakistnai Government a message on Valentine’s Day NO MORE MONEY ! We continue to support these worthless regimes while our own people struggle. Let’s stop it.

  7. Nothing tells your goat that you care like a heart shaped box of his favorite goat pellets. We all need to be more culturally sensitive and understand that these guys love their goats. Don’t you dare judge them!

  8. He’s a dour looking guy. Probably just mad because he knows he’s not getting anything for Valentine’s Day.

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