Jewish Woman Sues El Al After Being Pressured To Move To Accommodate Ultra Orthodox Man

El_Al_Israel_Airlines_Boeing_737-700_4X-EKE_AMS_2014-02-16Logo_of_El_Al_Israel_Airlines.svgRenee Rabinowitz, a retired lawyer with a Ph.D. in educational psychology who lives in Jerusalem, has finally had enough with having to deal with sexist rules imposed by Orthodox men. The 81-year-old woman has filed a discrimination lawsuit against Israeli airline El Al after she was allegedly forced to move seats after an Ultra-Orthodox man complained about having to sit next to a woman. As have previously discussed such cases where religious men have forced delays and movement of women without penalty from El Al — requiring everyone else to accommodate their extreme religious views. Even Delta airlines did nothing after ultra orthodox men prevented a flight from taking off until women were moved from the seats that they rightfully purchased.

What is astonishing is that airlines now routinely call police or escort people off planes for disrupting flights. However, if you do so in the name of religious orthodoxy, you are not only not removed but you are allowed to delay the flight until other passengers relent.

To her credit, Rabinowitz is not relenting. She was seated in business class on a flight from Newark to Tel Aviv in December when the man sitting in the window seat objected that she could not sit next to him. Instead, of El Al telling the man that he would have to move or leave the flight, the flight attendant pressured Rabinowitz, who walks with a cane, to take another different seat.

Israel Religious Action Center says that El Al routinely yields to the sexist demands of Ultra-Orthodox men. Rabinowitz escaped the Nazis in World War II, but say that she now faces constant discrimination as a woman.

What is interesting is that some Muslim airlines have been rightfully forced to cancel flights due to their discrimination against Israelis. However, El Al has been accused of discriminating against women when ultra Orthodox men demand that they be moved. Even holding flights as these women are pressured publicly to surrender their seats is unreasonable and abusive. Obviously, these men have the option to travel with other men and purchase seats together. Or, and here is a novel idea, they can refrain from flying. Those seem better options than to have female passengers on El Al worry whether they will be pressured to move to accommodate an extreme religious practice. Rabinowitz is someone who has overcome much in her life. Indeed, she is the very face of the strength and brilliance of the founding generation of Israel. She should have to move for no one.

I have no problem with the airline asking if any passengers would consider moving. I often give up my seat so couples can sit together. Indeed, I expect a woman in coach would be willing to take the business class seat of this man to allow him to sit next to a fellow man. Yet, many women would rightfully have qualms about surrendering their seat to facilitate a sexist and insulting practice. After making the inquiry once, the man has to accept modern life or get off the plane. That seems a reasonable approach that continually escapes El Al, which has been repeatedly criticized for its treatment of women.

Source: Gothamist

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  1. Paul

    El Al caves in because metaphorically as well as actually rabid orthodox Jews will stone the plane if the airlines take a stand. I have heard first hand of tourists venturing into certain areas of Israeli cities on the sabbath and having their cars stoned. Israel is a Jewish state first and for most. This allowed them to broker the position they enjoy today at the expense of a few million people who along with not having been chosen were sitting on prime real estate. History is full of these occurrences, not unique to Israel. The US enjoys a similar rich past. Personally I see it as the old reap what you sow routine. I have never been to Israel, will never go, and try not to support their economy. I think my favorite sardines caught off the Atlantic coast of Morocco are processed by an Israeli company, but I don’t buy their stuff if I can help it and I no longer buy their BS. They are in the driver’s seat and they have no view forward just rear view mirrors.

  2. Like yourself, JT, I also give up my seat to help families sit together when I’m solo. Here’s a story that made me an even Omar Vizquel fan. The All-Star shortstop was flying first class to an All-Star game some years back. A young woman who just had knee surgery came onto the plane on crutches and headed back to her steerage seat. First class was full so Vizquel, quietly, changed seats w/ the girl. The story came out when the girl spoke w/ her local news people.

  3. I have never understood why El Al has caved to this practice. Of all airlines, you would think they would have a better handle on it. The thought that an 81 year old woman would be sexual attractive intrigues me. Was he an 81 year old? Or does he have a fetish for older women?

  4. I think that Joseph the Nazi Jones found her meds and is taking them.

  5. Let me get this straight–this 81 year old, who fancies herself the modern day Norma Rae of air travel, supposedly claims that she “now faces constant discrimination as a women”–wtf? Did she leave her meds in the seat pocket of the plane, again? The world is filled with people eager to discriminate–mind, you, CONSTANTLY–against this old broad because she’s a woman? Yes, her vixen ways, including that hot bedazzled walker, are such a distraction to men that they can’t contain themselves when they are in her presence. Men lose all control and are compelled, I tell ya, compelled to discriminate against her bewitching femininity. Hysterical. She’s just upset that she can’t recall her last bm. A rebel without a cause.

  6. Incorrect, Squeeky. Shiksa is a Yiddish word that originates from the Hebrew shekets means an “abomination” or “blemish.” (Yiddish typically, but not always, melds Hebrew with other languages, such as German.) It’s also the feminine form of a similar term for a man: shaygetz. The term originates from the same Hebrew word meaning “abomination.” The application of the term shiksa to a non-Jewish female is not meant to disparage or denigrate the person by labeling her an “abomination,” but rather, the union itself of such a female with a male Jew, as such a union may be deemed an abomination to some based on the underlying fear that Judaism will disappear through assimilation.

  7. It happened to my wife. She was assigned an asile seat on AA. When she got to her seat a Muslim woman who was assigned to the center seat was sitting in the aisle seat. My wife and her has a short dispute over the seat so my wife just reached and called a flight attendant. The attendant examined the ticket stubs and asked the Muslim woman to move to the center. She objected because she did not want to sit next to the man the window seat. The attendant asked my wife, “why don’t you just swap with her. My wife replied, “No, find her another seat, me another asile seat or some lady on board to swap with this man.” The attendant said that would take too long we are filled and ready for takeoff. She stated any passenger who causes a flight to be late taking off is subject to removal and a fine. My wife stated, “I might have swapped if you had made an attempt at the three options I stated. Now, out of principle I will stand here until you sort it out.” The attendant called the pilot. He came to the scene and heard the explaination from the attendant. Several people surrounding the scene started to chant to the pilot. He left the scene and three of the passengers gave my wife their business cards telling if she needed any references. After a few minutes an uniformed agent came aboard and escorted the Muslim woman off the plane. My wife was given a form to fill out to explain the situation. My wife never filled out the form.

  8. I also heard that “shiksa”, the Jewish word for Gentile women means “whore” and that their word for little Gentile girls, “shikselke”, means “little whore.”

    Which, I always thought “shiksa” was just slang for a Gentile woman. Oh well, live and learn.

    Anyway, to paraphrase Eliot, “Hell, Renee Rabinowitz, tears at their “grapes” with murderous pause.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  9. JJ s full of bullsheis and shows his true colors: he’s a hard-core Islamonazi. But for the ultrasubcretins here, who believe anything and everything they are told, as long as it conforms to their own biases and hatreds, I ask, in this one instance to set that aside. So note that JJ does not and CAN NOT cite any passage from Jewish scriptures to support his gutter tripe. He merely pulled them out of his ass, where his head resides.

  10. The next time one of these “men” does this they should be put in custody and taken directly to federal prison. I’m sick of these fanatics.

  11. Adamo can deny anything 24/7. It does not change this daily prayer of Orthodox Judaic males: “Thank you _od you did not make me a slave, a gentile, nor a woman.”

    The Talmud is the holiest of all holy books of Judaism. The Talmud positively spells out in plain language that Judaic males may stick their fingers into the vagina a female children. It even spells the exact length they may insert their fingers. Upon request I’ll find the verses and quote them exactly.

    And beware: Judaism is filled with tricks and sleights of hand. Here is a good lesson from Judaism 101. When a Judaic says the word “Torah,” beware they have two Torah. One is the Old Testament, which Judaism teaches is a book of fables only rightly interpreted by a Rabbi. So it is of little to no use for a Judaic non-Rabbi to read this Torah, and reading this Torah is not generally encouraged, at least compared to the other Torah…

    The other Torah is the Talmud, to which I often refer in my posts here. The Talmud contains such hate-filled acidic verses such as this: “The Roman guard Pantera fathered Jesus by paying for sex with the whore Mary…and Jesus boils in excrement for eternity.”

    For a while the Pope banned the Talmud because of its hate speech such as above. During this period, the Rabbis changed Jesus’ name to “Pantera” as a code word to disguise their hate for Jesus. The Rabbis teach that Pantera was the name of the Roman guard who paid Mary for sex.

    Just because most gentiles are deaf dumb and blind to the sexist, misogynist hate speech of the Talmud does make it so for the rest of us.

  12. Jonathan Turley is one of the most brave and courageous, popular, mainstream Democrats to ever walk this land. If the Founding Fathers were alive, they would be proud to know this man.

    I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for Mr. Turley, a fellow American. I wish him and his loved ones and friends nothing but success, and long, healthy, happy, lives.

  13. The so-called “Ultra-Orthodox” man who demanded that Renee Rabinowitz move from her airline seat was not acting out of his “religion.” There is absolutely NOTHING in the Jewish scriptures to support such a request, let alone a demand. (This is different from the practice of Islam, where such conduct is, indeed, codified in the Islamic literature.) I have previously confirmed this with Orthodox scholars when I asked them for the citation of such policies in the practice of Judaism. They admitted there are NO citations in the literature that could support demanding that a women in a public vehicle of any kind move somewhere else to accommodate the wishes of a man. AN eminent Orthodox scholar, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, has written that it is acceptable for a Jewish man to sit next to a woman on a subway or bus so long as there was “no intention to seek sexual pleasure from any incidental contact.” And if the “Ultra-Orthodox” believes that he will succumb to “indecent thoughts,” then HE should ask to move or get off the flight, bus, train, or whatever, altogether. The people engaging in this obnoxious conduct are, fortunately, a relatively small minority who are not exercising any religion, but rather, are exercising power and control over women, which is the real point behind the conduct.

  14. Search for the story of the woman in Israel who Rabbis beat to a pulp because she would not move to the back of the bus to make room at the front for the Chosenite Rabbis.

    Religion of racist sexism. This is real, not made up. A daily prayer of Orthodox Jewish males: “Thank you _od you did not make me a slave, a gentile, nor a woman.”

    Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Judaism (such as Chabad Lubavitch the branch of the first Homeland Security Chief, dual Israeli citizen Michael Chertoff), is the fastest growing type of Judaism on earth. The primary reason is that the Rabbis have terrified so many Judaics, by saying things like _od caused the WW2 holocaust because Jews turned their backs on the Rabbis.

    Read the history of Judaism prior to WW2. Judaics were sick and tired of the abuse and taxes (Kosher laws) they suffered at the hands of the Rabbis. Things like the Rabbis charging Judaic fathers money so the Rabbis could say magic spells to make barren Judaic daughters get pregnant with child. Just prior to WW2 Judaics were turning their backs on the religion and leaving the Rabbis, forcing the Rabbis to get jobs and work for a living, anathema to the Rabbis. (Note that Rabbis are immune from forced servitude laws in Israel…they do not have to serve in the military and are immune to the draft.)

    So Judaics left the religion of the Rabbis prior to WW2. Post-WW2, anyone who even thinks of turning against the Rabbis, the Rabbis remind them that such persons caused the Holocaust of WW2.

    And that’s exactly why the most virulent, evil, and violent form of Judaism is the fastest growing branch of the religion.

  15. When you are “Ultra” orthodox then you are beyond the Pale. You belong with ISIS and muslims of that ilk. Or elk. The airline needs to have male only sections. If they are half full then they lose money. But to make some woman move because some dork cannot sit next to her is enough to deny the airline the right to land in America.

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