Saudi Arabia Ambassador Explains that There Is Nothing Hypocritical In Demanding Elections For Syria Since Saudi Citizens Are Content Not To Have Full Democratic Rights

Saudi Arabia UN Ambassador Abdallah al-Mouallimi has finally resolved the rather glaring inconsistency of the Kingdom demanding elections in Syria while denying full elections to Saudi Arabians. The reason is simple according to Al-Mouallimi: Saudi citizens are the happiest in the world and would not want a democratic choice.

Al-Mouallimi insists that it is entirely unnecessary to given Saudi citizens democratic rights because they are happier “than almost any other country in the world.” Well, perhaps not those religious minorities who are denied a place to worship or those women who must get permission from younger brothers or husbands to travel (and cannot drive) or those girls denied basic opportunities and educational advancement. Then there are those political dissidents who are arrested for questioning the system or the royal family.

In an interview for Al Jazeera by British journalist Mehdi Hasan, Al-Mouallimi insisted that “Elections are not the panacea for everything. Just because there are elections in Syria doesn’t mean there have to be elections in Saudi.”

He added “The key question is: Is the population content and happy and satisfied with the form of government they have and I would like to claim if you went to Saudi Arabia and conducted a survey… you will find a high degree of support for the system.”

This happiness is based on a “mutual acceptance,” which of course does not apply to those political opponents arrested for criticizing the government. Putting aside all those who disagree with the government, Al-Mouallimi explained “I can tell you that mutual acceptance is much higher in Saudi Arabia than almost any other country in the world.”

Political parties remain banned in the Kingdom and questioning the monarchy is illegal.

Source: Independent

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  1. Anyone know if RSA’s mom has any kids who lived?

    In RSA’s poop for brains head, his quip passes for a Harvard argument.

    Thanks for confirming and not denying everything I typed, RSA.

  2. J

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  5. Point is steve these ppl ….whoever they are and no matter who is victorious….bring only one end. Their govts shielded them from the” west” so that is no excuse. So what do they want? The die hearts want a caliphate…of religion….this is not in doubt. But the enablers like obama and hillary want control….like communism is a religion. Just stay at a super 8 or get gas at a 711. Those people really want the same thing out of life as the rest of us. And they left. Their country. Sure some might be spies we got an fbi for that. We need at some point to realize all the ppl in power…
    None was democratic. Now that realization hits home with hillary super delegates or the gop convention. To the super power. When so much of our population was people leaving “political” persecution. We are the beacon on the hill…..and to leave our candidates to super delegates or backroom double agents….pretty much shits on the american dream. At least our fefugees so long as they don’t go to emory…..still have a pipe dream. Meanwhile i need plans to a pipe bomb. Just ya know so i can disarm one later….

    1. J writes, “to leave our candidates to super delegates or backroom double agents….pretty much shits on the american dream.”

      I think it defecates on one person, one vote. I also think the “american dream” is a scam to keep labor on a tether. The only American Dream is the fat cat taking an afternoon nap while the rest of us in the controlled middle-class, at least what’s left of it, do his dirty work. Capitalism has been a regulatory charade of the very wealthy from the start.

  6. Not to state the obvious: civil war.

    That glare aside…..why are the fighters saudi trained? Who wanted the pipeline?

    Saudi can say what it wants for the time being. While it helps to wreck the world for a new world order. But the stubborn facts remain…the hijackers and bin laden….apparently “their” government wasn’t working out for “them.” yet somehow their frustration was wrought on the rest of us. Now why is that? Did we tell them they couldn’t play with barbies? Oh their govt told them they couldn’t play with barbies so they blew us up instead. …for making barbies. I get it. Wow.

  7. The only reason that a monarchy arguing for democratic elections elsewhere seems hypocritical to anyone in the US is to rationalize our presence there as anything more than control of the oil fields and to continue the use of the fiat US Dollar as the oil trading currency.

    Our own hypocrisy is the one we should be criticizing while we’re sticking our wooden nose in the affairs of every sovereign on planet Earth.

  8. Happiest people on earth who not only do not want democratic rights but also had no need to produce this:

  9. The Saudi Ambassador has a lot of support for the claim that “democracy”- elections- representative government, is not necessarily superior to any other form of dictatorship, oligarchy, police state. They all pretty much wind up with the wealthiest, most powerful psychopaths, making rules that apply to everyone else, but not to themselves.

    What gives “democracies” the slight edge over the other systems is that the people believe they are participating in government even when they are not. People tend to emulate, in their private lives, the culturally accepted form of leadership. Those who live with elections and “representative” government tend to behave more democratically in their private lives, whereas those who live under dictatorships behave more authoritatively in their private lives. That works against the quality of life for everyone.

  10. I agree with Justice Holmes.
    We have generation after generation of these idiots from the ME. Build a Wall.

  11. East of Corfu the Ten Commandments Don’t Apply.
    Pirate Territory: Fly over and Flush.
    Where da white women at?

    These three statements have all three been made by others on this blog in the past year and have some relevance to this article. The third one is (I think) from the movie Blazing Saddles. That movie was on Netflix last night here at my nursing home. The relevant scene is where the Mayor says to not let the Irish move into town. “But not the Irish!” Then he relents. People in America now object to letting certain immigrants into this country. We have an old pedophile priest here at the nursing home and he is not liked. I say: be tolerant. This nursing home will let about anyone in– even guys named Elmer.

  12. Why on earth are we still allies with this awful country? Our relations ship with them has embroiled us in so many conflicts including the mess in Syria.

    As to the claim that all was sweetness and light in the Msuslim world before the West got involved the reading of a bit of history might serve to enlighten. No relgion or country is beyond criticism it’s just that some continue to believe that death is the answer to everything.

    We need to get out of the ME and tell the Saudis to clean it iup and that until they do they are no longer welcome. No more parties for princes in the West.

  13. Anyone spreading the lie that Islamo-fascists kill Westerners because “they hate us for our freedom” or “they hate us because of what we stand for” should be sentenced to fifteen years of hard labor.

    Islam declared war on the west because of (in random order):
    1. The West’s marriage to Israel, a nation of sum total zero interest to the USA.
    2. US military occupation of Mecca, the holiest of all Islamic holy land.
    3. Western marriage to the most evil, blood thirsty dictators over Muslims, starting with the “Royal” Al Saud crime clan (as if it’s King Arthur’s Round Table over there), who in 2015 beheaded about 10x as many Muslims as ISIS.

    Don’t believe me. OBL clearly listed the above reasons in his 1996 Declaration of War, posted on the net. If OBL lied, exactly why, what was the real motivation, and why/how does the alleged lie further his true motivation? His Declaration of War was a clear warning to you, and you ignored it, and instead fell right into his perfect trap. Nothing on earth convinces more moderate Islamics to join the fight than continuing to do exactly what caused the war in the first place.

    You say you hate ISIS, yet your President is in bed the Al Saud crime syndicate, and Turkey’s President Erdogan, who both materially and financially support ISIS. Your President says the US has “unbreakable bond” with the most hated nation on earth, and especially the prime target of Islamic hatred, Israel, a nation of zero national interest to the US.

    You are subject to a treaty (NATO) that obfuscates Congress’ duty to declare war, and subjects all Americans to nuclear annihilation (WW3 w/China and/or Russia) if Russia or China found that their national survival warranted attacking some nation 10k miles from DC. Including nations of zero national interest to America (like Lichtenstein, for instance). NATO also encourages all NATO nations to spend nothing on their self defense, instead leaving this expense to Daddy Warbucks (US taxpayers). For what the heck do we get for that? American blood shed and treasure spent, for what exactly? Nothing.

    You got exactly what you begged for, a world war against potentially 1.5B Muslims. Every day the ratio of moderate Muslims shrink, the ratio of Muslim fascists grow.

  14. JT, you’ve got your arguments all jumbled up and confused. Maybe it’s the result of a bad Easter ham. I don’t know, but you write an article, allegedly pertaining to elections in Saudi Arabia, but you inject comments, about various problems, which are grounded in Islamic law and culture, in general, into the mix, which make no sense in the context of free elections in Saudi Arabia. You reference religious minorities, who are denied a place to worship. Do you believe that free elections, in an all-Muslim country, such as Saudi Arabia, will solve that cultural and religiously-based problem? Religious minorities are denied freedom of religion and freedom to worship throughout the globe, in all Muslim nations, since Islamic texts decree non-Muslims to be considered dirty, blasphemous infidels, who are relegated to the status of second-class citizens and worthy of death. You conveniently left that part out. Free elections, to choose another leader, will never solve that intrinsic problem, which is inseparable from Islam, itself. You know that. You are feigning ignorance to maintain your politically correct stance and blaming these problems on a prohibition against free elections. Permission from male family members to travel? Yeah. You think that elections are going to solve a backwards, tribal mentality, prevalent in Muslim enclaves, which considers women property? You rail against the Saudi political system when, in fact, you refuse to condemn or rail against the fundamental basis–Islam. Islamic rules dictate behavior in Saudi Arabia. Religions, other than Islam, are not tolerated, protected or respected anywhere Muslims rule and women, unfortunate enough to live in those places, have few, if any rights. Saudi Arabia, and its lack of free elections, isn’t at the root of the problems that you mention, but, I suspect that you know that.

  15. Yeah, because like just because my husband raped and humiliated women, doesn’t mean that us Clintons can’t be the pro-woman choice! (Hillary Clinton)

    Yeah, just because we support letting millions of illegal immigrants stay here and take American jobs, and exert downward pressure on wages, doesn’t mean us Clintons can’t be pro-American workers! (Hillary Clinton)

    Yeah, just because. . .

    Oh, I could go on all night. Sooo, how is this guy any worse than our own politicians???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

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