Bangladesh Embassy Worker And Secular Blogger Hacked To Death By Suspected Islamic Extremists

UnknownThe slaughter of intellectuals and civil liberties advocates has continued in Bangladesh. A U.S. Embassy worker and editor of Bangladesh’s first LGBT magazine Xulhaz Mannan was one of two men hacked to death this week in what is believed to be the latest murders by Islamic extremists. We have been discussing the surge of Islamic extremism in Bangladesh, particularly targeting secular writers. Law student and secular writer Nazimuddin Samad, 26, was the sixth such victim recently. Then last week we had the murder of a popular professor.

Mannan and someone described only as a friend were in an apartment in Dhaka when five or six young men pretended to be couriers and gained entrance to deliver a package. They went directly to the second-floor apartment and hacked Mannan and his friend to death with machetes. Mannan’s mother and a maid were in the flat at the time for the savage murder.

Mannan was the editor of Roopbaan, a Dhaka-based LGBT magazine that describes itself as “a platform and publication promoting human right and freedom to love in Bangladesh.” That is enough to justify murder in the eyes of these Islamic extremists who believe that these atrocities actually please Allah.

Source: CNN

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  1. Karen, He has shown to be really petty and spiteful. So, that would not surprise me.

  2. Nick – I was wondering if Obama is going to wait until after the election to release those missing pages on UAE until just before he leaves office, and has pardoned Hillary. You know, really dump a mess in the lap of his successor, if he is a Republican.

  3. What a despicable, hateful act. My heart goes out to his poor mother and that traumatized maid.

    Radical Islamic extremists are a global threat. Its spread must be contained. I always say change must come from within, but look at what moderate reformers face?

  4. It’s pretty simple,
    All the countries we bellivesupport terror and those sympathetic to that nonsense cannot come here for a month, a week, not even a damn hour. Solution, no more being concern with where they are going to reek havoc in our country. The hell with all groups who want to cry discrimination.

  5. Yes, it is coming. We keep trying to impose our culture and norms everywhere else. Then we are going to bring those people here and expect them to just assimilate? Not likely for the most part.

  6. Ralph: When I opened the video and saw the dork there I stopped. No sense watching. You must understand Ralph that all those scumbag tent head, hairfaced, pedophiles who cal themselves Islamic are just the same old jerks who yak and preach Islamic dogma (sorry dogs) world wide. Like any preacher in any faith it is in part for their own benefit. Pass the plate and all that. But, I too hate Islam and all the jihadic pee and vinegar.

    We need a Wall to keep them out of America. Extend that to all of North America. Central America. South America. South Pole. Let em all go to Poland.

  7. Although I have posted this video countless times, I realize that when dealing with the dumbed-down leftist Americans who have been programmed not to see reality, not to think, not to understand, and only to repeat the lies they’ve been told via mainstream media propaganda via CIA directives, that only through constant repetition of reality will the dumbed-down dupes have the slightest chance of getting a glimmer of reality.

    So, with that aside, here goes. . . . There is NO extremist Islam, NO fundamentalist Islam, NO radical Islam. There is ONLY Islam. Just Islam. Get it?

    Okay, reread the previous paragraph over and over and over and over and over again. After you’ve done this for at least an hour. Then proceed to the following video. Keep watching this video over and over and over and over and over again. Given the extent of mind control that the CIA has implemented in your case, it’s an uphill battle, but, as I’ve said, you have, at least, a glimmer of a remote opportunity of a chance to reprogram your hijacked mind through disciplined self-training and repetition.

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