Turkish Parliamentary Speaker Calls For Islamic State

İsmail_Kahraman_Ankara_cropped220px-Recep_Tayyip_ErdoganWe have followed the rapid decline of civil liberties under the authoritarian rule of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the past few years as well as his empowering of Islamic parties in the once secular state. When Erdogan first ran, he assured Turks that he was committed to the secular traditions and constitution of the country. He then did precisely the opposite in power by chipping away at secular laws, introducing Islamic governing principles, and assuming authoritarian power. Now,Turkish Parliament Speaker Ismail Kahraman has finally taken Erdogan’s policies to their natural conclusion and called for the dismantling of secular government and the creation of an Islamic state. Now, Erdogan is again saying “trust me” and, that secular values remain safe in his hand..

The call confirms what was long obvious about Erdogan’s true intent to eradicate civil liberties and secular government — destroying the original model of the founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, after the collapse of the Islamic Ottoman Empire. Turkey was once the greatest hope among Muslim countries in maintaining a nation based of secular values. Then came Erdogan who sought to introduce Islamic law as well as authoritarian measures. This includes the arrest of Mehmet Emin Altunses, 16, who allegedly committed the crime of “insulting” Erdoğan. calling people who use birth control “traitors” and saying Muslims discovered America, you are not allowed to be disrespectful or insulting in discussing Erdoğan. Then there was the prosecution of model and former Miss Turkey Merve Buyuksarac, 26, for criticizing Erdogan for quoting a few lines from a poem called the “Master’s Poem” from weekly Turkish satirical magazine Uykusuz. Erdoğan’s totalitarian measures have earned him the nickname “Buyuk Usta” (the Big Master). Even a joking reference to Gollum and Erdoğan is enough to land you in jail today in Turkey.

Just as Erdogan has dropped any pretense of civil liberties, Kahraman wants to drop any pretense of secularism. He lamented that fact that the Constitution does not expressly name Allah and insisted that “[w]e are a Muslim country and so we should have a religious constitution.”

He added that “Secularism would not have a place in a new constitution.”

Kahraman is a member of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), which favors Islamic principles in government and is the largest political party in the country. His move reinforces the view by some that Islamic parties are naturally at odds with secular government and many civil liberties, particularly free speech and free exercise. His dubious legacy will be to add yet another Islamic state by destroying secular government in Turkey.

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  1. And since they are in nato…lets say they get attacked….now the west still has to defend them? Maybe he is under duress. Why would he “change” like that? Either he belived it all along and tricked a lot of ppl or something happened.

  2. Many years ago when I visited Portugal I noticed the slogans “OTAN Go!” painted on many walls . I asked the doorman of our hotel who this OTAN fellow might be. He laughed and answered “that is the Portuguese writing of your NATO”.

  3. Well, that was the trend in Turkey. Sad. We should stop allying ourselves with human rights abusers, regardless of the long game.

  4. Sit off the Turk coast and watch them like ducks. Sink the refugees. Europe needs U Boats.

  5. NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Turkey is not in the North Atlantic. Kick them out now. Stop trade. No tourists from America should go there. Build a better navy in that sea around them and stop the refugees from going beyond three miles offshore. Submarines would be a good thing. It would scare them into going offshore. We need a “turkey baster”. Trump?

  6. It is fascinating how our allegedly intelligent prez does not understand the Middle East culture. They worship power and strength more than Allah. This weasel sees the US as weak, so he panders to religious fanatics. If he saw the US as strong, he would be cracking down on Islam.

  7. Time to dissolve NATO. Turkey has made it clear that they are going their own way, so let’s just say, “see you guys!” And as it is now, it’s just a hangout for the Dr. Strangelove neocons who are beating the bushes for any war they can find. Time to turn off the cash for all this nonsense. Inside the beltway may collapse, but what the heck.

  8. NATO has was historically to defend against USSR. That fell in 1992. What’s it for since then? Mostly to protect America’s control over its economic colonies in Europe via its puppet regime the EU and the muscle– NATO. Expel Turkey or dismantle NATO. Europe must be saved!

  9. They are paying the Islamic State mercenaries creating the disaster in Syria, and thus in Greece and Europe. THEY ARE ENEMIES OF EUROPE AND THE WEST. EXPEL FROM NATO NOW!

  10. We should have stopped with the League of Nations. And Turkey is the result of the end of WWI not religious wars.

  11. The EU is planning to get rid of nations or nationalism all together. The UN is taking control of the oceans. Give a person a little power and they want more.

  12. We need to talk about WHY governments impose oppressive religious rule on their populations. It makes it much easier to control the population if govt officials can simply say, “Allah instructed us to …..” Republican US politicians use the same ploy. “I asked God for advice and he directed me to ……..” No further justification needed. If white males want to oppress women and dark-skinned folks, all that is needed is, “God/Allah instructed us to do it.”

  13. From NATO’s History page:

    “This is not a mission of choice, but of necessity. The Allies neither invented nor desired it. Events themselves have forced this mission upon them. Nation-state failure and violent extremism may well be the defining threats of the first half of the 21st century. Only a vigorously coordinated international response can address them. This is our common challenge. As the foundation stone of transatlantic peace, NATO must be ready to meet it.”

    Well NATO, a strategic partner is prepared to go full-blown Islamic State and the European Union has opened the doors to Muslim “refugees” fundamentally transforming the Western cultures of their host countries.

    It’s your move!

  14. I agree with Justice Holmes. Especially the last two paragraphs.

    I say this about Erdogan:

    “He’s a Turk, He’s a turk!
    He’s a Turk all the way!
    From his first cigarette (at age five) to his last dying day.
    Hell is an uplifft from where Turkey will go.
    Erdogan is leading the sheep in the hole.”

    -to the tune of The Jets

  15. And they want eu? I feel so crazy – all the signals were true. On my phone to watch turkey…..dear god what now? Hopefully neither the us or russia fall for the armegedon bait. It doesn’t have to be that way. But we cant expect the same ppl to keep fighting over n over. But we will so long as seventh century barbarians are equal. Sorry pope the fight must be had. Right now. Humanity us in the balance. And christ knows if there is no beacon on the hill he is snuffed. Christians and his word dead. I watched turkey. Saw it. On my phone….not on the greater eurpopean expansion sign. It is time to fight for survival. Now.

  16. I guess we’ll have to send them more arms and more money. Perhaps President Obama will visits them. I’m sorry but the failure of our leaders to recognize the hazard theocrats
    to their own people but most importantly to to the US and us is mind boggling. This country is a member of NATO, another dangerous country to whom we are tied. We need to make a stand.

    This country was founded after the malestrom of relgious wars subsided in Europe yet we fail to understand how relgion and government don’t mix. We look at the Middle East shrug and make excuses. We see what they do in other countries with their bands of terrorists and we excuse them.

    This doesn’t mean we should attack them or start a war it means we need to stop funding these countries. Stop arming them. Stop protecting them. They are most certainly not our friends or allies!

    We need to bring our people and our treasure home and fix our own country.

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