Muslim Cleric In Ghana Proclaims That Gay Couples Cause Earthquakes

Kinemetrics_seismographMuslim cleric Mallam Abass Mahmud in Ghana has explained the real cause of earthquakes. Never mind those pesky seismologists and tectonic plates. The real cause it appears are gays and specifically gay sex. It is not clear if the level of gay relations corresponds to the Richter scale in the intensity of earthquakes.

Mallam Abass Mahmud explained that homosexuality “disgusts Allah” and “Allah gets annoyed when males engage in sexual encounter and such disgusting encounter causes earthquake.” He noted that Allah destroyed the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah “as the result of homesexuality.”

Not to leave the impression that his view were purely scientific, Mahmud added a menacing conclusion: “Should we allow such a shame to continue in our communities against holy teachings? Certainly no, and we are very happy to chase away such idiots from our Zongo communities.”

The level of intolerance and violence against gays are well known in Ghana and most of Africa. This will of course add new religious legitimation for such violence.

12 thoughts on “Muslim Cleric In Ghana Proclaims That Gay Couples Cause Earthquakes”

  1. If I have not made the point abundantly clear, let me try again. Islam and Civilization are incompatible. Either Civilization must expel Islam or Islam will destroy Civilization.

  2. Absolutely. It’s not Catholicphobia to criticize the pedophile priest scandal.

  3. Karen: I think many miss the distinction when it comes to Islamophobia. Idiots who discriminate against Muslims, like ripping a woman’s headscarf off on a plane or denying Muslims service at a restaurant, would qualify as Islamophobic. But criticizing Islamic beliefs falls out of that distinction. Shifting criticism of Islam under the label Islamophobic is just a bankrupt attempt to immunize Islam from scrutiny, and that unquestionably is BS. All beliefs and ideas, particularly of the religious sort, should be analyzed and mocked.

  4. So he thinks gay sex is earth shattering? Why do the ultra Left call it Islamophobic when we voice concerns about this extremist way of thinking? I would think gay people, especially, would be quite rational about being worried about importing these values.

    I wonder if he will take a female sex slave and abuse her to try to please his god.

    And open border proponents want to import as many people as possible, including from areas rampantly anti-gay and anti-woman. What could possibly go wrong? We should build bridges not walls between us and those who think like this, right? Building a wall is bad…

  5. All religions operate this way. Attributing natural events to some agenda they concoct, in order to control and essentially enslave the masses.

    This is no less crazy than drinking the blood of a deity’s son on Sundays.

  6. No different from loony christian fundamentalists who believe that natural events are god’s punishment for all manner of things, including gays. Fundamentalists are the problem, regardless of the religion [or politics] they espouse.

  7. Yet gays stay silent when it’s Islam imposing discrimination and death on gays, appears the LGBT, ACLU, SPLC, are a tad bit fearful in condemning their behavior and religious beliefs. They are unafraid to go after Christian’s because they know Christian’s will do them no harm making them an easy target.

  8. There are two dogs on our block with the names Sodom and Gomorrah. I never knew the origin of these names. The mother’s name is BLM. She is a black Labrador.

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