Saudi Doctor Delivers Healthy Baby . . . Father Shoots Doctor For Exposing His Wife In The Presence Of A Male

220px-KFMC_Main_HospitalA Saudi husband’s view of the strict Islamic code led to his shooting a doctor despite the successful delivery of the man’s son. The doctor was also a man and the husband was irate that a female was not asked to deliver the baby in accordance with Islamic values. Muhannad Al Zabn, delivered the baby at the King Fahad Medical City in Riyadh and was later treated for his own gun shot wounds.

What is particularly astonishing is the level of premeditation. The father told the doctor that he wanted to meet him at the hospital to show him his appreciation in person for the delivery. He then shot him for exposing his wife to a man.

Fortunately, Al Zabn was brought to the emergency room for his serious wounds and survived.

The reaction has been mixed in Saudi Arabia. Most support the doctor but some criticize the hospital for putting the husband in such a position.

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