Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis Declare That Women Must Not Be Educated At Universities

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish rabbis in the Satmar sect have banned women from going to university as a “dangerous” threat to their faith. A decree has been issued against what is described as what “has lately become the new trend that girls and married women are pursuing degrees in special education. Some attend classes and others online. And so we’d like to let their parents know that it is against the Torah.”

With their decree, the rabbis put themselves in the same company of the most extreme Islamic clerics. The rabbis pledge that

“We will be very strict about this. No girls attending our school are allowed to study and get a degree. It is dangerous. Girls who will not abide will be forced to leave our school. Also, we will not give any jobs or teaching position in the school to girls who’ve been to college or have a degree. We have to keep our school safe and we can’t allow any secular influences in our holy environment. It is against the base upon which our Mosed was built.”

The rabbis are described as “pre-enlightenment” in their religious interpretations. They dress in 19th century Eastern European dress including long black coats and black hats. Women must cover their hair and wear modest dress.

We have previously discussed how ultra-orthodox rabbis have banned girls over five from riding bikes as “provocative.’

So morality demands that women not be educated, ride bikes, or enjoy equality with men. “Pre-enlightment” seems too generous a description for such views.

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  1. We need a blog topic on Pedophile Catholic Priests in America.

    Black Labradors Matter. We bite priests whenever we can.

  2. In the same company with the most extreme Islamic clerics? What are you on, JT? You’ve really gone off the deep end on this one. This is a tiny, minuscule sect of Judaism, which is extremely insular. They stay within their own and shun the outside world. Their leaders, completely unlike what you call their Muslim counterparts, DON’T command their followers to kill infidels. They don’t preach that their adherents will receive 72 virgins for killing innocent men, women and children in the name of Allah. They don’t seek to convert others who belong to other faiths. There is no comparison between the two, unless, of course, you wish to paint all groups, who adhere to their own, particular and unique standards, with the same brush, as you have done.

    The people, described in your article, may live a somewhat peculiar lifestyle, where there are strict and antiquated beliefs about how men and women should perform their respective roles in life, but how is that affecting you, JT? How does it affect you, or any of the other antisemitic contributors, how this small sect lives and functions? Do you get your panties in a bunch over the way that the various Mennonite and Amish communities–Christian, by the way–with their strict rules and regulations about men and women, exist? Huh? Those are Christian sects which exist, with all sorts of prohibitions and rules pertaining to dress, education, etc., for the members of those communities. Like those societies, these people, mentioned in your sham of a piece, do not affect you or anyone else. If they wish for their women to remain at home and not seek an education, does that have any bearing on your life? Unlike their Muslim counterparts, who routinely beat their women and prevent them from escaping the religion under fear of death, anyone unhappy in the religious Jewish communities is free to leave at any time. Free to turn their back on the religion, the community, the practices, and LEAVE. There are no threats of death. No honor killings. No bounties put on their heads. The door is open. Now, JT, compare that to what transpires in Muslim communities. There is no comparison, although you are desperate to find one.

    You ridicule and demean people who have chosen, for whatever reason, another path. It doesn’t matter that they pose no harm to you or to your family. It doesn’t matter that they are not blowing up bombs, indiscriminately, killing for the sake of killing. It doesn’t matter that they aren’t attempting to impose their lifestyle upon you. Do you have the same scorn and ridicule for those, of your faith, Catholicism, who seek to live their lives devoted to the Church? Nuns are claimed to be the brides of Christ, where their are commanded, by their choice of adopting that path, that they may not marry. Do you mock priests, who take an oath, according to Catholicism, to refrain from marriage and a family? Yeah. I didn’t think so. You may not choose that course for your life, but I am quite sure that those who do have your blessing. Their choices don’t impact your life–not one iota. They don’t seek to harm you or to force you to live as they do anymore than this religious sect of Jewish people does. Comparing priests and nuns, who have chosen to live their lives in their version of devotion to Christ, to Islamic extremists, would be as imbecilic as the comparison that you drew between Muslim extremists and these Jewish people.

    1. @bams

      Very True! Plus, I come in contact from time to time with what I think are Mennonites. Their women wear these modest little dresses, and keep their hair up. But, they seem happy and content. Their children are sweet, and well-behaved. I can not say the same about most of my female friends. They are near psychotic breakdowns, and their kids are horrible little brats, who run around screaming and pulling my cats’ tails and whacking my guitars’ strings. Mommy screams at them and threatens to put them on time-out, or take their smart phone. Me, I just smile through it, and fantasize about jap slapping the crap out the little Godzillas.

      Which to me, the big question is, are the people in the Ultra-Orthodox Community, happy? Are they content? Personally, I think it’s nutty to dress like that, and then go bang your head against that wall in Jerusalem. But it ain’t my life. Are they happy? Are they content? Because if they are, then they are way ahead of most Americans who are either on prescribed anti-depressants, or illegal dope fiends on the sly, or both.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. Squeeky

        Does anyone know about anyone else’s happiness? Are the monks, with no contact with the outside world, content? Are nuns truly happy with their lives? Priests? The bottom line is this–there are no prisons keeping any of these religious people living as they do. If they are unhappy, they leave. The point is that all of these peculiar, religious societies, with a myriad of restrictions on both men and women, in both Christianity and Judaism, have no connection with what transpires in religious, Islamic societies. No connection, whatsoever. The fallacious statement, made by JT, that there is a parallel between these religious Jews and Muslim extremists is a lie, and I strongly suspect that JT realizes that. Nuns, under a multitude of prohibitions, are free to turn their backs on the religion and leave. Same with priests. Same with the Mennonites. Same with the Amish. Same with this group of religious Jews. The same cannot be said of what occurs in Muslim societies. Those who wish to leave or convert do so under the threat of death. Those who wish to break societal prohibitions are put to death. These religious Jews, along with priests, nuns, the Amish, the Mennonites, etc., simply wish to live as they want to, without interference from others. Muslim extremists, on the contrary, wish to impose their will and their rules upon others, using the threat of death as a weapon to both outsiders and those within their own religion. If JT can’t see or appreciate that very obvious difference, I wonder how it is that he is capable of teaching law, where one must be capable of deciphering differences and distinctions?

  3. I am not sure if it was a misprint but Turley said the women were getting degrees in Special Education. You would need it to work with these guys.

  4. @squeek

    Ah yes my friend – the 1950s – those were the halcyon days (daze?) Blacks knew their place, men could beat their womenfolk and chilluns, no pesky environmental regulations so companies like DuPont were free to pollute entire towns, etc.

    1. @autumn

      True, back in the 1950’s blacks knew their places. Which one place for a black man back then, was with his wife and children. But, when they got the vote, they painted a big target on their backs for the Democrats. Then, like SeeSaw(?) that guy in the Bible, they went and sold their birthright for some magic Welfare beans. Which didn’t sprout.

      Now, blacks know their place once again! In HUD housing, and on food stamps, and teaching their boys to act stupid so they can get a crazy check. Oh, and here is a wonderful Tommy Sotomayor video about some flooded-out Baton Rouge black women, and how they know where their place is! Scrounging for weave in the parking lots.


      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  5. I agree with those rabbis! Educating women is dangerous. We often use our knowledge to change the status quo — or try to anyway. Look at Jill Stein! Her parents let her go to school and get a medical degree. But instead of sticking to doctoring folk now she’s running for President! Give a woman a few yards and damn if don’t want a full mile!

  6. I guess I do not have a problem with these people practicing however they want. No one is forcing us to join them. Issac will preach separation of church and state until he wants the state to come in and force religion to line up with his views.

    It’s also hard to judge these Rabbi’s when we force/preach the purple gender unicorn on our youth through our monopolized public school system.

    The progressives are way more dangerous than some Rabbi’s. Since like I wrote, the Rabbi’s are not forcing your kids but the progressives are stealing your property and forcing your kids to accept their propaganda.

  7. Thank God for the conservative interpretations of these torah laws by the super religious, without them the world would go to hell in a hand-basket. Unless we’re already there.

  8. “No girls attending our school are allowed to study and get a degree.”

    I don’t get this. They are allowed to attend school but they are not allowed to study and get a degree? Then why in the world are they even allowed to attend? Yes, you can pay tuition but God forbids you to actually learn anything or graduate?

    Pre-enlightenment doesn’t seem to be “too dangerous” of a description for these people at all, it seems to be an exact description for anyone that does not know or has not yet accepted that all people are created equally with unalienable rights. Our administrative state has been created by our own brand of “pre-enlightened” people and what IS dangerous is they call themselves Progressives. The assault on our civil liberties from these folks IS the fundamental transformation we are experiencing today.

  9. “Going to university is an experience to be valued, for both men and women, whom we regard as fully equal and who should have the same opportunities in education and the workplace. Limiting such abilities is a cause for regret.”

    The above is the response by the larger Jewish community. The problem here is that there is a larger community that both protects these idiots and allows them to expound their mumbo jumbo. That is where it should end, expounding. The moment a child is forced to live by these offensive dictums the purveyor of those dictums becomes criminal. If this sort of atrocity were to take place outside of one of the major religions, the government would be swooping down to take the ‘abused’ children away for their own protection. Imagine if children of other than these extreme religious aberrations were to have their heads shaved, forced to wear curly fries for sideburns, and halloween costumes. There is a place for these nut cases and that place is Israel. When religion goes to these extremes so as to psychologically abuse children, then it is time for the government to step in. There are those predators who embrace and protect their prey for a variety of reasons. When that prey is a child it knows nothing else. These extremists are predators, no different than any of the other sort.

  10. Mitch. Of course WW1 was started by a benign savior of Serbia. It would be a serious mistake to call that man a terrorist. Or what about the saviors who killed Czar Alexander II? Martyrs? You are quite ignorant.

  11. With women in the Israeli armed forces absolutely nothing will come of this nonsense. Throughout history everywhere when a discriminated or suppressed group such as our slaves were given guns and enlisted in our armed forces a new era began. In Israel these idiots will not be able to prevent women to attend state universities or the Technion. They will be totally ignored.

  12. On some level men feel guilty about their lust for attacking and killing other men, women, and animals and they feel even more guilty about their lust to dominate women. Hence, to assuage that guilt, they invented religions that would instruct the world that killing and dominating women are not only good, but are required by god. It seems to have worked to some extent.

  13. When you wear a hat like those dorks in the photo then you are telling the world that your feces don’t stink and you are on a higher elevation than others.

  14. When someone tells you they know what God wants run the other way! It is truly amazing how “religious” men fear women, education and educated women.

  15. Read up on how modern day Israel was really founded. They prtty much invented Terrorism and used it on the British to give them control of the land. But the West will never publish the truth as its its politically incorrect for both parties. Im getting too tired to care about offending this group or that group with a lack of Political Correctness any longer.


    If I had my way we would bring all the Christians from the region, pull out of the Middle East entirely and let it implode between the Jews and Muslims.

  16. Well, it would solve the unemployment problems if women stayed home and raised the kiddies, and Reb Daddy made the living. People would have time to do things again, and go to church, or synagogue. Houses could be kept cleaner, and we could all live healthier with home cooked meals, instead of KFC or Burger King dinners. There would be time to hang clothes out on the line, and that would save the environment.

    And frankly, what exactly do most women in the work force do, anyway? Most don’t have “careers,” they have “jobs”, and stupid ones at that. Coding insurance forms, or stocking shelves, or working a cash register. By the time they are 50, most women are wore out…but they still have a kid or two at home or in school because they waited until they were 35+ to have the little rug rats.

    This way, they could pop out a couple by the time they were 22, and by 45ish, be kid-free! Still plenty of time to go to college, or enter the work force, because in a few years you will have to be 70 to draw social security. I mean really, weren’t most people a lot happier back in the 1950s???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    PS: Hey, somebody had to take the side of these old geezers!

  17. These Satmar fools fortunately do NOT represent the majority of Israelis–they are a lunatic ultra-religious fringe group and should be totally disregarded !!! דמד

  18. these guys are crazy!

    youtube is full of videos of these nut jobs in action

    it’s shocking how these lunatics treat Christians, Muslim, blacks and gay in Israel

    these are the people really running the Israel Government.

    they are as crazy as radical Islam – they don’t have to blow themselves up – though at one time they did (King David Hotel) – cause the government is slaughtering the Palestinians, destroying Syria and helping the Saudis obliterate Yemen for them.

    Cut US tax payer funding to Israel – they are not a democratic nation – and I bet you they would do what the Saudis do.

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