Islamic Politicians Who Advocated Chastity Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex In Car On Public Beach

160823-islamist-couple-caught-in-car-featureMoulay Omar Benhammad, 63, and Fatima Nejjar, 62, have long been figures in the Islamic community calling for chastity and advocating Islamic justice. The two Islamic politicians are now under fire after being found allegedly having sex on a Moroccan beach.

The followers of their Islamic Unity and Reform Movement (MUR) (the ideological wing of the Islamic Justice and Development Party) are not amused and have suspended the two politicians.

The two were allegedly found in a “sexual position” inside of a car on a beach in Mohammedia, about 16 miles north of Casablanca.

Benhammad, a married father of seven, has defended himself by declaring that Najjar is his common law wife and his current wife is against any prosecution for adultery. He was charged with attempted corruption. Nejjar, a widow and mother of six, was booked for complicity to adultery. Under Morocco’s law (which are modeled on Islamic values), extramarital sex is punishable by up to a year behind bars in Morocco.

The couple may have gained a new insight and opposition to the adoption of a Sharia system for Morocco. We have previously seen how adulterers have been stoned in the application of Islamic Sharia justice in other countries.

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  1. Islamic Politicians Who Advocated Chastity Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex In Car On Public Beach

    Surprise, surprise, surprise Muslims and hypocrites are human too.

  2. Let’s now allow the MSM to distract us from the real issues: HRC’s schedule, pay to play scandal with the Clinton Foundation, Obama actively trying to get the TPP through. The Demoncrats have nothing to offer except for endless war and corporate control and death.

    Hell, even Alex Jones is scared of the Clinton machine!

    JillnotHill 2016

  3. At first I felt down right rude speculating that Wiener might have some kind of problem. But after glancing at this WAPO article I feel like a paragon of restraint.

    If you are the king of person who occasionally watches the gory details of a train wreck for amusement you might want to scan this from the WAPO:

    Anthony, next time buy a magazine. They don’t talk, the pictures are usually better, and in the long run they are much cheaper.

  4. Does anyone remember the New York news papers front page headlines concerning Carlos Danger? One read “I’ll stick it out in New York”. Another read, “It’s not my Weiner”! And this guy is thinking about running for mayor of New York City.

  5. This whole Anthony Weiner drama is an attempt to pull attention away from HRC’s emails and schedule IMO. Demoncrats are in a panic as more people move over to Trump and Stein.

  6. Paul

    Weiner’s wife just dumped him. She shows grit. She stuck by him until it was beyond a doubt that he was a lost cause, a piece of work, etc. She probably took Hillary’s advice at first and stuck, but the guy is way stupider than Bill and will never make it past his last stop. He does provide amusement though.

    1. issac – she didn’t dump him, they are just separated. They are separated anyway. Why do you think Carlos Danger is sexting all the time?

      1. It is just idle speculation, but do you think he has a problem?

        If it were just women and sex, he is of regular appearance, affluent and connected. Surely it is not that hard for him to date if that is what he wanted.

        Yet his interest in sexting has sabotaged his career and now his marriage.

        Maybe this guy needs some serious help?

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