200px-Cnn.svgThe Democratic establishment has been pushing hard on a new narrative that Hillary Clinton lost not because of her record negatives polling going back years on truthfulness or the desire of the voters for an non-establishment candidate or the baggage carried by Clinton into the election.  Rather, it was the hacking by the Russians with a bit of help from FBI Director James Comey, according to this universal spin.  The media has assisted to a degree by referring to the “Russian hacking of the election,” which is obviously not true.  The election was not hacked. No voting machines or tallies were hacked.  Emails were hacked and none of those emails appear to have been altered. They were real emails showing highly dishonest conduct by key players.  Despite the virtual mantra from Washington, voters are clearly not buying it.  A new CNN/ORC poll shows roughly 8 out of 10 voters followed the controversy but 58 percent doubt that the hacking influenced the outcome of the election. [This posting was updated]

I have previously discussed the difficult sell that Democrats would have to make on the hacking spin.  As revealed by the intelligence report, the emails were not false or tampered with as claimed by Donna Brazile (who appears immune for media follow ups).  The Democrats are trying to trigger outrage among citizens that the hacking revealed true and disturbing emails of lying and vicious dealing by insiders in Washington. It did not work during the campaign and is clearly not working now.  That does not mean that citizens are not concerned with Russian hacking. However, citizens have been hearing for years of our own hacking and surveillance of our allies, let alone opposing governments.  More importantly, (while ignored by the Democratic leadership at their own peril), voters were in an anti-establishment mood and many relished the fact that establishment figures were exposed like Brazile for things like feeding questions to the Clinton campaign.  Of course, there was clearly a selective release of such emails against Democrats and that is a valid objection. However, it takes a lot to get the public upset about being told how insiders lied to them or tried to rig the primary for Clinton.
What is interesting is the the Democrats are continuing this full-court press on the same hacking line despite the polls — a repeat of the strategies from the election.  There is no question that the hacking should focus all Americans on the vulnerability of our system and the constant threat from hostile powers like Russia.  Yet, the DNC was aware of that danger before the election and yet had a laughable security system.  In combination with Clinton’s reckless use of a personal server at Secretary of State, it shows a level of negligence and recklessness that was surprising given years of hacking cases.  Ironically, in the end, the emails showed the public that the establishment in Washington is every bit as corrupt and dishonest as they thought.  It was only the messenger not the message that came as a surprise.


  1. Speaking of percentages the number of members of the congress not attending the party on the 20th now had reached at whopping 11.7% whoops cut hat a little Fazio never attends. Which means an insignificant amount – or judging by the list largely if not completely irrelevant losers. It’s smaller than the amount that believe Russia hacked the election. and only about one fourth of Hillary’s 48.2 percent plurality in thei popular vote. Obama meanwhile is pointing out which boards, committees and so forth should be on the same ‘ignore’ list. What a guy. Sticks it to his supporters even while he’s sucking up to the for money to build he temple to nothing.

    The only thing postivive his main spokes whatever came up with for a legacy was the unemployment list. So let’s destroy that once again. The formula goes like this.

    A branch of the executive estimates the current work force . Pay attention they come back into focus at the end and the answer rounded up is 87.

    That amount represents 100% by the first definition. Since the early nineties that amount gets an automatic Mulligan of 10% so using 100 as an example so one hundred percent becomes 90 employed The claimed amount of success is then 4.6 percent unemployment or 95.4 employment so multiply 90 by 96.4. and round up. It’s now 87 bemployed. But matched against the entire work force it’s 13% unemployment.

    Wait a minute where did the 4.6 come from just a short while before it was six percent or thereabouts.

    Well a bunch of people got swept under the rug when their unemployment insurance benefits ran out. and Obama took a page from Clintons book and and had the total number int he work force – adjusted.

    Best we can tell the true amount is around 85% employment.

    Prior to Clinton the gimme Mulligan was 5% and at the end of WWII it was zero.

    Which leaves Obama with nothing to crow about except one more scandal

    Will the left dispute this. Maybe maybe not. At this point does it really matter? No. Why Not? Because they dispute everything and always change the definitions on a daily basis.

    Nothing new there. Move On.

  2. Podesta is an odd looking duck. If it is true that his password was: password, then he was not all that dumb. Hillary’s password: knowitall2.

  3. I tried to leave a message but my iPad froze. I started to write that I do not believe in any Russian intervention in our 2016 election. What I do believe is in the disaster created by the DNC manipulation of the primaries. I liked Lawrence Hessig but they found the way to keep him out. Bernie Sanders was the next victim. The whole event reminded me of what the DNC did at the time of FDR and Wallace and how a group bought the delegates who regardless of the incredible popular support for Wallace chose Truman. That DNC manipulation changed the course of our country’s history. For the worse. Same than in 2016 with the final election of DT. Our country needs to update its election system. It is outdated. We are in 2016 with a system that worked for the 19th century. No active, at federal level, Voting Rights Act, delegates that enthrone their very personal choice, no popular vote that reflects the will of the majority. We are governed by a majority elite of bums with extraordinary exceptions, but still a majority of bums. With a Deep State that assassinated the two Kennedys who could have stopped them. I am very disgusted with the politics in America. And very worried with our economy and what the future will bring. And my worst worry is that I have grandchildren. What kind of society am I leaving to them?

  4. There was no hacking.

    Russia did not hack vote machines

    Russia did not hack DNC. Those were leaked emails from DNC worker, apparently Seth Rich as Assange hinted at.

    Hillary server was actually hacked by Guccifer. Her emails were actually leaked by Guccifer. Russia may have hacked her server but so did everyone as Guccifer said he saw many other people around the world inside her server.

    Russia hacking is Fake News being spread by the Democrats, Neo-Cons and MSM. One thing they all have in common is they are all for the same Globalist agenda. So they all lie together.

    1. The first person to say that Podesta’s email password was “password” was Julian Assange, whose website WikiLeaks published the emails stolen from Podesta. “We published several Podesta emails, which show Podesta responding to a phishing email,” Assange said on Fox Jan. 3

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