Polls Show Obama At A 58 Percent Popularity And Trump Down To 40 Percent

President_Barack_Obama495px-Donald_Trump_by_Gage_SkidmoreThere are an interesting set of polls out this week. President Barack Obama appears to be leaving office with one of the highest exiting polls of American presidents at 58 percent while President-elect Donald Trump has hit the lowest at 40 percent.  Polls change and Trump has already attacked the polls as rigged against him.  However, these polls can have a pronounced impact among members of the GOP who may be uncertain about the degree to which they will follow the lead of the White House on changes to taxes, immigration and other areas.  With a developing conflict over tax reform, the polls (whether accurate or not) could complicate problems for the new White House.
The CNN/ORC poll showed Trump with 40 percent approval.  That is a drop of six point since the election. It would also be the lowest record for a president-elect at his inauguration.  The polls shows a 54 percent unpopularity percentage.
In comparison, Obama appears to be riding out on a wave of support.  While much slower than then  78 percent before his own inauguration in January 2009, he is still at 58 percent.  That is one point higher than Bill Clinton when he left office. However, he is still not as popular as George H. W. Bush who left with a 62 percent favorable rating.

The concern for Trump should not be on his standing with voters. He has four years to make the case for reelection. The concern should be with this legislative agenda.  Members of Congress are going to be leery in following a new team that has many players from outside of the Beltway and they watched as Obama pushed through the ACA at the cost of a significant number of Democrats seats in Congress.  They have strong leadership in both houses and low polling for the President could lead them to rely more on their own leadership for the details, if not the direction, of legislative reforms.

115 thoughts on “Polls Show Obama At A 58 Percent Popularity And Trump Down To 40 Percent”

  1. Polls show that Trump had a 2% chance of winning the election. Political Polls are conducted by Presstitutes.

  2. GOP politicians will vote for any/all Trump proposals that will ensure their reelection.
    Democrat politicians will do likewise.

    No mystery here.

  3. It’s comical. Everybody saw how skewed the polls were with Hillary winning by a landslide. Now the same group is trying to push polls that have Mr. Obama at the highest ever approval rating where his disapproval is clearly evident with Trump’s landslide victory, and then Trump with a low approval rating which is clearly wrong based on the election. It’s pretty clear, these leftist wingnuts running the media will never learn.

  4. “members of the GOP who may be uncertain about the degree to which they will follow the lead of the White House on changes to taxes, immigration and other areas”

    Perhaps they (all our congressmen, not just those labelled GOP) should follow their own brains after having read and considered legislation at hand, and listened to and considered the input from actual constituents, the People. WE delegated them to be our representatives. They are not to look to the President for guidance but to us!

    1. Will this post be deleted? Let’s see. These popularity numbers are bogus, false, propaganda garbage. Most Americans KNOW and ALL military KNOW exactly who Obama is and the damage he has intentionally done to our military and the country. The MSM is complicit in protecting him and propping him up with a false narrative and fake popularity poll numbers. Obama is without a doubt an anti-American commie f’n POS no matter how much the bogus fraudulent MSM tries to tell us otherwise. Go Trump. American is rooting for you and we are WITH you all the way. Mr. Obama – don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  5. The polls may not be rigged, but they are skewed due to media bashing of Trump. Just like before the election people were unwilling to admit to pollsters that they intended to vote for Trump, people are reluctant to admit in public that they have a favorable opinion of Trump. One party knew this, and one of theirs will be inaugurated Friday. The other party didn’t know the polls were inaccurate and its supporters (at least those with more money than brains) spent $7,000,000 recounting Jill Stein’s votes in Michigan.

    BTW. Great use of resources there, folks. At $140 a pop, 7 million bucks could buy books for all of the school kids in Detroit. But noooooooooooo, we need to spend our 7 million simoleans on re-counting each one of Jill Stein’s 51,463 votes in Michigan, $136 per vote or roughly the cost of school lunches for a month. Since Stein’s vote totals only slightly exceed the public school population in Detroit, the money spent on her recount could have been used to feed every child attending Detroit public schools for a month.

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