Polls Show Obama At A 58 Percent Popularity And Trump Down To 40 Percent

President_Barack_Obama495px-Donald_Trump_by_Gage_SkidmoreThere are an interesting set of polls out this week. President Barack Obama appears to be leaving office with one of the highest exiting polls of American presidents at 58 percent while President-elect Donald Trump has hit the lowest at 40 percent.  Polls change and Trump has already attacked the polls as rigged against him.  However, these polls can have a pronounced impact among members of the GOP who may be uncertain about the degree to which they will follow the lead of the White House on changes to taxes, immigration and other areas.  With a developing conflict over tax reform, the polls (whether accurate or not) could complicate problems for the new White House.
The CNN/ORC poll showed Trump with 40 percent approval.  That is a drop of six point since the election. It would also be the lowest record for a president-elect at his inauguration.  The polls shows a 54 percent unpopularity percentage.
In comparison, Obama appears to be riding out on a wave of support.  While much slower than then  78 percent before his own inauguration in January 2009, he is still at 58 percent.  That is one point higher than Bill Clinton when he left office. However, he is still not as popular as George H. W. Bush who left with a 62 percent favorable rating.

The concern for Trump should not be on his standing with voters. He has four years to make the case for reelection. The concern should be with this legislative agenda.  Members of Congress are going to be leery in following a new team that has many players from outside of the Beltway and they watched as Obama pushed through the ACA at the cost of a significant number of Democrats seats in Congress.  They have strong leadership in both houses and low polling for the President could lead them to rely more on their own leadership for the details, if not the direction, of legislative reforms.

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  1. And these are the same polls and pollsters whose polls claimed Hillary Clinton was like 50% over Donald Trump in the presidential race?

    Do these malcontents think we’re that dumb. Hahahaha hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

    The extent of the spoiled babies in the media and Democrat party is why they lost hugely. If they keep it up, they will get another reckoning in the midterm. I only credit these anarchists with waking the sleeping giant and boy oh boy, did they wake us all. We will NEVER be asleep at the helm again.

    1. No, the CNN Poll of Polls was 46-42 with a 3.5 margin of error on the weekend before the election. The orange giant was elected with 44 percent of the vote and many many people decided both candidates were so bad that they stayed home. He is not popular.

      1. Maybe amongst your circles but you don’t speak for mine. Nobody I know watches CNN anyway. They were known for polling more liberal demographics than conservative ones.

  2. The MSM has convinced a lot of people who are absorbed with personal problems (the constant state of the bulk of mankind) that it’s a good thing to have a femme homosexual POTUS who lets the CIA do whatever it wants (i.e.; constantly starting proxy wars all over the world). If you look closely, you’ll notice that the D’s are just pissed cuz they lost and the really serious opposition to Trump comes from CIA and professional warmongers McCain and Lindsey Graham. It’s so darkly humorous how McCain and his boyfriend are constantly agitating for war all over the world that you’d think some reckless daredevil journalist would a write a series of articles or a book uncovering the sinister forces behind these two.

  3. The premise of the article is that the Republican Congress may have a hard time supporting the Trump agenda based on his low poll ratings. I submit they would first have to divine Trump’s policies as he has taken at least two positions on every issue. Congress won’t reluctantly step in with the details. They’ll gleefully fill the void with their positions, often a world away from Trump’s promises. An example would be on healthcare where the House is rushing to repeal with a vague promise to replace where Trump promises to cover everybody and that replacement will be almost simultaneous.

    1. Good post. And yet Trump has not offered any details of his plan. Ryan wants to shred the ACA, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security and so far Trump has indicated no desire to do that as that would surely doom his presidency.

      1. Yes, these have been on the chopping block with Obama and now Trump.

        If we want these things for our nation, it is we the people who are going to have to make them happen. Our “leaders”, including Obama Jesus, have betrayed the people.

        I really hope some honesty will enter into the discourse of Democrats. If members of this party can’t recognize a problem and name it truthfully, it will never get fixed.

  4. He got that bounce from abdicating and going away. Where? Who cares? As for martial law? Never happen. Obama would be the first one handcuffed and he knows it. Only fools would believe that but it does sum up his legacy as in get we see yo leg(s) moving. Two days and a wake up!

  5. Nick,

    I can’t agree that all the elites are scorning Trump. His cabinet is full of some top elites from GS.

    There does seem to be a war going on among the oligarchy. This is scary. It appears to have divided the IC, part of whom is trying hard to rile up the people on Clinton/obama team to commit acts of violence. I wonder if they want them to be violent so they can declare martial law and keep the Obomber on. He is excellent at fooling people.

  6. Compare and contrast the MSM coverage of Obama inauguration to Trumps. Did any performers @ the Obama inaugural receive death threats? The elites, left and right, are in full revolt. Ironically, in recent history, the last prez to be scorned by elites in both parties was Carter.

  7. Were these the same polls that predicted a Clinton win right up to and including election day?

    1. Exactly. I’d say Trump’s popularity numbers are pretty high considering the media, the Democrats and Hollywood have all been been calling him the next coming of Hitler for the past year. By comparison poll numbers show Trump as being more trusted than the media and more popular than Congress.

      Obama looks pretty good when his “friendlies” in the media spin the narrative in his favor while blaming everyone else and Russia for all of his shortcomings and mistakes – and there were plenty. We just don’t hear about it.

  8. New ABC / WaPo Poll Shows Drop In Trump Favorabilty Through Aggressive “Oversamples”
    In the month leaded up to the election on November 8th, we repeatedly demonstrated how the mainstream media polls from the likes of ABC/Washington Post, CNN and Reuters repeatedly manipulated their poll samples to engineer their desired results, namely a large Hillary Clinton lead (see “New Podesta Email Exposes Playbook For Rigging Polls Through ‘Oversamples'” and “ABC/Wapo Effectively Admit To Poll Tampering As Hillary’s “Lead” Shrinks To 2-Points”). In fact, just 16 days prior to the election an ABC/Wapo poll showed a 12-point lead for Hillary, a result that obviously turned out to be embarrassingly wrong for the pollsters.

    But, proving they still got it, ABC/Washington Post and CNN are out with a pair of polls on Trump’s favorability this morning that sport some of the most egregious “oversamples” we’ve seen. The ABC/Wapo poll showed an 8-point sampling margin for Democrats with only 23% of the results taken from Republicans…


    Something to look into. It’s not like the MSM has been lying to us lately or anything!

    1. The CNN Poll of Polls released on the weekend before the election showed Clinton with 46 – 42 lead. The margin of error on the poll was 3.5percent. Since Clinton won by 2 points the poll was fairly accurate. The other thing that was hard to catch was that last minute deciders went Trump.

      1. Joe,

        Part of the problem with the polls we’ve been seeing is the issue I linked to above–oversampling to get the “correct” results. This happened with polls before and after the election.

        You can’t get accurate results from a fixed instrument.

  9. Telephone poles, immigrants from Poland, totem poles, all the same spelling. When the telephone poles come in then you know the percentages of popularity are correct.

  10. Treat the Poles just like the Mexicans. Build a Wall. No more Poles.
    You spell it wrong JT.

  11. DDT has some beneficial moves, some not so beneficial moves, but over all chaos. DDT will have to be a quick learner. The GOP on the hill have been learning for ever. In the long run it will be chaos and backward moves that will have to be undone later. Eventually a Democrat will get in and the journey to a better place will resume. Neither side is perfect but the right seems to want to go back to a time that was decided against by most Americans. One thing is certain,
    DDT will be entertaining. Entertainment includes comedy, tragedy, and all the other human qualities.

  12. The polls are interesting when you break them down. People seem to like Obama, but they do not like his policies. So, if you based Obama’s popularity on his policies, he would be around 38%, lower than Trump’s 40%.

  13. CNN poll of course. The same CNN who’s pre election polls showed Hilly walking away with the electoral college handily. Let’s check the polls in 8 years, yes 8 years.

    1. If the Norwegian Nobel Committee, the five-member panel of the Norwegian parliament, can give Obama a Nobel Peace Prize for just being, it cannot come as a surprise that he’s worked more hocus pocus. I don’t see how anyone with any respect for humanity could give Obama a 58% approval rating on his exit.

      Oh, wait. It’s CNN.

      1. LOL! As a takeoff on the, “It’s not TV, it’s HBO,” I say, “It’s not news, it’s CNN.”

    1. I too remember Dubya running out the back when he left, and, yes, the door hit him in the arse on his way out. What poll could have had him at 62% at the beginning of the Great Recession, with a huge increase in the national debt and gasoline at over four dollars a gallon in July, 2008 (a record $147/barrel for crude)?

    2. I’d like to see a poll of people who thought Obama’s response to the conflict in Syria and Loretta Lynch’s meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac were “scandals”.

    3. If you people don’t know the difference between George W. Bush and George H. W. Bush, perhaps you would do well to refrain from commenting. Then again, you make Mark Twain proud. i.e. “It is better to…”

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