Trump Signs New Law Allowing Hunters To Shoot Hibernating Bears and Wolf Cubs In Dens

In a blow to environmentalists and animal rights supporters, President Donald Trump has signed a new law that revokes the Obama Administration’s rule against “predator control” hunting on Alaska’s refuges.  The rule prevented hunters from killing bears as they hibernated in their dens or killing wolf cubs in dens. It also bars hunting from helicopters.

1AA428F0-155D-451F-67A54235E72BD6F5-largeAlaska has been pushing for the expansion of hunting in federal wildlife refuges despite, as we discussed earlier, the devastating impact of hunting on iconic wolf packs in Denali. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife officials held the line in protection of these animals.  Now, however, Congress has interceded to reverse the rule.  While I  respect the right of Congress to reverse such agency decisions, I disagree with this action.    These are limited and reasonable limitations for protected areas of Alaska.  Given the huge benefits from eco-tourism in the state, I am hoping that eventually the state will join other such areas in actively protecting these animals.


95 thoughts on “Trump Signs New Law Allowing Hunters To Shoot Hibernating Bears and Wolf Cubs In Dens”

    1. This was not a Trump law. It was Trump undoing an illegal executive order by Obama, to take away state’s rights to determine their hunting laws. Only one state allows this inhumane action, Alaska. So, if the people of Alaska don’t like it, they can show their discontent when they vote. Or, would you rather have the federal government make rules for every state?

  1. tnash – I usually read the Onion and am a fan. However, I was trying to visualize the use of condoms for deer. 🙂

  2. I live in Idaho and I don’t think anyone here would enjoy shooting baby wolves…

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