Pakistani Student Mob Beats Fellow Student To Death For Blasphemy On Social Media

Pakistan continues to remind the West that it remains a country struggling with Islamic extremists — encouraged by the country’s lack of separation between mosque and state.  The latest victim of such extremism is a college student named Mashal Khan who was accused of merely sharing a message on social media deemed blasphemous.  The response of these self-professed godly men in the northern city of Mardan was to beat the victim to death in the name of Islamic morality. What is even more distressing is that the culprits appear to be fellow students.  They no doubt learned this particular lesson from the government itself (and our ally) which still makes blasphemy a capital offense.

A mob reportedly chanted  “Allahu Akbar” during the attack on Khan as they stripped him naked and beat him with planks.  They caved in his skull as other students watched and then celebrated their murderous act.  They wanted to burn the body but apparently were stopped.

Ten students have been arrested.

Some 65 people have been murdered for blasphemy in Pakistan since 1990.

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  1. I’m sorry and I hope no one will call me racist, but the environment the Europeans, the British, the Australians, and we Americans, created is at risk. I’m 75, so I may not see the beginning of the destruction, but my heart hurts for my children and grandchildren. Looking back at getting out of Iraq, it was a very popular move. But how do we stop the invasion of people who do these things? Teach at home so your kids don’t run the risk of these attacks. It’s starting to happen here.Well, already has when those meant to be in prison are released into society, where we assume they are in jail. Sanctuary Cities? OK we build a wall around them and no one gets out. Harbingers of these cities should be forced to live there. San Diego actually agreed that Muslim children could have Imams as teachers, no one else could observe. What are they being taught? How to beat up others, how to rape very young girls. These refugees need a year of learning what being American means. What a job. President Trump, send every criminal back to their country, fine by me. Put a 20-foot wall around Chicago and its environs. The rest of us deserve better. We’ve worked to provide our own, pay every kind of tax imagined by liberals, donated to charitable organizations. We’re the first to send the things people in crisis need. And we are shrinking. Every returning soldier should be offered a high-paying job to keep our borders secure. Pay to move their family where they are or work in 6-month
    shifts so each year they are with their family. Men not paying child support go to Jail. I don’t care how much Daddy can pay, if you are taking space in college and can’t do the work, we have lots of qualified kids who can. How many kids with great potential can’t get higher educations because Daddy isn’t there, let alone contributing a dime! I am thankful every time I hear of these atrocities that I grew up in the ’50’s!

    1. Why? Net official development assistance to Pakistan from all sources is about $3.6 bn, or $20 per capita per year. The security assistance received from the United States is about 1/10th of that. Why in your mind are reasons of state supposed to be subordinate to striking some pose vis a vis some members of Pakistan’s criminal youth subculture?

  2. When my cousin was an elementary-school aged kid in the 80’s in Baptist Bible Belt Georgia, she got beaten up by groups of kids her age when they learned she was an atheist. It ain’t just Islam.

    1. Your cousin got beaten up in a schoolyard, a banal event which can occur for any reason or no reason. And you fancy that’s analogous to someone being beaten to death. And you’re a lawyer. Isn’t that cute?

  3. I think we should all be grateful that our own dear leader pledged a war to wipe out these kinds of criminals. He really meant, too. After all, he’s kept his other promises i.e. the ones that conned a ton of voters.

    Does anyone know how Obama was able to legally travel to Pakistan in 1981 – when Americans were forbidden to go there because it had been declared a Terrorist nation? Did he have a passport prepared for him by his handlers at The Company?

    1. Americans were not forbidden to travel to Pakistan in 1981 nor was it declared a terrorist nation. Where do you get these memes?

  4. Maybe if they went to the church in Alabama, where the state approved a “Police Force” for their followers. Run by the church itself. The American Taliban is alive and well here in the good ole USA.

    1. FishWings,
      The difference being the Alabama church is not being set up to enforce religious law. But don’t let that little fact get in the way of your fake news.

      1. I wonder from which components of the sororsphere he gets his talking points.

        1. I wonder if they actually believe any of that stuff.

          Perhaps you would help me to understand something. I know I’m relentless regarding natural rights, and I’m open to learning what I may have gotten wrong; but what would motivate an individual to argue against the existence of rights that no government can take away?

            1. That may be as a good a reason as any for those that don’t plan on losing elections. It’s the people that seem to have actually put some thought to the issue and conclude no rights exist that don’t come from government; they are an enigma to me.

    2. “The police officers would be restricted to the church’s campuses and be able to respond to emergency situations while coordinating with local authorities,” he wrote.

      It’s a 4,000 member megachurch with a school.

      In New York, county sheriffs and municipal police have a franchise to deputize members of campus security forces, and do. They can do so with regard to the forces of both public and private colleges.

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