Sister of Salman Abedi Insists That Her Brother Was Trying To Revenge The Deaths of Muslim Children

downloadThe sister of Manchester bomber Salman Abedi came to the defense of her dead brother.  The words of Jomana Abedi fell considerably short of reassuring the public about her family and its association with Islamic extremists. It is now known that Abedi spoke to his brother only 15 minutes before he savagely murdered dozens of young girls. 

170524134101-hashim-ramadan-abu-qassem-al-abedi-exlarge-169His younger brother, Hashim Ramadan Abu Qassem al-Abedi (right) had been detained in Libya and allegedly knew of the plot and may have helped with preparations.

Then the sister entered the fray as described this murderous extremists as a a kind and loving man, the Wall Street Journal reported.  She explained that he was merely looking for “revenge” as if that could ever justify the murder of dozens of little girls.  She explained “I think he saw children—Muslim children—dying everywhere, and wanted revenge. He saw the explosives America drops on children in Syria, and he wanted revenge.”  She then added “Whether he got that is between him and God.”

Really, that is the measure?  First, seeking revenge against little girls is not some open question outside of an extremist family like this one.  Her brother was seeking the massacre of innocents in some demented belief that he would attain paradise through such a despicable act.  Second, this family was associated with extremist groups.  His father, Ramadan Abedi, was a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group in the 1990s — a group associated with Al Qaeda.  So a family supporting Al Qaeda was outraged by the murder of innocents?  That is the signature of Al Qaeda, senseless and indiscriminate murder.

So, no, it is not between him and God.  He never was going to “get revenge” by murdering little girls.  He was going to simply murder dozens of innocents in a perverse belief that it would gain entry for himself into paradise.


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  1. It has been said that revenge is the poison I take to get back at you. Every act of vengeance destroys the soul of the actor as well as the body of the victim. And because hatred is a disease of circular reasoning, revenge is endlessly self-perpetuating. Thus the arguments of the Abedi family should be recognized not as cries for justice but as agonized expressions of self-loathing by the spiritually damned.

  2. Thank you for using the word “demented” in your blog. It needs to be used more often to describe this phenomenon.

  3. Sounds like an evil upbringing. What else could explain producing someone who would deliberately kill little girls for something they had absolutely nothing to do with? This mindset is poison. I am concerned about the global spread of this disease, more virulent than ebola. KKK families sadly often produce racist children, and extremist families are no different.

    They have identified 23,000 jihadis in the UK alone. The scale has completely overwhelmed intelligence agencies. You cannot monitor that many people 24/7. You cannot prevent most of them from doing anything. At that scale, the best you can hope for is catching chatter about a major coordinated event, and for all the rest, quickly identifying them after they commit mass murder. No wonder Europeans no longer feel safe…anywhere. Terrorism works. And the really odd thing is that these terrorists who sprout from an extremist religion that kills gays, treats women like slaves, in some regions mutilates their lady parts, and kills Jews has an astonishing number of supporters in the Liberal, and even the Liberal academic, community.

    Our own intelligence community has warned us that we, too, have too many extremists on our soil to watch 24/7. And they have warned that many refugees lack, or have thrown away, all identifying information. They cannot vet them because they do not have good intel unless they are already major players recognizable on sight.

    We’ve all been through this before during the Muslim Expansion, when they put Europe to the sword. That’s how we got all that lovely Moorish architecture in Portugal, Spain, and France, as well as customs like the mantilla. Do we really want to go through this again? Muslim nations should accept the majority of Muslim refugees who are unsettable. And we should sharply limit whom we accept as those whom we can prove will assimilate. Give us the Malala Yousafzais of the world, not the Taliban who shot her. And certainly not cretins like Abedi’s family who, to put it mildly, failed to assimilate.

    What kind of dystopia will we be living in if this continues for, say, 50 years. If we become so overwhelmed by jihadis that the best we can hope for is solving the crime of mass murders that start happening very rapidly. Will we all exist in bunkers? At some point, the Middle East was a predominantly Christian and Jewish region, which fell to the sword of Muslim Extremism. It became overrun with jihadis. Spain for decades was overrun with jihadis. It respects no boundaries, it spreads, and the end goal for extremists is a global caliphate. Global. Meaning Sweden and Germany can pander as much as it wants. ISIS still wants to make it part of a global caliphate. And it will overtake the Muslim moderates who try to flee the extremism by moving. If we do not forcefully stop it, it will keep spreading. Look at how formerly more secular nations like Egypt and Turkey have been dragged down. Project the trend forward 50, 100, 200 years?

    1. “We’ve been through this before” refers to the previous global Muslim expansion suffered by many of our ancestors, from the Middle East and Africa to Europe.

    2. I agree with you wholeheartedly. And we need to listen to the Tarek Fatahs and Ayaan Hirsi Alis when they warn us not to let these medieval monsters into our gates, the ones they ran away from.
      We can vet them out, we can ask people who want to come here to profess from their own mind the reasons they want to be Americans. And if we don’t know how to look people in the eye and decide whether or not they should be invited into America..hire the Israelis..I heard they are very good at these face to face interviews.

  4. ah yes so down trodden, so worried about all the little dead Libyan or Syrian or or or babies.

    MINUTES FROM MASS MURDER Suicide bomber Salman Abedi caught on CCTV in lift to Manchester Arena wearing £300 Nike trainers with his hand on trigger of homemade device moments before killing 22 innocent concert-goers

    The 22-year-old fiend was caught arriving at the music venue with his explosive device concealed in a rucksack on his back

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  6. ‘Sister’ should be more concerned about when – not if – someone’s CHRISTIAN brother somewhere “revenges the deaths of” CHRISTIAN Children. It’s coming. And, when it happens, it truly will be in the form of ‘fire and brimstone’, that ‘sister’ and ‘brother’ and many ‘Muslim children’ will not be able to escape.

    You can put a pair of socks through a rough wash; but, you’ll never be able to wear (abuse) them again.

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