Muslims Arrested For Praying In Myanmar After Closing Of Muslim Schools

7d105fbdbaf8a63bf70b1c645c99ebd1We previously discussed the crushing abuse and discrimination faced by Muslims in Myanmar.  The Rohingya are denied basic rights and face continued violence in the country.  The most recent outrage was the arrest of three Muslims for holding Ramadan prayers in the street.  Recently, their local school was closed by a nationalist mob.

Muslims have been regularly attacked in the area.

Myanmar authorities issued a statement, saying the prayer session threatened “stability and the rule of law” in the area.  That is a common refrain from the government as they deny Muslims free travel, education, and basic rights.

Schools have been shutdown after ultra-nationalists objected that Muslims were illegally praying there.

The plight of Muslims in this area is a true humanitarian disaster.  They are being abused entirely because of their faith and the violence against their community has been supported from some radical monks.

21 thoughts on “Muslims Arrested For Praying In Myanmar After Closing Of Muslim Schools”

  1. I am with squeek on this. I am not sure if I would want a neighbor that practices sharia. This islam issue is no being brought to a head and it seems like there is a push for a war. All we have to do is look at the factual statistics to see it all.

  2. The most recent outrage was the arrest of three Muslims for holding Ramadan prayers in the street.

    If this sentence is correct, I support their right to pray but not in the street where they would be disrupting the flow of traffic.

  3. Hey! Whatever happened to po? His diatribes, on issues like this, seem to have fallen away. Not that I miss him, but where did that troubled soul go? I have a feeling that he is sitting in some dank and dreary cell, somewhere, with no access to the internet.

  4. Sorry. Zero sympathy for Muslims. They are nothing but trouble wherever they go. I don’t blame any country for not wanting them around.

  5. They like any other human should be able to pray peacefully without being subject to any abuse.
    That being said they aren’t being burned alive in cages, crucified, hung or beheaded.

    1. Except, these people once they become the majority, are going to turn on the rest of the country and deny them their religious practices. What we are supposed to do in Liberal La La Land is IGNORE REALITY!

      But Squeeky don’t play that game.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. Who got you stoked? It looks good on you.

        Play like a 👧 girl…..beat the 👦 boys.

        “Take no prisoners”

  6. And yet another Leftist BS article by J. Turley. Leftists are like constipation victims who overdose on laxatives and, as a result, compulsively release their colon materials repeatedly via the media in one article after another.

    The reality is that the Muslims in Myanmar are totally irrelevant, according to the Muslims themsleves. Have any of the wealthy Muslim nations offered to help any of the Muslims in Myanmar? Of course not!

    Those wealthy Muslim nations are far too busy with promoting international Muslims terrorism to be concerned with the Muslims in Myanmar. They leave that to the anti-American Leftists who love and admore Islamic terrorism and demand that the “rights” of terrorists be preserved everywhere so they can carry out their terrorist activities unobstructed.

    1. Preach on, Ralph! Burma has the right to say what religions can be practiced inside its own country, and if they don’t want Muslims practicing there, then more power to them.

      You sure don’t find many Muslim countries respecting the rights of other religious groups, and I say turn about is fair play!

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

    2. They should just be taken over the nearby border into Bangladesh and left there!
      (Of course, their Islamic brothers in Bangladesh don’t seem to want them either!)

    1. Yes, and especially when Nazis, Islamic Terrorists, and KKKers are oppressed — at least according to the Leftists.

  7. Note: These Muslims would be allowed to come to the US under Trump’s “travel ban”. Just sayin’….

    1. Unfortunately, quite a few of them have already been resettled here!

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