Top Saudi Cleric: Driving Will Expose Women To Evil

Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin-Abdullah al-Sheikh has again made a mockery of his own religion.  We previously discussed how the Sunni religious leader banned Muslims from playing chess.  Now he is warning that driving is a road to perdition for women and is a “dangerous matter that exposed women to evil.”  


Saudi Arabia has been under intense pressure to allow women to drive.  However, the cleric warned that driving would expose women to “weak-spirited” men  “obsessed with women.”  He also said that families would be constantly unsure where their women might be.

The Grand Mufti personifies the medieval mentality that controls the Kingdom.

Loujain al-Hathloul, 25, was stopped by border guards when she tried to drive a car across the border with a UAE passport.  She in custody for a month.

With all due respect to the Grand Mufti, the one “obsessed with women” strikes me as the cleric who thinks that women will be driving themselves to hell if they get behind the wheel.

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    1. Typical empty accusation rather than a cogent argument in favor of mysogyny.

    2. Please explain how a constitutional lawyer cannot write about the law of another country that is prejudicial to women. That Saudi law happens to be Islamic law is not the fault of Jonathan Turley. Neither is the fact that Islam is discriminatory, supremacist, patriarchal, oppressive, violent, regressive, resistant to change, anti-liberty and freedom, undemocratic, or that Islam and anything Not Islam are mutually exclusive.
      There is no such thing as Islamophobia. Phobia is an irrational fear. There is nothing irrational about fearing Islam, its teachings, and its global aims.

  1. This theory was bandied about in the U.S. when I was a kid. Some parents did not want their daughters driving because it attracted them to men and boys. Girls who could drive through Steak N Shake could come out with a guy with a rubber. If ya know what I mean, jelly bean.

  2. On a happier note, ISIS’s leader in Afghanistan, Abu Sayed, very recently got to meet his 72 virgins courtesy of the US Air Force. Rumor has it the airmen declined the inevitable thank yous. CNN reports Sayed is having a marvelous time in paradise with all his newly arrived comrades from Mosul and Raqqa. The news organization has a bureau there, they say, and derive their earthly credibility therefrom.

  3. Such decrees are strong evidence of how easy it is for humans to have very strong convictions about pure nonsense. When one is indoctrinated from childhood that men are supposed to control women, it’s very easy to adopt that thinking. Just about half of all women have more highly functional brains than the men around them. It’s a real challenge to “control” someone who is much smarter than yourself in every way.

  4. If it wasn’t for oil money, they’d still be living on their camels. Can’t wait for the oil to run out and force them to become the stone-age nomads they deserve to be. Let the women emigrate to the West and leave everyone else to rot in the sand.

  5. I can see what the Grand Mufti is getting at. My wife thinks stops signs are cautionary. Although I do think running a stop sign here is a civil offense.

    1. You ought to try DC. Many communities have right on red. DC has developed volitional stop on red.

      If you want to stop, go right ahead. It is a free country. But if you want to breeze through, that is OK too. It is also the home of the brave.

      1. bfm – AZ is right on red and hit the gas on yellow. You can legally make a left if you have broken the plane of the sidewalk and the light turns to red on you (however some days you are a sitting target).

          1. Roscoe Coltrane – there was a big scandal and the end of most cameras when they caught the company changing the number of seconds of yellow from 3 to 2. They were getting a percentage of the income so they were start to rake it in. Some people with a good sense of timing caught on to what they were doing and took them to court. Courts refused to enforce the tickets and they finally took them off most intersections. I think a couple of communities still have them.

            1. Paul, I have a friend in Cali and he says they stopped repairing cameras after they broke. Too many people causing accidents by slamming on their brakes while people behind them mate with their bumpers.

            2. Paul, I’m also for banning any government entity or contractor receiving commissions. Period.Wether it’s an incentive to finish a contract on time/ earlier or just as a revenue generator.
              Case in point; the testing scandals in GA where superintendents were taken down for cheating just to get the extra cash.

              1. Roscoe Coltrane – only some of the superintendents cheated. However, I think they set the prize money too high. No reward should be so high that people will cheat, or so low that they won’t. The idea was good, the execution was bad.

      2. Or the home of the “disconnected from the driving experience.” Have to drive through there tomorrow…. arrrrrrghhh.

  6. A year ago, Uber raised $3.5 billion from Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, the kingdom’s main investment fund, in one of the largest-ever investments into a privately held start-up.

    The nice thing about Uber is yeah sure it exploits its drivers and harasses its female employees, but it also supports the Wahabis of Saudi Arabia by allowing women to get around without their needing to drive and be exposed to evil.

    1. Ash, I thought the women also cannot be with a male who is not their relative. So how can they use Uber?

  7. No excuses for Paul Ryan. But I’m sure Pence is well aware of what CNN and others would do if he was seen with a woman who was not his wife.

  8. ..and they have the audacity to bully Qatar.
    Happy W-End to all in the JT Community.

    1. Mike, you and your liberal friends embracing Islam, better get on with your education. Women are only worth 1/2 of men. Let’s get going with your training. Remember, embrace culture diversity and down with Islamaphobia. I almost forgot…good luck with that.

  9. The Grand Mufti is right. No good is going to come out of letting women drive and mingle with men who are not their husbands or family. For example, in the Sexually Liberated West:

    Over 14 million people acquire HPV ( Human papillomavirus) each year ,and by age 50, at least 80 percent of women will have acquired genital HPV infection.23

    Meanwhile, in Mean Old Repressed Saudi Arabia, the rate is about 2.1 in 100,000 women. ( )

    I am 33, and frankly well over half of my female friends and acquaintances are just pure skanks, who will hop into the sack with the first man to look at them. They have a ton of attitude, but little to justify the esteem with which they hold themselves.

    But the real problem, is women having the vote. That is where Western Civilization let its sense of “:fairness” over ride its good sense.

    Just my humble opinion.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Women voting works well in the Nordic countries. Also Germany, etc.

      1. And those countries have Liberal governments which felt sorry for the poor Muslims and let them into their countries by the millions. Thus wrecking what were once stable and cool countries.Women voters = Emotions over Good Sense. And Free Stuff! Women love them some Free Stuff.

        Married women tend to have more sense than unmarried women, but not by much.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

              1. Yes they do. And what is happening in Japan? Is it a thriving growing economy with a happy population? Or is it a country that has a negative birth rate and huge numbers of young people who do not mate and make little baby Japs??? Hmmm, let’s see!

                But Matsomoto is the exception. She notes that she has an understanding husband who helps with the kids. “He doesn’t even think of it as helping me,” she said. “He thinks of it as his thing. Our thing,” She says she also has an employer who she says is understanding of workers like her, who want to raise children.

                But many young women in Japan don’t have the same circumstances. And so many simply don’t have kids at all. Japan’s population is shrinking – fast. Plummeting birthrates are a larger problem faced by countries around the world, including Italy, Germany and Greece. But Japan is at the forefront. Yu Korekawa, a senior researcher with the Population Dynamics Research department at Japan’s National Institute of Population and Social Security Research showed me a report on the future of the country’s population. It’s 42 pages long, but bottom line the numbers don’t look good — Japan’s population is expected to shrink in half by the year 2082. In 2010, the country’s population was 128 million. By 2082, that number is projected to drop to 64 million.


                Squeeky Fromm
                Girl Reporter

        1. >Muslims and let them into their countries by the millions.
          You seem somewhat misinformed regarding the numbers. Do your homework before spouting evil nonsense.

          1. Squeeky’s right about the numbers. Pew presents the data, somewhat dated, in an easy to read manner here. Hope I don’t cock up the html code.
            <a href="

            Muslim immigration to Europe began post-WWII (e.g., Turks in Germany) because the continent lacked working-age men. Although those migrants may have integrated well and become a valuable part of German/European society, the more recent migration problem is clearly causing serious issues in Europe: integration is non-existent, the welfare state is stretched to the breaking point, housing cannot be built fast enough, and of course, there is the violence (e.g., France, rapes and no-go zones in Sweden, London attacks this year, France, the Rotherham scandal, did I mention France?). Oh, and BTW, the views on Islamic migrants of native Europeans has become more negative from what is presented in the Pew data linked above.

        2. WRT liberal governments and unintended consequences thereof, you might be interested in Douglas Murray’s new book, The Strange Death of Europe. Or just check out his multiple interviews on youtube.
          A cautionary tale for the US, I think.

            1. Yes, that interview is a good one. Stefan does an excellent job in all his videos.
              He also posted an eye-opening interview with Lauren Southern after her trip to Hamburg
              to cover the G20. Her experiences with the black bloc were discouraging, to say the least.
              Sounded like Berkeley antifa x1000.

    2. ” … well over half of my female friends and acquaintances are just pure skanks, who will hop into the sack with the first man to look at them.”

      Shocking, just shocking. Ummm … now where did you say your acquaintances hang out? I mean it is so important to avoid these places.

    3. Saudi Arabia sounds like the perfect place for you, Squeeky! Allow me to buy you a one way ticket! Actually, as I am short on funds, can I just ship you over there in a pet carrier?

    4. We always 💘 love your opinions.

      Don’t overlook the fact that all this can leave a bad aftertaste too.

      So, when can we meet your friends?

  10. How can he not let women drive when he is driving everyone crazy with his stupid rules?

      1. Ter Ber, my approach is to write, if you happen to be a US citizen, to your US Senator and express outrage at FGM. This will be a direct approach to confront these barbaric practices done in the name of Islime and shine the light on these underground surgeons who deliver this nasty operation to thousand of us girls in this country.
        Religion of peace one clitoris at a time.

  11. Typical patriarchal lie.

    If Saudi men haven’t driven women to evil, driving won’t do it.

    Ever wonder why driving doesn’t drive men to evil? Or maybe it has, which is why they can’t think straight.

  12. What is so disconcerting is that we have our own “grand muftis” right in our Congress….the top dog is the Congress member who loves to be pictures in short pants pumping iron but is afraid of seeing women wearing sleveless dresses….Grand Mufti Paul Ryan! Of course then they’re is Pence who can’t be in a room along with a woman not his wife! And he is the VICE president!

    The Saudis are appalling and we should stop supporting but we need to remember we have our own home grown Grand Muftis!

    1. You may realize you have misspoken here.

      First, Paul Ryan didn’t make the sleeveless blouse/dress rule – that has been in the House dress code rules for years and years. Why didn’t Pelosi change it when she was Speaker?

      Second, VP Pence respects his wife and his marriage – it’s not that he can’t be in a room alone with another woman, he chooses not to expose his marriage or his wife to malicious gossip. Pretty darn honorable, I’d say. Something you Lefties might want to work on.

  13. Send him back to the 7th century so he can observe how liberated women were then. Mohammed’s wife is a good example. First wife, that is.

      1. No, they have cars and telephones and …

        Especially air conditioning.

  14. The Grand Mufti may be on to something. According to my god daughter, good girls go to heaven. But bad girls go everywhere.

    It is not clear to me whether they drive themselves or get a ride with their boy friends.

  15. Besides and more importantly lt lays open , wide open, the question “If women ar driving whose minding the kids and who is opening the doors for whom.” Someting those with a camel mentality had never comtemplated.

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