German Shepherd Rejected As Police Dog For Being Too Friendly Is Hired As Greeter

gavel police dog gets fired new job
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Earliest this year, we discussed the fate of Gavel, a German shepherd flunked out of police canine academy in Queensland, Australia, for being too friendly.  For those of us who are ardent dog lovers, Gavel became an instant icon.   He rejection occurred despite his “family bloodline” of top German Shepard police dogs. The problem is that Gavel just wanted to be friends . . . with everyone.  Now Gavel has finally landed a job for which he is uniquely qualified: greeter.

Gavel is the new Vice-Regal Dog working for the Governor of Queensland, where he holds the official title Vice-Regal Dog.  Governor of Queensland Paul de Jersey welcomed the new greeter and says that Gavel will be given full access, including to cabinet meetings, in his new capacity.

gavel police dog gets fired new job
Credit: Facebook

 Well done Gavel . . . and governor.

21 thoughts on “German Shepherd Rejected As Police Dog For Being Too Friendly Is Hired As Greeter”

  1. This dog’s tale is a metaphor for the character of cops.

    Affable, amiable and normal folks need not apply.

    Cops are twisted, brutal and a necessary evil.

    They must be employed and strictly controlled.

    They are bad guys; they must be our bad guys.

      1. I apologize if I offended you.

        Until I moved, at a home my family had peacefully lived in for 24 years, a cop moved in next door and began a traumatizing campaign of nuisance creation and harassment. Every unmuffled off-highway vehicle was stored, repaired and operated just over the fence right next to my three bedroom windows and the street was covered by vehicles parked in front of my house, 24-hour visitor vehicle parking and dirt by the ton washed off of off-highway vehicles into my driveway apron and the gutter in front of my house – on one occasion the washing operation was noisily conducted at 2 am. On one occasion, this “police officer” drove up, threw his car into park and ran up into my garage to yell some bit of nonsense at my wife. With overwhelming evidence against him, a TRO was denied because the judge was sympathetic to the adverse effect on a “sworn officer’s” “career,” the judge saying she “…had seen worse…” behavior by cops. One law suit and a very expensive “mediation” later, we obtained enormous relief by moving four counties away.

        As a civilian meeting a friend to ride together to another location, at the ripe old age of 17, I was physically detained by a larger and older police officer, presumably, for parking in an unoccupied dirt field, although that was not mentioned. I was violently thrown up against my vehicle – his arm against my throat – and interrogated before my car was inspected and, ultimately, the “officer” simply got in his car and drove away. To this day, I still have no idea which law I appeared to violate. Although not recently, I have had similar strange and irrational experiences with police officers – pulled over for no reason other than an egoistical show of force, for example. You are fortunate to have had none, apparently.

  2. Gravel … the dog … the words … the pictures and the story warm my human spirit.
    Human beings, at least sometimes, recognize and understand the need for love and affect. Some may say it occurs more often than not in their relationship with canines. Canines, particularly German Shepards, seem always to recognize and underdtand human beings need for love and affection.
    If in doubt, I suggest you read first hand testimonials by U.S. of A. soldiers of German Shepards jumping on garnaides in the American war of aggression in Vietnam, which the German Shepards were not trained to do.
    During my 68 years of breathing air, I have shared those breaths with a number of dogs. No dog was more in rhythm with me, my parents, wife and children than our German Shepard. One member of our family has type one diabetes, which our German Shepard knew was having a low blood sugar before she did.
    I have previously mentioned the immeasurable benefit of bringing my dog(s) to my law practice of 35 years. My dog brought more claim and civility to the human participants and the process than did the “educated” human beings.
    One note of discord.
    One can only wish that the ceremonial and ritualistic garb the German Shepard was out fitted with will be limited to this one and only “photo op’.”
    dennis hanna
    p.s. Am I the only person who finds the lack of a proof reader more than a little disconcerting?

    1. You’re a man after my own heart. My dogs always gave more then they received. And yes!! They have that uncanny way of knowing when there are emotional and physical problems. My Great Pyr diagnosed my wife’s cancer before the Doctors. Amazing!!

  3. I was worried about this dog from the prior web reports. The aussies came through.

  4. He’s so fluffy and cute! Love that dog. Does this mean that he now belongs to the governor, and will stay with the family when his term is over, or that he belongs to the grounds, and will stay there regardless of who is in residence?

  5. Good on ya Gavel! Mayo Clinic has three dogs doing that greeter dog job in their Jacksonville FL facility.

  6. There has not yet been a single, purebred dog-breeding scheme that has succeeded at eliminating the incidence of friendly dogs in the progeny. There have, however, been a few breeding programs that precipitated the extinction of the breeding population. And that’s the only proven way to eliminate the incidence of friendly dogs.

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