Ohio Hunter Mistakes Brown Pickup For Deer and Disables Vehicle

We just discussed the tragedy in New York where a man hunting deer after sunset with a high-powered handgun shot and killed a woman walking her dogs.  If you wonder how a hunter could fire at a woman walking her dogs, you might want to consider the arrest of Marvin C. Miller, 26.  The Ohio hunter is charged with bagging a brown pick up truck that he mistook for a deer.  Just for a point of reference, these are representations of the two different targets for any future hunters.

Miller was hunting near Snake Forest Road in North Harmony around 11:20 a.m. when he thought fired on the deer, which turned out to be a truck, according to the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office.  Miller hit the truck with a 7-mm round from his high-powered scoped rifle.  He missed the driver and passenger, Robert Merritt, by just a few feet. The round struck the engine compartment and “disabled” the vehicle.

Miller was charged with discharging a firearm across a public roadway and second-degree reckless endangerment.

Miller could do well to consider Ford’s advertisement before going out again looking for deer: “If you haven’t looked at Ford lately, look again.”

18 thoughts on “Ohio Hunter Mistakes Brown Pickup For Deer and Disables Vehicle”

  1. It sounds like he may have been firing at anything he saw moving. If the truck was on a dirt road, but its movement was visible through the trees, then he targeted it. He wouldn’t have been able to see anything other than movement.

    Stupid, irresponsible man. He could have killed someone.

    1. mespo – I would suppose the limit would depend on whether you had a resident or non-resident tag. When I grew up in MT you got 2 deer and an elk on your resident license but had to draw for antelope. There was no mention of brown pick-ups at all, so I assume it was open season year round. 😉

  2. The truck was not wearing reflective gear and was moving. All brown moving targets are deer unless wearing reflective gear. No excuse for shooting over a roadway, a big no-no. Good shot on the truck though.

  3. The Second Amendment was meant to be a right to arm bears so that they could join the militia in the next revolution. The Framers were dyslectic and did not get it printed right. It is not the right to bear arms. It is the right to arm bears.

  4. The shooter was exercising his constitutional rights, of being a blithering idiot discharging a rifle; no one ever reads the full amendment. The truck was registered, licensed, and driven by a person who was licensed and tested as to whether or not he could safely operate said vehicle. Unfortunately the cold dead hands are rarely of the blithering idiot.

  5. Given the commentary from yesterday’s thread about the deer-hunting accident that killed Rosemary Billquist at age 43, I predict that someone will soon enough point out that the brown pickup truck obviously drove into the field of fire and struck the bullet; and that, therefore, the driver, Robert Merritt, nonsensically neglected to do all he could to prevent his motor vehicle from colliding with the 7mm round from Marvin Miller’s rifle. After all, who would paint a pickup truck the same shade of brown as a deer, if not another deer hunter attempting to camouflage his truck?

    1. No antlers on Ms. Duneja. Does her dress qualify as reflective gear? Is it available in sizes big enough for a pickup truck?

  6. I can understand mistaking a Chevy Impala for a deer, but there’s no possible excuse for this hunter shooting at a Ford pickup.

    1. Unless of course, you are a Chevy, a GMC, or a Dodge guy – Only then is it considered just and properto shoot a Ford pick-up trunk.

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