DNC Deputy Chair Gives Shout Out To Antifa

DSpO0wSXcAMPvjwI have previously written about my objections to Antifa and its anti-free speech values, including academics legitimizing efforts to violently curtail free speech on our campuses.  Germany has banned an Antifa website as an extremist organization.  That has not stopped Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee, from posing with the handbook of the Antifa movement and giving the group a proud shout out.  As Democrats seek a new identity and purpose after the debacle with Hillary Clinton, this is a worrisome signal.  The Democrats will hand over another election if they simply try to run on being anti-Trump and pro-Antifa.

In a post on Twitter, Ellison held up a copy of “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook” at a Minneapolis book shop and said it would “strike fear in the heart of @realDonaldTrump.”

I have criticized that book by Mark Bray and why it is represents a challenge to our defining values as a society.

While I have defended the free speech rights of activists associated with Antifa, there is little ambiguity in the movements intolerance for free speech. Indeed, its followers appear clueless to the fascistic elements to their anti-fascist movement.  Ellison appears equally clueless or willfully blind to the beliefs underlying this troubling movement.  Antifa does strike fear in the hearts of many. However, it is not Trump who relishes these groups fulfilling stereotypes of liberal intolerance.  Rather, the group strikes fear in everyone who values free speech, which does not appear to include the Deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee.

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  1. Quoting Turley, “liberal intolerance”. Seems a contradiction; liberals are tolerant. So I asked the most conservative person I know, a classmate of George Will, he stands slightly to the right of Edmund Burke: “Should one tolerate intolerance?” I said.
    “Of course not!” was the snappy reply.

    So it seems that liberals and conservatives alike agree with the contradiction that one should be intolerant of intolerance.

    For shame, Jonathan Turley. Even the freshmen around here taking Phil 101 can produce a better essay than this.

    1. No contradiction whatsoever. By DEFINITION, liberals and Leftists are intolerant.

        1. You really ought to stop hanging out in the same place that Edwin Greco Wylie-Biggs kept his stash of drugs. Though I think it’s way too late. Permanent brain damage has already set in.

    1. What is ironic? That a Leftist organization that calls itself “Antifa,” implying that it’s anti-fascist, is actually pro-fascism? That’s not irony. That’s Orwellian disinformation.

    2. What is ironic is your belief that you are intellectually honest. At least you were brief for a change. I guess even you could not spin 5+ paragraphs on such BS.

    3. Or, did Karen mean, “not ironically, Trump and his Republican supporters are racist and Fascist”.

  2. Apparently these anarchist/domestic terrorist are unaware of the difference between anarchy in defiance of a government run by people like Hitler or Stalin and anarchy and domestic terrorism conducted to subvert the Constitution, nullify an election and abolish the Constitutional and Civil Rights of American Citizens for no other reason than to divide the country and bring it closer to Civil War in hopes of seizing power during the chaos or on a more delusional note actually winning a Civil War and being able to conquer hundreds of millions of people and keeping them under control. Clearly the DNC is not going to tell them the difference and from the looks of them, they themselves don’t possess the capacity to wise up anytime soon. I’m not sure what makes them think that normal people, conservative or liberal, would in any way shape or form want people like them running a government and having absolute power over them, their children and their lives, but I can assure them they don’t. I just hope the dnc doesn’t continue to take their hatefilled lust for absolute power in this country to the point that that fact has to be proven with peoples lives.

    1. Dawn
      The 99% are wising up to propaganda like yours, which acts as a rationalization for greater concentrated wealth by the colonialists of the U.S. oligarchy.

      Now that they’ve seen Trump/Bannon fail at governance (and, if they saw the Koch’s, Mercer’s, and Adelson up close), the people don’t want them flying the plane. They prefer a community organizer.

      1. Now that they’ve seen Trump/Bannon fail at governance…They prefer a community organizer.

        More tripe dished out by our resident socialist. LOL!

      2. Done with Establishment corporados irregardless of party who decimate the country and enrich their masters (as well as themselves) Uh Linda btw – “community organizer” has terrible connotations after 8 years of DINO Obama,

        1. This Trump tax bill redistributes wealth to corporations and billionaires more than any tax bill ever. Thank you Trump, Goldman Sachs, Paul Ryan and all the republicans that voted for it.

      3. “The 99% are wising up to propaganda like yours,”

        What you assume to be the 99% are the working families of the United States that do not have control over large corporations and are politically out of the loop. They voted for Trump.

          1. In other words, Fish, you are saying that Linda’s statement was wrong, but that Trump won’t benefit the ‘regular’ working people. Employment is up and it appears that salaries and other indicators of good fortune for these people are up as well.

            Why don’t you explain why what I say is wrong?

  3. Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind and commented:
    Professor Turley looks at the support given by a senior Democrat to the “anti-fa” movement. Arguably Anti -fa is as anti democratic as any alt right group.

  4. BE VERY AFRAID of a party that had to be bailed out of debt and that lost 1000 seats in the past 9 years.
    But, REST ASSURED, that the party that drove labor’s share of national income to the lowest point in recorded U.S. history will look out for you, and not the wealthiest 0.1%.
    Keep on watching oligarch T.V.

  5. Ellison is preaching to his base. Since Obama, I have watched Democrats become the very fascists they once decried under Bush. They have shut up any criticism of their worshiped leaders and these “leader’s” policies. If you had one word of criticism of Obama’s horrific, evil policies, they would attack you without mercy, just like a pack of wild dogs–and they did like to work in packs, it made them more vicious and more stupid.

    It’s why they think Russia flip the 2016 election and it’s why Democrats are ready to go with their nuMcCarthism. The wild dogs have been given tainted meat but they love it just the same. No, it makes perfect sense for Ellison to feed more tainted meat to his followers. It keeps them stupid and in line, unable to see the larger picture, unable to make common cause with others who want to do right by our nation and this earth.

    I am truly hoping that the wild dogs will quit the pack and form a new party with a new way of thinking, but I truly doubt this will happen. Ordinary Democrats like “power”, they like to feel superior, and they like authoritarianism. It gives them meaning and purpose. They like to hurt others. I’ve seen that and I’ve experienced it from them. It’s a high. It’s a drug. It will be difficult to give up that drug.

    1. In reality Ellison fed the republican party. This was stupid on Ellison’s part.

      1. No, he’s feeding Democrats. This party is no less full of authoritarians than Republicans. It’s one of the fine lies Democrats like to tell themselves–we are not authoritarians, we are perfect and it is only evil Republicans who would engage in authoritarianism. One look at actual actions by actual Democrats will give the lie to that delusion.

        Ellison is stupid, he’s evil.

        1. Well said Jill. Not a lot of difference between the two parties. You may have seen the Stockman piece where he notes the repubs have splashed red ink that would make Obama blush. It’s all about who is in power, and if they can get hooked up. Trump’s slash and burn as exposed a lot of the nasty stuff of government. We’ll hope it keeps up before the state decides to take him out and install a new ruler.

          1. Let him stay untill 2020. Then he can install Javanka. Bannon says that is da plan of da T rump dynasty.

        2. Good points, But did you mean to say Ellison isn’t stupid, he’s evil? He can be considered dangerous as well.

          1. Allan,

            Yes, but then I thought the same things you do. He is stupid. He is evil and I agree with you that he is dangerous.

            1. Jill and Allan sitting in a tree,
              2 more stupid people you will never see (unless you follow this blog),
              first comes the lies,
              then comes each other’s reinforcement of lies, and finally their self-righteous applause of their lies.
              So tiring, you should get a room.

              1. YNOT, when you call others stupid one has to think where you come from. Idiotville, where IQ’s are below 25 and you are considered one of the smarter ones. Some might even think you make it to the level of imbecile but that would be stretching your intelligence.

              2. YNOT
                Thanks for the poetic format- an amusing and apt skewering.
                Allan’s deficits, on display in his reply below, indicates consistency with the demographic that voted for Trump.

                1. Allan does seem to believe that the rich deserve all the gold and if we dare mention it, we ware inciting class warfare.

                  1. Foolish you Swarthmoron. I want everyone to have the ability to move upward in society and that is what capitalism provides in our society. Redistributing wealth doesn’t create new wealth. Take a course in economics where different systems are compared and see which system has produced the most benefit for its people and the world.

                    1. Allan,
                      We agree on a point!!!!!. The 0.1%’s redistribution of wealth to themselves (lowest share of national income going to labor in recorded history) IS BAD for the U.S., just like the U.S. oligarchs’ monopolies and oligopolies ARE BAD for capitalism.

                    2. Linda, I am neither in favor nor against large corporations. I do worry when they wield political power and that is what happens in your type of system some of which has rubbed off in the US.

                      Most of the wealthiest earned their money because of their ideas. Their money is mostly in the economy which earns more money while paying taxes to our bloated government. Their businesses employ Americans and add wealth to America.

                  1. i did masters level work in econ. Trickle down did not work and this trickle up is very good for the corporations and the uber wealthy. The bulk of the tax cuts go to individuals with extreme wealth and corporations. The stocks will keep on soaring for awhile because corporate profits are increasing because of the tax cuts. The same cannot be said for the middle class tax cuts as they represent a paltry amount of the total. Wealth is being redistributed to the wealthy through subsides, exemptions and large tax cuts. Socialism for the rich seams to be the order of the day, and please don’t say I am jealous because I have an ample amount of funds.

                    1. “i did masters level work in econ. ”

                      Swarthmoron, it seems not to have made you any brighter.

                  2. Allen,
                    There are a few contributors here hell-bent on disrupting discussions. I don’t know about you, but I don’t find there to be any value in continuing to dialog with these people.

                    1. Who would care if you dialog with “these people?” I certainly don’t care if anyone, here, responds to any of my comments.

                    2. Olly, when I discuss things with you intellectual ideas are foremost in my mind and that leads to an enjoyable conversation. With some of the others, I am interested in how their minds work. I don’t generally value their opinions nor their intellect. I would prefer a greater abundance of intellectual discussions on this blog, but this blog doesn’t seem to be the place. You have libertarian leanings and therefore more individualistic thinking. You should have been on the WSJ Libertarian blog years ago when the blogs were open to everyone. There I met some of the finest minds on any blog and that included individuals that I totally disagreed with.

                      We have a great political divide in our nation and some of our most brilliant people have difficulty defending their positions yet their emotions prevent their opinions from fulfilling a logical endpoint. I posted a debate for Autumn between two leftists on BDS both of them quite brilliant in their own ways, Alan Dershowitz and Cornell West. They both behaved beautifully yet one could see that despite the intellectual power of each mind that sometimes the most important irrefutable facts were just left hanging without any alteration of opinion. I am amazed at how the mind can selectively skip facts that do not conform to one’s personal vision.

        3. Exposed by the Center for Media and Democracy “Trump’s Judicial Blitz Betrays his Hostility to Rule of Law”.
          Republicans refused to act on Obama nomination for Supreme Court Justice. They thwarted his other efforts
          to get judge appointments.
          Jill you are a liar. I don’t know if you are stupid but, you are evil.

          1. Linda,

            I just wrote a very civil reply to what you said below. I have no idea why you think I”m a liar, stupid or evil. It just seems completely bizarre for you to say those things.

            If you can make an argument that shows where any of this is true, please make it. Otherwise, stop the personal attacks.

            1. “Civil” to a Republican means calling the opponent party’s chair “stupid and evil”. Jill, once you broke out those descriptors, they clearly could hit the mark when applied to you.
              If a wager was possible on whether you did anything to thwart Trump’s elimination of net neutrality, how much money would I be safe betting?

          2. The Center for Media and Democracy is a radical leftist think tank that believes capitalism is one of the root causes of societal ills.

            Stalinists have an intrinsic hate of capitalism.

            1. Allan,
              You are talking out of ignorance again. CMD is doing more to save capitalism than the monopolists and oligopolists trying to deliver the nation into the dung heap of colonialism.

              1. One cannot ‘save’ capitalism with state control over corporations.

                Did you ever bother to look up the true meaning of fascism? No. Capitalism? No. You think Stalin was a guy from the 50’s.

                Linda, you demonstrate pure ignorance.

                1. Fred Koch’s critics claim Stalin enriched him, which makes the John Birch Society’s travel back in time to bring the threat of Stalin forward 75 years, highly suspicious. A sceptic would point out, bandying Stalin’s name about provides a convenient ruse for the richest 0.1%, as they concentrate wealth at unprecedented rates.

                  1. Trade across national boundaries is normal and in general a good thing. I can’t figure out what your point is and I am not sure you know what it is either.

        4. Really,the republicans and other Trump cultists seem to be loving what Ellison says because it paints the democrats in a bad light.

          1. No one needs Ellison to paint the Democrats in a bad light as they do it to themselves all the time. Ellison is just one more voice of a cloaked fascist agenda.

              1. Trump is the best we have had for quite awhile and if you recall he supported Roy Moore’s primary opponent. I never thought Roy Moore was a great candidate, but the eleventh-hour claims of sexual abuse years past the statute of limitations, unproven and accusants that falsified documents make those on the left look like fascists. I think you were one of them.

          2. Don’t fall for it Swarthmore Mom. Take a page from the Trumpster, never backtrack. Opposition to Fascism
            is what America and her allies sacrificed so much for in WWII. If the deceptive right wing tries to paint OPPOSITION to Trump and his neo-Nazi fans, as Fascist…shout to the rooftops, hell no, you God-smacked idiots.

            1. ” Opposition to Fascism
              is what America and her allies sacrificed so much for in WWII. ”

              Linda, though your ignorance precludes you from knowing, Stalin was one of our allies during WW2. He’s still with you.

              1. In Allan world, only he knows, history, economics, politics, religion, medicine, taxidermy, the Dewey decimal system, Morse code, and how to change a tire.

                1. Lots of people know lots of things, Linda. You are just not one of those people.

                  1. “”Lots of people know lots of things,” but I — Allan — am not one of them,” says Allan, about himself.

                    1. Without his awareness, Allan world echoes with pronouncements from the Koch’s John Birch Society. Allan hears the bouncing noise, believing it substitutes for knowledge.

                    2. “Without his awareness”

                      Again, Linda, you are saying whatever comes to your mind whether true or not. Is this because you are stupid or because you like to lie?

      2. “In reality Ellison fed the republican party. This was stupid on Ellison’s part.”

        As I have said, outside of “Trump sucks,” this is about all the Democrats have to offer the country. The book cover is not badly designed though.

        Looking for more Democratic enlightenment. Sad state of affairs when you can upstage the looniness going on in DC right now. Got anyone in there at all that has ANY leadership qualities (and I don’t consider incessant whining and placing blame on everyone else as a leadership quality, just to be clear). There was Wesley Clark, who was instrumental in uncovering the scheduled invasion of the Middle East. He probably gave up since he didn’t sign up to herd cats. Problem is, no one good wants to front your train wreck right now. It’s better to wait until you finishing eating your own, then pick up the pieces. Has to be someone out there, Hello-hello?!!!!!

        1. S – Tulsi’s been quiet – who knows. Right now it’s probably best to let them undermine themselves (and /or each other) publically and then as you say “pick up the pieces” — if there are any to be salvaged =)

          1. Yep, that’s the way I see it Autumn. Why would you place your future efforts in a group that demonstrates the poor thought illustrated by this very post. Yeah, let them wreck the train, then test the waters to see if there is anyone there who will even consider your message going forward. The Democrats are so bad now they look like cartoon characters. Not that the repubs are any better, they apparently just hide under their desks hoping Trump doesn’t rile their constituents. Meanwhile, Sessions is out there fighting the devil weed. Good Lord. A good common sense candidate would be great. You know, one that doesn’t appeal to someone who would lie down in the path of speeding automobiles. Just a thought.

          2. Tulsi is outraged today about the Trump justice department going after marijuana in states that have made it legal.

            1. Swarthmoron, you leftists love it when the feds expand their power except when it hinders your desires such as taking drugs, men in woman’s bathrooms, not working, sexual freedom, guns in the hands of illegals etc.

              1. “You Republican hypocrites” want the government in people’s homes and bedrooms.

                1. Linda, I’m not really a Republican. I believe in less government, not more. I believe in the Constitution and balanced budgets. Individualism is important and the individual should not be secondary to the state.

                  You, Linda, act like a Stalinist, an ignorant one, but a Stalinist non the less.

                  1. I’ll warn the kids about Allan, who never met an oligarch he didn’t want to champion.

                    1. “I’ll warn the kids about Allan, who never met an oligarch he didn’t want to champion.”

                      Linda, can you tell me of an oligarch that I want to champion?

                      You can’t, but you still have time to try.

                      That tells us NOTHING you say has value. You have no integrity. You say whatever you want, true or not true, in order to promote your world vision which itself is a lie.

    2. Jill, Ellison is a fraud. Ran around with Bernie during the primaries and then snapped back into the Dem cult. Identity politics does not work for Progressives. Being black and Muslim is not enough. We care about issues. Independents are not going to support him.

      1. Autumn, I don’t think many independents will support him either. But right now, we all have to be careful. This entire culture is full of authoritarianism. People feel powerless and this offer of “fake power” is very seductive.

        If you ask me, this is a culture of S and M. We need to break free of S and M, up and down, hurt, hurt, hurt. But this is a drug, it’s a habit. It’s not going to be easy to get free and stay free of this way of being in the world.

        1. Jill,
          Koch’s team knows all about the how to manipulate people into believing a vote for oligarch-funded politicians will empower them i.e. masters of illusion about fake power. The biggest slice from the McConnell/Ryan/Trump tax bill scam went to the richest 0.1%.?

          1. Linda, That’s true. Funny how Congress can pass things that benefit their donors but won’t do anything to help the rest of the people. You seem to be a person who thinks just one “side” does this stuff. If that’s a correct reading of your thought, I am asking you to look at the bigger picture. The legacy parties work together. They are pitting citizens against each other while they carry on with their real agenda-serving the oligarchy.

            Autumn, That’s an interesting idea about people waiting for a savior. This automatically makes people feel incapable to helping each other or themselves and definitely promotes the one up, everyone else down way of looking at things.

            1. “Autumn, That’s an interesting idea about people waiting for a savior.”

              Another good point Jill. That explains why the only thing Democrats can do these days is to take shots at Trump. I guess they are twiddling their thumbs while wincing about Trump, waiting for someone to come along and take care of them. Haven’t we discussed enough fallacy that should indicate political parties should be outlawed as a general rule? Do that, remove payroll deduction for tax payments and send everyone a bill. Things will be different in a week. Oh well. Easy to get carried away in the frigid air.

              1. The really weird thing to me, slohrss, is that they only take pot shots at Trump over Democratic party approved messages, mostly– “it’s the Russians!”. They are “with him” on his wars, love of mass surveillance, etc. It’s just bizarre to see how things have shaken out in this nation.

                Thanks for you kind words and nice to hear what you have to say!

              1. SMM,

                You must know that Democrats were falling over themselves to praise Trump’s bombing. Further, the fulsome praise of the IC you hear from Democrats is amazing!!! And remember, Clinton loves GS and wants to obliterate Iran, just like Trump. For now, they all hope for “regime” change but obliteration is penciled in both of their books. NeoCons/Liberals are the same. These aren’t matters of opinion but of fact.

                1. Have not heard a democrat praise the use of nukes but many do support the wars in the mideast. Most are silent about the escalation of the war in Yemen and the troop surge in Afghanistan. Clinton was criticized for her close relationship with Goldman and rightly so. Trump hired eight of them and set a record. Trump is doing their bidding now big time. Clinton did lose so her relationship with the banksters is largely irrelevant. They are winning now and their stocks are soaring.

                  1. If you’ve heard of Clinton you’ve heard of a woman whose heart jumps for joy at obliterating Iran for Israel with nukes! PTL!!! Last time I checked, she was still a Democrat!

                    1. There are quite a few members in the progressive democratic caucus that are currently in office that oppose these wars. That caucus includes Tulsi Gabbard and Barbara Lee..We are not all the evil demons that you portray us as. 🙂

                    2. Tou.che to Olly on that one. I wrote something critical on Ellison’s twitter feed.

                  2. “Have not heard a democrat praise the use of nukes ”

                    The last administration surely accelerated the proliferation of nukes and the collusion on nukes between to rogue nations, North Korea and Iran.

                  3. SWM – Ellison is a warmonger masquarading as a progressive. He needs to be primaried – enough liars in Congress!

                    From Glen Ford at Black Agenda Report:

                    “Keith Ellison, the Black U.S. House member from Minneapolis who is co-chair of the Progressive Caucus, says the U.S. should push for a no-fly zone over rebel-held areas in Syria. Ellison, who is also one of only two Muslim members of Congress, appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press ” on Sunday, as did Republican Arizona Senator John McCain. It is a measure of how far to the right the Democratic Party has come under President Obama, that McCain, the war monger who likes to sing about bombing Iran, and Ellison, who claims to be a progressive, are in basic agreement over Syria. Both McCain and Ellison want no-fly zones, and both claim to prefer that there be no U.S. “boots on the ground” in country. Both are raving American imperialists who believe that the U.S. has not merely the right, but the obligation to intervene in the internal affairs of other countries. As Ellison, the phony progressive, puts it, “I don’t think the world’s greatest superpower, the United States, can stand by and do nothing” – which is, essentially, John McCain’s position.

                    Ellison has been advocating a no-fly zone for Syria for at least a year. Last May, he told U.S. News and World Report that so-called “safe zones” should be set up by the U.S. and its allies around the borders of Syria. Ellison made it quite clear that he sees such zones as a prelude to regime change. “I think the Libyan action was a good example of that,” he said.

                    “Both are raving American imperialists.”

                    On U.S. imperial policy, there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between McCain, the hard-right Republican, and Ellison, who purports to be a progressive Democrat. Neither gives a damn about international law or the rights of smaller people’s to shape their own destinies. Ellison went to Saudi Arabia, the most socially backward rich ”


                    1. Autumn,

                      Thanks for including this. Black Agenda Report is good at seeing things clearly when it comes to the political class.

                  4. As Trudeau said, “You don’t compare a candidate to God Almighty, you compare him to his opponent.”

              1. “Divide and conquer, Republican motto since the southern strategy.”

                That may or may not be true to a varying extent, but the Democrats utilize tribalism. They place one race against another, and one class against another while their violent arms such as Antifa cause riots and destruction.

        2. S & M, eh? You might be right to some degree – particularly those waiting for a savior pol,

      2. Just another fundraising opportunist. Although, if Democrats keep lying down in busy traffic, that will have an unintended effect on voter turnout.

        1. For every Virginia protestor, run down by a Neo-Nazi, the Republicans will find a way to suppress the votes of thousands more trying to thwart the oligarchy.

          1. “For every Virginia protestor, run down by a Neo-Nazi, the Republicans will find a way to suppress the votes of thousands more trying to thwart the oligarchy.”

            Mmmm boy, breathe in that self-righteousness! “Weee-alll get them nah-zeeeees!
            Certainly you have more cognitive abilities that to simplify that situation with such childlike understanding. You need to step up your game to post here. The scenario was clearly set up as an opportunity to vilify a group of weak-minded individuals who had no clue as to what they were blundering into. And blunder they did! By the way, has anyone ever said who made the call to pull the police away to let the violence begin? You really need to pull that hook, line, and sinker out of your gullet.

          2. These people agree with Trump when he said some very fine people are white supremis.

            1. no surprise that the right wing plays the Nazi card when it benefits them and, then downplays the Nazi connection on other occasions. Illustrations include Breitbart and Neglen and, Moore and the Republican Party.
              With luck and justice, the Alabamians, reddest state in the nation, showed the U.S. how to handle the fraud that the Republican Party has become.
              Indiana didn’t want the Koch’s Pence and the rest of the country doesn’t want Pence nor Trump, now that they’ve seen how ReThugs govern.

      3. Being black and Mooslim is way to much for a T rumper to handle. Roy boy Moore is our guy.

        1. Hey Ken, how’s the trolling? By the way, you might experience unintended consequences for your spelling of “muslim.” If it is deemed insulting to the faith, you may not receive the respect you believe you are entitled to.

      4. My son lives in his district. Independents do support him there and he will win in 2018 easily. He might not be elected in the districts where you and Jill live but he will be elected again in Minneapolis.

  6. What’s wrong JT? Got nothing to protect Trump with today? Same MO with you day after day change and deflect, distract, from any bad news about Trump. Not even a mention of Manafort or Trump’s lawsuits? So you go to what you know works best, some very small group that fights back on injustice. I don’t agree with some of their methods but at least they don’t stand around slinging AR-15’s on street corners.

    1. This cannot be your sole source for legal opinions or news of the day, is it? If so, you will continue to be disappointed. Perhaps you could ask JT to be one of his weekend contributors and enchant us with your version of what is right and wrong with the world.

      1. I read from the far-right to far-left, What a lot of people see is that JT has been picking nat crap out of pepper to protect Trump and use a broad brush for the so-called left.

        1. Waiting for Turley’s posting of photos showing Republican politicians and funders cozying up to and writing checks for Neo-Nazis.

          1. Linda:
            Me, too. Why don’t you post them along with your snapshots of Big Foot, unicorns and those elves who make those great cookies!

            1. Today, Huffpo published information about the Neo-Nazi teen in Virginia, who killed his girlfriend’s parents in December. The article identifies the politicians that the teen believed shared his views. While that article does not provide a photo of an exchange of money nor, meet and greets between Neo-nazis and Republicans, there are opportunities for Turley to locate them.

                1. Slo,
                  No surprise about your closed mind. It’s widely reported that If Fox/Hannity doesn’t say it, a ditto head doesn’t know it.

              1. That’s the best you’ve got? A neo-nazi lunatic believed certain politicians shared his views. Why don’t YOU locate the photos of exchange of money or meet-and-greets? That’s not a rhetorical question. The answer is because that stuff doesn’t exist.

                1. “That’s the best you’ve got? A neo-nazi lunatic believed certain politicians shared his views. …”

                  Well, as Mespo points out, there is always some Bigfoot stories for them to fall back to I guess.

                  1. Like the ratcheting up of attacks against Mueller as he gets closer to Trump, the rhetoric to hide and downplay the bigotry and violence in the Neo-Nazi movement, is proportional to the gains made by groups like the SPLC.

                    1. Mueller has his own problems. His past will catch up and engulf him as well. Man, look out your window, I bet there are nah-zeees right outside. You Democrats sure are a fearful lot.

                    2. Slo,
                      What happened to “Mueller won’t find anything, because there’s nothing there”? Let me help, Mueller is closing in on Trump so, it’s time to fall back on the killing the messenger.

                  2. I wonder if leftists are more prolific and better writers of fiction than conservatives? They seem to practice all the time.

                  3. Or, Wikipedia under the heading, Scalise, identifies a controversy (no Big Foot mentioned). Scalise can thank the American people for paying his insurance bill while he voted to deny government assistance for others’ medical needs. Prince of a guy (sarcasm).

              1. You’re aware that Weinstein was a huge Clinton and Democratic party donor?

                I agree they do all flock together and we ought to pay attention to that fact. Your tweet repeats simply try to reinforce the idea that this is all evil Republicans. It’s just a lie. Why is it so difficult to be truthful about reality?

        2. What a lot of people see…

          Sure, and they have opinions about those things, just like our blog host. Then they voluntarily participate in that host’s blog and harass the host for not sharing in what concerns them or their opinions. You may not like JT’s post regarding Ellison, the DNC or Antifa, but that may be more because you align with them far more than you are aware.

          1. I see, I thought this was a site to express views of law and order. So, keep my thoughts to myself until I agree with JT? If anything is outside of the right-wing view. Because otherwise your just a commie Left leaning writer that does not agree with the right’s sycophant’s views. OK, I’ll grab the circus elephants tail and go around in circles and everyone will love how I fall in line. Is there a secret handshake or something I should know before I shut of my brain and join the team?

            1. So, keep my thoughts to myself until I agree with JT?

              On the contrary, we as a group should welcome a diversity of opinion. Unless you’re duct taped to your keyboard with toothpicks holding your eyelids open only to JT’s blog, that welcomed diversity of opinion does not extend to whining that the host of the blog does not write posts you agree with or share in your opinion.

              1. Sometimes I wonder if you read first before you comment. I wrote I read from far-right to far-left. Whining is the people here that yell about something that may or not have happened with HRC, but in their minds lock her up anyway. And for the host, he only panders to his base that will give him 200 hits on a site about Soros or HRC. So no I do not see a diverse opinion on JT site. And if you disagree with the crowd, then you’re told to go somewhere else, and as much as he tries to talk about free speech, it seems to be only his type of free speech or what his readers are looking for.

                1. No, I just close my eyes and copy random thoughts that you have posted. Then I just make $hit up based on what I copied. It’s the only way I can tolerate whining. But hey, that’s just human nature.

                2. Your dribble is included, on a regular basis. Proof that all points of view are welcomed, no matter how mindless. No one censors you. Quit b!cthing and moaning. You are allowed to write and claim whatever it is that floats through your mind. Get over it.

    2. He does seem to be ignoring the ramifications of Bannon testifying about the “treasonous” behavior of some members oft he Trump family.

  7. The Democrats need to strongly make the case that “big business” is a form of big government, which meets Webster’s definition of government and governing.

    When Republicans deregulate, they aren’t shrinking government or diluting absolute power but concentrating power – they are simply choosing big corporate government over “official” government. Americans still get screwed in the end.

    Corporations are amoral, they aren’t bad or good. Big corporate government simply has one goal – to make money for their owners or shareholders. The problem with this amoral system is that it doesn’t place American citizens as the top priority.

    Democrats are the only major party that supports a reformed Campaign Finance System that actually represents people first. Republicans support a big corporate government model – they haven’t supported small government in almost a century. Democrats should follow most Americans by supporting the “right-size” government – less government where needed and more government where needed.

      1. The comfort of the rich depends on the abundance of the poor…………Voltaire.

        1. Fishy:

          That’s a good ‘en. Here’s the best of Voltaire talking about resenting folks for what they are or do:

          Prejudices are what fools use for reason.

          1. No prejudices among those at the blog who throw about the disparaging, categorizing, “you people”. (sarcasm)

    1. What is curious about your statement that the Democrats are the only major party that supports a campaign finance system is why they rejected the one that was in place when Obama ran for President. He became the first major party candidate to reject public financing and its attendant spending limits.

      1. Obama’s campaign raked in massive amounts of illegal donations. It took several years for the FEC to piece it all together. When they did, they levied one of the largest fines against the campaign in history. But by then the campaign had already vacuumed up millions in illegal donations and used them to help win the election.


        That story fails to mention how they accepted donations from untraceable, prepaid cards, and disabled security features that enabled it to collect money over the internet from foreigners seeking to impact our elections. It seems Democrats are really only concerned about illegal donors or foreigners interfering in “our democracy” if they lose an election.


    2. “Americans still get screwed in the end.”

      I wonder how you get so screwed and so screwed up, MLK?

      In your pocket is a device that represents big corporations (and small ones) or what is commonly called big business. That device is your cell phone containing more information than the previous Encyclopedia Britannica that cost thousands. Along with it being a form of communication from one person to another, it contains maps that formerly needed to be purchased. It has locators so you can find out where you are and how to get where you are going. It has shopping so one can save time and money. It offers a place for consumers to tell others about business’s that are good or bad such as Zagat’s and Consumer Reports both of which are on the net. There is so much more available previously only available to the rich that could pay large sums. This was not created by government rather by amoral corporations that:

      *** in their desire to gain market share satisfy the needs of Americans who otherwise would never have had these benefits. ***

      This has greatly closed a gap between the rich and poor along with providing all people a more equal voice.

  8. If this is the direction the DNC chooses to go for the 2018 midterms, then this will be just one of the answers to their version of What Happened

  9. Even if it is a joke stupido on da part of Ellison. He is feeding da T rumpers what they want.

  10. It’s not just “Antifa”. Most of the world opposes Fascism -.a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

    Many oppose Fascism and favor Free Speech.

    1. With hate speech laws I guess. I guess you need an asterisk after free speech, something along the lines of, “Free speech, as defined by what is acceptable to the social norms of the ruling party.”

      Kind of dilutes the argument just a little bit.

    2. If Fascism WASN’T on the rise, it would be shocking. It’s fueled by the increasing power of the cronies of Koch and Walton heirs and, men like Dimon and Mnuchin. Their legalized theft, drove down the share of national income going to labor to its lowest point in recorded U.S. history.
      Behind the curtains of the Fox oligarch show, 6 heirs of just one U.S. family, a family notorious for paying low wages, amassed wealth equivalent to 40% of Americans combined.

        1. Original of you, Allan, to portray Nazis as peace-loving, big government fans (a variation on the right wing tactic of returning a volley of criticism without alteration.) Your twist is very funny because it is doubly stupid in light of the marriage of oligarchs and ALEC.
          Check out economist, Germa Bal’s research on increasing privatization leading up to Nazi Germany.

  11. Of course the DNC LOVES Antifa. Antifa is a pure Leftist organization, much as the DNC wants so much to be. So, naturally, they both adhere to exactly the same philosophy: anti-America, anti-Israel, anti-liberty, anti-freedom, anti-human achievement, anti-decency, pro-crime, pro-poverty, pro-Islamocommunazi, and–last but not least–anti-Trump.

    Tell me something I don’t already know.

    1. Interesting perspective. Leftists love America because of its diversity, religious freedom, civil rights, because it encourages education and sometimes facilitates high achievement. We also like and respect Jewish people for their high achievement and generally positive lifestyle. We abhor the ethnic cleansing, apartheid, segregation, theocracy, and the terrorizing neighboring countries associated with Zionism. We also oppose business scams, companies harming us and monopolies exploiting that condition. We dislike the lazy parasitic lifestyles of heirs and the way they use inherited fortunes for selfish purposes. We deplore the depravity of those who enjoy violence . And we support caring for the most needy in our society and around the world.

      Now, can you tell me why the right should not be defined as favoring violence, theocracy, homophobia, racism, misogyny, and ignorance?

      1. “We also like and respect Jewish people for their high achievement and generally positive lifestyle.”

        Gee, thanks for the gumball, Mickey. Glad to know you approve of our achievements and lifestyle, which I guess we all share.

        Out of curiosity, which ethnicities’ achievements and lifestyles cause you to dislike, rather than admire, them?

        I bet you think Native Americans are noble savages, old Asians have mystical wisdom, and African villages live in peaceful harmony. The truth is that a lot of people suck, everywhere in the world.

        Jews deserve a safe homeland regardless of our achievements, our lifestyles, or your admiration.

          1. That is a good question for a civil discourse opportunity. Would humanity be better off if each ethnic, religious, skin shade group had their own country or if all countries lived in peaceful diversity?

          2. “Does every ethnicity deserve their own homeland?”.
            I would recommend that anyone interested in that question read the writings of Keith Hakim on this subject.

        1. Clarification please, Drew-
          People of the Jewish faith living in Israel “deserve a safe homeland”? It was not your intent to be exclusionary of other people of faiths having safe homelands?
          As long as Adelson funds U.S. politicians and/or lobbyists, U.S. policy will be steered by him?
          Flynn’s example, relative to Turkey, provides possible illustration of how clout is exercised in D.C.?

        2. Drew, I was about to comment, but I saw this wonderful comment of yours that displays Bacon for what he is. Enough said.

      2. “We deplore the depravity of those who enjoy violence.”

        Have you seen what comes out of Hollywood lately? Who is making those violent productions and for whom are they making them?

        And this one is a gem:

        “We dislike the lazy parasitic lifestyles of heirs and the way they use inherited fortunes for selfish purposes.”

        Just a few words on that one: Kennedy, Clinton, Cuomo, Daley…

        Not to mention this one:

        “We also like and respect Jewish people for their high achievement and generally positive lifestyle.”

        Sort of like “some of my best friends are Jews”

        And this is a whopper:

        “And we support caring for the most needy in our society and around the world.”

        Yes, we have seen how liberals are for that one in the way they worship and protect like a sacred cow Planned Parenthood. “Choice,” as you call it, must be protected at all costs even if it includes allowing animals like Gosnel to flourish and unborn babies to be dismembered in their mother’s womb even minutes before natural birth (wasn’t it the Liberal Godess of Women, Hillary Clinton, who declared the right of a woman “to choose anytime for any reason?”).

        Get a life. You are one of those liberals who sees only that the Dems are good and Conservatives are evil. Both sides possess both characteristics. If you were so much for religious freedom, why do you attack religious liberties? Religious freedom is about freedom to live one’s faith.

        1. Another excellent response to Bacon.

          “Get a life.” He has one, but it is a carbon copy of the MSM garbage of the day.

        2. ““We deplore the depravity of those who enjoy violence.”

          That’s the laugher for today! Kind of like ideals by Tarantino.

          Thanks for that!!

          Hopefully Mr. Bacon will hone his arguments a little better in the future. He he heeeee.

  12. Antifa represents a convenient militant arm to the DNC. Surely they will claim plausible deniability but the end goal is simply the same among both. At some point ordinary democrats should reign in their leadership and not just quietly acquiesce. And like the Clintons themselves, the DNC was given both a blank check and a deck of get out of jail free cards to play whatever game of sleaze they found personally advantageous.

    1. Darren, plenty of Democrats have left the party after the primaries were rigged -#DemExit is still trending strong.

  13. Another reason to rise aganst the fascist elements with their one party one leader secular theology. And another to properly redefine the party system without using the fictionary of the fascist left and it’s misdefined self serving placement of the various elements of fascism of which progressive socialism is but one. Replacing a King George III with a Keith Ellison is a sorry commentary on the legacy bequeathed us by the founders who themselves cast the up unjtil then ordinary citizen as self governing and not some group of dogs running in pack. And more the citizens as the source of all power not the pronouncements of the self annointed polticial scum that seems to pop up far too often. Where are the teachers, the educators, those who bear the mantle of responsibility? No where to be found except when it’s time to feed at the trough without thought of shame.

  14. Ellison said that it would “strike fear at the heart of @realDonaldTrump”. . .and that bizarre, unique, odd and strangely familiar reference goes unexplained, and, seemingly, unnoticed by JT. Nothing unusual, right? Quite frankly, I didn’t expect that JT would reference a strikingly familiar reference in the Quran, which speaks about infidels and disbelievers. Remember, we are supposed to be uneducated and uninformed infidels, completely ignorant to the nuances and references contained in such odd statements. We are not supposed to appreciate the significance of that specific phrase and its particular symbolism, especially coming from Ellison, a devout Muslim. For my fellow infidels, who may not be familiar, allow me to enlighten you with regard to where the concept, of striking fear into the hearts of others, emanates and just why Ellison–the enemy from within–utilized such very specific and unique language.

    QURAN, 8:12


    JT may not point out the significance of Ellison’s choice of language due to the myriad of pressures under which he operates, but I have no problem doing so. There is a much deeper meaning behind Ellison’s words. A meaning that should be referenced when discussing his statements. Unfortunately, either out of ignorance or fear, those relaying such messages, in the media or academia, do not relay the nefarious symbolism behind such remarks.

    1. Good catch, bam bam. Reminds me of when Obama said in a speech that “the future does not belong to those who insult the Prophet”. I thought at the time it seemed an odd thing for a professed Christian to say. /sarc

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