“You Ain’t Supporting S–t”: Teenager Assaulted At Restaurant For Wearing MAGA Hat [Updated]

teenattacked_hdvWe have often discussed the rising incivility and anger in our political discourse.  That derangement was on display at a Whataburger in San Antonio when an unidentified man assaulted a teenager for wearing a Make America Great again hat.  It was fortunately caught on tape and hopefully the culprit will be apprehended. However, a prior such assault by a University of California-Riverside student will not face jail time for an earlier assault on a student wearing a MAGA hat. In the videotape, the man throws a soda in 16-year-old Hunter Richard’s face before triumphantly walking out of the restaurant. Update: The man has now been arrested.  The man’s name is Kino Jimenez, 30.


The teen is heard in the video below stating “I support my President and if you don’t let’s have a conversation about it instead of ripping my hat off. I just think a conversation about politics is more productive for the entire whole rather than taking my hat and yelling subjective words to me.”  The man is shown saying “you ain’t supporting shit” as he proudly waived the hat on his way out of the restaurant.  Jimenez adds “This is gonna go great in my f**king fireplace.”

The total disregard of the rights of these teens is chilling:


Notably, Jimenez was fired from his part-time job at the Rumble Bar in San Antonio after he was identified online as the man seen in the video. We have followed cases where people have been fired after boorish or insulting conduct once their names and employers are made known. (here and here). This includes YouTube videos and drunken scenes.

1530883248287It seems to me that the sentence should be more severe when someone is attacking a victim for their exercise of free speech.  The degree of utter impunity shown by the attacker speaks to his lack of remorse or control.  For that reason, I would impose a jail sentence despite the lack of serious injury.

What do you think a sentence should be for such conduct?

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  1. The way things are going, this sort of behavior actually should qualify as a hate crime… Behavior targeted towards a specific group, that group being conservative. The way things are going, conservatives are being treated no better than blacks or other discriminated against minorities. Had this happen to a Muslim, you can bet there would be a hate crime element to the charges.

    1. NOOOOO!

      Hate is not a crime. The entire “hate crime” nonsense is morally offensive.
      Hate is a motive.

      Assault is Assault. Prosecute it as such.

      Worse still even “hate” enhancements violate the principle that the status of the victim does not change the crime.

      Though it often happens – we find it offensive that people are treated more harshly for killing rich people than killing poor ones.

      We should not codify stupid things in the law.
      We should be working to eradicate disparate treatement in the law, not amplify it.

    2. Thanks “counselor.” Whatever “the way things are going” refers to is apparently a reference to whatever hokum you’ve got circling around the bowl in your brain; pro tip: flush. Finally, this blawg is frequented by lawyers; most of whom are well aware that “political persuasion” is not a discrete category protected by civil rights or hate crime legislation. I bet whichever Pravda Faux News shill filled your head with today’s prattle forgot to mention that fact.

      This is to “I usually have more fun on Reddit” wally

      1. Equal protection of the law is “protected” by the law.

        It is the principle – the rule of law, not man writ large in the constitution.

        Is there any court in the US that would not have convicted Jeffrey Dahmer ?

        Can you argue with a straight face that every court in the US would convict Manafort ?

        The very fact that it is highly likely that there would be a different outcome in different venues should give us serious pause.

        For one thing it comes very close to demonstrating the prosecution of Manafort is political.

        It is not the right of the prosecutor to get the jury of his choosing.
        The right to an unbiased impartial, judge and jury belongs to the defendant.

        As it is self evident that there would be a vast difference in the likelyhood of succes in this case depending on venue,
        Manafort has met the burden necescary to seek a new venue.

        If those of you on the left actually beleive that the outcome would be the same no matter where the case is tried – then why can’t Manafort be tried in a Venue where trump won 2:1 rather than one where Hillary won 2:1 ?

        Or if you prefer – lets just select a jury randomly pool from the nation at large – after all it is not like Manafort murdered someone in Alexandria.
        Mueller has charged a crime that is fundimentally jurisdiction free. He is not entitled to shop for the jury of his choice.

        1. dhlii – the 9th Circus would have overturned Dahmer’s conviction, but I think he confessed. 😉

          1. They have had plenty of oportunities to overturn Manson’s conviction.

            1. dhlii – even the Ninth Circus does not have a death wish. 😉

  2. A few substantive comments but, for the most part, just a lot of nonsense from the folks who live on this blog.

    1. Anonymous would be better off continuing to just post links.
      There are no capabilties on anonymous’ part to contribute to a real exchange, so the links and the membership in the fan club anonymouse belongs to will be the extent of his activity here.
      There aren’t many people who can waste that much space, with such short comments and nothing to say.
      But that is the unique characteristic of anonymous.
      I mentioned once that, given the worthless nature of the comments he/she posts, the “anonymous” username was a good idea.
      I don’t think anyone would want their real name attached to such lame comments.

    2. Anonymous would not know a substantive comment if it bit her on the a**.

  3. Marky Mark Mark – reading comprehension is important. I an not the one who said it might be a lost art nor did I agree that it was. I taught everything that was required by the Arizona State Standards for my grade level and diagramming was not there. I have not looked at Common Core so I do not know it is there, either.

    1. Paul C. Schulte,…
      I pointed out that Markypoo’s main role here on this site is being an _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
      That is pretty well established.
      I see this morning that he has upped his game, and now seeks the status Adam Clymer was said to achieve as a major leaguer.
      I guess Markypoo needs to focus on what he does best, and what comes naturally to him.

      1. Tom Nash – I think his mom turned the porn filter on again. 😉

  4. Kino’s younger brother is quoted as telling the press, “The man in the video is a bully, who has bullied everyone he has ever known.” And on Kino’s Facebook page, he lists as his interests, “thug life.” This is a 30 y/o Hispanic man who talks like a wannabe ghetto rapper. So no, I don’t think an anger management course is going to do it for him. He has chosen a path in life that is leading him to ruin.

  5. America’s Sweetheart, doing her part and “Making America Great Again”


    “A woman has been arrested after she was caught on camera going on a racist tirade on a Rockland County bus last weekend.

    “In the video obtained by PIX11 News, the woman is seen using racial slurs and hitting a fellow passenger. She was arrested by Orangetown police on Saturday on suspicion of disorderly conduct.

    “Vladimir was a passenger on the bus Saturday afternoon and recorded the woman’s tirade

    “”Some people were scared, especially the elderly people,” Vladimir said..

    ““She woman is seen on video telling immigrants to go back to their country and asking them if they “had their papers” to live in the United States.

  6. So far the turnover rate of the Trump White House has been 61% in 17 months. Few can stand to work in the cesspit.

      1. OLLY, that was just the swamp, now drained to make room for the cess.

        1. David Benson owes me eight citations (one from the OED) and the source of a quotation, after six weeks and needs to cite all his work from now on. – Obama very carefully placed his people in positions of power in the swamp before he left office. They are all set at choke points. You have to give him points, it is nicely done. However, it does mean that his administration cannot be overseen in retrospect. Those are the people who are refusing the FOIA requests.

            1. David Benson owes me eight citations (one from the OED) and the source of a quotation, after six weeks and needs to cite all his work from now on. – However, you cannot ignore it, can you? 😉

              1. Just pointing out to others that what you write cannot be taken seriously.

    1. I think that is a good sign.

      We elected a president who’s signature is “you’re fired”.

      My problem is that we should be cleaning out the rest of government.

      Obama had a staff of 472. Trump has a staff of 377.
      Trump’s payroll is down 5M compared to obama despite average higher pay.

  7. I don’t like elements of spite in charges or prosecutions, so I am not big on piling on as many charges as they can think up.. Kino Jimenez has been charged with felony theft, plus there was a mug shot on hand from a previous arrest. He may have just ruined his life for nothing, absolutely nothing.

    I would approve of some jail time, but at the rate his life is imploding it looks like hard prison time could be on the horizon. Perhaps it’s just as well, if he indeed cannot control his anger. What a sad waste.

    If wishes were horses… too bad the leftist media will not rein in their hatred of people they disapprove of. It encourages Kino-type behavior and worse. It has seemed worse and worse since the election season of 2010 when SEIU union members physically attacked the TEA party guy in the wheelchair.

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