Police Seek To Identify Attackers Of Man Outside Of The Minnesota Twins Stadium

Minnesota police are looking for a group of men who brutally attacked a man who was sitting outside of the Minnesota Twins stadium. The two minute videotape below shows the man savagely attacked by at least six young males who strip him, stomp on him, and rob him. It is the utter glee of the attackers that is so chilling in the film as they laugh at his suffering.

The man is attacked after one of the men grabs something out of his hand. What follows is a mob attack with the felons laughing as they run him over with a bike, jump on him, and kick him.

It is very likely that these individuals did not visit the stadium area for the first time before this attack. One would think that the police would be able to generate better images of the suspects.

We have recently saw a similar mob attack here in Washington, though we also saw such viciousness in an individual attack recently in London. It is the total lack of empathy or humanity that makes these videotapes so disturbing. Where most people are inclined to want to help someone in suffering, these attackers find such suffering thrilling and funny. That is precisely why they are such dangers to society and need to be found.

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  1. Raise your hand if you didn’t need to view the video to figure out certain characteristics of the perps. Maybe it’s the best way for them to be assured of “3 hots & a cot” in perpetuity. For others, it’s just the family business.

    1. I have no problem with using deadly force to stop a home invasion or robbery. If you break into my home and I am present, I will shoot you dead, it’s that simple! And I could care less what some SJW thinks about me or this statement or whether I get invited to the “right” cocktail parties.

      I have a professional license in several jurisdictions, no criminal record of any kind and am a lawful gun owner.


  2. So what? I didn’t advocate that either, nor did I suggest that you did.
    Not sure what your point is, if you have one at all.

  3. So I take from your account Professor Turley that you must not think it is relevant that the attackers are dark skinned and the lone victim obviously light skinned. This is obvious from the video. The outrage of a filmed attack on a lone dark skinned person by a gang of white thugs would seem to be obviously identified as racially motivated. What’s the difference here except the reversal of the order of aggressors and victim? Help me understand.

    1. i dont think turley reads these comments and definitely does not answer them

      we sometimes see these kinds of stories from turley. i have a hypothesis that he feeds them here to evoke discussion on two topics

      a) the question of “what is a hate crime” which is always very interesting to professors who probe first amendment issues, and

      b) what is the role and nature of crime reporting vis a vis race relations

      turley knows he will get comments from both sides so it’s grist for the mill

      1. Kurtz – I disagree with hate crime enhancements. All crimes are hate crimes. In my opinion, as a lay person, terrorism would cover what was historically considered a hate crime. An example would be the KKK in the 50’s targeting, harassing, harming, and lynching blacks would have qualified as terrorism, because they were trying to terrorize an entire group of people into submission.

        I don’t think that we currently have a domestic terrorism enhancement, but we should. We should get rid of hate crimes, and call those that qualify domestic terrorism – the effort to frighten a group to get the desired political outcome. Union assaults on scabs might qualify, as it is an attempt to terrorize people from working so they can get a policial result. Antifa is another example. They could have varying degrees of this crime, from harassment up to violence.

        What do you think?

        1. i don’t agree with hate crime enhancements. the aclu pondered whether to support them or not a couple decades ago. the fix was in: the “civil rights mission” of the ACLU was more important than its free speech concerns.

          hate crime enhancements seek to punish people for ideas. well so does crime but generally ideas like “I shall rob a bank” not “I dont like gays”

          but it’s the persecution of gays and blacks that lead to it.

          now it’s mostly used to add time to white people’s sentences not anybody else.
          so it essentially has become a form of covert racism against white criminals to punish them more than others.
          which will GUARANTEE more white racism not less, as “the streets” can’t be easily fooled like college kids can

          as to the second question:
          “domestic terrorism” might or might not be a better enhancement but I suspect it will find a lot of the same problems. today they are calling every white nutcase who shoots more than a couple people at once a “domestic terrorist” so it seems to be headed in the same direction.

          most victims of violent crime feel terror. i find the use of the adjective in crime sentencing perplexing, vague, and will likely be unconstitutional if it comes to that

        2. i think there are seven capital vices, or deadly sins, whatever

          pride sloth envy greed lust gluttony and wrath

          I encourage people to study the Christian thinking about these things. nearly every crime i can think of can be traced to one of these things.

          terror is a form of wrath. but isn’t the average homicide a form of wrath, too?
          and every sin goes back to pride. the pride of elevating your own selfish objectives over the rights of others.

          there is no clever “Statute” nor criminal code that will change human nature.

          Now, here is where my thinking becomes a little un-Christian and a lot more pagan:
          Evil can only ever be contained.
          the idea that it can be eliminated or defeated is an eschatological fantasy rendered into a different form.
          a messianic delusion of civilized society itself.

          death itself is integral to life. that’s a paradox but as inherent in the order of the cosmos as gravity.

          1. Nietzsche recognized the tendency of Western thinking, inspired by certain Greek philosophers and monotheism, to dualistically divide everything into light and dark good and bad, zeroes and ones, as ending in materialistic nihilism.
            He tried to offer an alternative way of thinking, in Thus Spake Zarathustra. I never quite figured it out. Best as I can tell, it was to go back to a more ancient, polytheistic way of thinking.

            Heidegger elaborated on how that happened along the history of philosophy. I am not wise enough to understand all that. He too tried to offer alternative. Something about going back to the PreSocratics. I don’t understand that.

            I do understand that a lot of his writing aimed at being more encompassing of all the aspects of being and existence. For example: the ancient Greek word Aleitheia means not just truth, but the uncovering of what is hidden. Thus it is a word for truth that entails both concealment and unconcealment. I’m not sure that has gone very far. Too complicated maybe? I dont know.

            I also understand that there was a psychologist named Carl Jung who talked about the Shadow. The unknown, the dark forces, things that impel us that we do not understand, and maybe sometimes bad things. And that self development and mental health entailed not deny the Shadow but learning about it and somehow encompassing it and coming to terms with it.

            Western man is not making much progress with that as far as I can tell. The technological powers which lead to nihilism recognized as cultural malaise in the late 19th century have just gotten stronger, the malaise has worsened, and from the 20th century of fire we may just fade into ice as we drift into obscurity atomization and insignificance before a rising new cybernetic “Overman” of AI empowered oligarchy that, within 20 years, will make whomever controls the new technology exponentially more powerful rich and un-defeatable than the cruelest money masters or warlords of any preceding era.

            The outlook is grim. It always was.

    2. Didn’t you know, only whites can be racist. That’s why you seldom here of minority attacks on whites unless it is unavoidable.

      I suggest anyone interested look up the “Color of crime” from the new century foundation. Easy to find and read.


  4. By one account, four suspects have been charged:

    Boris Likuwa Lusumbo, 20, Adrian Jamal Cooper, 25, Antonio Kolli Morrow, 21, and Jamar Shamar Robinson, 20.

    That suggests 1 African immigrant and three from the domestic black population. The other references I notice to someone named “Lusumbo” refer to people in Zambia of all places (nowhere near Somalia or Nigeria).

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