Police Seek To Identify Attackers Of Man Outside Of The Minnesota Twins Stadium

Minnesota police are looking for a group of men who brutally attacked a man who was sitting outside of the Minnesota Twins stadium. The two minute videotape below shows the man savagely attacked by at least six young males who strip him, stomp on him, and rob him. It is the utter glee of the attackers that is so chilling in the film as they laugh at his suffering.

The man is attacked after one of the men grabs something out of his hand. What follows is a mob attack with the felons laughing as they run him over with a bike, jump on him, and kick him.

It is very likely that these individuals did not visit the stadium area for the first time before this attack. One would think that the police would be able to generate better images of the suspects.

We have recently saw a similar mob attack here in Washington, though we also saw such viciousness in an individual attack recently in London. It is the total lack of empathy or humanity that makes these videotapes so disturbing. Where most people are inclined to want to help someone in suffering, these attackers find such suffering thrilling and funny. That is precisely why they are such dangers to society and need to be found.

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    1. Oh dear. The Sharpiegate war has spread to this thread.

      Too bad that one of the contestants goes by the handle of Anonymous.

  1. Various groups have trouble assimilating. Here the most noticeable are the American Pacific Island students. Too often in the police blotter news.

    Somehow, over a generation the so-called Native American students, never troublesome, now manage to graduate in relevant majors such as Land Management. Never used to make it.

    1. Oh yes. The handful of African American students think that they are being over policed.

      And no, there still are but at most a few Latinos. Don’t come to Washington State University anyway.

    2. David Benson is the God Emperor of Making Stuff Up and owes me thirty-five citations (one from the OED, one from the town ordinances and two from the Old Testament), an equation and the source of a quotation, after forty-three weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – one of your American Pacific Islanders who was being tutored by a female friend of mine, proceeded to whip out his johnson and masturbate to completion during the tutoring session. She came to me because she wasn’t sure what to do about it. I said “Turn his ass in!” He didn’t make it to the week-end.

    3. There is no such thing as a native American. Americans were “white” (Naturalization Act 1790) and created in 1789. Indians were Asiatic nomads who were the mortal enemies of Americans. Indians were in the area now considered to be the United States millennia before America was establish in 1789, You make absolutely zero sense; unless you are engaging in baseless, incoherent political “spin.”

  2. “How Classic Anti-Semitic Tropes are being Marshaled against Ilhan Omar and Muslim-Americans”



    Racism is not that complicated, and is always simple-minded and stupid, and so it is not a surprise that contemporary racists can’t come up with new tropes for demeaning minorities.

    Here are the themes, as The Anne Frank Institute explains them:

    1. Othering: Hitler was influenced by Austrian politician Georg Ritter von Schönerer (1842-1921), who wanted to see Austria and Germany merge into one nation. That nation, however, he held, had not place for Jews, who were not really Germans and could not really be citizens.

    Von Schönerer othered German-speaking Jews, and denied them the possibility of full citizenship. Likewise, those who attack Muslim-Americans like Ilhan Omar from the Right are hinting around broadly that they are not and cannot be real Americans (whom they code as white). Trump’s visa ban, explicitly implemented because, he said, he believes “Islam hates us,” prohibits Somali refugees like Ilhan Omar from coming to the United States and is premised on the notion that Somali Muslims can never truly be citizens of the United States in the way the Trumps are.

    2. The Stab in the Back. Adolf Hitler served in the army during World War I and his eyes were hurt by gas. In hospital, he heard the news of the defeat of Austria and Germany. He nearly had a nervous breakdown, unable to believe the news.

    So Hitler came up with an explanation, the “stab in the back.” Germany and Austria fought well, but the war effort was undermined by the lack of patriotism of the German Jews. In fact, some 100,000 Jews served in the German army in WW I, and Hitler’s charge was a crackpot notion

    Ilhan Omar is being accused of being insufficiently patriotic because she maintains that you can’t blame Muslims in general for 9/11, that it was the action of a small fringe group, al-Qaeda, whom she, like George W. Bush, called “people.”

    The implication of Dan Crenshaw is that Omar is not outraged enough about the 9/11 attacks, is insufficiently patriotic, is “stabbing us in the back.”

    It is quite the opposite, of course. She is saying that American Muslims are patriotic and devoted to their country and should not be confused with a tiny Saudi-Egyptian terrorist clique based in Afghanistan in the 1990s.

    Just as German Jews actually served in the German Army, so American Muslims serve in the US military, and some have lost their lives fighting for their country. And Omar’s own service in Congress is a demonstration of her devotion to her nation.

    3. Germs and Disease of the Nation: Hitler began calling Jews “germs” early in his political career and saw them as disease vectors that weaken the nation. This theme is related to the stab in the back, inasmuch as one way racial minorities were held by the Nazis to weaken the nation was by introducing infirmities into the national, racial stock.

    I don’t need to go into the history of white nationalist eugenicism with regard to African-Americans, or Trump’s allegation that no country run by an African had ever amounted to anything, or his epithet of “shithole” countries, directed at Africa.

    4. Alliance with Socialists. The Nazis could not make up their minds whether Jews were weakening Germany because of their international banking practices as capitalists or because they were hand in glove with Communists and Socialists. You wouldn’t typically imagine that there were a lot of banker communists. But they pulled it off.

    Likewise, the right wing rage machine attempts to make a connection between Muslims, whom they code in general as the enemy, and liberals and leftists. Thus, an influential meme on right wing social media held that President Obama deliberately settled 70,000 Somali refugees in Minnesota to arrange for the election of Ilhan Omar. Presidents don’t settle refugees in a particular place and the meme is not true in any way. But it helps nail down the minority-socialist threat that Nazis also saw in left-wing Jews.

    5. Racial hierarchy. Nazis slotted every human being into a “race” and then ordered them by the better and worse races. Somehow German Nazis managed to put the so-called German race at the very top.

    (There aren’t actually any races. Germans are diverse in their genetic inheritance. German is a language, not a people; in fact there are 4 million Muslim Germans today and 200,000 or so Jewish Germans, and lots of “Slavic” Germans). Nazism confused language groups with “pure” blood lines, but people get all mixed up over time genetically and often change their language. Americans mostly speak English but few of their ancestors did.)

    Trump’s version of the Republican Party, bolstered by the Neo-Nazi wing and the fascist Mercer/Bannon wing at Breitbart, has revived notions of racial hierarchy, and one of the reasons Ilhan Omar is being told to sit down and shut up is that she is a woman of color. Congress is for Mitch McConnell, not for the likes of her.

    These themes are obviously extremely dangerous. They contributed to the murder of 6 million Jews. We must stand against them today, whether they are deployed against Jews or Muslims. We must not allow religious minorities to be racialized and then demeaned, to be othered and viewed as lesser, as unpatriotic or as diluting America’s whiteness.

    We must not.

    1. Are you saying White Nationalism is a bad thing??? Because I don’t think it is. I think most every nation wants to stay the color it is. You sure don’t hear people saying Mexico is too brown,and needs more whites, blacks, and Asians. You don’t hear people saying Somalia is too black, and needs more whites, hispanics and Asians.

      Nope, that is reserved for white countries.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. The American Founders told you what an American is four times within the year of adoption of the Constitution.

        “…free white person,…”

        Federal naturalization laws (1790, 1795, 1798, 1802).

        United States Congress, “An act to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization” (March 26, 1790).

        Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That any Alien being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof

    2. “So Hitler came up with an explanation, the “stab in the back.” Germany and Austria fought well, but the war effort was undermined by the lack of patriotism of the German Jews. In fact, some 100,000 Jews served in the German army in WW I, and Hitler’s charge was a crackpot notion”

      Not crackpot. An oversimplification crossed with an exagerration, but like many widely held notions, it had a grain of truth.

      What, specifically? While it’s true that many Jews served with honor for the Kaiser., however. the Communist subversives who lead the mass strikes and other civil disorders (Munich putsch) were often by population, Jewish over-represented, to use an expression from our “affirmative action” lexicon . Kurt Eisner is one such example. There were many others.

      Likewise, in the USSR, the leadership and higher cadres of the Bolsheviks were often Jewish. Stalin and Bukharin were exceptions. The other names? Start with Trotsky and move on down. Solzenitsyn wrote a book about this: 200 Years Together.

      In the USA many of the CPUSA were Jewish. Again, this is no secret.

      This is not antisemitism, it is factual. Intelligent Jewish people can and do acknowledge this. It is not to blame Jews for the errors and evils of communism. Clearly, part of the reason communist leadership was heavily Jewish, is because Jews were very learned, hence leadership material for any political or social movement.


      It’s a good thing that in the USA today, there is a great diversity of political opinion among Jewish people, and you can see them not only concentrated on the far left, but across the whole range including the Republican party, Trumpists, among gun rights advocates, and many different circles.

      Like many things, the participation of Jewish populations “among the nations” is a complicated historical and social topic, and complicated topics are often not well understood by the masses, which is part of the reason you see perennial pogroms and persecutions against the Jews.

      And not just the masses. I can take six philosophers and ask them if Nietzsche was an antisemite or a philosemite and get 12 opinions. WHich reminds me of an old joke….

      1. No, Stalin and Bukharin were not ‘exceptions’. The complaint offered by Russian nationalists is that the early Bolshevik regime was chock-a-block with minorities of various sorts, not that it was dominated by Jews. The same complaint has been offered about the Roumanian regime ca. 1947.

        1. Feel free to argue with Solzhenitsyn.

          As you probably know, the context also included the notion among Jews that the Tsar and his police were antisemites, etc.

          And, the White Army side of the Civil war had those among its leadership (Mikhail Konstantinovich Diterikhs ) who claimed that the false convert Sverdlov, the Communist leader who is believed to have ordered the execution the Tsar and his innocent family, was working out something of a “jewish plot” against Orthodoxy, approved by Trotsky. that was a belief in 1922, advanced it. Whatever the motivation, it seems well founded that Sverdlov ordered the hits and Trotsky ratified them.

          Anyways, the notion that the Jews were over represented among the Bolsheviks, is not really controversial, and many Jews have written and discussed it much themselves …. there are hundreds of hits you can find like this on the net


          I’m not blaming the Jews for the crimes of Communism. That’s the viewpoint of many, however, and it has a certain factual nexus to the fact of over representation, or people would not continue to be discussing it seriously, so many years later.

          1. Anyways, the notion that the Jews were over represented among the Bolsheviks, is not really controversial,

            I see you’ve moved to another square on the checkerboard.

            1. “The complaint offered by Russian nationalists is that the early Bolshevik regime was chock-a-block with minorities of various sorts, not that it was dominated by Jews”

              I gave you the name of a White-Russian General and author who asserted that Sverdlov and Trotsky were implementing a Jewish plot when they assassinated the Tsar and his family. That was 1922. A significant example in support of my assertion.

              I am not saying that Russian nationalists did not criticize the Bolsheviks for pandering to the peripheral nations like Georgians. And maybe they did think that, and maybe they thought that for good reason. But that does not support the element of your proposition that they did NOT think Jews were over-represented. I believe they did and I gave a specific example from 1922 from the White leadership.

              So, I did not ignore your comment, and I responded to it. If you want to prove your assertion, go ahead. I will probably be more interested in that than anyone else would, since I’m a casual student of history, but they may take amusement in the topic as well.

              1. I gave you the name of a White-Russian General and author who asserted that Sverdlov and Trotsky were implementing a Jewish plot when they assassinated the Tsar and his family. That was 1922. A significant example in support of my assertion.

                I don’t care. I was referring to latter-day Russian nationalists.

  3. Once again, this replys to the nth degree are set in such narrow lines that I cannot read the text on this mobile device.

    Probably just as well.

    1. David Benson is the God Emperor of Making Stuff Up and owes me thirty-five citations (one from the OED, one from the town ordinances and two from the Old Testament), an equation and the source of a quotation, after forty-three weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – why the hell do you have your mail delivered to your phone? Don’t you have a PC with a decent monitor that you can download them onto?

    1. Juan Cole & Glenn Carle: Bush Admin Asked CIA to Help Discredit Juan Cole Reputation. 1 of 3

      1. One can only assume the reason Dr. Death brought up Juan Cole at this point was because of the discussion between David and myself. Once again Dr. Death forgets context. Neither David nor I were talking about America’s involvement in Iraq or whatever beef there was between Cole and Bush. Context, something Dr. Death doesn’t seem to understand. Too complex for him? Probably. Not too bright.

        1. “Allan says:September 15, 2019 at 10:32 PM
          David, it is not my comprehension rather your memory. You forget that you used Cole as an authority before to agree with something you said and I responded at the time telling you a bit about Cole that wasn’t very pleasant.”

          Allan said, “I responded…telling you a bit about Cole that wasn’t very pleasant.”

          1. CONTEXT!!!

            The unpleasantness didn’t have to do with the Iraq war or the claim Bush tried to discredit him. Are we going to have another bout of response after response because you don’t know what context is and because you are a liar and stupid?

                1. in politics people see groups. groups do exist and sometimes do align against each other. groups change, align, realign, overlap, etc. but groups still exist and the notion that groups do not have some responsibility for the actions which they actively espouse and pursue, is a typical false belief of liberals

                  this is why they have a hard time with accepting that Islam is religion which in its sacred texts, explicitly sanctions forcible conversion, the taxation of nonbelievers, and if necessary their mass slaughter.

                  I know a lot of fine Muslims and among their various national components, some are more peaceable than others. Only fools see them all as atomized individuals.

                  That’s the one big foolish premise of liberalism, that we are all just atomized individuals. Indeed I think it’s their objective as well as their false belief, but I have a hard time making sense of it.

              1. David, we can drop it as irrelevant to Somalis in Minnesota and consider your reply to be demonstrating a bit of flat affect allong with a bit of naivete.

                1. When it will get him into a pickle, Allan backs off.

                  What was it you said about Cole, Allan?

                  1. You are a liar so I don’t feel terribly helpful towards you. What I said to David is something you can look for. It’s clear and it is on the blog.

                    1. Quote the sentence that is causing you so much trouble and tell us in your own words what it is that you are questioning.

                    2. You don’t even know what the discussion was about so you are making outlandish accusations.

                    3. Anonymous, you sound like you wish to be thought of as a rational and intelligent human being. You are not. You can’t even garner the intellect to respond to the almost 4 hours in time to get Richardson to a place where she could be treated and you lie about the context of what an expert said. One might ask themselves why do you lie so much and why can’t you get things even partially straight? The only answer is that your ego wishes you not to look foolish so you lie to protect your human dignity and rationality. The only problem is you are irrational.

                      I’m not sure what your sudden interest is in Juan Cole. Do you want another set of back and forth arguments when you couldn’t get the first one right? Are you an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist looking for cover? Maybe you should reconsider the next argument you choose but if you are interested tell us what you know of Juan Cole. That means reading a good bit of what he has written and then report on it. Don’t provide articles (citations for your insignificant rhetoric are ok) because all that means is that you figured out how to Google but you don’t know squat.

                    4. I take note that the liar cannot even mouth one sentence about Juan Cole. Anonymous must be disappointed that I have prevented him from rolling in schitt.

                  2. I could go over the reasons again why there was no 4 hour delay, Allan, but it’s pointless.
                    You do not pay attention to what was previously written, so there is no reason to believe that you’ll change that tactic now.
                    When you settle on a number for the supposed “delay” in the her treatment, at least try sticking with the same number.
                    You have been at a ” 2 hours delay”, a “3 hour delay”, and a “4 hour delay” at different points in your comments.

                    1. “I could go over the reasons again why there was no 4 hour delay, Allan, but it’s pointless.”

                      Do so without lying. Tell us why it was necessary to take almost 4 hours to get Natasha to the hospital that could offer treatment. If it took 8 hours would you still be satisfied? How about 24 hours?

                      One should picture themselves lying on a normal highway bleeding to death from trauma after a car accident. Would it be acceptable for there to be an almost 4 hour delay before getting the patient to a hospital that could stop the bleeding? Would one take the patient to another facility first to check the blood pressure despite the fact that the facility couldn’t operate to stop the bleeding or give blood?

                      Face it anonymous. You are an idiot.

            1. Let’s hear about that “bit about Cole that wasn’t very pleasant.” What was it, Allan?

              1. “Anonymous must be disappointed that I have prevented him from rolling in schitt.”

                No, but I am laughing.

                What I do know is that “loco” is synonymous with “Allan.”

                    1. I think Allan’s hung up on the Natasha Richardson situation because someone once dropped him on his head. They didn’t get him to the hospital on time — and we’re seeing the results.

                1. To the other anonymous,
                  There is a way, once and for all, to end the exchange a out the Richardson case.
                  If Allan told how brilliant and knowledgeable be is, he would accept repies without displaying his usual defensiveness and thin skin.
                  And if it might help him out, I’ll consider signing my comments as “Diane”.
                  It would please him to think that he’s right I thinking that I am “Diane”, and boost his “I’m Allan and I’m never wrong” self- image.

                  1. You are not Diane. You are the brainless wonder, but Diane has used the anonymous label. She also went by the name late 4 dinner also L4D. I am not always right but you and Dr. Death are almost always wrong at least in discussions with me. I don’t need praise. I am secure. You are lonely and on the hunt for a companion.

                    1. Allan — the little fount of non-wisdom — says: “I am secure. You are lonely and on the hunt for a companion.”

                      No, no, and no. (But please, wager a lot of money on it. You would lose, kiddo.)

                    2. Brainless Wonder you have certain affectations similar to those Diane possessed. Your light, however, is dimmer.

                    3. priority 1 established at 2:59 arrives 6:38

                      That is a delay of 3 hours and 39 minutes or almost 4 hours. You want to nit pick?

                  2. What an idiot he is. (Refer to his comment at 8:25.)

                    Options to be sure, but better not to tip the old hand.

                    Allan is always “brilliant and knowledgeable” and right — in Allan’s mind.

          1. Dr. Death is you, anonymous. A person that doesn’t have the backbone to live with one alias and has to hide even his most recent alias among the postings of others similarly inclined.

            Grow a backbone and start walking and thinking like a two legged human instead of a 4 legged animal.

            1. darren already banned her. The assisted living center staff is helping her make the rounds of local coffee shops and libraries, so she can use their WiFi.

              1. Evidently, you and Allan have it all figured out.
                With commando- like stealth, “Diane” has returned.
                Right. I knew that Allan was dumb enough to draw that conclusion, but I thought the Absurd One had more on the ball than that.

              2. DSS, I don’t think this anonymous is Diane. I think he is another person who was nutty as well and posted here about a year ago. He isn’t very intelligent and arrogance gets in the way of him growing. He is a coward and hides behind more than one anonymous.

            2. I found no listing in The Directory of Medical Specialists for a Dr. Allan Blowhard.
              You are as anonymous using the name “Allan” as anyone else is, except for a few who use their actual names.
              As “Allan”, you are free to play expert and make accusations that you can not back up.
              Like that it supposed to be showing that you have a spine.
              Nice try, you fraud.

              1. I use a consistent name so I am recognized as Allan. You wish to hide even your alias to prevent people from following what you say. That is the cowardice. Rightfully you are a coward because you lack intellectual rigor and prefer to spread the lack among other alias’s. On this blog it is probably better not to reveal one’s real name or residence.

                1. I can see why someone would want to avoid using one’s own name, “Allan”.
                  There are also reasons why I post as “”anonymous”, especially when dealing with a phony and a blowhard like you.

                  1. You really can’t read or you would have seen that I don’t advocate you using a real name only a distinct name that separates you from other anonymous’s.

                    1. I can see where it mght be confusing for Allan with 2 or 3 anonymouses commenting on his posts. But using distinct usernames woukd do nothing to clear up Allan’s confusion, as he had “mutiple systemic failures” in basic reading comprehension.

                    2. Brainless Wonder can only insult but hasn’t added one iota of useful information. That is why she is known as the Brainless Wonder.

                    3. it would be easier and quicker and less painful for readers of the blog if both of you took your lovers quarrel to the nearest drig slum, do several hits of heroin and rid yourselves and us of your miserable addiction

                      desist from posting on here

  4. More minority enrichment and joy for which they are well known. Perhaps Somali in this case. The Somalis are a great benefit to Minneapolis, for sure. Now they have a new, additional underclass!

    I have spent some time in Minnesota, am familiar with the “Minnesota” nice concept. Courteous people but love to pontificate about things they have little direct experience or knowledge (i.e. the attitude of Southerners towards blacks). Kind of like someone who has lived Patagonia their entire life trying to tell a person how to survive in the desert.

    Something tells me that being a good liberal or virtue signaling is of no use when a dindu comes calling.


    1. antonio,
      That’s funny about Minnesotans pontificating about Southerners’ treatment of blacks. For one thing, Malcolm X acquired his hatred for whites after growing up in northern midwest states of Michigan and Wisconsin. He never lived in the South.
      Randy Newman’s acerbic hit “Rednecks” brilliantly attempts to set the race record straight with wit and sarcasm.

  5. OT: Sportsmanship instead of violence

    WATCH! Israel lacrosse team gifts cleats to Kenyan team

    The Israeli women’s lacrosse team scored major points last week when the players found a way to gift cleats to the entire Kenyan team who had been playing all this time without them.

    After defeating the Kenyan team in the 2019 Women’s Lacrosse Under 19 World Championships in Ontario, Canada last week, the Israeli players noted how every member of the Kenyan team played in regular sneakers, which puts you at a disadvantage against a team of equal caliber.

    According to a report in the Daily Kos, three Israeli players were bothered by that and later that day asked their parents if they could help purchase proper cleated shoes for each member of the Kenyan team. One of the parents happens to be a foot doctor in Israel.

    “They called a coach from the Kenyan team, who gave them each players name and shoe size, and a promise of secrecy. And literally overnight, with the help of a local specialty store that stayed open much of the night to help fulfill this moment, they had the shoes.”

    “The Kenyan coach had his team come to the Israeli-Belgium game that day in the guise of scoping out Belgium who they themselves would be playing the next day. And after the game, each sister from the Israeli side had something to give, as an offering of love to their new friends.”

    Lacrosse is relatively new in both countries and both Kenya and Israel are near the bottom of the 22-country roster.

    “This is what I’ll remember in twenty years. My friends. My old ones and my new ones.

    This is the real reason why we are here,” said Israel’s goalie Lielle Assayag.

    After the Kenyan team posted a video of the event on its twitter account, ESPN retweeted the post which has been seen by millions.

    “Our players, coaches and supporters take pride in representing our country using our sport as a way of building bridges and connections to Israel. They continue to inspire the world winning on and off the field.” — David Ladsay, COO of the Israel Lacrosse Association

    With their new footwear the Kenyans defeated Belgium 16-9 the following day, earning their second win of the tournament.

    video at:

    1. The website you listed did NOT list Spokane as the highest rate. It only listed two cities: Seattle and Spokane. Seattle was listed as the higher of the two. So there is no need to correct that one.

      I checked the page for Spokane, Washington. Nowhere on that page did it state that Spokane had the highest crime rate in Washington, the closest information was that it had a rate of crime above the state average.

      So it seems both of the sources you cited as proof of your assertion actually contradicted your position.

      But I suppose we are expected to find some ghost webpage on Wikipedia that enumerates all the facts that you’ve claimed. I’d say it is most likely you just, in your words, are “making things up.”

      You simply didn’t have any facts to support your assertion about Spokane having the highest crime rate in Washington.

        1. I used my browser to search for

          Highest crime rate city Washington state

          That produced many on many sites claiming Spokane.

  6. Rashida Tlaib, who is a member of “the squad” of 3 leftist congresswomen of color, tweeted a video of 3 white boys beating up a black kid in a locker room at some school in Florida, she tweeted it a couple days after this vid was published. I wondered if this was a case of one thing following another ie publishing what looks like a racist hate crime to neutralize to some extent this vid which has the potential to go viral though it hasn’t yet.

      1. Wait. Did you just say that?

        Are you a certified expert with credentials?

        Wiki indicates that Arabs are Arabid, a morphological subtype of the Caucasoid race.

        Maybe they’re a morphological supertype of Negroid.

        I think it’s less science than hokum.

        The Founders required American citizens to be “…free white person(s)…,” apparently not a race at all if brown Arabs are Caucasians.

        Is white a race?

        Is race pigmentation?

        Are Arabs something between the black of Africans and the white or Europeans?

        The sequence would logically be out of Africa to other regions and other colors – maybe denizens of this planet don’t really know their origins at all.

        Arabid race
        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
        Jump to navigation
        Jump to search
        Egyptian Bedouin man of mixed Arabid-Hamitic type.

        The Arabid race (also known as the Orientalid race) is a historical term for a morphological subtype of the Caucasoid race, as used in traditional physical anthropology.[1]

          1. I googled it and it translated to: “Cindy Bragg retracts statement that Tlaib is Caucasian because she is not an expert and does not actually know, in so far as it is possible for anyone to “know” something definitively in the field of “science” which is so often arbitrary.”

            Yep, that’s what it said.

            Are you retracting your statement that Tlaib is Caucasian?

    1. Tlaib must not know the public school system in Florida. Fights are standard norm, like an everyday event.

      Black on White, White on Black, Latina on Black, Black on Latino.

      She is barking up the wrong tree with this one. Most ppl who know the system in Florida would just laugh at her.

      1. https://youtu.be/hBYN1wKp2Xg

        Yep, I saw this a lot in public middle school in Florida.

        Girl on Girl fights.

        I remember one gal had her hoop earrings pulled out of her ears. They had the body guards/security break it up.

        They usually would just throw the child over their shoulders and carry them kicking and screaming to the admin office to be suspended.

  7. This is my home. If they do catch these people, I promise that Hennepin County will give them a slap on the wrist. Up until the 2004, one could walk around downtown with no problems. Minneapolis used to be one of the safest large cities in the U.S. Now you can’t even go to Target Field.

    We didn’t ask for this. The politicians just found reliable DFL voters and imported them.


    1. Just in case anyone is misled, no, they are Muslim.

      Which is a religion of peace according to Juan Cole.

      1. David, why not quote Osama bin Laden as well. Cole would find him more appealing than a supporter of Israel.

          1. David, the word quote has more than one meaning. You said “Which is a religion of peace according to Juan Cole.”.

            Here you gave a name to provide authority for your conclusion. This is not the first time you have used Cole’s name in this context. If you prefer you can use Osama bin Laden as your authority.

            1. It wasn’t my conclusion. Just that of Juan Cole.

              You seem to score poorly on reading comprehension.

              1. David, it is not my comprehension rather your memory. You forget that you used Cole as an authority before to agree with something you said and I responded at the time telling you a bit about Cole that wasn’t very pleasant.

  8. This is really shocking, and horrific.

    Has anyone experienced the attacks in Paris at the Sacré-Cœur Basilica?

    1. I also saw some guy burned alive on Twitter feed, and couldn’t believe my eyes. Ppl were hitting the guy with wood and bricks, and ppl cheered, and watched him die. I think it was somewhere in Africa…Minnesota is close though. Seems like rather excessive violence to steal a drunk guys cell phone. In Europe don’t they just bump into you and brush you, and Poor, your wallet is gone.

    2. https://youtu.be/EhPq3nkIFTc


      This is much more tame than the day I was there.

      The day I was there a tourist was punched, another was knocked to the floor. The Paris police were called. What looked like military police showed up too.

      And the group of scam/theft artist were scattering around the park like rats, and getting chased down by various police on foot. Toirost were yelling and screaming.

      One theft artist jumped the park fence and slide down the side of a hill on his Arse. He got away.

      Another one tried to throw a black garbage bag out of the middle of his pants/groin area into the grass while the officer looked away, but some tourist pointed it out.

      Turns out the guys had ppls wallets, phones, you name it.

      Chaotic, but still less violent than this Minn attack.

  9. In other news,this should be a hoot! Tomorrow is the big day!

    In this stunning work of investigative journalism, filmmaker Joel Gilbert uncovers the true story of the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, a tragedy that divided America.

    By examining Trayvon’s 750-page cell phone records, Gilbert discovers that the key witness for the prosecution of George Zimmerman, the plus-sized 18-year-old Rachel Jeantel, was a fraud. It was in fact a different girl who was on the phone with Trayvon just before he was shot. She was the 16-year-old named “Diamond” whose recorded conversation with attorney Benjamin Crump ignited the public, swayed President Obama, and provoked the nation’s media to demand Zimmerman’s arrest.
    Gilbert’s painstaking research takes him through the high schools of Miami, into the back alleys of Little Haiti, and finally to Florida State University where he finds Trayvon’s real girlfriend, the real phone witness, Diamond Eugene. Gilbert confirms his revelations with forensic handwriting analysis and DNA testing.
    After obtaining unredacted court documents and reading Diamond’s vast social media archives, Gilbert then reconstructs the true story of Trayvon Martin’s troubled teenage life and tragic death.
    In the process, he exposes in detail the most consequential hoax in recent American judicial history, The Trayvon Hoax, that was ground zero for the downward spiral of race relations in America.


    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. It would make no sense to have Rachel Jeantel contrive fraudulent testimony. She was a dreadful witness. See Jerilyn Merrit’s commentary on her. It was a real crap shoot to put her on the stand and it’s difficult to believe Bernardo de la Rionda did not know that. Her testimony wasn’t crucial. It made explicit what was implicit in Trayvon Martin’s conduct: that he’d noticed Zimmerman scoping him and had been spooked by it. A simple scale map of the complex and the recording of Zimmerman speaking with the non-emergency dispatcher demonstrate passably something crucial: that TM quite deliberately and unnecessarily walked 75 yards from the back entrance of Brandi Greene’s townhouse to where Zimmerman was loitering, and attacked him.

      That she wasn’t his gf has been known for six years and she never claimed to have been his gf. Pictures of a young lady he had his eye on (with him in the frame) have circulated for six or seven years.

        1. I am however, reading Grey Wolf, which says that Hitler died in Patagonia in 1962!

          Historical fiction which draws from the author’s imagination and fills in the blanks between known data points is OK. Not my thing, but OK. Historical fiction which lies is not.

            1. They’re loons. Ample testimonial and forensic evidence was collected by the Red Army in 1945 to demonstrate that Hitler died in his bunker. For one thing, the man’s dental work was so extensive and unusual that a layman might be able to recognize it. The dental records were available to investigators and his dentist and the man’s office staff were debriefed.

        2. Adolf Eichmann was in Argentina.

          “The House on Garibaldi Street”

          – Isser Harel

    2. Squeeky, this may or may not interest you. The Shubert Theater in NYC present play is To Kill a Mockingbird. Downstairs where one buys memorabilia is a hooded sweatshirt with the name Trayvon across the center. The urban legend has been created and likely will not change

    3. if the fact that the perp was bangning zimmerman’s skull on the concrete was not enough to justify his actions, then nothing was

  10. Dial 911. It’ll take the cops 20 minutes to respond. A .357 magnum travels at 1500 feet per second.

  11. The arrested perp is from Somalia so most likely an ethnic Somali. As such, I wouldn’t classify him as having “African” ancestry or being “Black”.

    Hope the jail time forthcoming does him some good, but I doubt that it will.

    1. Somalia is in East Africa just across the Gulf of Aden from the Arabian Peninsula. The Somalis share their linguistic group with the Arabs, along with religion and much else. So in that sense neither African nor Black.

      This is easy to find in any encyclopedia. Go read before further exposing your ignorance.

      1. David Benson is the God Emperor of Making Stuff Up and owes me thirty-five citations (one from the OED, one from the town ordinances and two from the Old Testament), an equation and the source of a quotation, after forty-three weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – David you have raised an interesting point. Ilhan Omar is Somali, so is she African? She sure looks black. Are you assuming her race? Or is Omar Semetic and a race traitor when she makes anti-Semetic comments? Now, for me, they are black, Muslim, and a problem.

        1. The people from India are darker skinned the further south they come from. Yet all are Indo-European.

          Don’t be misled by skin color.

      2. David-

        PaulCS is right. Look, you said: “Somalia is in East Africa” and then you said, “…neither African.”

        Sooo, in DavidWorld, us Americans are not Americans, because we speak English, and Christianity is our religion. Sooo. us Americans are in Europe.

        Just admit that you speak before you think. Don’t make it worse.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

          1. You were the one who wrote that Somalia was in East Africa and then said that it was not African, professor.

            1. No I did not. I wouldn’t call a Somali African any more than I would call an Ontario native an American.

              Africa is a large continent with many ethnicities. Lumping Tunisians with Kenyans is ludicrous.

            2. Impeach David?
              Impeach Trump?
              Impeach Kavanaugh?


              The comments on Youtube: priceless


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