“You Just Ran Into Two People From New York, Kiddo”: Rand Paul Becomes Latest Victim Of Restaurant Abuse

I have previously written about my dismay over verbal and even physical attacks on politicians, particularly conservatives, in restaurants. Liberal couples and activists believe that they have license to scream and disrupt meals of those with whom they disagree politically. The latest such abuse occurred when Sen. Rand Paul was trying to have lunch at a California restaurant with his staff when a couple began to shout profanities at them.

The woman is shown screaming “You just ran into two people from New York, kiddo, and we’re not putting up with your Republican bullshit.” Of course, Paul was simply have a meal but the couple believed that they had the right to verbally abuse him because they do not share his politics.

I have written for years about the declining recognition of basic values like civility in dealing with people with whom we disagree. This is another such example. These people believe that they have the right to scream at people in public because they hold opposing views. So this is the society that we want as adults? Conservatives will now yell at liberal politicians at restaurants and we can live in a society where everyone believes that they have a right to stalk and abuse others during meals or shows or any public activities.

Many have rightfully asked if Trump’s abusive rhetoric is a good example for children and society. The same is true with this video. I teach my kids to respect others and not to spew profanities at people because you disagree with their political views — whether inside or outside New York City.

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  1. Leftist, consistently showing their only side, WaCkO! Arrogant, morally inept, authoritarians need to cool off, get a grip, and understand the world doesn’t revolve around them.

  2. Superior Court Judge Craig Mitchell: walking the talk


    Catholics ‘run the race’ in the fight against homelessness

    NEW YORK – For Craig Mitchell, a pair of running shoes has become just as much a part of his professional gear as his judge’s robe.

    Mitchell, a superior court judge in Los Angeles, may be known for spending his days behind the bench, but is dedicating most of his free time these days to hitting the notoriously rough streets of Skid Row, running alongside the city’s homeless population in hopes of spurring them toward a brighter future.

    As a Catholic, Mitchell says that his faith is part of the motivation for his efforts, citing Christ’s words that “what you did not do for one of these least ones, you did not do for me.”

    “One of the things that keeps me Catholic,” he told Crux in a recent interview, “is the emphasis the Church has not just on knowing your scripture or just going to church, but walking the walk.”

    Or, in his case, running the race.

    In 2012, Mitchell started a running club after a man he’d previously sentenced returned to thank him for “treating me like a human being.”

    The individual was on parole at the Midnight Mission, a social services organization in the heart of L.A.’s Skid Row, and, after seeing the effect of just one person being treated like a human being, Mitchell thought he might be able to have the same influence on others.

    The result: The Skid Row Running Club, which brought together a mix of homeless individuals, off duty law enforcement officials, and other individuals in recovery – all with the hope of uniting together to better their health, relationships, and to provide a regular source of stability and purpose in their lives.

    At age 62, Mitchell has completed marathons in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East – not to mention his own country – and is now helping others do the same.

    Two days a week he rises long before the sun is out and heads to Skid Row where he joins anywhere from 30 to 50 other runners, many of whom are homeless, for a trek around the city. On Saturdays, he’s back at it, joining in the training for long distance runs. In total, he estimates that over 300 individuals have joined him in his early morning runs.

    For Mitchell, homeless individuals may feel a certain societal stigma, but once they hit the streets running, an egalitarian spirit kicks in, serving as a healthy reminder that they’re all in it together – and one that he hopes will not only lift their spirits, but also shift public perceptions.

    “The general public has a one dimensional view of what it means to be homeless,” he says, noting that most people are only shaped by the images on television of people pushing shopping carts or living in tents.

    “The depth that any human being possesses innately is very much alive, well and present even if you’re homeless or addicted or recovering from addiction,” Mitchell says, resisting the stereotypes or caricatures that he believes are far too common when it comes to the homeless.

    Homeless individuals are “real people with the same aspirations and goals as everyone,” he insists.

    Mitchell told Crux that he takes inspiration from Pope Francis who has made a “culture of encounter” a focus of his papacy – while adding that despite his “great respect and affinity” for the pope, “he has a very unwieldy church to try and deal with.”

    “There are factions within the Church that are opposed to the emphasis that he has placed on the marginalized, and I just hope they come to see that in his heart, that commitment is extremely genuine.”

    “I wish the forces that are resistant would understand that his commitment is consistent with what we know about Jesus,” says Mitchell.

    In the same spirit that Jesus spent the bulk of his time among the outcasts and the downtrodden, Mitchell says he hopes that his presence is a reminder of what matters most.

    In fact, on October 14, a new documentary – Skid Row Marathon – was released chronicling his efforts, serving as a modern parable of sorts sharing the good news of his work and inspiring others to consider ways in which they might see the homeless in a new light.

    “Every week we get new runners,” says Mitchell. “What keeps me waking up at 2:30 a.m. is the knowledge that we get new people who are trying to rebuild their lives. The support and the guidance of our program is vital to each one of them.”

  3. Attorney General Bill Barr’s recent address at University of Notre Dame Law School spoke directly to the culture of hate, intolerance, vitriol and inquisition that this sad woman exhibits. She is mirroring what Stephanie Wilkinson, owner of the “Red Hen” restaurant in Lexington VA did to Sarah Huckabee Sanders in 2018. Their intentions are clear and they show a trend. Theirs is one of being a grand inquisitor, determining who is saved and who is sinful, who is righteous and who is full of baloney, who is worthy and who is deplorable


    Attorney General William P. Barr Delivers Remarks to the Law School and the de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture at the University of Notre Dame

    South Bend, IN ~ Friday, October 11, 2019

    think we all recognize that over the past 50 years religion has been under increasing attack.
    On the one hand, we have seen the steady erosion of our traditional Judeo-Christian moral system and a comprehensive effort to drive it from the public square.

    On the other hand, we see the growing ascendancy of secularism and the doctrine of moral relativism. By any honest assessment, the consequences of this moral upheaval have been grim. Virtually every measure of social pathology continues to gain ground.

    In 1965, the illegitimacy rate was eight percent. In 1992, when I was last Attorney General, it was 25 percent. Today it is over 40 percent. In many of our large urban areas, it is around 70 percent.

    Along with the wreckage of the family, we are seeing record levels of depression and mental illness, dispirited young people, soaring suicide rates, increasing numbers of angry and alienated young males, an increase in senseless violence, and a deadly drug epidemic.

    Suffice it to say that the campaign to destroy the traditional moral order has brought with it immense suffering, wreckage, and misery. And yet, the forces of secularism, ignoring these tragic results, press on with even greater militancy.
    Among these militant secularists are many so-called “progressives.” But where is the progress?

    We are told we are living in a post-Christian era. But what has replaced the Judeo-Christian moral system? What is it that can fill the spiritual void in the hearts of the individual person? And what is a system of values that can sustain human social life?

    The fact is that no secular creed has emerged capable of performing the role of religion.

    Scholarship suggests that religion has been integral to the development and thriving of Homo sapiens since we emerged roughly 50,000 years ago. It is just for the past few hundred years we have experimented in living without religion.
    We hear much today about our humane values. But, in the final analysis, what undergirds these values? What commands our adherence to them?

    What we call “values” today are really nothing more than mere sentimentality, still drawing on the vapor trails of Christianity.

    One of the ironies, as some have observed, is that the secular project has itself become a religion, pursued with religious fervor. It is taking on all the trappings of a religion, including inquisitions and excommunication.
    Those who defy the creed risk a figurative burning at the stake – social, educational, and professional ostracism and exclusion waged through lawsuits and savage social media campaigns.

    The pervasiveness and power of our high-tech popular culture fuels apostasy in another way. It provides an unprecedented degree of distraction.

    Part of the human condition is that there are big questions that should stare us in the face. Are we created or are we purely material accidents? Does our life have any meaning or purpose? But, as Blaise Pascal observed, instead of grappling with these questions, humans can be easily distracted from thinking about the “final things.”

    Indeed, we now live in the age of distraction where we can envelop ourselves in a world of digital stimulation and universal connectivity. And we have almost limitless ways of indulging all our physical appetites.

    1. Speaking of Bernie, did you see this — about today’s rally in NYC?


      Edward Snowden tweeted:

      “Crowd looks bigger than some inaugurations.Edward Snowden added,…”


      Bernie Sanders tweeted:

      “We’re not only going to win.

      We’re going to transform the country.

      Thank you to the more than 25,000 people in Queens who made this an incredible day. #BerniesBack”

    2. Bernie was born in 1941. He’s not as arrogant and vicious as people from later cohorts.

  4. I did not see Rand Paul in the video, so am guessing that this is a stunt by some Dums who are full of hate.

  5. Common guys, leave Prof Turley & all the Anti-Trumpers/Anti-Americans alone now they have had a complete Mental Break down.

    It may take them decades or so to heal.

    Keep in mind they can’t see what they really look like.

    1. Do you imagine for one minute that the Founders intended that women EVER be allowed to vote?

  6. The contrived even-handedness is tiresome, professor.

    This woman’s conduct results from a refusal to recognize and respect the various spheres of life. Everything in their minds is subordinated to political struggle and political struggle is about stomping on the hated other. So much has been corrupted in the process, academic life and the law to name two spheres. Again, the phenomenon is a signature of just one side of the aisle. It is a lie to pretend otherwise.

    1. XIAxXV Perhaps you would know this, but did B. Brantley critique the Hamilton cast’s rude interlude “performance”, or just the production, proper? 🤗

    2. “The contrived even-handedness is tiresome, professor.” I agree!! Even conservative media does that far too often. That gives a disingenuous equivalency & is very inaccurate. Example; where is the conservative antifa? Mr. Trumps comments pale in comparison to what the left spews. When did Mr. T shout that conservatives should gang on up lib progs at “restaurants & gasoline stations”? When was the last time conservatives tried to burn a college down in protest over dimm fascists who were going to give a speech or attempt to silence lefties? Robert Di Nero’s vile talk? Where are the conservatives who do what that ‘man’ did?

      When it comes to disinformation, outright lies, including made up takes of a phone call & vile, vulgar, rude harassment & physical violence, the left FAR outpaces the right. Accuracy & honesty trumps feel good ‘even handedness’. Pun optional. 😉


  7. Hello, I’m a condescending, pompous, liberal democrat. And I know I’m right and you’re wrong. And that’s all there is to it.

  8. I hope this woman and her ilk keep doing keep doing this. Behavior like hers and the stable of left wing wack jobs that are running for president will guarantee a second term for Donald Trump.

  9. I wonder if she is related to Caren Turner. Remember her, she who berated 2 cops in New Jersey. Just another pompous New Jersey democrat who is very condescending to those who don’t agree with her.

  10. There’s a lot of New Yorkers in L.A. A lot of Chicagoans as well. I suspect this woman’s an actress from the way she projects. But anyway, Rand Paul’s been warned. I would’ve cracked up laughing had I been there.

  11. I would pick up my phone and call the police and loudly tell dispatch that I’m very afraid, because of the verbal assaults….and that the restaurant is not intervening, so please hurry. All of that would be true.
    Having gray hair and a walker has benefits, too. Sorry, youngsters. 😊

  12. Democrats and Republicans disagree on the role of government and spending, but should share a common belief in patriotism and free speech.

    A hard Leftist, however, feels entitled to terrorize those who disagree with them. This kind of thinking lead to the Stasi, the Sturmabteilung, and those who turned in their neighbors for dissenting.

    They most certainly are not equipped to discuss the facts, or the strengths and weaknesses of any given position.

    So, when we vote, we have to decide what direction we want America to go – the way that cares about the economy and jobs, and doesn’t treat success like a crime, or the way that threatens and harasses those who disagree with them, uses racist identity politics, and divisive warfare.

    1. Of course we know that “hard rightists ” are by contrast to “hard leftists” always polite and conciliatory.. We know this because they never engage in beating up democratic protesters, let alone shooting up synagogues and Wal-Marts and running over people in the street.

      1. There is no rightist equivalent to the antifa who show up at Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren rallies and attack people. And if there was the MSM would constantly keep reminding us of the fact.

        But we know the antifa are righteous warriors fighting “nazis”, so anything goes, right?


        1. Antonio, there are numerous street thugs of both the right and left looking to fight it out. Civilized people who recognize we live in a free democracy where we settle our differences through our constitutional government and by knocking heads should denounce them all.

          1. Antonio, there are numerous street thugs of both the right and left looking to fight it out.

            We have it on your authority. Looking forward to the next time a bunch of Carlists put a Middlebury faculty member in the ER.

          2. Anon1, Let’s see–There is Mad Maxine calling for what this TDS possessed lady & others have done at restaurants, Steve Scalise (sp?) getting shot, antifa fascists beating up people in dimm cities where the cops are usually told to stand down, fascist free speech opposition burning & destroying property at colleges to keep conservative speakers from talking, Robert Di Nero & his toilet mouth, an armed attack at the border by some deranged dude trying to blow up a propane tank…sorry for the short list.

            OK. Now you give me your list of conservatives doing these things. We’ll wait. One No No—-you are not allowed to do a Schiff make it up, like the double tongue liar did with his vile deceptive version of the Ukraine-Trump phone call.



            1. Sam, I refer you to your leader President Trump, though I admit he’s not a “conservative” and I doubt you are either, who stirs crowds with his foul mouth and exhorts them to violence on protesters in the crowd, toward the press in attendance, and speculates on killing perceived opponents, groups like the Proud Boys who somehow manage to show up to fight the similarly despicable Antifa on our streets, and actual murders by those on the right.

              Something tells me that you and some others here don’t mind the violence – they talk about some fantasy blood bath with faux masculinity and the relish typical for the 1st kick off in September – as long as it’s in the right direction.

              I condemn violence of any type in our politics, whether by Antifa or any others, and hope for their arrest and prosecution on whatever charges are available. We have been left a free and constitutional democracy which renders that type of behavior both unnecessary and an attack on our shared heritage and government. I assume you’ll join me in this condemnation.

              PS Unless you’re a mindless zombie, I also assume you would like to know that you’ve been fed a load of BS. Adam Schiff prefaced his comment with:

              “Shorn of its rambling character and in not so many words, this is the essence of what the president communicates: …….”

              In the English language this is know as a paraphrase or parody, in this case announced before hand by Schiff and thus to any human, not an attempt to falsely ascribe a quote. I’m sure you have paraphrased or parodied others as we all do, including your hero.

              Your welcome.

              1. That’s not much of an equivalency list. I didn’t think you could come up with one without making it up.

                I saw the schiif for brains speech. He said ‘parody’ AFTER he lied through his teeth & AFTER being called out. If you want to continue to display your TDS go ahead. What you quoted from cesspool mouth is hardly a qualification for a parody.

                You get a fail.
                No proof conservatives burned up a college campus in an attempt to quell different views.
                Proud Boys? Who are they? Did THEY burn up a college campus? Or attack anyone for their differing views? If they are violent, they don’t represent conservatives. And should be in jail with antifa thugs if they get violent.

                Why is antifa most active in dimm run cities? Is it because dimm mayors & other city officials usually give them a pass because they attack conservatives? Yes.

                Have the Proud Boys burned cars & destroyed property at rallies on the same level & as often as antifa fascists? No. Has fake stream leftie media consistently called for antifa to be reigned in? No.

                I looked up the PBs & the fascist antifa. The PBs are not nearly as actively violent as antifa. And the left stream fake story media & few if any of the lefties in Congress call out antifa violence.

                The left loves antifa. They are the violent replacement thugs taking over for the KKK. Dimms really loved the Klan, but have backed off so the public would think the dimms aren’t racist anymore. It’s a thin cover…

                In your reply you didn’t show us where conservatives were even close to being equal to antifa or those like Mad Maxine, per my 1st paragraph that you replied to. I didn’t think you could.


      2. There is no rightist equivalent to the antifa who show up at Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren rallies and attack people. And if there was the MSM would constantly keep reminding us of the fact.

        But we know the antifa are righteous warriors fighting “nazis” so anything goes, right?


  13. Bring a portable tape recorder and a large loud speaker. Record what they say or scream and play it right back and do so very loudly. Ready, aim, fire.

    1. Putting the ugly itchbays face on the internet is good. I made a paper copy and put it on the toilet paper for free use in the outhouse.

  14. I know that a public official does not have the same expectation of privacy as an average citizen, but the fact that a woman just assaulted him should be investigated. I don’t care if your from the moon, you have no right to publicly abuse someone. The right of redress does not mean when the official is out for a lunch, send a letter to his office.

  15. The woman is clearly emotionally disturbed. She cannot control herself at simply the sight of “a Republican” eating a meal? Sorry lady, that’s not normal.

    I recall the lead actors in the play Hamilton thinking they had the license, the right, to single out a paying customer and his family in their Broadway audience in order to shame and lecture him. That audience member was Vice President Mike Pence and his family. Those actors? Complete jerks. And that same attitude has continued to this day. We now see people being singled out and verbally attacked in restaurants, on the street, anywhere Liberals think they have some kind of right. They don’t. The whole lot of them disgust me from Hillary Clinton to CNN to Hollywood loudmouths, etc….they all disgust me.

    I like the idea of the air horn mentioned earlier. I’m stocking up on a few of those and won’t hesitate to use one.

    1. Anonymous………Good comments.
      Because of the treatment of VP Pence & family by the Hamilton cast of toddlers, I refuse to see or hear anything about that show. Period.
      Any curiosity I might have had about the production was ruined by that unforgivable lapse in civil etiquette.

      1. I love shows, but want nothing to do with Hamilton. If the very cast is hostile to guests in the audience, it is a poor excuse for an evening. Actors sometimes forget that they aren’t actually founding fathers, superheroes, or other important people. Their job is to pretend.

    2. Anonymous – this is so common now. A friend of my sister’s had to stop eating her regular lunch with some people we know mutually, because the anti-conservative rhetoric was so over the top venomous, all the time. All they could talk about was how much they hated Republicans, Trump, etc. She was a Democrat, but it still turned her stomach.

      As for your comment that this is not normal behavior, you can see the woman’s hands shaking in the video, and her jerky movements. Her lymbic system hit into overdrive, flight or fight, by the sight of a man eating whom she opposes politically. She views the fact of his existence as an existential threat to her.

  16. Something needs to be done about these people.

    “Rand Paul has part of lung removed due to 2017 assault”

    Sen. Rand Paul announced that he will likely be absent from the Senate until September after having part of his lung removed following an attack by his neighbor.

    “Unfortunately, I will have to limit my August activities. Part of my lung damaged by the 2017 assault had to be removed by surgery this weekend,” Paul tweeted Monday morning.

    The Kentucky Republican underwent the procedure at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. In the tweet, he praised the “great” doctors, nurses and hospital staff.

    Paul was assaulted at his home in Bowling Green, Kentucky, in November 2017 by Rene Boucher, a neighbor in his gated community.”


  17. Hate to throw perfectly good food at someone but if it were really bad gravy or greasy red meat, i would make an exception. Considering how this fat slob looks, she would dive for the floor and eat the thrown food


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