New Zealand Horrified By Videos Of Beachgoers Kicking Shark To Death While Laughing and Taking Selfies

We have discussed disgraceful attacks or abuse of wild animals from birds to squirrels to tortoises to rabbits to sharks in the past but few reach the level of reported savagery as this week in New Zealand where a shark allegedly was pulled from the water and kicked to death on a beach. Most of us cannot imagine wanting to participate in such an attack on a wild creature. Indeed, many of us travel hundreds or thousands of miles just to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitats. Yet, there remain many people who get a sick joy in harming animals or watching such unspeakable scenes of cruelty. The most distressing element is to see children in some of these pictures. However, the one promising note is that there were people who sought to intervene to help the shark though they said that they roughly treated by the mob.

The police have said that suspects gave conflicting accounts and that there appears evidence that the shark was purposely pulled to shore where a mob kicked it to death. A lifeguard interceded and pulled (with the help of other beachgoers) the shark back into the water. It was too late. It washed back up on to the shore dead.

A witness told the media that men pulled the shark to the beach and people laughed as it was kicked to death and other took selfies.

Great white sharks are listed as ‘vulnerable’ globally by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and New Zealand imposes fines of up to $250,000 (around £128,000) and six months imprisonment for such cruelty. That is better than the punishment meted out to a Florida man who got just 10 days to dragging a shark out of the water to die or the Icelandic fishermen who received no criminal punishment for torturing a shark.

Police are investigating the crime.

Kudos: Professor Roger Schechter

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  2. First, kicking any creature to death that is not attacking you is wrong. Torturing an animal to death is wrong.

    I believe that people do this out of instinct. Those kids who were witnessing this terrible event? They were at a beach with Great White Sharks cruising around offshore. I recall a terrible story from Australia where two parents were holding their toddler’s hands, between them, while he played in the surf. A Great White charged up and killed him, with them standing right there. All the splashing must have attracted it. It wasn’t evil. Predators preferentially kill baby prey because they are easy. They’ve got to eat, which means they ask one question upon seeing every living thing? Is it prey, or not prey?

    I suspect those beach goers viewed that shark as a threat. They were warned that several Great Whites were cruising the water nearby, and not to go into the water, because there was a risk those sharks would try to kill and eat them. At some level, we are still instinctive creatures. There is a predator stalking nearby, eyeing a beach with children, looking for prey. Sometimes the offensive instinct is triggered. Kill it. I don’t agree with what they did, but I think I understand what drove them.

    Sharks don’t have any moral compunction against killing us. When you dissect one, you’ll find they’ve bitten tires to see if they’re edible. They aren’t going to apologize and say, “Oh, dear. I thought you were a seal! I’m so terribly sorry!” The Great Whites bite you and leave because they are waiting for you to exsanguinate so they can feed on you without struggle. When they see the unfamiliar shape of a human, they must wonder, can it sting? Can it bite? Is it venomous? Does it have a hard shell? They are curious about one thing – can I eat it? Once a shark reaches a certain size, it expands the size of its prey, and eventually that may include humans.

    I recall visiting someone we knew’s wild animal compound. He had a tiger whom we were warned not to take my toddler near. He said no children were allowed near the cats. Even though we did not approach, I immediately understood why. From a distance, that cat locked eyes on my kid. Not me. Not my husband. My kid. His eyes went from content and relaxed to alert and…interested. He looked at my kid like prey because no matter how often he was handled, no matter how strongly he’d bonded with his human, he was a tiger, and a tiger is always a wild predator at heart. I was instantly flooded with an intense urge to kill that cat, and I LOVE large cats. A photo safari of large cats, or wolves, would be my heart’s dream. But the urge to kill the threat was overwhelming, and unfamiliar. I cannot imagine if the tiger was out. If my child wasn’t with me, or at risk, I would have wanted to pet him. We are still instinctive creatures.

    1. I would add that sharks seem to have evolved a high tolerance for remora and pilot fish, even seeing out their ministrations. I’ll have to look for the video of the woman diver who has made herself a remora to the local shark population. They seek her out to have fish hooks removed.

    2. Karen S – you need to watch the movie Roar! about the Tippi Hedren animal compound, If you cannot find it, watch the Best of the Worst review by Red Letter Media on YouTube. It will put you off big cats for ever.

  3. I applaud Jonathan Turley’s sensitivity and courage in exposing this barbaric cruelty and strongly encourage more such exposure as it is only through doing so that we can hope to stop it.

  4. Context would be helpful

    The same beach was shut on Christmas Day after reports of a 2 metre-long shark 500 metres off shore, and again two days later after the police helicopter spotted a 2-3 metre-long beast lurking around 200-300 metres out, with another further out.

    Meanwhile, Democrats like Nancy “I can not hate b/c I am Katholic” Pelosi and Hillary describe decapitating a newborn baby / partial birth abortions as a personal decision

    IOW: Save a shark, kill a newborn baby

    1. there’s that connection between the brain and the spinal cord and that opening at the base of the skull is called the foramen magnum and that small hole with the baby moving and alive in one hand a pair of scissors these are called Metzenbaum scissors these scissors are then placed into the base of the skull and these scissors that emplaced in through that foramen magnum up into the baby’s brain and skull cavity the scissors are then opened up and then if that hasn’t killed the baby then one of the suction Koretz is then placed through that same hole up into the baby’s skull and brain the suction is applied

    2. Late term abortion never saves the life of the mother. An early delivery would. A late term abortion takes days, and requires the mother to go into labor. A C-Section is done in minutes. My emergency C-Section was complete within an hour of when I was told there was an emergency and it was required. My team was so efficient and quick it was like we had our own pit crew. My baby was a cherished patient to his own team, who rushed in to make sure he was OK. All I cared about was if my baby was OK. I don’t understand why some women not only lack that protective instinct, but actively seek to kill their child. One of my relatives was adopted as a newborn, and made his family complete. Why ever would anyone deny their unwanted baby the chance at life with a loving family?

      A late term abortion saves the mother the inconvenience of an unwanted child, and the heartache of seeing a baby, and giving him up, or witnessing their death due to fetal abnormality. It’s all clinical. They kill the baby, but their belly isn’t a see-through viewing window, so perhaps they just don’t think about it when the doctor enlarges her cervix through induced labor, and then stabs a giant needle in the baby’s chest or head to deliver a drug that gives them a heart attack. Their own mother does this to them. She doesn’t hold them or protect them. She kills them.

      Frighteningly, studies have shown that most late term abortions are not, in fact, due to medical reasons. They are performed for the same reasons as first trimester abortions – the loss of a relationship with the father, financial difficulty, or not feeling ready to take on a child. So they kill a fully formed child who could be born at that stage, and cry, and suck his thumb. There can be any reason given to justify a late term abortion. The stress of bearing an unwanted child would qualify as a threat to the mother. There is no medical definition. This is obvious, because a C-section or even induced labor would more rapidly deliver a child if the mother’s life was at risk than a late term abortion.

      I get that sometimes an early delivery is necessary to save the life of the mother and/or child. There is no medical reason to take the extra step to purposefully kill the child.

  5. So, if the shark dragged someone into the water and killed them, you would want the shark arrested????

    1. Only if they deputized YOU to make the arrest. 👮🏻‍♂️ I don’t think that anyone else has the appropriate type of handcuffs. 😀

    2. There is a difference between what a shark is doing, for food, and for hunger versus what people do, just for fun, and not for food, or hunger.

      Were they killing the shark to eat it? No, I don’t think so.

      Does a shark come up on a surfer thinking the surfer is a “seal” and prey and to eat the “seal”? Yes, I think so. And most of the time, the shark does not continue to attack, they are confused by the board, and that it is NOT a “seal” and they swim away, probably confused.

      One killing is a necessity and the other is just torture for sadistic pleasure.

  6. Those dorks were heard to say: Creature, creature, I declare: we can see your underwear.

  7. I don’t have to think very hard to understand why people would kill a large shark with whatever they have available, even if that means their feet. The sentiment is after all universal amongst all peoples, the instinct to kill any species that can possibly kill you I mean. Also there is simply the instinct to kill other species, after all they are food, we kill just like any other predator does.

    What I find much more perplexing is the sentiments of someone like Turley here who is so far distant from the natural world and yet has a seeming obsession with posting videos of people hurting animals and being outraged by the videos for long periods of time. For simplicity I’ll call such people animal nutters, animal rights doesn’t quite capture the essence of the issue.

    Often nutters get so wound up and angry after sharing these videos that they end up making death threats in the comments. If not death threats against individuals which is probably illegal, then threats against groups of peoples, such as hunters, indigenous peoples, etc. A commonality amongst nutters is that they are first world, usually wealthy or at least relatively well to do, and often enough overeducated. Recently the state of Washington had to cancel a public hearing on wolves because they were concerned that with all the death threats they couldn’t provide security.

    Why do you post this stuff Jonathan? What is your obsession with this stuff? Instead of getting overheated in the desert why not slow down and take a look around at that natural world you claim to appreciate. Buy yourself some night glasses, you are after all wealthy right? Head on down to Rock Creek Park and just sit and watch for a few hours.

  8. Well Mr Turley we agree on something…

    A love of Nature and it’s Creatures

    Early every morning usually around 5am I feed the Sea Gulls at my home at the Jersey Shore

    If by some chance I run late on that or for the moment it slips my mind and I loose track of time

    The Sea Gulls come around and remind me with their squawking

    I find those magnificent birds not just beautiful but they give me a sense of peace and tranquility

    A great way to start the day

    That and a good strong cup of coffee!

    Have a Magickal Day ⭐

  9. A hideous and barbaric act the New Zealand incident viscerally wretches the soul, our nation supports and encourages crimes far worse, in particular, funding universities that openly particpate in child sex trafficking. Penn State and Michigan State, each a ‘Sanctuary City for Paedophiles’ continue to groom and market young children for the sexual debauchery of connected politicians, wealthy donors, and high ranking university administrators.

    Penn State, the ‘Sanctuary City for Pedophiles’, has for decades operated a child sex trafficking enterprise, grooming tens of thousands of innocent children for the sexual depravity of well connected politicians, wealthy donors, and high ranking university administrators. Penn State bribed former FBI Director Louis Freeh to whitewash the scandal, and then delivered several young boys to former Democratic Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell for his hideous depravity in exchange for the early release of Pedophile State from NCAA sanctions. Newly unsealed documents revealed George Mitchell’s connection to Jeffrey Epstein

    Michigan State with former President Lyin’ LouAnna Sodomite, approved the rape of female students for decades and Molest State continues to approve and fund these horrid crimes..Until a thorough and complete investigation, trial, and punishment levied to the fullest extent of the law, including full restitution to victims not only at Michigan State, Penn State (the ‘Sanctuary City for Paedophiles’) Baylor, etc, can victims regain the power and dignity they lost. Nassar, Epstein, Sandusky, Paterno, Spanier- these hideous and immoral creatures could not destroy the lives of so many without the knowledge and approval of the organizations that supported them. Until a full accounting and investigation occurs, the criminal enterprises will continue their evil works.

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