Minnesota City Council Member Declares Support For Antifa

Antifa_The_Anti-Fascist_HandbookWhile many have condemned Antifa and similar groups for destroying Minneapolis and other cities, Minneapolis city council member for Ward 5 (and son of the Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison) Jeremiah Ellison tweeted Sunday that he is not among them. Indeed, he is declaring his support for Antifa.  Some of us have long opposed Antifa as a vehemently anti-free speech group.  Ellison does not seem to include free speech among his priorities for voters in Ward 5.  While most Democratic members have correctly condemned Antifa attacks, Ellison is one of those who continue to support the controversial group.

Ellison tweeted:

“I hereby declare, officially, my support for ANTIFA,” Ellison said. “Unless someone can prove to me ANTIFA is behind the burning of black and immigrant owned businesses in my ward, I’ll keep focusing on stopping the white power terrorist THE ARE ACTUALLY ATTACKING US!”

I have opposed the President’s declaration that Antifa will be designated a terrorist organization. However, it is baffling to see a city council member embracing this violent group as his own city is burned and looted.

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  1. Biden: Visits George Floyd Protest Site, Urges Americans To Turn ‘Anguish Into Purpose’

    Trump: Sits in a White House bunker tweeting about sicking dogs on people.

    How stupid to you have to be to get outmaneuvered by a guy who doesn’t know what year it is?

    1. How silly do you have to be to suggest that Biden “doesn’t know what year it is”?

      But Trump is quite incompetent at the job.

  2. “I’ll keep focusing on stopping the white power terrorist THE ARE ACTUALLY ATTACKING US!”

    Yeah, that would be antifa/hitler-jungend – whatever you want to call them, you jackass. Pull your head out of the collective Butt.

  3. Turley has taken a page from the Trumpster playbook. What the man said was that if the protesters of the murder of George Floyd are Antifa, then you could call him Antifa, too. Turley’s headline is misleading.

    But, as with Trump, any diversion away from the bigger stories, those that make Trump look bad, is the main thing to do. Do you Trumpsters want to know where your hero was last evening when there were protesters in Lafayette Park? Hunkered down in his bunker, hiding like the little coward beeotch he is. He had a chance to prove himself as a man back when he graduated college, and he did prove what he is–a coward who chickened out–Daddy got a podiatrist to fake up a disabling condition to keep him from military service. However, the bone spurs never stopped him from playing golf, grabbing women or anything else he wanted to do.

    Then, there’s little Billie Barr–playing the Antifa card, even though there’s no evidence that Antifa is behind the violence in these protests. Oh, and he also ignored the White Supremacists that are known to have participated. One other little point that isn’t covered well at all, especially by Fox: Chauvin was a member of a group called “Cops for Trump”.

    Did the hero to you Trumpsters address the nation with words of wisdom, words of compassion, healing, a promise that Floyd didn’t die in vain, and that a task force would be organized to come up with answers to the violent police mentality that is behind murders of black men? Nope. Instead, he called Minnesota’s mayor “weak”, called other governors “weak’, and threatened to send in US troops. Even though I’m sure someone has explained to him that the US military cannot undertake any action on US soil in the absence of insurrection in which people are trying to overthrow Congress, he still threatens because he thinks it makes him look macho and superior to the various governors dealing with the aftermath of Floyd’s murder.

    A real man can accept the fact that he is balding–he embraces the changes in life that come with aging, which includes for some, male pattern baldness. A pantywaist sissy gets scalp flap surgery to cover his baldness and covers the scars with an absurd pompadour. A real man serves his country when his turn comes. A coward escapes responsibility for serving his country by having his Daddy get a fake deferment, and then criticizes those who did serve but became POWs. A coward hunkers in a bunker and tweets insults and fake bravado. A real man acknowledges the systemic failures and promises to help bring about changes.

    This latest crisis highlights Trump’s absolute lack of empathy, his absolute inability to lead, and his absolute failure. He needs to go. Now.

    1. Natacha – first, where is that BMI score you owe me Second, when the Secret Service tells the President to get in the bunker he gets in the bunker.

      1. True, maybe they moved him down deep under the WH so his little fingers would get off his phone, and not cause more damage.

  4. In Defense of Affirmative Action…

    I would like to advance a thesis that many — myself included — will find loathsome: Namely, that the existing racial spoils system (affirmative action, the double standard in crime, “sensitivity” towards black deficiencies, and everything else) is the best possible deal we can get under today’s deplorable circumstances. Perhaps “real-politik” more accurately describes my argument. Black-white co-existence is a little like having an incurable medical condition. Nothing even faintly resembling a commendable fix is on the horizon, and present corruptions are the best obtainable. This is a truly disturbing view but, alas, harshly realistic.

    Let me state the argument starkly. I suspect few readers will challenge the facts except for point 6.

    1. The black-white difference in cognitive ability is, at least for the foreseeable future, both large and intractable. The gap’s source — whether genetic or environmental — is irrelevant for present purposes. Remaining differences in accomplishment cannot be eliminated by combating discrimination, racism or any other nefarious white scheme, regardless of what blacks and their white allies contend. Top-down, hugely expensive remedial efforts to equalize intelligence have failed, and effective eugenic solutions are not possible in today’s political and moral climate.

    2. Economic rewards generally follow the contours of intelligence, regardless of race. This has been established empirically and is obvious in daily life. Moreover, unless there is an egalitarian revolution, this intelligence-income nexus will probably grow closer. Blacks themselves may be making matters worse by promoting Afrocentric education and insisting on lower competency standards. The tenacious attachment of most blacks to preferential treatment is a tacit admission of their inability to compete. Without government intervention blacks will secure substantially less wealth than whites.

    3. Blacks want the material rewards of modern society, especially what can be consumed personally (clothing, electronic appliances, cars), as much as anyone. Without white generosity, blacks cannot satisfy this material quest, so, predictably, it now defines the black political agenda in the form of so-called “economic justice.”

    4. Blacks generally have a well-deserved reputation for hair-triggered collective violence. Such mayhem is easily but unpredictably provoked — a routine traffic stop can destroy an entire neighborhood. While the actual turmoil may involve depraved underclass blacks, it is usually defended by middle-class black politicians and academics.

    5. The racial payoff flows from white fears of massive civil disorder, and takes two forms. First, supply talented blacks with “manufactured” middle class jobs or, occasionally, court-ordered settlements for alleged harm. At the same time, give those at the bottom government entitlements, selective law-enforcement exemption, or flattering symbolic rewards. Most whites, even those dispensing the benefits, understand that this is little more than extortion but they say nothing. Blacks, by contrast, see it all as legitimate “racial fairness.”

    6. Judged in the context of all politically feasible alternatives in a capitalist, democratic society, this solution works reasonably well. Compared with the egalitarian crusades in India or Malaysia, it is relatively benign. Most important, it has largely kept domestic peace. We have witnessed a great triumph of social engineering though it is seldom recognized: Black violence has turned inward, and the prudent can avoid it. The 1960s revolutionary rhetoric has disappeared, and has been replaced by crass though nonviolent opportunism.

    Is this analysis accurate? I believe it is, and much recommends this corrupt accomplishment. Nor is this solution unique. Cowardly appeasement is not as un-American as it may appear. Is the forced hiring of a semi-literate secretary unlike bribing building inspectors or paying mob tribute? Americans have habitually bought off potential troublemakers, so what’s new? Think of affirmative action as personalized, in-your-face tax wastefulness, another item on a long list of government boondoggles that are usually hidden from view. Peter Brimelow once figured that affirmative action costs about three percent of GNP — a vast sum, but comparable to a high-risk neighborhood insurance premium. One could even argue that this overstates the cost because many of the benefits actually accrue to whites (affirmative action administrators, lawyers, etc.).

    This view of the spoils system as “taxation” or insurance explains its hold on corporate executives (and university administrators). Indeed, the system draws its most heartfelt support from the wealthy business “establishment,” not Main Street. Since it is imposed universally, compliance causes no competitive disadvantage. If Ford and GM both embrace “diversity” it is no different from costly but industry-wide safety or pollution regulations. Only if foreign competitors enjoyed a sizable price advantage would the spoils system be challenged. In fact, I would estimate that health care expenses far exceed diversity costs, so political strategies prudently focus on them.

    Equally critical, political stability far outweighs costs or inconvenience. Given a choice between slightly higher product prices resulting from settling bogus discrimination lawsuits versus the prospect of disruptive domestic upheaval, “social responsibility” is far preferable. This “sensitivity” also reduces interest costs since upheaval means “instability” and instability makes the US less attractive for foreign capital. Again, it is a matter of hardheaded costs and benefits.

    With time the spoils system grows more bearable. To return to the medical analogy, it is as if a person with a heart condition improved his diet, exercised regularly, and lost weight as an alternative to risky, expensive surgery. Eventually, this regimen becomes agreeable. The system has brought about increasing sophistication. The Japanese are blatant about locating factories in rural white areas, but invisible, ostensibly race-neutral tactics are more common. Black “autonomous homeland” academic departments and make-work administrative positions are university favorites — and they are much cheaper than anti-terrorism measures. Smaller businesses could migrate to Utah or overseas. If outlays associated with a troubled diverse workforce soar, a company can embrace technology (McDonald’s is supposedly automating hamburger production). Companies may well hire a black Human Resources Director but let competent whites make the key decisions. The list is virtually endless and, no doubt, these below-the-radar adjustments grow more adroit with time. The upshot is that blacks are given substantial if undeserved anger-reducing benefits but are hardly given the actual levers of industry.

    Individuals can make similar adjustments. On matters of real impact — medicine, legal advice — the spoils system is escapable. What airline proudly boasts of diversity among its pilots? If “diversity” intrudes into personal life it is seldom consequential over the long haul. For example, when my son was assigned a semi-literate black “English teacher,” he was allowed to change classes and the teacher’s ineptitude encouraged a lively parent-child discussion. Attacks on “dangerous ideas” about race are more nuisances than grim censorship — messages get out despite hecklers, and we learn from past mistakes.

    At the same time, we must exercise ample consumer choice and prudence. As a citizen I elude “dangerous stereotypes” by staying away from places made uninhabitable by our double standard in public order. Residential “white flight” is commonplace. Again, as is true in the corporate world, the ease with which the problem can be avoided helps explain the lack of widespread resistance.

    What about the moral dimension? Surely some principles, such as the rule of law, transcend costs and benefits? Injustice, after all, is injustice and it is our obligation to resist it. This may be true, but to be realistic, there are limits to moral outrage and consequent behavior. This is not a nascent Holocaust. Just as one must necessarily tolerate distant Third-World savagery, one must periodically avert one’s glance from corruptions suffered in the name of “fairness.” When all is said and done, other than a transient self-satisfaction, what is to be gained by showing that black “scholarship” is incoherent political babble?

    This embarrassing fact has been obvious from day one, but so what? What good does it do to explain to blacks that subverting the rule of law hinders and does not promote black progress? Eventually, even a deeply moral person must say, “I have tried to offer wise counsel, and I myself have behaved morally, but a righteous person in a deficient society can preach to the deaf for only so long.” Let us not lose sight of the proportions: a grand crusade is not obligatory.

    Indeed, a moral life remains possible, inasmuch as self-corrupting deceit is not yet required. No racial thought police makes sure we spy on dissidents or think only “pure” thoughts. Resistance is still possible though hardly cost-free. As a university teacher, I refuse to assign noxious racial propaganda or award undeserved grades. Despite occasional warnings, I speak my mind on controversial subjects. To be sure, such honesty is not always possible. Necessity does force many — for example, high school teachers and those in the mass media — to submit to the deceitful civic orthodoxy, and this is no trivial matter. Yet, I personally do not feel ashamed of my behavior and others can also make honorable choices.

    What about financial costs imposed on innocent whites? Surely this is a problem, but the robustness of our economy suggests no large, undiscovered pool of unemployed, talented whites. Yes, some whites (and Asians) lose their Harvard slots to less qualified blacks, but these victims enroll at other good universities and receive a far more valuable education than the struggling non-whites who took their places. Displaced white government workers sacrificed to diversity must number in the tens of thousands but, after a point, savvy whites adjust and seek rewards elsewhere. Justifiable resentment at economic unfairness is not tantamount to a life of poverty. Perhaps things would be different in rockier economic times, and a deep downturn may well instigate a counter-revolution.

    What about social costs? There is no evidence of a sizable calamity. Ersatz black engineers are wisely assigned to foolproof tasks (“community relations” or recruiting other blacks) or are monitored by supervisors. A recent Wall Street Journal story tells of the FAA’s attempt to hire more black air traffic controllers. The problem was eventually managed by assigning shaky black recruits to harmless, permanent training assignments. American business, despite its public cowardliness, dares not risk dangerous shoddiness. Even the US military, which has vigorously sought “diversity,” draws the line at intellectually demanding positions. This “whitening” of the modern technologically-driven military has gone generally unnoticed.

    Having defended the loathsome, let me challenge the skeptics: what superior political alternatives are there? A world-wide canvas, I believe, reveals worse. Hostile ethnic groups often co-exist peacefully only when there is the threat of brutal force hanging over their heads (as was true in the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia) or through physical separation (as in Lebanon or Cyprus). When these heavy-handed restraints vanish, violence erupts. To be sure, fantasy solutions abound, and the perfect always trumps the merely good. Why not take a cue from William Shockley and bribe less capable blacks not to have children? But how are we to convince thousands of blacks that they do not deserve all the wondrous trinkets relentlessly hawked directly to them? In short, undoing the spoils system is like putting the toothpaste back in the tube.

    It is said that you do not value what you have until you lose it. As monstrous and distasteful as the present system may be, worse is possible. This depressing assessment need not counsel against resistance. Yet, to offer another homily, you can’t beat something with nothing. The task before us in the racial policy battle is to invent feasible political alternatives.

    1. IQ is highly influenced by environmental factors, so our focus should be on improving that determinant before another generation is penalized. Remember that with Barack’s presidency, there are now millions of black kids who think – like all us white kids have for a long time – that they can grow up to be president.

      1. @btb

        NO ONE says that IQ is 100% genetic! And while no one knows for sure the exact number, IQ is between .4 and .8 in heritability. This is mainstream science. Sorry, blank slaters, evolution did not stop at the neck.

        Always wondered why leftists claim that things they support (i.e. homosexuality) are absolutely 100% heritable and intelligence has little or no genetic component.

        Would encourage you to have a look at the writings of Linda Gottfriedson (of course, you won’t) and then come by with an environmentalist claim for IQ.


      2. “IQ is highly influenced by environmental factors”

        Less than you think. Studies of separated identical twins show that genetics is a predominant determinant.

        1. @young

          What you say is true but known as a “hatefact”. Doesn’t fit the egalitarian narrative.

          We would be sending manned missions to Mars by now, if not having to spend billions to coddle this parasitic group.


          1. Antonio– Thanks. I hadn’t heard “hate fact” before but it fits. There are lots of them the left would like to suppress.

            Way back when we first started sending up satellites the black community was screaming that that money should be spent on them instead of stupid space stuff. I imagine some of it was but by appearances it didn’t change them a bit.

        2. Identical twins would have a high likelihood of being raised in similar socioeconomic environments – same race, general location, etc, The extremes in IQ would probably not yield as much variation as those in the mid ranges, nor are geniuses in much demand for normal careers, even among the college educated.

          Best science now does not say sexual identity – we mostly all have this – is formed early and possibly inherited, but that is not proven. When did you make the choice to dig chicks? After much thought, including moral argument, I decided in kindergarten that little girls were cute, a judgement I never considered for my pals.

          The larger point of course in all this is no matter what tendencies we may inherit, the default position for those who favor freedom, is to provide opportunity for all our younger people to pursue or excel in what they choose, not make excuses to close doors or accept failure.

          1. Book– “Identical twins would have a high likelihood of being raised in similar socioeconomic environments – same race, general location,”

            Apparently not. Some in the study ended up in quite different environments. That is why genetics showed up as such a strong factor. Affirmative action can’t overcome innate disadvantages (as you put it) such as a population IQ average of 85. How many janitors do we need?

              1. Thanks for the link. I”ll review it.
                Egalitarianism is the American Constitution. Try it some time.

                “the doctrine that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities.”

                1. @btb

                  I am all for equal opportunity and equal application of laws. But I am afraid that no 2 people, let alone groups are “equal”. And no, the modern PC understanding of this doctrine is no where to be found in such document. Of course in today’s world, some are more equal than others.

                  Keep living in your make believe egalitarian world. And when you are getting your head beat in the concrete by a dindu, keep saying the mantra, all people are equal!!!


            1. Young, could you manage between your racists asides to mix in a link or title to the study?

      3. Remember that with Barack’s presidency, there are now millions of black kids who think – like all us white kids have for a long time – that they can grow up to be president.

        Learning you can become President isn’t as important as learning how to be President in our constitutional republic. Obama never figured ou the latter and the evidence proves it. Including the riots going on today.

        1. Olly, your small mind never ceases to amaze.

          Actually, since almost all of us will never be president, a belief that we could or might have been – which is true – is critical to good citizenship, and that is a quality of huge importance in a democracy.

          1. book,
            Good citizenship is so much more than believing the reins of government are within each of our reach. Of more critical importance is understanding what good governance actually means. There is right now a critical divide in this country on that issue and that divide is expanding, not contracting. What good is our democratic processes, if the majority of our citizens don’t understand the foundational principles of our constitutional republic?

            1. The most important factor in a child’s life is the first five years of life. Rich or poor, black, brown or white, a child reared in a loving family
              (especially a 2 parent intentional family) where children are read to, respectfully disciplined, taught how to have a moral campus, taught the importance of caring for others and being helpful, taught the love of learning will go far in school, work and future family relationships. This doesn’t take money, it takes intention and knowing how important your role of a parent is in a child’s whole life. Parents need to talk to their kids as they get older about the importance of not having children until they are ready to be intentional parents no matter how rich or poor they are or what skin color they have.

    2. Affirmative action is unconstitutional.

      The 5th Amendment right to private property is not qualified by the Constitution and is, therefore, absolute.

      Private property owners make all decisions related to employment.

      Congress has no authority to affect, influence, possess or dispose of private property.

      Public employment is the purview of appointed officials.

      “[Private property is] “that dominion which one man claims and exercises over the external things of the world, in exclusion of every other individual.”

      – James Madison

  5. There is evidence that groups are moving from one city to another to raid. The Quartering started picking up on it. They are coming from as far away as 600 miles to loot Scottsdale Fashion Square where they did a million dollars in damages including theft.

    1. So it appears the schedule I saw leaked is real.
      Hope there’s some good people in intel handing it up the line.

    1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/X56rQkDgd0qqB7R68t6t7C/seven-things-you-need-to-know-about-antifa

      this soft pedals it of course. ANTIFA are a group of misfits and psychopaths who hate all government and want to just engage in acts of violence and disorder based on pollitical excuses

      they are sometimes confused with Communists for their occasional Marxist rhetoric. But they are not Communists; Communist parties in government power do not allow “ANTIFA” to disrupt basic law and order which has existed here and there even under communist regimes

      Ideologically, this goes back to Bakunin, who is their ideological origin. Marx himself fought with Bakunin and Lenin despised them. Why? because even for communists the aim was actually to form a functioning government. Hence, anarchists are so much lower than communists or even jihaadists and Muslim fundamentalists. they are opposed to all law and order by definition.

      they are enemies of all mankind, they are terrorists, and anyone who apologizes from them makes themselves a friend of savagery.

  6. I’m not reading his comment as literally as you’re taking it. He’s responding to President Trump implying that the protesters are Antifa, and saying he’s standing with the protesters. Essentially, “if you think those people protesting are Antifa then I’m standing with them, and I’ll call myself Antifa if you are going to do that.”I think there’s a lot of nuance in that comment that is being ignored.

  7. Protesting is peaceful gathering to make a point heard. Nobody should be in support of rioting, burning, looting, violence as it’s all criminal behavior. Again, NOBODY should be supporting this!!

      1. ANTIFA are out of town mischief makers who are planning and organizing rioting looting and arson

        they have been growing for decades and believe with good reason that police fear them and they can operate with impunity because they whine about racism which makes their organized racketeering somehow virtuous

        and if the Democrat party wants to do something useful it will root out ANTIFA ticks embedded in their operations and strip support away from organizations that have constant truck with them like the SPLC

        but i wont hold my breath

  8. “In multiracial societies, politics do not reflect economic and social interests, but religion and race. Elections become racial/religious headcounts, and internationally and historically, identity politics are often played for keeps.”

    Lee Kwan Yew – Founder of Modern Singapore

    Not quite the multicult utopia we are constantly being promised. In fact we would already have the utopia, if not for evil racists (i.e. wreckers) right?


    1. Singapore is a model government compared to the US at this point

      Singapore however only has to contend with different Asian ethnicities, they don’t have to manage a black population. Singapore does fine with its situation. we don’t do well with ours.

      white racism against others is not a problem. the big problem with our “conversation about race” is that nobody wants to talk about the massively higher level of criminality in the black population in one generation after another. its in FBI crime statistics plain as day,

      that wild black criminality has been on full display the past week. you either get it or not at this point.

      1. mr. kurtz

        And Singapore makes no pretense at being an egalitarian society. Chinese tend to be racial realists and don’t give a rats behind if you call them a slur.


    2. Yeah antonio, this multi-racial and immigrant pot we call America is just a complete failure. We can’t keep up in the world, have no innovation, no cultural leadership, just a wasteland.

      When are you leaving?

      1. @btb

        When you get attacked by a dindu or antifa, just flash your good liberal card so these groups will know you are a “good white” as opposed to people like myself. I promise it will stop the attack immediately.


        1. Almost all the antifa people are white.

          I think you need to buy the scorecard. I’ll stick with being proud to be an American.

      1. perhaps book, rioters come to a neighborhood near you and liberate you from your cultural legacy of racism too. its in your dna, your white skin has given you a lifetime of privilege. you can only pay up by surrendering your security and home possessions to those who come with torches in hand.

        don’t call police if you need them. then you will be invoking that legacy on your own behalf.

        maybe you can hobble on out and toss some molotovs yourself? see if the black clad skinny pants freaks will take you in.

        they’d probably be satisfied with a donation


        1. Kurtz, there has been virtually zero racial violence in these riots and in fact feature white people as sokme fo the main protaganists. My failing to get my hair on fire like you is not an endorsement of riots – I have posted here my condemnations of violence from the 1st day and I mean it. The Mayor of Atlanta has said it all best:


          I thank JT for posting the link to that on Saturday.

          1. ha ha not zero. you are kidding yourself

            but i say poor black folks are not the enemy

            at this point, silicon valley billionaires are the enemy.

            and they have allowed ANTIFA the use of digital means to fund themselves

            I would start the arrests in Cupertino maybe. before they run away to New Zealand.

          2. its amazing how many black mayors and elected officials and police there are

            and yet all i could hear on NPR today was about how we still live in a society that is so racist and segregating black folks

            how then can we have all these black mayors, politicians, and cops?

            black people are being mislead

            the major inequities in america today are economic

            but the Democrat party is in the pocket of the worst robber barons of our day, Silicon valley honchos.

            who are weaponizing black anger and aiming all at Trump

            you are played like a fiddle book. but i think you perceive that you have a hand in the Democrat racket like some petty soldier so you will keep up the BS anyhow

        2. ha ha did i write that? oh i just wanted folks to know that ANTIFA is using the “platforms” of digital donation to fund their illegal acts of riot and arson.

          why hasnt ANTIFA been deplatformed like they did to the white racist organizations who were only just talking?

          ANTIFA has shown they are actually DOING acts of lawless crime, not just contemplating them

          because why folks? whitey is now the target

          not the white skinned billionaires like jack dorsey who own twitter but the white skinned regular folks who dont have much in savings in the first place

          see this can’t be a race war, even though white people are now the targets of the rioters.

          because white people need to target white billionaires who want to cow all the lesser poorer white people into submission to their digital overlorship

          that’s why they hate trump. the white skinned billlionaire is a thousand times the enemy than the rock chucking black rioter.

          remember this folks. if you are mad at blacks, well, i can understand that. but be mad at those who helped impoverish them, who helped anger them, who wound them up and aimed them at you.

          that’s Silicon valley bosses and mass media bosses

          who is the top in Silicon Valley? Jeff Bezos who is not only the richest man on Earth but also owns the Washington post and other publications

          he is the enemy most of all. him and jack dorsey. they are the enemies of law and order most of all. and the beneficiaries of your disempowerment

          this is a tremendous irony, that white billiionaires have become the biggest promoters of the ‘white racism” trope against the ever – sinking white majority

          they are the very people who have benefitted most from cramming white middle class down

          the black rioters get crumbs and jack dorsey and jeff bezos get billions

          i am inclined to racial thinking myself, but then i remember this.

          who’s jack and jeff backing these days? oh let me guess. joe biden

          another rich white beneficiary of the “white people bad” narrative

          traitors, quislings, slimy ganelons. these are the enemy a thousand times more than some poor black folks.

          1. What a boiling pot of stupid, purely emotional hurl. . Bezos is a libertarian you idiot and if you didn’t know, silicone valley didn’t exist before the 90s. That was not a paradise for black people.

            1. bezos is a turd and you and seth peter consume his media product and puke it forth back here on a regular basis

              when Democrats are out of certain positions of power, then they become libertarians.

              when they are back in power, then they are again eager socialists.

              this is not that complicated, and you understand it, but you perceive that it is your job to come on here and muddy the waters and fool people every day

              1. Your so all over the map you’re muddying them pretty good by yourself.

                The WaPo is one of the 3 or 4 best newspapers in the US and Bezos doesn’t interfere in their editorial content. If he did we’d be getting the usual Libertarian BS.

                Now if only the Presdient didn’t try to weaponize his powers in his personal vendettas aginst guys smarter and richer than him. Seems you’ve bought his line without thinking it through.

                1. who’s laying these bricks out in advance of the “peaceful protests” and why book?


                  are these ANTIFA, ? i suspect so

                  or Democrat party organizers? i doubt that but if you people make excuses for them.

                  then maybe there’s an overlap?

                  and why arent police using all the usual tools to find the perpetrators and arrest them?

                    1. no, i was never a German citizen, born long after the war. sorry to disappoint you

                      you can be sarcastic all you like but there’s proof mounting that these riots were organized.

                      if you are a law abiding citizen then you have an interest in finding out who, instead of just maintaining one counterfactual narrative after another

                      if the Democrat party organizers are in league with antifa, and one has to suspect this such as when we read stories like this one above, that Turley has revealed, um, well, then yeah, Democrat party organizers and politicians are in league with lawless rioters, looters, arsonists, and any sane person who respects law and order must observe this and vote accordingly

                      or you can cut the crud and just denounce ANTIFA. it nows not the time, then when?

                      are you waitying to start lighting stores in your little neck of the woods on fire before you agree that cops must contain this evil mischief?

                    2. Kurtz, it’s the Democratic Party, not Democrat Party or do you take all your rders from Rush Limbaugh? It’s not like we couldn’t come up with mocking names for the Republicans, but that’s kid’s stuff, isn’t it?

                      I’m 1/2 German, so no your genetic heritage was not of interest or concern. I mocked your attempts to paint those you disagree with here as part of a conspiracy, which you continue with the BS about the Democratic Party actually being a supporter of Antifa. Yeah, because big government liberalism and anarchy go so well together. You need to get back on your medication because you are not interesting anymore and instead are a fountain of crackpot right wing memes.

                    3. it’s this very article by turley that talks about how a Democrat elected party official in Minneapolis supports ANTIFA.

                      you said:

                      ” BS about the Democratic Party actually being a supporter of Antifa”

                      the article which these comments appear under said:

                      “While many have condemned Antifa and similar groups for destroying Minneapolis and other cities, Minneapolis city council member for Ward 5 (and son of the Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison) Jeremiah Ellison tweeted Sunday that he is not among them. Indeed, he is declaring his support for Antifa. ”

                      FACT. now deal with it or buzz off.

                      I have a long list of other examples too i have kept track of for decades, of Democratic party supporters and operatives actually having connections and coordinating with ANTIFA

                      you can address the one Turley talked about first. or not!~

    1. Kurtz says this is war….

      gotta love the faux-alpha stance from a bunch of old white fat men with nothing but a keyboard and wifi to shoot their loads

      you myn are laughable

      1. but i am calling on government to take action to preserve law and order. i am weak, but government is strong. and it must act

      2. The parlor game here is guessing if this is a Shill sock=puppet or a Gainesville one.

    1. reason magazine i like but they’ve sized this one up wrongly

      riot is a serious danger and arson is worse

      this needs to be contained. other nations are shocked. my friends in Communist China are afraid for their relatives who have come here. suddenly the Chicom model looks better than ever to people there. What a farce this has all become. with no order there is no nation and no law.

      that’s precisely what anarchists want. they are the enemies of all mankind.

      it’s time to lower the boom on anarchist terrorists and start with about 10,000 life sentences or executions

      and seize the assets of any organizations funding them under RICO

      that would be a start, at least

      let the civil war rip. this is no time for BS about liberty. there is no liberty when mobs rule, anyways

        1. Agree. Disturbing videos of some bully cops around America, but hopeful ones too of cops joining with protesters and getting applause and back pats in return.

      1. There’s a reason Mr. Sailer refers to libertarianism as ‘applied autism’. They size up just about every situation wrongly.

        1. “The very heart and sole of conservatism is libertarianism.”

          Ronald Reagan.

          I’ll go with the President. And you can go with Mr. Sailer.

          1. liberterianism does not work in civil war steve. most liberterians i know, and i have known a lot over the past 30 years, understand the blessings of ordered liberty are only to be enjoyed by a population that is orderly. it is a mess when the populations in question abuse freedom to plan riot, looting, and arson

            what kind of liberterianism can’t stand up and say, um, what about the property rights of all these businesses torched to the ground?

            today on NPR they were saying “don’t equate destruction of property” and looting with violence.

            See, it’s nonviolent to them, like, if the building gets torched, so long as nobody is burnt to a crisp! not that they knew or cared when they lit the fire. that’s why arson is illegal. are you so soaked in liberterian kool aid that you think arson should be legal? oh, ive heard some crazy stuff from liberterians before– i used to be one

            1. Speaking of property rights, the government in a free society doesn’t shoot at people sitting on their own porch minding their own business..

              1. Yet I just posted a video of that yesterday. The gov thugs I believe were ‘enforcing curfew’ in a nice middle class neighborhood. A nice family was on the porch taking video of the pomilitary in the street 60 feet away and they shot the daughter with a green round (some kind of paintball maybe) – the whole family goers screaming into the house.

                So now it’s “stay inside” “your porch is off limits” on your own property, 60 feet from the sidewalk/street and they shoot.

      2. Oh yeah, save us from the all powerful anarchists.

        Give me a break.

        I have no affinity for anarchists who by definition have no plan, but they are a specific and individual threat to who ever they are screwing with and should be fully prosecuted. However, they are not a serious threat to somehow overthrow or threaten governments or attack citizens in numbers. Thinking they do is for freightened children and grandmothers, though that’s what Trump wants to sell you.

        1. Book, are you one of these pasty white gelding losers prostrating themselves before the standing black men like in an R Crumb cartoon from decades ago?>


          why so quick to shine the boots of those who hate you for the color of your skin. pathetic. who organizes this kind of self effacement and who is so utterly self abnegating they would go along with it?

          1. Kurtz, maybe you should pick one of anarchist or black racists to freak out over, because they’re not on the same team and the latter are especially in short supply now if you haven’t noticed. How many white people do you think could have joined in on the Detroit or LA riots? How about none?

          1. They don’t have a plan to govern, so no, I’m not sympathetic to their methods or goals and if they break the law I favor strict punishment. I’m not worried about them toppling any governments, taking over any towns or cities, or personally threatening me or my family.

            1. they intend to push bourgeois, mainstream Democratic voters out of the middle. they despise law and order. they despise the social institution of private property as such. just go back and read Bakunin and you can see how utterly nuts they are and why the Soviets cashiered them once they had power

              Democrats playing footsie with them are playing with a very dangerous and awful element and now it’s plain to see. I ‘ve warned some people about this before and they laughed it off. it’s not funny anymore.

              anarchists today should be dealt with like they were 100 years ago

              but even back then they had their liberal democratic apologists working over time to justify their crimes

              100 years later and people are ignorant as ever

  9. This is why I don’t care if Minneapolis is burned to the ground. This is justice. Idiot white liberals vote for these kind of morons, so they are the ones who should pay the price for their foolishness.

    Burn,Baby, Burn! Gooo Morlocks! Slaughter the Eloi!

    Free Derek Chauvin!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. “They were careless people, Tom and Daisy- they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.”

      Such are the voters of Minneapolis and it’s environs, who have put terminally inadequate people like Frey and Walz in office, supplementing frankly malevolent people like Keith Eillison. Kinda disconcerting that the Democrats couldn’t win the Governor’s chair for 20 years and then managed to win it 3x with quite hopeless characters.

      1. Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that’s no matter—tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther

  10. I think there are graver problems with Antifa than that it is harmful to free speech. Assault, arson, looting, mayhem and attempted murder should probably be added to the list.

    1. They can all be prosecuted under RICO and organizations which are funding and coordinating them with deep pockets like BLM or SPLC can and must have their assets seized under RICO too

      1. No Kurtz, RICO would mean the Deep State guys would handle it and you know what that means.

        1. the fact that RICO charges are not being brought and have not been brought against ANTIFA over 2 decades of them engaging in previous organized riots, arsons, and acts of criminal intimidation, fuels my suspicion that in addition to being rife with informants, there are rogue undercover operations inside of ANTIFA itself.

          this is perhaps a similar dynamic to what was happening in the early 1960s or so, when infamous former federal informant Roy Frankhouser (KKK, LaRouche organization) made statements that “half of the KKK were either undercovers or informants”)

          Yes, the Deep State should be a concern for all people who want law and order and transparent and accountable government

          1. I was baiting you Kurtz. The “Deep State” is career civil service personnel based on a meritocracy. This replaced a corrupt patronage and nepotism system that made people like Boss Tweed powerful. THink about it. You want only Trump loyalists in the federal government. How’s that going to work when he’s gone and we have a Democratic President?

            1. civil service was a good idea. but, with a certain sort of Clintonian Democrat ideological control of universities and bureaucracies across the board. it needs and update.

              corruption is actually what we have now when these rogues like Peter Sztroke abuse their office to impair and try and negate a lawful election by abusing the civil rights of his “suspects”

              i know, you still dont understand the point. or you do, you’re just busy fooling others into thinking up is down, in is out, corruption is efficiency, whatever

              1. I fully understand the point and you don’t. In your primitive mindset there are no conservatives in the FBI and DOJ and it’s a cabal of liberal democrats that you’ll replace with Trump stoges and think you have good government. What f…g nonsense, but of course what we;d expect from followers of Tump.

                1. ha ha you don’t get it. I knew some Republicans in federal service and they are timid foot draggers too. Good bean counters, beyond that, unimpressive and uninspired.

                  Pathetic how uniformly the Beltway grabs the mindset of bureaucrats and turns them all into apparatchiks

                  that’s why we call it the Swamp, out here in flyover

                  I’m primitive alright, primitive enough not to be an overly sophisticated fool like so many of my former peers. See, I don’t move in the same circles i grew up in. I’ve sunk to a lower level., Im a nobody now.
                  Unimportant enough to be free.

                  You’re a social climber Book. i can smell it a mile away. You’re a country club Democrat. You may have been a worker decades ago, but now you’re the sort of cat who longs to plop down money for a fancy fundraiser to brush elbows with some rising names. For all we know, you’ve had important contacts here and there. Your arrogance can’t cover your continuing ambitions however. My how tiring it must be to still wish to climb.

                  1. Not that it’s important, but I have never belonged to a country club or applied for membership, I’ve played golf once since high school and that was a very long time ago. The average income of my best friends is probably $40k, though my clients are upperwards of $250k. I prefer diners and local greasy foods to epicurean restaurants,where I don’t really know what some of the dishes are, and I buy clothes at JC Penney – which regrettably are closing across the country. – and where white socks probably 70% of the time.


  11. Why pretend we do not know his and his father’s agenda. We need to act accordingly and quickly as if this were even more pernicious than the corona virus and “quarantine” this infection within our nation.

  12. You Can’t make this up. The Ellison Family supports radicals and Antifar. This is why it is a Joke that Ellison is the AG. Investigate – Who – Does the Ellison family leak to Antifar?

    good Luck Minnesota – time to take your state back from the radicals and this fool of a governor

  13. I think Professor Turley should be more concerned about police violence and the manipulation of terrorist designations by government officials. A terrorist is an enemy of the state as defined by the state. I’m not comfortable with any government having that power. Is Professor Turley?

    I find that the amount of ink spilled on this blog over the problem that Antifa represents, as opposed to that of police violence and the encouragement of it by the president of the U.S. (to which only lip service is usually paid), instructive in terms of how intellectuals evaluate social and political problems.

    There is a larger historical responsibility for these conflicts, on the part of the government that represents business as usual, that the immediacy of the chaos in the streets obscures. Without decades of police violence, overreach, and egregious oppression of the dispossessed (who are not only black, incidentally), “organizations” like Antifa would be less likely to exist. Riots, as Professor Turley (and MLK) has pointed out, are the voices of the unheard. Without them, would the state listen to the public’s legitimate grievances against the police? Would the guardians be effectively guarded? While offensive violence is never justified, it may be necessary, sometimes, to make deaf ears hear.

    1. Wortmanberg– Are you saying seriously that the thugs and criminals and white wannabes have done the horrific damage they have done to other people’s property and well being because our government made them do it? Is that what caused them to kill the Federal Protective Officer and others who have been killed or injured? All of this started because a police officer may have done a bad take down of a suspect that, according to the ME so far, did not kill him. And this is supposed to explain widespread stealing of other people’s stuff and destroying what they have built or bought even though they had no role in any of it. If you consider that rational, then contact that Federal officer’s wife and children and explain it to them. They are black and so they must be part of the oppressed class so I’m sure they will understand.

      Who are you trying to kid about “decades of police violence?” Every time a white police officer anywhere in the United States shoots a black person it is wall-to-wall news for days on end. We have 300 million people. How many such stories have you heard in the last decade? And of those you have heard about, how many have turned out to be righteous shootings after exhaustive investigations? Why do people like you care so much about that when you seem to care nothing about the hundreds of Chicago people who die by gunfire each year? All you and your fellow travelers are proving is that black lives don’t matter much at all if another black is the one pulling the trigger. Black lives seem to matter only when a white person is involved, especially when it presents an opportunity for looting and burning.

      Your last sentence still has me scratching my head: “While offensive violence is never justified, it may be necessary, sometimes, to make deaf ears hear.” If something is never justified then how can it be necessary? From that line of logic, I guess you would say that killing the Federal officer was not justified but it was necessary. Was it necessary to make a point? Amazing.

      1. I endorse that comment.
        Trump attacked at the root, that lifetime congressman with the wholly minority district with rats wall to wall and decay getting filthy rich in office.
        We heard about if for part of a day, to attack Trump, maybe a bit a second day then silence.

        Another one where Trump had some “community organizer” he had called to the white house and some kind of legislation or some program occurred for “the minority community” and their spokesperson denounced Obama for not doing it and thanked Trump for doing it.

        Too much Trump winning. The dems needed a good crisis a covid19 world take down destroy the economy destroy the gains Trump caused for minorities, then a good I can’t breathe nationwide riot… and they got it…

        Perfect timing. Perfect.

        I was finally hearing the bottom wages were rising and middle income was too, I was just reading the gains are occurring no one was arguing it wasn’t happening.

        Too much winning. The destruction was required. Coincidence ? A lot of dirty players, I’m not so sure after 3 years of much Russia – that would said to be the same crazy conspiracy theory “you can’t have Congress and a special counsel and blah blah blah nothing really there”…

        Event 201, perfect timing. Fauci a total money interested doof, near a cause of the covid19… if you look, it’s hard to say it’s all an accident, maybe easier to say it was inevitable.

    2. Yes i agree wortmanberg. offensive violence is now justified against ANTIFA. the state must arrest them for RICO crimes of racketeering to profit from donations for their acts of riot and arson.

      and to seize assets from any organizations funding them.

      if this isnt enough to restore order, then war is at hand and summary executions must begin

      1. I don’t think the FBI and DOJ are what we thought it was.

        I have been hearing since the Arthur Murrah Federal Building bombing the FBI never wants to talk with the witnesses with the information they need. They can go to their FBI HQ and they don’t want it. I hear that over and over and over again.

        I don’t understand. Might be priorities or something like lack of personnel. Might be fear of stirring some pot they have going in some direction. Might be they just go to taps and secret acquired info then take the orders which way the answer is going to be.

  14. “However, it is baffling to see a city council member embracing this violent group as his own city is burned and looted.”

    Unless he’s not interested in the well-being of “his own city.” I wonder if there is an ideological imperative that might trump his loyalty to “his own city.” And I wonder if that ideological imperative might extend to his own country! Or even beyond his own country!

  15. Ignorant comment to cover up for his own fear. As if playing nice with Antifa will protect him later on.

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