Minnesota City Council Member Declares Support For Antifa

Antifa_The_Anti-Fascist_HandbookWhile many have condemned Antifa and similar groups for destroying Minneapolis and other cities, Minneapolis city council member for Ward 5 (and son of the Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison) Jeremiah Ellison tweeted Sunday that he is not among them. Indeed, he is declaring his support for Antifa.  Some of us have long opposed Antifa as a vehemently anti-free speech group.  Ellison does not seem to include free speech among his priorities for voters in Ward 5.  While most Democratic members have correctly condemned Antifa attacks, Ellison is one of those who continue to support the controversial group.

Ellison tweeted:

“I hereby declare, officially, my support for ANTIFA,” Ellison said. “Unless someone can prove to me ANTIFA is behind the burning of black and immigrant owned businesses in my ward, I’ll keep focusing on stopping the white power terrorist THE ARE ACTUALLY ATTACKING US!”

I have opposed the President’s declaration that Antifa will be designated a terrorist organization. However, it is baffling to see a city council member embracing this violent group as his own city is burned and looted.

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  1. Never let a crisis go to waste. Can you say reparations.

    1. Abraham Lincoln presented his most carefully considered and appropriate reparations:

      “If all earthly power were given me,” said Lincoln in a speech delivered in Peoria, Illinois, on October 16, 1854, “I should not know what to do, as to the existing institution [of slavery]. My first impulse would be to free all the slaves, and send them to Liberia, to their own native land.” After acknowledging that this plan’s “sudden execution is impossible,” he asked whether freed blacks should be made “politically and socially our equals?” “My own feelings will not admit of this,” he said, “and [even] if mine would, we well know that those of the great mass of white people will not … We can not, then, make them equals.”5

      One of Lincoln’s most representative public statements on the question of racial relations was given in a speech at Springfield, Illinois, on June 26, 1857.6 In this address, he explained why he opposed the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which would have admitted Kansas into the Union as a slave state:

      There is a natural disgust in the minds of nearly all white people to the idea of indiscriminate amalgamation of the white and black races … A separation of the races is the only perfect preventive of amalgamation, but as an immediate separation is impossible, the next best thing is to keep them apart where they are not already together. If white and black people never get together in Kansas, they will never mix blood in Kansas …

      Racial separation, Lincoln went on to say, “must be effected by colonization” of the country’s blacks to a foreign land. “The enterprise is a difficult one,” he acknowledged,

      but “where there is a will there is a way,” and what colonization needs most is a hearty will. Will springs from the two elements of moral sense and self-interest. Let us be brought to believe it is morally right, and, at the same time, favorable to, or, at least, not against, our interest, to transfer the African to his native clime, and we shall find a way to do it, however great the task may be.

        1. Perhaps America could simply stop favoring minorities with the anti-American communist welfare state and false support of wholly unconstitutional generational welfare, affirmative action privilege, quotas, unfair fair housing, rent control, social services, minimum wage, discriminatory non-discrimination, forced busing, Obamacare, WIC, TANF, HAMP, HARP, HUD, HHS, etc., etc., etc., and allow the freedom of a level playing field.

          All men are created equal.

          Success is created by each man individually.

  2. This is the way to thwart violent crime. Yea!!!!


    “Sheriff Grady Judd extends curfew, warns rumored neighborhood rioters that residents are armed”

    “I would tell them, if you value your life, you probably shouldn’t do that in Polk County,” Judd said. “Because the people of Polk County like guns, they have guns, I encourage them to own guns, and they’re going to be inside their homes tonight with their guns loaded. And if you try to break into their homes tonight and try to steal, to set fires, I’m highly recommending they blow you back out of the house with their guns.”

    1. Few days ago, I saw Eric Garcetti on local TV here in LA county — first, give the lamest, softest, sloppy speech about how we can “all come together” and he will NOT “send in the National Guard,” I looked over to my roommate and laughed out loud and shook my head.

      And 3 hours later, Eric Garcetti called in the National Guard.

      You do not reason, with the unreasonable.

      Call in the National Guard, do not wait, these people do not want to talk, they do not want to negotiate, they cannot be reasoned with, they are criminals, first and foremost, and they are opportunistic parasites feeding of the peaceful protesters presence.

      You violate the law, you will go to jail. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but in the near future.

  3. People who vote democrat get what they deserve. Too bad so sad about the delusional Benetton rainbow utopia comrades of the collective fairytales that will never happen.
    Living apart from reality and nature comes with consequences.

  4. let’s get another look at one of these ANTIFA pasty faced geeks up close

    this one’s too fat to be a heroin addict, maybe a potsmoker who’s binged on too many doritos


    parents baled him out, 20 years old. some revolutionary! ofay paddy azz

    these brats all need serious jail time or worse

    this is one loser who won’t be well received at the peckerwood lunch table in jail.

    he’s going immediately into protective custody, do his time with all the creepy sex offenders who also need special help from their jailers to stay alive

  5. I think Jr. up there is talking about the police when he says white power terrorists.
    Of course no one can prove to him antifa did anything, he already knows.
    He finds it convenient to misdirect and not ask for a crack down as a result.
    “I’m not mad at you, burn down and loot some more !”

  6. Antifa opposes the First Amendment, and is infamous for violence. I have seen video of them blocking traffic, and running down an elderly man because he had Southern plates.

    They are just a bunch of bullies which typically pick on those weaker than themselves.

    Violence should be prosecuted.

    If people vote for representatives who support violent hate groups, then I question their judgement. They’ll get what they vote for. But usually blame everyone but themselves if they don’t get the Nirvana promised.

  7. Remember the democrat convention of 1968. If I recall, it was referred to as a police riot. Any special names for this spectacle?

  8. “However, it is baffling to see a city council member embracing this violent group as his own city is burned and looted.”
    Why are you “baffled”? The Dims want to burn this country to the ground. How many times do they have to tell you who they are before you accept it? In the prescient words of psychologist Jordan Peterson, “if somebody tells you who they are, believe them? You don’t have to wait until the flames are lapping at your boots.

    1. That’s a Maya Angelou quote.

      Other than that, you stupid ignorant mfer. How you got the idea that Democrats want to burn the country down is a refection on either your IQ or your education – or both – and therefore a slander of your alma mater. If you took the time off from hating for awhile maybe you could reflect on that.

      1. You claim opposition to the burning down of the country, but it is Antifa and BLM that is rioting, burning and looting DEMOCRAT governed cities that disregard the rule of federal and state laws. If YOUR IQ was over 50 you wouldn’t be attacking someone who has a valid point.

  9. How about instead of Hollywood celebs and Joe Biden’s campaign donating to bail out the looters and rioters out destroying property and the Black Lives Matter name, they donate to GoFundMe to help rebuild the black neighborhoods, minority-owned businesses, barbershops, and restaurants that ANTIFA is burning down?

    1. That would be constructive.

      As someone who lives in CA, a super majority Democrat stronghold, the general rule is that if you break the law or don’t pay taxes, Democrat politicians and activists love you. You are a victim with no personal responsibility for anything you do or the state of your life. If you are law abiding, are cis gendered, married, heterosexual, go to Church, and pay taxes, you are an evil, hateful person who should shut up and pay more and more and more. If you are white, you carry the Original Sin, which may never be washed away, not for however many generations may come. You are born evil and racist. And if your house burns down, good. You were selfish to live outside of a city, anyway.

      I have thousands of examples to prove this is true for anyone in denial.

  10. Communists (antifa, liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) are the mortal enemies of American freedom and Americans.

    The barbarians are inside the gate.

      1. george is probably a john birch society guy would be my guess. not a hate group rather a group with an archaic view of constitutional law. JBS actually bans people for “racism”

        anyhow you have zero credibility to suggest white racists were engaging in riot. a thousand videos on the internet proves it was a) black clad ANTIFA pasty white skinned geeks, you can tell because a lot of them have tracks on their arms, total crazies and losers and b) baggy pants black thugs stealing stuff

        Enigma, how do you feel about your people burning and looting businesses near their own homes? do they think that will encourage future “community investment?”

        get a grip on reality. no, these crimes are not on “racists.” but they will inspire a lot of racists to contemplate crimes of reprisal, you can bet on that. lucky for you,. most of them are incompetents, idiots, and not able to even so much as stage an effective peaceful demonstration. they are bogeymen in your fevered imagination.

        while you are always sweating it over poor white folks, and bogeyman trump, the rich white folks in silicon valley, hollywood, and wall street financial wizards and the democratic party’s highest eschelons are robbing you blind.

        1. While George may be too cowardly to do anything except type his racist tirades and not risk getting in someone’s face that might strike back. He’s definitely more Klan than JBS, plus the dues are a lot lower and all he needs is a sheet.
          I’ll be happy to judge who the violent ones are by actual arrests and background tracing as opposed to video’s on the Internet. I’ve seen scenes from other locations years ago passed off as what’s happening now. There’s a Fox News story I won’t look back up condemning the Mpls. Mayor for passing out masks to rioters. Really? The lack of truth in right-wing media is amazing and will only add fuel to the fire.
          There are black people, mostly young, out there looting, burn you dismiss their rightful anger by labeling them thugs which means nothing has to be done about black people being killed for no reason. You also justify any future activity by real racists because they will only be reacting to what’s going on now.
          Regarding burning and looting businesses in their own neighborhood. All hell broke loose a few years ago when they found innocent the officer that murdered Philando Castile. Protesters occupied the Mall of America (which is near the airport and nowhere near black businesses). They passed special laws and truly revealed they care more about property than lives. The neighborhoods in Minneapolis where most of the activity has taken place has been in mixed and majority white neighborhoods. Minneapolis is only about 15% black with most of them concentrated (by design) on the North side and pockets on the South side). I once lived within walking distance of the place Floyd was killed and played in a park a block away. It would be possible to burn up a black neighborhood a mile away, but not where they were.
          Two things can be true at one time, yes we all are getting ripped off by rich people. Instead of pointing out Hollywood folks that control nothing, Why not look at Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross who was Vice-Chair of the Bank of Cyprus that laundered almost as much money as Deutsche Bank, or Treasury Secretary Steve Mnucnen who got rich illegally foreclosing homes as CEO of OneWest Banl. Then there’s Jared and Donald. The foxes aren’t in the hen house they’re in the White House.

          1. well thanks for that stuff about Minneapolis i am not well informed about it

            but to your last point. sure you got a handful of billionaire types backing donald, sure

            and about five hundred of them backing hillary or whomever she’s endorsing for the next run. my bet is on kamala for VP, the Cali billionaires were behind her years ago

            how much money does Dem presidential candidate and billlionaire mike bloomberg have?

            here’s a cute graphic


            as for hollywood, actors control not much; producers and directors and investment specialists control a lot. a lot of culture forming content. even today. they have been demonizing the white cracker with a rebel flag for decades going back to movies like Deliverance even as the white cracker banker loots you and me and leaves this country deindustrialized and divided as ever.

            and i hear it all again these days, oh somehow all this burning and looting and rioting is excused because a stupid brute of a cop killed a suspect. well the rioting sets nothing right, the errant cop is behind bars, the riots roll on, and you and the Democrat party bosses are still laserlike focused on the thing that really bothers you which is Orange Man Bad.

            1. This isn’t because an “errant cop” did something bad and is now behind bars. This is because the system is acting just as designed. The “errant cop” has killed other people and has 18 open complaints against him, yet he was the supervisory officer, training a new generation of cops to be “errant.” Most “errant cops” don’t even get charged and most of them that do get off. The Hennepin County District Attorney was bragging that he is one of the few in the nation to previously convict a cop for murder. He didn’t mention that that cop was black and killed a white woman in a scenario that was as best negligence and a tragic mistake as opposed to this on or dozens of others. You keep making this Democrat vs. Republican when both parties agree on subduing minorities. Which major city doesn’t have tanks and military weapons provided by the feds and who are preparing to use them on? Which black neighborhood isn’t divided by railroad tracks from other neighborhoods which could allow the National Guard to roll in if needed. The NRA (and some right-wing media has been preparing people for a race war and frankly black people are mostly unarmed. Trump is just itching to send in the military and I don’t think they issue rubber bullets. In theory he’s prevented by law, Posse Comitatus, but when has obeying laws he doesn’t know exist ever stopped him?
              I wasn’t pointing out just millionaires but crooks that are developing our policies. Look at the last stimulus package and see who got rich while you got $1,200. That wasn’t Hollywood or George Soros.

              1. well posse comitatus didnt stop Delta from participating at waco did it

                anyhow i am not a fan of the current “Swarm” tactics that are supposedly more humane and less dangerous than the old fashioned sleeper hold they were supposed to replace. neck compressions are dangerous as hell not just for putting people unconscious but also fractures.

                the more they try and add lawsuit-dependable restraint tactics the more accidents seem to happen.

                PS black neighborhoods which are adjacent to rr tracks, and not adjacent for purpose of suppressing rebellion, they are next to them because the land is cheap because most people who can afford not living next to railroads will live somewhere else. surely you understand that, yes?

                1. Black neighborhoods weren’t placed simply where land was cheap, initially it was the only place they were allowed to live. Municipal planning was very strategic back in the day with easy access for troops a part of it.

                  1. Good Lord, how many years back do you want to go? I was born in Atlanta 73 years ago and we never had a race riot there even though there was plenty of discrimination and racism. I think the reason was that for most people, there was a lot of opportunity for everyone. Unfortunately, the city has changed and now it is much like all the others. Now I live in small Texas town. I can’t remember the last time I went out to eat or to the grocery store that I did not see several mixed race couples shopping or enjoying themselves. We have a five person city council and two are blacks. Our neighborhoods are integrated. When my grandsons tell me about their class mates, race is never mentioned because to them it is not a factor. In this town, except for a very few ignorant people and some liberal democrats who are racists because they consider blacks as a group who need special care, race is a non-issue. I’m a trial lawyer. I can guarantee you there are many more people in my small town and in big cities who hate lawyers more than they hate blacks. And my small Texas town is not unusual.

                    1. While the Atlanta “race riot” of 1906 was the most infamous, Atlanta also had race riots in 1967 and in 1968 after the assassination of MLK. Your perception of “opportunity for everyone” was definitely the experience of most black Americans and only when it was mandated did limited progress occur. Out of curiosity, what city do you live in?

                    2. Enigma– I live in Bastrop, Texas and it is predominantly Republican. I left Atlanta in 1957 and moved to West Palm Beach. Palm Beach was the most segregated city I had ever heard of, even when Kennedy used his family compound as his summer White House, and ironically did not really change until Trump bought Mar-a-Lago and offered country club memberships to anyone who could pay the fee. I saw earlier that Charlemagne the God and Rush Limbaugh did a show together. Is the apocalypse coming?

                  2. Bastrop Texas. They got a lot of nice girls out there. Oh wait, that’s a town 30 miles over, La Grange

                  3. Enigma obviously if a town was laid out in the old days of segregation, the white folks intended to keep the best land for themselves, for the most part. and they wouldnt want to live next to noisy trains if they could avoid it. that had nothing to do with troops.

                    seriously, this is like a conspiracy thing to me. however, as a conspiracy analyst and connoisseur, if you can produce a primary source to support this notion, i would love to see it.,

                    However, for some reason this conversation reminds me of the NOI mosque maryam on Stony Island which is near the Chicago rail corridor south of the city alongside the Sky Way. seems like that was laid out before the ww2 era black migration era from mississippi. just poor immigrants from europe. noisy and close to stinking steel plants too

              2. enigma – that little over-reaction by ex-officer Noor cost the City of Minneapolis $20 million.

                1. How much do you believe it would have cost the City had the victim been a black male? Philando Castile’s mother was awarded just under $3 million. Any disparity there?

                  1. enigma – Noor was a diversity forced hire and fired across his partner to kill the innocent women who had called in the report. She was a big a$$ target in her pink robe and was attacking the with her cell phone. They are lucky $20 million is all it cost them.

                    The town I live is was asked to help out on a raid in a nearby city and one of our officers threw a flashbang into the house, landing in the crib and on the stomach of the infant. They got the address wrong. We are still paying for that. They were white.

                    1. eningma – the story is, they threw it in through the window and it landed on the stomach of the baby in the crib, where it exploded. Severe burns to the baby. Our officers were just supposed to be support and backup.

          2. enigma – I will not agree with you that they have a right to riot and burn and loot, especially in cities where the activity did not happen. I will agree the response is about money. The rioters/looters are now attacking million dollar properties, so they are being shut down.

            Here is Arizona we have arrested looters from as far as 600 miles away and they are really part of a paid organization, not a homebrew protest. Think of this. It was 106 degrees and high pollution when the looters hit the Scottsdale Fashion Square (Rodeo Drive of Arizona). Most Arizonans know not to do anything stressful, heat stroke is right around the corner. Yet these inspired yutes did $1 million in damage and theft. So, our enlightened Governor instituted a week-long curfew for the whole state. A little overkill, but you don’t attack the people with money.

            They had attacked the police station downtown, but that is a fortress. It was a lot easier taking on a glass encased mall.

            1. I’m not saying anyone has a right to “riot, burn, and loot” and many of the participants are there for reasons having nothing to do with George Floyd. You’re wrong in thinking it relevant that protests are happening in cities unrelated to Floyd’s murder. This is a reaction to the cumulative toll of indiscriminate killing of minorities by police across the nation. It was tipping point and not an isolated incident. Every black family I’m aware of has to give their children “the talk” about the police. Almopst every race riot in this country, excepting after the assassination of MLK has been after police brutality or murder. by police. This is just another example.

              1. enigma – does every black family give their children “the talk” about being killed by other blacks in their neighborhood?

                  1. enigma – I live in a state where everyone can be armed. Makes a more civil society. Still, did not say if you had that talk, among all the talks you have. 😉

                    1. In retrospect, I’ve never had to have that specific talk. We’ve talked about how “people” behave. They’ve always lived in integrated communities and had white friends as well as black and other. There was the time when my son attended mostly whit Winter Park H.S., we lived two blocks from the school so he walked. His first class was at 9:00 one semester whereas most of the students were already on campus. He was stopped by the Winter Park police a block from campus, questioned as to where he was going, which he explained. Not believed by the cops he was placed in the back of the car, driven to the administration office until they verified his schedule and then allowed to go late to class after being humiliated in that manner. You try to protect your kids from racism but it’s impossible. Of course I complained to the department up the chain but they held the line they were only being helpful in giving them a ride. I was 16 the first time I was stopped by the police for no reason. Senator Tim Scott tells of having been stopped 7 times by DC police, for no reason. Other black people don’t make me feel threatened on account of their blackness. Desperate and poor people do.

                    2. enigma – glad to see the police were taking truancy seriously. That is not a race thing. I remember going to a doctor appointment when I was in high school, during the school day, having to walk, and three shopkeepers wanted to know why I (Mr. Translucent) was not in school. Had I not come up with a good answer, they would have called either the police or my mother.

                      Here in Arizona you are required to go to school until you either graduate high school or reach 16, which ever comes first. The police will pick anyone up during the school year if they fit the age category and school is in session.

                    3. Thanks for sharing that…, Enigma. I wish things were different.

                  2. Enigma, according to the FBI, everyone’s killer is most likely to belong to the same race. Whites are more likely to kill whites. Blacks are more likely to kill blacks.

                    Every parent should have a talk with their children about how to interact with police in an “official” capacity, including getting pulled over.

                    My father told us to keep our hands on the wheel. The officer does not know us, and cannot see us as he walks up. He does not know if we are reaching for a gun or our registration. Hold the wheel until he asks for license and registration. Obey all commands. If you believe there is misconduct, save it for an Internal Affairs complaint later. If you think you are being treated unfairly, arguing with a cop is not going to help.

                    Do not go out with people known to do drugs. If you get pulled over and there are drugs in the car, you might all be going to jail, or your car might get impounded. Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

                    Do not socialize with people known for criminal activity, or you could find yourself along for the ride in the commission of a crime.

                    All common sense.

                    More people need to have this conversation with their kids.

                    Racial profiling occurs when most of the people breaking the law in a particular area are of a certain race. Whites, Latinos, and Blacks all have their respective gang neighborhoods. It pains me to no end that African Americans commit a disproportionate amount of crime. This is indisputable. The reason is not genetic. It is the environment and the home, which has decayed since the 60s. I’ve spoken before about single motherhood and absentee fathers being a risk factor for poverty and violence. Kids feel pressure to join a gang for protection. There are few role models of people working hard 9-5, strong work ethic, getting ahead, and being conservative. The people getting ahead are dealing drugs or stealing. The kids are doomed. Raised in that environment, yes, they commit more crimes than in the average American city.

                    Tragically, areas with high crimes will lead to profiling.

                    Do you want to stop African Americans from being viewed as dangerous? Then African Americans need to stop reinforcing the stereotype. It is ironic that the people who are protesting that blacks are viewed as a criminal element are out there looting, burning, stealing, trashing cop cars, burning police precincts, rolling cars, beating women and men business owners up, destroying businesses who just opened up during a global pandemic. Stop looking for people outside the community to solve the problem. Stop demanding for crime statistics to be ignored. This change has got to come from inside. The rest of the US cannot force people to wait to have kids until they are married, for fathers not to deposit children with various women they abandon, for school to be a high priority, for kids to stay at school and do homework, for kids not to be allowed to hang out with criminals, to do your absolute hardest at a first job and keep at it. That’s what needs to happen, but HOW? Do you know why Asian men are not stereotyped as dangerous? Because the cliche is studious, successful, and low crime rate. Statistics. There is no denying that there are different sub cultures in America, and some of them value success while others value criminal activity. That’s reality. I hope to God more people decide their goal is success and stop jumping in the math function that will deposit them firmly into poverty and rotating arrests.

                    What opinion would a white teenager, who didn’t know any black people form as he watches the news? The cameras aren’t showing all the black people who are home, being boring and law abiding. They are showing black people terrorizing neighborhoods. There were other races involved, for sure. Here in CA, depending on the neighborhood, it was Latinos, blacks, whites, and a mix. But a curious teen wondering what black people are doing has this to go on.

                    This is exactly the cliche behavior that strengthens stereotypes. Everyone has an obligation to live their life in a way that breaks negative stereotypes, no matter what category they fall into.

                    1. If you want kids to learn respect and hard work, send them to a ranch to learn team penning as youngsters. They will get up at dawn, throw hay to the horses, muck out, mix goodie buckets, clean tack, exercise the horses, check the cattle, help with veterinary care, muck out, check the horses for injuries and treat them, trot out the gelding to check out the lameness on that hind, stack thousands of pounds of hay by the bale…

                      And most of all they will learn to say, “Yes, Ma’am. Yes, Sir. No, Ma’am. No, sir. May I help you with that?

                      I have yet to meet a team penning kid riding for a buckle or saddle somewhere that is not studiously courteous, polite, and hardworking.

                      The PBR guys are all polite, but boiling for a fight with something, anything. But the team penning kids are models of politeness. Plus they have to learn the luck of the draw is a literal thing.

                      There should be some kind of diversion program in which at risk youth are sent to Oklahoma for the summer. You can’t get in trouble if you’re exhausted.

                    2. Well said, at some point they have to realize that they are their own worst enemy. Then look at how any that leave the plantation are treated.

      2. I think that bad actors smelled an opportunity. Groups with wildly different goals have all collided. Local people seeing an opportunity to get away with stealing. Antifa. Anarchists. White supremacists. Anyone who wants to steal and burn.

        While white supremacists have been accused of gathering, I think they would be shot and buried if they came out to any of the minority neighborhoods out here.

        1. I agree with you. In Minneapolis, most of the protesters have always been white, the vast majority well meaning. It’s a big enough city that people don’t know everybody. Anyone not wearing obvious clothing could blend in just fine. It couldn’t happen in Detroit, Chicago, or Atlanta, but in Minneapolis… yeah.

          1. I feel sorry for Tim Scott being racially profiled, but I don’t feel sorry for you. You got it coming. Tim Scott is a conservative black, whereas you are a whiny, chip-on-your shoulder black who is constantly making excuses for lousy black behavior and blaming white people for why blacks are broke, stupid, and savage.

            Like the kneeling NFLers, you express solidarity with low class black folks (the N words) and yet you want to complain when you get your wish and are mistaken for them. Huh??? That would be like an Elvis impersonator complaining because he was taken into custody to see where he has been since 1977 and was supposedly buried. An insult? No, it should be a badge of honor for you! Look, Ma, the cops mistook me for Pooky and Ray-Ray, the thugz!

            If you want me to feel sorry for you over something like this, then you start making distinctions between yourself and the black trash out there barely able to speak English, and dealing drugs and stealing anything that isn’t tied down.

            Read this again. If you ever read it. It makes sense. Also get and read Taleeb Starkes book, The Uncivil Wars; The War Between Blacks and N-words.


            Sincerely, your friend – who wishes you would wake the eff up!

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

              1. enigma,
                What makes you any different from Squeeky? You both write posts conveying a specific message on a common subject, yet you couldn’t be farther apart on the root problem. The essay that she linked in her recent post is consistent with her own postings over the years. You and others have labeled her racist for such views, but do you consider the author of this essay a racist as well?

                Instead of conveniently dismissing her, why not address the views of the author of the essay?

                1. What makes me different from Squeeky is that I don’t judge people by color. Despite having different views than many of the people here, I judge them all based on their words and actions, not presumed color. Squeeky herself at least considers the possibility she’s racist, George is a hopeless cause who if I said something about the weather would unleash a racist tirade going back to Abraham Lincoln.
                  Forgive me for nor reading the essay she linked, if someone I respect sent me something or even someone I didn’t respect but wanted to engage in the discussion, I might have read it. I generally want people to use their own words rather than send me something someone else said. Squeeky felt sorry for the discrimination Tim Scott experienced but not for me and the rest of us that she feels deserve it.
                  I actually like Squeeky, she’s funny and smart. We have moments where we share a sentiment but they quickly pass. In my world, I have to co-exist with racists to a degree because it would be impossible to function otherwise, they doesn’t keep me from recognizing them for who they are.

                  1. I have racist instincts, unlike most white folks who fall all over themselves denying it.

                    But i know that the worse enemies of the common folks of our nation are not petty black thugs with baggy pants looting new sneakers, they are white skinned billionaires who think they can call all the shots no matter what happens in elections and no matter what laws are passed and they figure they can always stay one step ahead. They are the bosses who via the mass media have “green lighted” this massive prison riot style mess.

                    but more of the bigger picture: just as i do not want the country flooded with poor folks from central america looking for work, i understand that they are not the enemy. if there is an enemy it is those who profit greatly from having throngs of new foreigners coming here and I don’t just mean to weed the garden., i mean big profits and big political power exploiting throngs of migrants. the migrants themselves are not the traitors of our nation, not at all. the bosses are.

                    and in american history we have had time and time again in every generation such billionaires at whatever scale, right from the beginning

                    today’s labor bosses and capitalist exploiters of migrant labor, are descendants, in spirit if not in the flesh, of the same slave traders who brought african slaves here in the first place for big fat profits, regardless of what troubles that would create for free people over many generations, who were not paid to do the labor of slaves, who died to set slaves free, who had to compete in every generation, and then competing with the foreign low wage workers that are the modern era’s version of african slaves.

                    the racial grievances of blacks have been utterly skillfully exploited by the Democratic party to enlist an amazingly high level of voters. like 90% or so? Wow. just amazing. You would think blacks run the Democratic party, but we can see from the faces of Schiff Pelosi Shumer Bloomberg Biden Sanders etc etc etc, they obviously do not. Funny how that works!

                    Seems to me the billionaires control the Democratic party more than ever. Hey this is not FDR’s Democrat party, that’s for sure!

                    Even more than the Republicans who used to be, but, under the rogue wave of Trump, have taken a populist turn against the billionaires, at least a large number of them. sure they have their mnuchins but it’s questionable that America could survive at all without investment bankers

                    to some degree the country has been a business racket from day one.

                    the question is not getting rid of bankers, that is impossible. it is to temper the excesses of capitalism and to moderate the political process such that the people as such are able to have a level of sovereign control over their destiny in fact and not just in name only. i wonder however if this is even possible given the pervasive control of mass media and now social media and how billionaires can influence opinions a thousand times more than even in previous generations.

                    quite possibly in the long run the US will become a one party state not unlike the big cities are one party states under control of the Democrat party. and then i can promise you with utter reliability, that the black faces who are elevated will be Big-Law hacks like Lori Lightfoot

                    Who is Lori Lightfoot anyways? I know a little and still wonder. Did you know Bobby Rush, the only man to beat Obama in an election, did not endorse her? Bobby Rush is a lot more authentic a politician than either one of them. Well, at least he used to be. Recently he got on the centi-billiolnaire Mike Bloomberg bandwagon and became a campaign co chair.

                    Far cry from being a Black Panther, that’s for sure.

                    1. I agree with much of what you’ve said. Where you lose me is that plank in your eye that makes you imagine that Republicans have become the people’s Party and are no longer controlled by the rich. When Corporations became people and unlimited anonymous donations became speech, was that to benefit the people? Look at Trump’s Cabinet, all rich cronies, some of whom are enriching themselves at your expense.
                      That black people vote in the percentages they do for Democrats isn’t because we’re infactuiated with the promises of Democrats. It’s that the Republican Party offers no option, they decided long ago not to try to earn our votes but instead suppress them. They are filling the Federal courts with unqualified judges based on ideology. They are the current promoters of mass incarceration, yet want to be remembered fondly as the Party of Lincoln. The bigger question isn’t why black people don’t vote for Republicans rather why lower and middle class white people who don’t benefit from the policies do? I’ll answer the question myself, it’s because they like the rhetoric.

                    2. It’s that the Republican Party offers no option, they decided long ago not to try to earn our votes but instead suppress them.

                      Earn your votes? How have black American’s lives improved by what the Democratic party has done to earn their votes?

                      They are filling the Federal courts with unqualified judges based on ideology.

                      Unqualified, based on their ideology? So if they had say a progressive ideology, then they’d be qualified? If they don’t legislate from the bench that makes them unqualified? If they actually apply the constitution and the rule of law, they are unqualified? What?

                      The bigger question isn’t why black people don’t vote for Republicans rather why lower and middle class white people who don’t benefit from the policies do?

                      And yet you claim to not view people by the color of their skin. If you truly are motivated by the rule of law and equal justice under the law, what ideology, what rhetoric best exemplifies the original vision of our founding fathers? This is not a political party question.

                    3. Heroes? They were Idealists-Realists.

                      An idealistic vision can lift people up and engage them, but it also needs to be approached in a way that acknowledges the reality of the challenge. Great leaders are able to work both agendas simultaneously in a compelling way.

                      This is how you get the DoI and the constitution. The former reflected the vision they had for this country. The latter reflected the reality of the current state of this country. Cultures don’t turn on a dime; which was a fundamental transformation lesson evident from the last administration. Government cultures aren’t much easier; which is a fundamental transformation lesson evident with the current administration.

                    4. And some were not. And they created a legal system designed to transform from the current legal practices into a more perfect union. Eventually we get the Emancipation Proclamation, the 13th and 14th amendments. Then our cultural transformation gets hijacked by the Democrat party for 100 years and low and behold, 60 years later the Democrats have regressed our culture to a new era of enslavement. Only this time around, they’ve thoroughly gutted their constituent’s desire for self-reliance and civics literacy. Forgive me if I don’t praise the new masters of the Democratic party.

                    5. One period at a time, I can talk about any point in American history but let’s finish with the founders first. They granted zero rights to slaves and women, basically nobody but land owning white men had rights. While some were more enlightened than others (John Jay for example) they compromised their asses off and that “more perfect union” allowed for slavery in perpetuity. Though they never mentioned the word slavery in the original Constitution, consideration of it exists throughout, all helping it to exist. In my reply to Paul I forgot to point out Article One, Section Nine, Clause One which protected the International Slave Trade for twenty years while the domestic slave trade was built up by “natural increase” by which they meant rape and forced pairings. The 13th, 14th, and 15th, Amendments were helpful if you forget about Dred Scot and Plessey V Ferguson. There were also a few Civil Rights Acts along the way, all of them gutted by the Supreme Court as they also did under John Roberts. The Republicans, the Party of Lincoln that was founded to end slavery, turned away in order to win the contested Presidential Election of 1876, the Compromise of 1877 led to the removal of Federal troops from the South which effectively ended Reconstruction and ushered in Jim Crow. Democrats tried their best to replicate slavery as best they could and Republicans looked the other way. There came a time when Harry Truman integrated the military which began the slide of Dixiecrats started a slow slide to the Republican Party which went to full speed when Johnson passed the Voting Rights Act while the nation was rioting much like they are now after the assassination of MLK. Democrats indeed lost the South for a generation, helped by the Lee Atwater version of the Southern Strategy to prey on the fears of Southeners. The widow Atwater was honored at the most recent Republican National Convention. As I said to Paul, if I have any of the facts wrong, feel free to argue them.

                    6. That’s a very sad compilation of what you understand of American history. You have to want to be aggrieved, you have to want to be perceived as a victim, if you are unwilling to also cherry-pick the many blessings and opportunities our country has been for the least of humanity.

                      I also grew up in Minneapolis. My early years were on East Lake by the river. My later years were on West Lake. 28th and Harriet to be exact. I graduated from West high. My friends went to Princeton, Harvard, Yale and the UofM. They were Vietnamese, Chinese, Black, White and Jewish. Some lived in what I considered mansions along the Lake of the Isles. Others were as poor as myself. Single mom, welfare and food stamps. I got whatever jobs I could find. I got myself into UW- Steven’s Point. No scholarship. I ran out of money after one semester and had to leave school. I never considered my circumstances as anyone else’s fault. I was out of school in December of 1978 and in Orlando at bootcamp in January 1979. I’ve had all the ingredients for seeing myself as a victim in our country, with one notable exception…I wasn’t the right color. The thing is, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. I chose to find a way to leave my circumstances behind.

                      This country is awesome!

                    7. You haven’t even suggested any of the history I outlined was wrong, you just choose to ignore it.
                      You know it’s possible to hold two thoughts in your head at one time. America (most of the time) is the greatest country I’m aware of but still has an extremely racist past and present. Don’t believe me? People are protesting in more than 75 cities across the country.
                      What years were you at West? I went to Marshall-U High. There was a discus thrower on the West track team I got to know fairly well (Mark?) and a couple guys from the basketball team.

                    8. I’m not your Stuart Smalley. I’m not here to provide you affirmation. It’s not that I’m ignoring any of the negatives in our nation’s history. We could spend quite a bit of time documenting the negatives. At some point though, you have to stop ignoring the positives as well. You have to look at the entire arc of history and consider where we would be had we not done the positives. Of course this nation has evil in it’s relatively short history. I challenge you to identify any place on the planet where humans have existed that doesn’t. But what we’ve accomplished in our short 244 years is remarkably net positive compared with man’s historical record. We’re not perfect. We’re never going to be perfect. But we live in a nation that has proven overall that we are committed to be more perfect in our future than we were in our past.

                    9. By the way, I graduated in 78. I googled your school and was that considered a Mpls or St. Paul school? It’s been a long time and most of my classmates names have been forgotten.

                    10. I graduated in ’73. We were a Minneapolis school, just off the campus of the U of M. We played in the same City conference as West although we were a smaller school. We generally sucked at most sports because of our size but did win the State Championship in basketball two years after I graduated.

                    11. enigma – slavery was legal. James I wrote a scathing pamphlet against smoking tobacco. Yet people did it for another 400 years.

                    12. enigma – we know from the Bible that the Jews owned slaves. The Romans and Greeks owned slaves. The Vikings sold slaves. The Arabs captured and sold slaves. And suddenly Thomas Jefferson is the bad person? Come on, you are carrying a big chip on your shoulder.

                    13. Thomas Jefferson did something different than all of those civilizations (perhaps a poor word choice). Some of what happened in America wasn’t his fault. Colonialists changed the British law where the bloodline followed the father into one where it followed the mother. Thus, every child of a female slave was also a slave where almost everywhere else in the world they would be free. The new American philosophy was Partus Sequitur Ventrem should you want to look it up. It meant white men weren’t responsible for the children they spawned with slaves, they could legally rape them, creating new wealth with each child, but that wasn’t Jefferson.
                      Jefferson implemented a twenty-year plan to eliminate the international slave trade, not because of the human values he pretended but as a measure of protectionism and to increase the value and price of domestic slaves, of which he owned over 600 during his lifetime. He encouraged the practice of forced breeding of slaves, even writing George Washington about the profitability of women bearing a child every two years. Of course, he was a era[poist as well unless you believe (which you may have convinced yourself of) that a 14-year-old slave could really give consent, put another way, could she really say no? He wanted to come off as a benevolent slave master and those who wrote of him helped hide his deficiencies. Historian Edwin Betts who wrote, “Thomas Jefferson’s Farm Book” and was coincidentally a professor at Jefferson’s University of Virginia, discovered letters confirming that Jefferson had the slave boys working in the nail factory at Monticello beaten and whipped to improve productivity. He omitted those letters because it would change the narrative. If I’ve gotten any of those facts wrong, feel free to argue them but yeah, Jefferson was a piece of shit.

                    14. I have no problem exposing the total hypocrisy of Massa Tom Jeff the rich slave owners who penned all his fancy words to rile the locals up to join the Continental army, so he could be a new American aristocrat under cover of phony equality that never existed and never does exist anyhow. Mostly we are all inequal and there’s darn little we can do about it except for try for equal protection under law and due process before courts. That’s the only equality I can get behind. otherwise we’re all very different and different is not equal and I am darn sure not equal to all these billionaires out there today

                      Now Im not apologizing to blacks for this, count me out of reparations or kneeling, but, I think we need to take this kind of criticism that black critics make about the Founding Fathers to heart. And apply it to today. Try and look at who makes the money and how, and be cynical about political organizing, and the kinds of stuff we see promoted by powerful interests using the mass media megaphones and the social media platforms

                      go ahead, pick away at Donald, but Im going to be picking away at some like this


                      I had a big list of Wall Street guys and defense contractors who backed Hillary over Donald, but, you guys ignored that, and forgot about it, and it’s old news anyhow. let’s zero in on this today.

                      Jack Dorsey is the billionaire CEO of Twitter who presumes to scold Don Trump the POTUS for vaguely “glorifying violence” even as he has every scumbag in the universe on there openly calling for murder, mayhem, arson, and riot

                      What a parasite Jack Dorsey is on America

                      Now, normally I would say something about Mikey Bloomberg the Democrat centi-billionaire, except, he did a lot better job as Mayor of NYC than the lame incompetent radical pest Deblazio

                      I guess if we are going to have to have billionaires as masters, no choice about it, give me somebody competent like Mikey Bloomberg that can actually keep peace on the streets and let normal law abiding people live and let live.

                  2. What makes me different from Squeeky is that I don’t judge people by color. Despite having different views than many of the people here, I judge them all based on their words and actions, not presumed color.

                    As the saying goes, we often don’t see ourselves as other people do. You see Squeeky as racist and yourself as something else. Had you bothered to read the essay, you’d be confronted with the racist viewpoints of Squeeky, but inconveniently written by a black man. I realize how that can be problematic for you. It’s far easier to judge the words written by a white woman, than judge those same words written by a black man.

                    1. There are black people that have written and/or said any number of things that are both racist and inexcusable. Ben Carson was once a hero in the black community but he lost all that not because he is a Republican or just because he backs Trump, it’s because he’s become harmful with his policies to the community that once held him up as a hero. There are black Republicans that are in relatively good standing in the black community; J.C. Watts, Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Tim Scott. Because they at least occasionally can stand up and say when something is wrong.
                      If you can’t see Squeeky (or George) as racist then it’s because of your blinders, not because it isn’t there. Here’s a portion of Squeeky’s most recent post. If you ccan’t find any racism there it’s because you’re not looking.

                      “I feel sorry for Tim Scott being racially profiled, but I don’t feel sorry for you. You got it coming. Tim Scott is a conservative black, whereas you are a whiny, chip-on-your shoulder black who is constantly making excuses for lousy black behavior and blaming white people for why blacks are broke, stupid, and savage.
                      Like the kneeling NFLers, you express solidarity with low class black folks (the N words) and yet you want to complain when you get your wish and are mistaken for them. Huh??? That would be like an Elvis impersonator complaining because he was taken into custody to see where he has been since 1977 and was supposedly buried. An insult? No, it should be a badge of honor for you! Look, Ma, the cops mistook me for Pooky and Ray-Ray, the thugz!
                      If you want me to feel sorry for you over something like this, then you start making distinctions between yourself and the black trash out there barely able to speak English, and dealing drugs and stealing anything that isn’t tied down.”

                      And another:

                      “Sure racism exists! I might even be a racist myself. I am not sure because whenever I ask someone here to define a racist for me, I get crickets. Personally, I think I am a half-racist, because I only think around half of blacks are utterly worthless stupid, feral savages. I am pretty kewl with the rest of them, yourself included.”

                    2. Enigma,

                      I see YOU as a racist of a sort, because you view everything thru the lens of racism. YOUR race has about 80% of its kids born out of wedlock. It has been that way since about 1965 onwards, with the increase.

                      Yet you blame White people for Black poverty in the year 2020. Sheeesh, don’t you think that number of kids growing up in one income families has a lot to do with it? As a matter of fact, more than anything else. Blacks can stop that crap whenever they want. In the year 2022, that rate can go from 80% to 20%.

                      And plus, why do you complain about slavery? Blacks in America are lots better off than most blacks in Africa. But aren’t you kinda glad your great-great-great-great-great grandpappy and grandmomma got put on the boat to here??? It may have sucked for them, but let’s face it, they were already slaves in Africa before they came here.

                      If you think the black descendants of slaves here are NOT better off, then for heaven’s sake start a “Let’s move back to Africa!” movement. What’s keeping you here? If your situation is sooo dire, then move.

                      But you know what I think? I think you know you are better off here, and I even think you know most blacks (or their momma’s) are to blame for where they are in life. But I think you like to whine and play the victim, with that “100 years ago white folks burned down Tulsa” crap. Heck, 75 years ago we nuked Japan, and Dresden, and yet Americans, Japanese and Germans have put it behind us and moved on.

                      75 years ago the Germans slaughtered millions of Jews, and the Jews founded a country 3 years later, and fought and won a war that same year. They worked instead of whining.

                      Sooo why don’t you poor oppressed black Americans do the same. Make your little monster black kids start doing their homework. Make your daughters get married before having babies.

                      And quit playing the victim all the time. You ought to be ashamed of yourself!

                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

      3. Enigma:

        I hate this. My husband drove a ways for a job, and riots broke out. He told his employees to just go home. They were not anticipating anything in the area where they were working.

        Now I’m on pins and needles phone stalking my husband to track his progress.

        I hate hate hate hate this.

        Stealing and looting and burning and beating does nothing for justice. It’s evil.

          1. “Karen brings her own personal drama to the blog.

            It adds more than you do.

        1. I hate it as well, I also hated things before the looting, burning, and beating started. You’re worried about your husband now and I appreciate that your concern is real. I have had to worry about my kids since they were old enough to ride a bike.

          1. Enigma– I’ve talked to a number of my friends who are near my age about what it was like to grow up in the town I now live in. Back before the “change” to what it is now, it was horrible. If I had been the parent of a black or Hispanic child, I don’t know how I would have restrained myself. They were denied equal opportunities which is the truly unforgivable sin in a democracy. I am sorry Karen S is having to live through this now and I am sorry you had to live a life of constant worry for your children. My grandsons live on our family ranch. I worry about them because of snakes and feral hogs and other such dangers but they can be cautious and they will be ok. Your kids could not change the color of their skin. The human race can be an awful thing at times. But we also can be better.

            1. I appreciate your comments. My concerns for my children and now grandchildren are unfortunately not past but present tense. There is also the opportunity to explain what they’re seeing on the news on the few occasions they aren’t watching the Disney channel where everything magically turns out happy.

              1. This may seem like a strange thing to discover so late in life but I guess I was just not paying attention. In our local grocery store some years back I heard a baby crying. I realized I could not tell whether that baby was white, Hispanic or black. All babies sound the same when they are crying. For me that was an important lesson. All of this other stuff, good and bad, is learned behavior. That means we can change it if we want to.

                1. honestlawyer, I appreciate your comments which are clearly heartfelt and in good faith – a rare attitude to often here. Whatever our policy differences may be or our backgrounds, they shouldn’t be blown into dehumanizing each other. What unites the vast majority of Americans is greater than the sores 24/7 cable news makes money on promoting.

                  I don’t know if you’ve seen this video of the Atlanta mayor from the weekend, but I thought it was powerful and unifying.


                  1. bythebook– my wife (Cindy) told me about it and was very impressed but I had not yet seen it. Thank you for sending it to me. I know that Mayor Bottoms has an excellent reputation and I can see why. Atlanta has had excellent Mayors, both white and black, and frankly I was shocked that even Atlanta was rocked by riots. My biggest concern is that I don’t think we have reached a consensus that rioting and looting must be stopped above all else because they can be a death sentence for many freedoms we take for granted. Unfortunately, as you note, those who benefit most from those freedoms– the press– are contributing nothing toward unifying us against a common enemy. At any rate, thanks for the link.

          2. Enigma:

            Talk to me about this from your perspective. If your children grow up, obey all commands ever given from police, what are they in danger of? The worst that could happen is that they be questioned and released, like white people all across America are questioned and released. It’s embarrassing, but not life threatening. A cop is not going to hang out the window and shoot you while you’re walking home with a bag of groceries. What happened to George Floyd is statistically rare. That is why people are freaking out. Most whites or blacks killed by cops are either armed or fighting with them. I can provide you the figures again if you need. It is incredibly rare for someone to be smothered to death over the course of 9 minutes in broad daylight. It was so shocking that if the protestors thought about it, they would have to acknowledge that the country is united that this was terrible and wrong.

            Based on the statistics, who is the bigger threat? The cops, or the black criminal element? Or the Latino criminal element if you move to an area with Latino gangs? Do white people do drive by shootings and target your neighborhood?

            Who is your life more in danger of?

            As I’ve said before, the blacks I knew were in a middle class, conservative neighborhood. Drive down some of the poor black neighborhoods in CA, and it’s like another planet. A hostile planet.

            My husband had just started his business when he drove to a job in Compton around the time of Rodney King. The sweet older black lady said that she assumed if he worked in that area, that he was black. She said it was not safe for him, and he had to leave. He was the wrong color. She shooed him out. She was right. Black guys threw bottles and rocks at his work truck. He could have been dragged from his truck.

            So, from my perspective, we have “talks”, too. There is violent racism against whites in some black poor neighborhoods, and sometimes it’s not safe. My kid would be in danger because of his race. Imagine if a black guy drove down a white neighborhood, like in Orange County, and all the whites ran out and thew rocks and bottles at his truck, threatening to drag him out and kill him because he was black? Would that be ignored? Or would there be nationwide rioting? Again.

            The talks are about safety. An all black choir in a church is a heck of a lot different than a Crips neighborhood.

            You disagree with racial profiling. But it is not disputable that African Americans commit way more crimes than their percentage of the population. That gives a bad reputation, which is totally unfair to all the many good, law abiding, conservative African Americans. So, whose fault is it? Those who read the statistics, or those who are committing all those crimes? If you were in a neighborhood with Skin Heads, would you be a little concerned if you saw a man with a shaved head? We evolved a self preservation instinct for a reason.

            The African American community is getting a bad reputation for rioting, looting, crime, and beating people, at this point. Community leaders need to get a handle on this. Upset about profiling for being dangerous, and they do this? Worried about jobs and poverty, so they drive away jobs?

            Do you agree or disagree that the rioting and looting reinforces negative stereotypes, instead of tearing them down?

            Poor African Americans could be predominantly middle class if they followed the math. Go to school. Study hard. Graduate high school with strong reading and math skills. Get a job. Work hard. Wait to have kids until you get married. Fathers stay with families. That bare minimum is statistically likely to lead to a middle class life. If going to trade school or getting a useful degree were added, that would increase it to upper middle class or upper class. Within a generation, black neighborhoods would be considered very safe. A cop seeing a black teenager in a hoodie walking would assume he was going to study with friends or to violin lessons, and that it was cold. A little old lady seeing him would be happy because she knew he would offer to help her carry her groceries.

            Be the change.

            1. Your view that any black person can avoid racism by living a certain way and following directions is highly misguided. Because you don’t experience it yourself you can’t fathom what minorities go through.
              Racism is embedded in the Constitution, the Electoral college, policing, education, and voting systems. Black neighborhoods are black neighborhoods because of historical practices like redlining and steering and HOA covenants all of which were once legal, some of which still occur in practice. The current President refused to rent to black applicants in his properties, marking their applicants “C” for colored so they could be rejected. He was sued twice by the Federal government for housing discrimination. He took out a full-page ad calling for the death penalty of the Central Park Five and when they were exonerated, he not only diodn’t apologize but railed against their settlement with the city. During this crisis, he has called for shooting looters (or anyone that looks the part) and wants to “dominate” black neighborhoods with the national guard or the military he keeps threatening to call in. The change you hope for has been set back for generations. Those that support his every move are part of that.

              1. enigma – I purposed shooting looters before the President did and I do not care what f**king color they are. Looters are vermin!!!

                1. Which requires you to be able to factually determine who’s a looter, a protester, or someone passing by. Why not just shoot them all? Anyone out on the street for any reason must be guilty. Instead of saying, “I was in fear for my life,” the new code word could be, “they were looting,” “about to loot,” “looked like a looter.” It would be utilized by some to begin a purge, not of looters but of people that don’t look like them.

                  1. enigma – I cannot remember the name of the man who was responsible for a great massacre who said “Kill them all, let God sort them out!” That seems to be one of your options.

                    If they are running out of Target with the TV they are a looter. Shot them. If they are standing outside filming, get their name so you can later get their film to get anyone you missed.

                    Did you see the video of the women tracking down the Antifa guys in the car and and saying “Why are you giving black boys bricks?” They apologized and she gave them the brick back.

                    Bill, this is organized chaos. They has been dropping palettes of bricks and water at strategic locations. I have seen it on several locations. Antifa is setting the brothers up. They are also paying people. There is video of it. If I were black I would be off the streets. It is a trap!!!!

                    1. There is evidence of fake websites set up by white supremacists posing as Antifa to encourage violence, also people pretending to be Antifa and causing destruction. I’m not saying Antifa isn’t out there doing things, anybody doing so should be arrested and punished to the full extent of the law. I’m also not saying like the President is, (paraphrased), Don’t let them blame anyone else.
                      Your proposed solution that black people stay off the streets and don’t protest our people being killed by police is untenable. Doing nothing will change nothing.

                    2. eniigma – is your problem Floyd or the killing of black men? Or the killing of black men by the police? Anitifa is now demanding Noor be let out of prison. Crumb, who is probably a good attorney, but race baiting at the moment, wants Chauvin tried for 1st degree murder. If they try him for 1st degree murder, he will get off. Although I would move to try it in Bemidji, home of Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox. I do not think the four officers can get a fair trial in the Twin Cities.

                    3. My problem is the killing of Floyd AND other black men, women, and children by the police, former police, and wannabe police. Police officers haven’t been getting fair trials anywhere, the vast majority of juries have been unwilling to consider they did anything wrong or simply didn’t care if they did.

                    4. enigma – how about the killing of Floyd AND other men, women, and children by the police, former police, wanna be police and rioters?

                    5. My problem is the killing of Floyd AND other black men, women, and children by the police,

                      It’s a rare and unsystematic problem. And you haven’t a clue as to how to address it in a salutary way because you haven’t any granular knowledge.

                      (And no, that isn’t your problem).

              2. Ever experience being called a racist because the color of your skin? See.s to me after watching the annual rite of rioting , looting and arson by African-Americans, they are suffering from the grass is greener on the other side syndrome.

      4. What I am is an American under the Constitution which you don’t agree with because it denies and precludes the entire American welfare state. I could not care less about your thesis. I care that I am forced to pay taxes which are unconstitutional – Article 1, Section 8, Congress is provided only the power to tax for “…general Welfare” – and which constitute redistribution of wealth and charity.

        What you don’t enjoy of my post is the truth and accurate assessment of Abraham Lincoln – as they say in real estate: The first offer is the best offer. Lincoln was right the first time as were the American Founders in their statements about the “…harmony of the ingredients…” and avoiding an “injurious tendency.”

        “The influx of foreigners must, therefore, tend to produce a heterogeneous compound; to change and corrupt the national spirit; to complicate and confound public opinion; to introduce foreign propensities. In the composition of society, the harmony of the ingredients is all-important, and whatever tends to a discordant intermixture must have an injurious tendency.”

        – Alexander Hamilton

        What I engage in is debate which employs the law, fundamental law, facts and supporting statements which present the “original intent” of the Founders before their work was destroyed by the likes of the unconstitutional and illegitimate tyrant, Abraham Lincoln. You can’t stand that the status of slaves became “illegal alien” requiring immediate deportation after Lincoln terminated their status as deeded and recorded “property” as the Naturaliztin Act of 1802 required citizens to be “…free white person(s).” You do know that the terrible 18th Amendment was abrogated because of its illegitimacy by the 21st, don’t you?

        I know none of the organizations you are so bizarrely familiar with. Were I to be in favor of something, it would be the implementation of the “manifest tenor” of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. You don’t like the severe limitations and restrictions of government established by that fundamental law. You don’t like America under the literal words of its Constitution.

        You would never want to be left to your own devices and merit – entirely without the governmental crutch.

    1. There is no proof any of this is fact. It’s fake news planted by the right. You know as well I as do Antifa has no motive here. There may be some there but the rioters are not all Antifa. It’s the white supremacy groups. The same groups that did the voiceover and changed the chant from “you cannot replace us” meaning an entirely different topic —to the racist word replacing “you” to “jxx”. I was doing research that night as a sociologist as I watched the march. Not one time did any of the chanting say the word “Jews”. The media ran with that voiceover. The group as well as the college put out statements and video footage but was never able to stop the fake news. Listen to it and you’ll never hear the “s” sound on the end. Why? Because the word was always “YOU” and not “JEW(s)” I fear the people of the USA will never ever get a fact base report ever again.

      1. That garbage worked in VA, but it ain’t gonna fly this time. There is NO logic to your comment about the right wing. ANTIFA AND BLM own this. Blame your own.

      2. “The media ran with that voiceover.”
        So it was SPLC, or one of the BLM or ADL, or brookings, or aspen institute, etc, or just the vile fake news who did the voice over to the word jews so the RACISM charge would stick.
        Was Jussie Smollet’s fiasco a right wing plot ? Would you say so just for effect ?

        1. SPLC apologizing for ANTIFA organized looting, violence, and arson

          https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2020/06/01/ designating-antifa-domestic-terrorist-organization-dangerous-threatens-civil-liberties

          let’s roll the tape back a couple decades and see if SPLC has had truck with bad guys before

          actually tons of them.

          but let’s go for the gold. Carol Howe.

          for decades SPLC has been handling “informants” from both white racist criminal snitches and also anarchist “informants” about various targets of SPLC’s fundraising objectives

          SPLC had a white racist snitch in the Elohim City compound who warned ATF and her boss Morris Dees that bad people were targeting the OKC federal building

          her name was carol howe, and her designation was CI-183

          am i saying not only ATF but also SPLC had foreknowledge of the attack on the Murrah building? yes im saying exactly that

          proof from FBI reports that Morris Dees handled Carol Howe as an informant and was party to her advance information is referenced here– book entitled

          “Aberration in the Heartland of the Real: The Secret Lives of Timothy McVeigh”


          there are other sources too


          what kinds of information has SPLC handled from antifa? seems like mostly “tracking” information that they used for what is now called “doxxing” or rather exposing people who have politically incorrect viewpoints.

          antifa has been involved in tracking “racists” of various types, from kluckers to local flag waivers, for decades

          and SPLC has been paying them to do it

          am I saying that SPLC funds ANTIFA?


          here’s another one to look up that has tons of contacts from ANTIFA to SPLC and is an obsessed person following racists around: Daryle Lamont Jenkins One People’s Project.
          in fact he proclaims that he IS antifa. black guy. easy find on the net. been active 20 plus years stalking people and selling information back and forth.

          and he’s sold it to police too. informant? sure he has been., plenty. lots of ANTIFA are informants. this is incestuous stuff, just like narcotics enforcement and investigation. same methods, same BS, same abuses from every corner

      3. totally false.

        ANTIFA are boasting about this incident.

        this is a bogus rumor made up by some disinformation artists who are up to the usual lies blaming everything on white racist bogeyman even as the ANTIFA pasty faced geeks in black and the black thugs are on a thousand videos doing obvious riot, looting, and arson

        and chauvin may be guilty of homicide but i wonder if he’s much of a racist either. turns out his wife is Laotian. yes the beauty queen who’s filing for divorce.

        so much for blaming every bad thing on whitey. only fools believe such lies.

    1. Mr. Kurtz, how do you read the article you posted and only come away with Antifa as the target that needs to be stopped? Same with Trump, Barr, and unfortunately, Turley. Until a collective you stop ignoring, therefore, supporting right-wing hate groups. There will always be a problem.

      1. hey enigma. i know plenty about white racists. ANTIFA are proudly “antiracist” pasty white skinned geeks not racists. This one is all on ANTIFA. quit dreaming you will blame this on some good old boys dressed up like clowns

        1. Anyone from ANTIFA caught looting or causing violence should face the full penalty of the law. Right-wing groups will get invited to the White House and offered a free round of golf at Mar-a-Lago.

          1. Hey Enigma. I wonder if you know Daryle Lamont Jenkins a black activist and ANTIFA (ha ha they’re not all white, just most of them) who has been obsessively following around supposed racists for decades, selling information to SPLC, and various police agencies? yeah, all kinds of info, including on his antifa buddies, if the price is right.

            he’s just the kind of goofball who would start false rumors that racists were involved in the riots. see, he’s got lies to sell to the police, and to roust up donations. But, his old schtick is so tired and stale. because he’s all morbidly fat now and can’t participate on the street like he did a long time ago, but he’s still got false info to peddle and he’s looking for new suckers to fool.

            1. Never heard of him. I have heard of Donald Trump, Bill Barr, Donald Trump, Jr, Sean Hannity, Mark Esper, and Kellyanne Conway. That’s enough rumors and outright lies for a lifetime.

      2. Cut the crap – the “FBI” is looking – but hasn’t found any. They’re still corrupt.

        NSA Robert O’Brien ” Asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper about far-right groups participating in the violence, O’Brien said: “I haven’t seen the reports on far-right groups. This is being driven by Antifa.” ”

        Then we have the democrats who want to shift blame. They make claims, they say they are looking, but they have nothing.
        “Minnesota officials said this weekend white supremacists and others were mixing in with legitimate protestors. Authorities there are looking at connections between those arrested and white supremacist organizers who have posted online about coming to Minnesota. ”

        Oh, someone on 4 chan said let’s go there and accelerate… what a joke !

        Let’s face it, the local disgruntled don’t need help to riot and burn down a city area – they have proved that a hundred times over.

  11. Not so baffling, Professor. I’ve met the Ellisons. The very definition of one of Stalin’s usefuls.

  12. Antifa are the SA [storm troops] of the Democrats. They publicly defend them, they stand aside when they attack and destroy, and they probably fund them. Don’t doubt that the Democrats hope to steal the next election as they tried to steal the last.

  13. For Schulte: no, the President does NOT have to get into any bunker, any more than he has to lie constantly, fail to lead, tweet out insults and pretend to be bravado.

    On the subject of being a real man, a real man doesn’t demand a BMI score when he doesn’t have any substantive response to criticism of his hero.

    1. Natacha – still waiting on that BMI score. All you have are a string of ad hominems. Is this what your legal practice is like?

    2. What world do you live in?? All of the LIES and Rioting and Looting always , Always come from the Democrats.. So do Mass Shootings.

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