Vermont Principal Put On Leave For Not Agreeing With Black Lives Matters

Freedom_of_SpeechWe have yet another teacher suspended or put on leave for merely expressing her opinion of Black Lives Matter on her personal Facebook page.  After Tiffany Riley wrote that she does not agree with the BLM, the Mount Ascutney School Board held an emergency meeting to declare that it is “uniformly appalled” by the exercise of free speech and Superintendent David Baker assured the public that they would be working on “mutually agreed upon severance package.”  The case magnifies concerns over the free speech rights of teachers on social media or in their private lives. As a public employee, Riley could seek judicial relief rather than a severance package under the First Amendment.

As we have previously discussed (with an Oregon professor and a Rutgers professor), there remains an uncertain line in what language is protected for teachers in their private lives. There were also controversies at the University of California and Boston University, where there have been criticism of such a double standard, even in the face of criminal conduct. There were also such an incident at the University of London involving Bahar Mustafa as well as one involving a University of Pennsylvania professor. Some intolerant statements against students are deemed free speech while others are deemed hate speech or the basis for university action. There is a lack of consistency or uniformity in these actions which turn on the specific groups left aggrieved by out-of-school comments.  There is also a tolerance of faculty and students tearing down fliers and stopping the speech of conservatives.  Indeed, even faculty who assaulted pro-life advocates was supported by faculty and lionized for her activism.

Most recently, we discussed the effort to remove one of the country’s most distinguished economists from his position because Harald Uhlig, the senior editor of the Journal of Political Economy,  criticized Black Lives Matter and Cornell Law School professor William A. Jacobson is reportedly facing demands that he be fired because he wrote a blog about the Black Lives Matter movement.

So what is the act that uniformly appalled the school board?  Riley wrote:

“I do not think people should be made to feel they have to choose black race over human race. While I understand the urgency to feel compelled to advocate for black lives, what about our fellow law enforcement? What about all others who advocate for and demand equity for all? Just because I don’t walk around with a BLM sign should not mean I am a racist (sic).”

She said that she actually does believe that black lives do matter but was motivated to write to object to “the coercive measures taken to get to this point across; some of which are falsified in an attempt to prove a point.” One can certainly disagree with that view.  Indeed, it could be the foundation for a substantive discussion on how to best protect black lives and how to deal with police abuse.  However, it was declared “tone deaf” because Riley was challenging an approved or orthodox position.

Simply because she shared her view of BLM in her private life, Baker declared ““They don’t see any way that she’s going to go forward as the principal of that building given those comments and that statement. It’s clear that the community has lost faith in her ability to lead.”

What about the faith and tolerance of free speech?  There is not even a nod of concern over the right of people to support reforms but not necessarily the BLM movement or some of its more controversial positions.

As always, I come to these issues from a free speech perspective. I am less concerned with the merits of the position than I am in the refusal to allow one side to be stated without punitive measures. I would take (and have taken) the same position if the view on BLM were reversed.  I fail to see what educators cannot express their views in favor of or against BLM in participating in one of the most important periods of debate in our history. The message to educators is that you must not criticize BLM in your private life if you want to keep your job.  The board does not even entertain the possibility that Riley might not be a racist and still question BLM, which has been involved in controversies over academic freedom and free speech on campuses.  We have never had any organization treated as so inviolate that it cannot be challenged by anyone in their private or personal discourse.

Teachers in Chicago can go to Venezuela to support a dictator who has arrested and murdered scores of people, including suppressing free speech and the free press. They were not punished or declared “tone deaf.” Boards like Mount Ascutney School Board engage in open content-based regulation of speech of teachers in the private lives of teachers.  They will be applauded for such action against free speech as people ignore the implications of such punitive measures.

This is not about BLM. It is about free speech. Of course, the Board is not being “tone deaf.” Mount Ascutney School Board has guaranteed that there will be no sound at all, at least no dissenting voices heard among its teachers.


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  1. Black Lies Matter

    It is axiomatic. The lies and parasitism of incapable and dependent blacks have been tolerated and suffered for no rational and coherent reason other than that of incomprehensible, phantom liberal guilt which has somehow gained ascendancy.

    One can only imagine that Americans are too busy conducting free enterprise to pay any attention to the disintegration of their self-governing republic of freedom with severely limited and restricted government.

    The lies of blacks were not material when blacks were slaves and they are similarly not material today. The Constitution applies equally and without variation to all legal and legitimate citizens and includes no various, superior or inferior rights for any individuals or groups of individuals.

  2. Proportional to the relative rate of commission of crime, the same number of Americans is killed by police as that of Africans.

    The Africans demand that “all men are created equal” then, in the next breath, demand “superior materiality, value and rights” for black folks.

    This “Black Lies Matter” hoax is a brilliant PR campaign by global communists, not dissimilar to that of the anthropogenic “global warming”-cum-anthropogenic “climate change” (it has been changing for 14 billion years) and the entirely “fake,” “alternative” and fatally inefficient energy generators of “windmills” and “solar power,” both of which would wither-on-the-vine in the absence of unconstitutional governmental subsidies.

    All of these hoaxes devolve to the communists and their tireless, greedy efforts to obtain power, destroy American constitutional private property, severely limited government, freedom and free enterprise, and impose totalitarian communist “globalization.”

    You communists feign actually listening to these hysterical and incoherent, caterwauling African charlatans and frauds as they perpetrate their hoaxes and chicanery in order to facilitate your own pursuit of power and abiding, total dominion through the oppressive and subjugating globalization of communism.

    1. Last night, I sent an email on behalf of the principal to the superintendent and all members of the school board.

    2. Don’t digress from the original! There were no Communists threatening when you massacred INDIGENOUS PEOPLE, killed “liberated from Africa (the new storyline)” and enslaved thousands of INDIGENOUS PEOPLE FROM AFRICA, INDIGENOUS PEOPLE FROM ALASKA, HAWAII, MEXICO (now the states of Texas and California…).

      Your current (hopefully last) confederate president, TRUMP, loves Putin, Xi, Kim, et al., would disagree with you on Communists interference. For his followers, he (Trump) is omnipotent as Trump would accept no less from his followers, friends, employees, US Military, the GOP, Senators, Congress members, appointees, Evangelicals and all Christians, etc., strange as he raises an upside Bible which he says he follows! (Strange because of that First Commandment thing that Christian-Judeo are supposed to follow and yet….)

      So how do you dare go against what Trump says, “Russia does not interfere….” What proof do you have that Trump is wrong? What is your basis that Trump is lying as this is an affront to what Trump holds true and dear to his heart? Remember now, these are leaders that Trump “looked into their eyes and saw their souls”!

    3. Africans?

      By the way, “Africans” reside in their own countries on the CONTINENT OF AFRICA. Surprise: It is not a part of the United States

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      – [ ]

  3. This is about as close as the ‘racist term’ community is going to come to doing anything for itself. Their representatives in congress are in the wrong party to do anything except ine their pockets. Given every chance including taking over leadership of that party they just sort of died on the vine and gave the power to Massa one more time. Exception is the Somalians but then all they have done so far is lear how to do The Squat.

  4. We have more than that many boxes. jury box with fully informed jurors is next and then there is the military draft. As long as it exists it’s hard for everyone to walk away. I have 24 years infantry myself I believe the draft in it it’s present form to be sexist as it rewards one gender for doing nothing but penalizes the other gender heavily for not pretending to volunteer. The two are using historical terms baby factories and cannon fodder.

  5. I remember this argument in the 60s when melanared neighborhoods had one request: “remove the White teachers from our schools where you refuse to hire us to teach. Remove white doctors, nurses, police officers from our neighborhoods where you make and set policy! We will run our own communities ourselves and then you can have your freedom of speech to say whatever you want. Expressing your viewpoint and then come into our classrooms to teach—or not teach, as these teachers have preconceived notions about our children and they use our children for flawed studies which confirm their already stated opinions.” Separate but equal!!! First time melanated Americans agreed with the KKK.

    The problem? The white teachers union! When they realized melanated individuals would be taking over their own neighborhood schools, and they would be losing jobs that they kept melanated teachers from having, there was an uproar. Same thing with the fire department, police department, hospitals, etc. as Reverend Sharpton said, “get your knee off our neck.” The school budget should be a per capita the same for each student. Police budgets should be done the same—separate but equal. Contrary to what white’s skewed thinking the majority of melanated people do not want to be in your neighborhoods. They don’t whites defining who they are and what they will be paid, how they should live their lives and keeping your knees on their necks! American white are like Trump: whites want melanated people to kiss their ass As their holding their knees on their backs.

    So when you want freedom of speech, melanated people want the same: freedom of speech, and whites keeping their knees off their necks. If you don’t think they can survive look up Rosewood! Whites burned it to the ground!

    1. “Contrary to what white’s skewed thinking the majority of melanated people do not want to be in your neighborhoods.”

      Maybe, maybe not. It is certainly true that virtually everywhere that whites go, blacks follow, and usually with a corresponding increase in crime.

      1. And every place INDIGENOUS PEOPLE were here before whites “discovering”—places not lost— whites went and trashed their land and culture and like Hitler eliminating Jews, murdered them and in many instances wiped them off the face of the earth. Whites are mass serial killers on steroids! Congratulations. The genocide comes before the discovery! So don’t lecture about how your hands are without blood. You can’t stop mass murder—that’s why you need guns because murders by whites are legal! Theft of funds, mismanagement of pension funds, banks “too big to fail” bailed out by the public, corporations snatching up money earmarked for small businesses, bankruptcies to steal pension funds from workers, repeated bankruptcies to walk away from debt and start me, all made legal for whites—but illegal for melanated individuals and their businesses— so you can say “whites don’t have crime” certainly appeals to the “less/poorly educated,” to keep up that front that white people don’t commit crime is BS!

        Perfect example: Social Security! Everyone has to contribute. This was meant for “guaranteeing an income on retirement/permanent disability.” Initially everyone except US Government employees. Then Govt employees mandated to chip in. Then small businesses and self-employed mandated. As the fund grew, Congress saw it as a source to raid with a “promise to return the money.” That’s why it’s going bankrupt! Now the narrative by the current GOP: it’s an “entitlement program” where you are mandated to contribute to. Melanated individuals had nothing to do with this. The public is told Social Security is bankrupt and will be out of money, so you’re on your own! Fraud!

        How do whites solve their financial problems? Go bankrupt! It’s legal. In the Middle East and Africa along with many Asian/Pan Asian countries they have debtors prisons. Those were outlawed here for white individuals—too many of you get loans go bankrupt and walk away free to repeat this many times over—no problem. It’s legal for you, no crime. Others: fraud, theft, etc., with mandatory jail time when pressed by the banks, financial ruin for you and your family as they link your financials to relatives! Oh yeah, make them all—those melanated people—criminals.

        Don’t equate white privilege with “don’t do crime.” That’s the privilege! You do the crime but the system gets to classify it by race/ethnicity/place of origin. No equality; no justice for all.

        Bankrupting three casinos? Fraud! Able to assault women and make the settlement to them a business expense? Tax fraud! Organizing your own personal AK-47 armed militia to instigate riots, harass and intimidate others and lawmakers? Illegal! But legal for whites. No crime.

        Embracing the Confederate flag while defending it and its followers (who are trying to overthrow US police departments and lawmakers), undermining the stability of a state (and its governor through aggressive intimidation with the confederate flag as part of that intimidation), putting it on a par with the USA flag: treasonous! For white people, this is called “exercising your constitutional rights.” When you become a citizen, there is a thing of holding no flag higher…. As far as I know the confederates lost the civil war.
        The only flag that should be flying is Stars and Stripes. Any other is treasonous! Symbol of speech: President of the US and the confederacy? The south will rise again: 😱deep state confederacy has been running the country! Hopefully the last Confederate President undermining the Democracy for a possible coupe? Death under the law for any minority! On ballot in November to complete MAGA ? 🤨. Finalize alliance with Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Brazil and China, the new world order! The revolution peeked its head in Liberty Park. The Washington D.C., National Guard, US Military, the DEA, FBI, SS, Park Rangers, Marshall’s Office “other Government agencies” and “the militia.” When asked who were the militia, AG Barr claimed they “are from other Government agencies that don’t carry ID.🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩. All US Government agencies. It then went to “I don’t know.” No one knew who the militia members were! 🚩🚩🚩🚩 Barr refused to cooperate on identifying who they are, and ended the conversation with the militia armed with AK-47s in protective stance. 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩. This looked more like the insurrection than the peaceful demonstrators in Liberty. All this for a photo op charged to the US Taxpayers: for a photo op for “Trump tough on crime” ad campaign. Then stands in front of the Anglican Church holding the bible upside down (=to upside cross)? The next day w/wife in front of a Catholic Church for another op ed. He is not a member of either and never requested permission from either Bishop. His “protection crew” just minutes before had shot at members and religious at both churches who were demonstrating in Liberty Park! White man doing this: on the ballot while using this op ed. Melanated individuals doing this: DOA!

        So you see your ethics are corrupt

  6. I think the Board is wrong, however in this fireball of BLM racism kickback it is cheaper to fire her than fight a suit by BLM.

  7. Historically in the US as in most countries the pendulum swings both ways and rarely deviates from Newton’s third law. This direction of the pendulum swing, the one expressed to extreme perhaps is in response to the shameful past that was, and continues to some degree, that is rampant racism. Although it is important to recognize that the foundation is free speech and those fired for criticizing BLM should be protected, just as those who spoke out against racism and were fired should have been, the historical facts are: America is moving in the right direction regardless of extremists on the left, America is progressing regardless of that word,’progressive’, being seen as a blasphemy, and there will always be movements that are right for the people but take it too far. The pendulum will swing back; however for it to reach the desired center where all are equal before the law, it has to go in both directions. At this moment, it is important that the swing to the right, the past, the again, does not go so far as to create another reaction of equal and opposite force. Before America can stand for All Lives Mattering equally, it has to arrive at the position where Black Lives matter more than they do now. It is just that simple.

    1. When one says that they “disagree” with “black lives matter”, they are saying they don’t think that black lives matter. That is repugnant, ammoral, and patently racist.

      As an advocate for “free speech”, are y’all endorsing such callous hatred and vile thought?

      What is wrong with you people?

      This is a simple issue of human decency and nothing more.

      Seriously, wtf is wrong with you folks?

      1. Wow. And you just proved Turley’s point. It’s all or nothing. And sorry that’s not going to fly. You are NEVER going to get 100% of the people to think BLM is a good organization. Remember BLM chanting: Pig’s in a blanket, fry em’ like bacon? That’s a gem. And if black lives mattered what about the 160+ black homicides in Chicago since the beginning of the year? No BLM marches over those black people. And zero support for Fed officer Underwood or Capt David Dorn. Both murdered during the “protests” (riots). So don’t stand on your moral high horse and ask “What is wrong with you people?” Actually I would ask you that question.

      2. “When one says that they “disagree” with “black lives matter”, they are saying they don’t think that black lives matter.”

        Generally speaking, intent is established by the one forming the thoughts, not by the interpreter.
        I disagree with BLM. I also believe that black lives do matter.
        As do all lives.
        If you believe this makes me “repugnant, amoral, and patently racist”, well, you are entitled to your opinion.

    2. “the historical facts are: America is moving in the right direction regardless of extremists on the left, America is progressing regardless of that word,’progressive’, being seen as a blasphemy, and there will always be movements that are right for the people but take it too far.”

      Those are not facts, they are your opinions. I would argue the opposite: that we have long been moving in the wrong direction and now we are rapidly moving further in the wrong direction. Also, your assumption that the “progressive” movement is “right for the people” is something half the country would strongly disagree with.

      “Before America can stand for All Lives Mattering equally, it has to arrive at the position where Black Lives matter more than they do now. It is just that simple.”

      Our society does need to reckon with why the black community experiences worse outcomes than the many other population groups in our nation. However, the far larger problem in our society is that of the ever growing inequality between the poor and the wealthy.

      1. shameful past and rampant racism (uncontrolled · unrestrained · unchecked · unbridled · widespread · pandemic · epidemic · pervasive · out of control · out of hand · rife · spreading like wildfire)

        Read your history. Even in the 60s racism was unchecked in parts of America. It was a shameful past. I grew up during the time. That what was common place and argued as an inevitable part of America: separation, segregation, etc is hard to believe today when elected leaders in government have been replaced with white supremacists and other dregs of society. It took movements like BLM to progress, be progressive, advance as human beings, etc. We are better for it. It is the right direction.

      2. “Honest to Pete. Provide an example of ‘rampant racism’.”

        One must first establish a definition of “racism” that everyone agrees with.
        This, of course, will never happen.

        The orthodoxy is that except for superficial “color”…all races are perfectly equal, identical, and exactly the same, possessing the exact same abilities. And should you happen to disagree…you are the dreaded R word. You are a RACIST.

        In my lifetime, I’ve observed that different races are indeed different. So I can’t help but wonder…am I a racist only if I speak it out loud…or am I a racist just for noticing??

    3. “Before America can stand for All Lives Mattering equally, it has to arrive at the position where Black Lives matter more than they do now. ”

      I disagree.
      Under the law, all lives matter the same, and are treated equally.
      Blacks are not murdered disproportionately by the police, although police are indeed murdered disproportionately by blacks.
      Blacks are not raped/murdered disproportionately by whites, although whites are indeed raped/murdered disproportionately by blacks.

      The only evidence that black lives don’t matter is the astronomical rate of black-on-black violence and murder, which in a polite discussion, is not supposed to be mentioned.

      1. “Before America can stand for All Lives Mattering equally, it has to arrive at the position where Black Lives matter more than they do now. ”

        This is true, however you twist the statement to obscure the reality of the situation. Black lives matter less than equally in the US, at this time. They matter more than before but less than White lives. This is statistically illustrated as are the changes approaching equality. The objective of Blacks is not to matter more than equally but more than the less than equal position of today.

        The transition from the shameful position in US society of a generation or two ago to today did not come about through musing and discussion alone. Musing and discussion had fires lit under them.

        Somehow one cannot help but wonder that the fear of Black lives mattering more is simply another expression of racism. This fear has been around for decades. It seems to come out when Blacks have had enough and take to the streets.

        Take a vin diagram with two circles, one representing police brutality and the other racial bias or racism. They overlap and where they overlap can be found the issue at hand.

        One can argue overreach, however, one cannot argue that this is a situation that needs fixing and it is getting fixed one protest at a time.

        1. “Black lives matter less than equally in the US, at this time.”

          You already stated this. It is your opinion, to which you are entitled.

          However, I disagree.

          I believe that at this time, under the law, black lives are equal to other lives.

          That is my opinion, to which I’m entitled.

          1. Opinions are like ….. The place where opinions meet is where statistics and historical fact create a reality. One can be selective with statistics and history in order to support an opinion. This was done during the slavery era using the Bible and other historical arguments. However, we don’t do that so much anymore. There are those who believe that the earth is but a few thousand years old, an old man in white runs everything, and 54 virgins are waiting. If you are of that sort then yes you are entitled to your opinion and that is as far as it goes.

  8. The issue is more than just free speech. The problem is that governments are now siding with an anarchist organization. (All of the BLM founders are avowed Marxists.) This is issue is rapidly escalating. In a recent poll, 40% of Republican respondents expressed their belief that civil war in this country is imminent. I fear they may be right.

      1. All fascists are on the left. Fascism rose from an Italian socialism/unionism group led by extreme socialist Mussolini.

        1. That is worthy of Alice In Wonderland metrics!
          All fascists are hardly from “the left”.

          Maybe you might want to study a tad of history.

          (I actually used to know one of El Duce’s drivers. He recently passed on)

          You’re a bit twisted with your grasp of what actually happened, Young.

  9. Black Wives Matter. Slack Wives Matter. Jack’s Wives Matter. A wife stands on equal footing with the husband. Too many Wives spoil the broth. Race is important in states which allow car race or horse race tracks and betting.

  10. These continual unjustified firings has made me question various things. I wonder if there’s a GoFundMe page (or another more tolerant competitive version) to help pay legal bills of all these people who’ve been wrongly terminated for speaking their mind. Can there be a class action suit at university level at least? Where are the attorneys (or are they all taking knees too)?

  11. The unanimous vote is cute. These are the people responsible.

    Elizabeth Burrows – Chair – (802) 484-3174

    Amy McMullen – Vice Chair – (802) 674-6674

    Kris Garnjost – (802) 674-6297

    Nancy Pedrick – (802) 484-3118

    Beth Carter – (802) 674-4477

    Bill Yates – (802) 280-8968

    Elizabeth Burrows is self-declared as an ‘independent writing and editing professional’. She is 55 years old and hasn’t been employed by anyone in 13 years. She washed out of two anthropology graduate programs in succession, ca. 1994.

    Amy McMullen is 57 years old and employed as the West Windsor town clerk and the ‘youth librarian’ at the local public library.

    Kris Garnjost (a man, btw) also has his hand in ‘writing and editing’, but his primary means of support is as a functionary of the local community college, in one of those what-do-you-do-all-day ‘outreach’ jobs. He evidently had a marketing job in the past. He is 63 years old and also washed out of an academic graduate program (in English lit).

    Nancy Pedrick is 77 years old and apparently retired. She’s a member of the local Unitarian congregation.

    Beth Carter, age 52, is a challenge to trace.

    Bill Yates, age 55, is evidently the scion of a local farming family which currently raises sheep and goats. They’re a supplier for this boutique butcher shop:

    1. Wait. Let me guess. Each one of these is of conspicuous European descent. Great White Saviors to the rescue!

  12. The caveats on whether you agree or disagree with the positions expressed by the subjects of your free speech columns are honestly getting pretty tiresome. The BLM side of this debate is the one suppressing speech, so there is no question on the merits of the two sides. Hitler was the one burning books, dangit.

  13. Has she a constitutional claim against the school board? This is government action that abridges her right to freedom from interference with her speech. I’d like Prof. Turley to opine on that.

  14. We have the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box and the bullet box. I wonder where we are in that line up after watching the left these past decades. I do think we are about to see just who still understands our constitution and still supports it. All others may kindly exit, stage left.

  15. JT must be reaching that point when you look around at your old friends and realize they really are a bunch of sorry-ass crazies. He’s a classic liberal in a radical world. That’s the equivalent to being squarely in the middle of highway at rush hour. Oh, you can avoid getting hit but it takes some doing and relies heavily on the good will of the other occupants. Anybody wanna rely on that these days?

    1. Actually, these are the junior grade fools. The townships covered by this school board have 4,600 residents among which are 12 blacks.

  16. This needs an Arthur Miller play, where Riley has a Scarlett R emblazoned on her blouse. The Democrats have gone full retard. I think the country is at Peak Race-Virtue Signaling, and this may be a watershed, where the Intolerant Democrats are pushed back. More and more of my friends are becoming disgusted and exhausted. I can not open my bank account online without a Social Justice message. I am constantly being bombarded with book ads to teach me about my racism. Yet, I have not seen one thing suggesting that blacks should alter their behavior.

    1. Exactly right. And “full retard” captures the situation perfectly. The problem is they don’t realize they are going “full retard”.

  17. The Pinkos are celebrating because they think that they are winning. They are successfully crushing politically incorrect dissent through intimidation, threats to jobs, and social shaming.

    What they don’t consider are the many people who are cowed but unconvinced.

    And many of those people will speak up in the privacy of the voting booth.

    And those same people continue to speak to like minded friends and reinforce each others’ opinions, but now they are armed with facts.

    1. Probably right but won’t count with massive voter fraud which I expect. Consider what they have done from attempting to influence electors, to recounts, to multiple investigations, to sabotage, to impeachement to unleashing mobs on the people and tethering the police. They will try voter fraud, probably with the support of the local government politicians in place today.

      1. Young, I fear you are right. The only “voter suppression” will be the cancellation or overwhelming outweighing of my vote by all the ballot harvesting, voting by dead people, duplicative voting and other nonsense that will happen to accommodate a total Democrat (aka Marxocrat) victory.

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