Pelosi Declares That The “Enemy Is Within The House of Representatives” In Call For More Security

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been attacking Republicans members as traitors in a continuation of the reckless rhetoric from the last four years on both sides. Despite a desire for greater unity from voters, Pelosi has sought to capitalize on rather than close those divisions  while other Democrats are calling for blacklists and retaliatory measures. The Speaker has now doubled down on these attacks by claiming that the need to increase security is due in no small degree to the “enemy within” in reference to the Republican ranks. As with her prior conduct as Speaker, Pelosi continues to refuse to recognize any obligation to the institution in seeking consensus and reconciliation.

Pelosi declared on Thursday that there is an obvious need for a “supplemental [budget] for more security for members when the enemy is within the House of Representatives — a threat that members are concerned about in addition to what is happening outside.”

Such language obviously thrills many who want to portray any opposing voices as traitors and seditionists. It has been rhetoric building for years as the more leaders and academics engage in the politics of personal destruction. The idea is to avoid responding to actual positions by labeling the opposition as actual traitors, criminals, and threats. It is the very signature of this age of rage in American politics.

The members are legitimately debating the issue of members carrying permitted weapons in Congress or on the House floor. Pelosi made direct reference to one such member. There has also been criticism of a member, Rep. Greene, for her inflammatory statements on social media. Far enough.  Those issues can be addressed and Republicans have denounced Rep. Greene. However, even when confronted by reckless accusations against a member who was reportedly showing her own family around the Congress, Pelosi has doubled down on the rhetoric of treason in reference to Republicans generally. It precisely the type of rhetoric that many of us condemned when used by former President Donald Trump.

I have commended President Biden for his statements about the need to end the language of division and personal recrimination. Recently, he repeated that call and said that politicians need to “eliminate the vitriol” and stop that “the ad hominem attacks on one another.” He objected to people who “make anything that you disagree with about the other person’s personality, or their lack of integrity, or they’re not decent legislators, and the like. So we have to get rid of that.”

I like the demeanor of Biden as president. However, as the President was making those comments, Speaker Pelosi was engaging in the very vitriolic language that he condemned. It will not end unless Biden calls out people in his own party and demands a lowering of such rhetoric. His words continue to be drowned out by the words of his own party’s leadership.



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  1. Insurrection is a form of treason. James Madison designed Congress to be a “counter” or check & balance against the “tyranny of the majority”. The role of Congress is to remove emotion and impulsiveness out of the equation, while representing the interests of the American people within constitutional legal boundaries.

    Representative Greene and others didn’t counter or cool Madison’s “tyranny of the majority”. If Congress were composed of mostly members like Greene, there would no need for having a Congress or having any state legislature. We could just hold elections and pass laws – no debate, no removing emotion/impulsiveness from the law-making process.

    Congress has a duty to be mature grownups, not part of the “tyranny of the majority”. Greene and every other member of Congress made a promise to God, to uphold the U.S. Constitution against both foreign and domestic enemies to the U.S. Constitution. Insurrection betrays the constitutional oath of office. These members should resign and never hold constitutional authority ever again.

  2. This is one of Turley’s worst columns, blaming Democrats for reacting to new members of Congress who have literally threatened or approved the killing of other members and now insist on bringing guns onto the floor of the House. When these same new members have believed in the ludicrous QANON conspiracy , sucked up Alex Jones conspiracies about Sandy Hook – which even he retracted – and are apparently 9-11 truthers, one has every reason to worry about them. Turley again pretends he was critical of Trump – show us the column Jonathan – while doing the matador defense on these unhinged new members. What a croc. Hey, this is his party and he can do what he wants. The GOP is his party too and just needs to cut the s… and announce the obvious.

    1. Joe friday, +10..

      Turley likes to cite he has criticized both sides, but the distinction is his criticisms of democrats are full throated condemnations. Compare to his criticisms of republicans and Trump being of the mealy mouthed variety.

      Pelosi is right in a sense given what those new congress members have said. Publicly threatened execution of other members. Where’s Turley’s column on condemning these new members of Congress?

      1. You are making the same logic error as the idiot equal time fairness doctrine.

        Objectivity does NOT require giving the problems of each party equal time.

        It means confronting the largest examples of the largest problems wherever they are.

        It is near certain there is no mistake those on the right make that is not also made on the left and visa versa.

        The right has had a horrible record on censorship in the past. But at this moment in time the threat to free speech, the threat to individual rights is very nearly entirely from the left.

        Pelosi, you and the left are still fixated on the capital protests. Yet Antifa is STILL engaged in violence in portland and elsewhere – now targeting democrats. There is a domestic terrorism problem in the US but it does not come from the right and it is not going away.

        It is not Turley or anyone else’s job to give equal time to criticism of one side or the other.
        Criticism most target the most serious problems we have and must focus on their causes.
        Both for the past 4 years and right now that is from the left.

    2. jOE BIDEN SENILE FRIDAY…WRONG AGAIN !. Seems you can never see the forest for the trees yet again. The vile rude political left in this country has been literally at war with any opposing POV. Riots , burning looting , anti 1st and most definitely anti 2nd , horrible and illegal irregualrities that stained this last potus election forever. The current senile potus making EO’s like passing out candy…EO’s that attack free speech and opinion , and make goobermint more Orwellian under his not so hands on leadership.
      The fact checking is gone now…the “journalistas” all compliant and down with the sickness they wanted. George Orwell would be proud how the demoratzi left has imitated his works.

    3. If they have literally threatened to kill members of congress – then you can cite when they literally threatened.

      And no chants of “hang mike pence” are no more a literal threat than “death to america” or “no borders, not walls, no usa” or “F#$k pigs”

      The only people shot have been protestors,
      If police are committing suicide as a result of the capital protests – that suggests they do not like their own conduct.

      No congressmen was harmed at the Capital protests.

      If congressmen are afraid of their constituents – it is time for them to resign.

      I am pretty well tapped into the conservative world. But I will bet you know far far far more about Qanon than I do.

      Why ? Because outside of a tiny portion on the right Qanon is primaruly a dog whistle that only the left hears.
      Worse there is some evidence that it is essentially s psyop coming from the FBI.
      Whether that is true or not – it is definitely true that the FBI is deeply involved in the Qanon world and is either deliberately driving it or deliberately hiding what they know. Or both.

      Which congressmen is it you think are big in the Qanon world ?

      This is another common leftist tactic – pretending that something is true just by asserting it.

        1. yes she was unarmed and slowly crawling through a broken window hole, daring to ignore cops pointing 3 glocks in her face

          this was akin to shooting a trespasser which is normally considered excessive force

          her name was Ashli Babbitt

          “investigators advise” that her terminator not be charged

          police can and do shoot unarmed people from time to time, some justifiably, or some by accident and some because they are scared, or angry, or whatever, but certainly some are bad and wrong shootings. i think i am putting this one in the wrong category, and definitely not accidental. he shot her in the neck from about 2 feet away, which means, he was aiming for her head or neck or face, and probably anticipated that a lot of the rioters or whatever were wearing vests, and he intended to “stop” her for sure. and leave one less witness to testify against him. anyhow, however it unfolds, in that or other instances, every socalled “investigator” of police will ever and always look for an excuse

          this is just how it works. it is sad when it happens but it happens frequently.
          in a way one is surprised they only shot one person. but who they shot sure does send a message, doesnt it!

          I wonder if that chap filming it was an informant or provocateur. socalled JaydenX. quite proud of himself for catching a homicide on his phone I gather. ANTIFA? oh sorry he is now just being called a ‘liberal activist” — named John Sullivan. is it true his kin are higher ups in the Air Farce? wonder if that rumor is true. a not uncommon background for an action-craving tool who ends up playing informant and provoker.

          i rather wonder why this mr “jaydenx” was so willing and open to jibber jabber with the FBI about how he was there instigating. er, filming. lets take a look at the pc aff.

 seems like quite an interview! quite a chatterbox. normally, people who are arrested who have any brains shut their yap and wait for a lawyer. well, ya know, unless it’s their purpose to…. provide information….

          I can see him getting off with a misdemeanor plea, then expungement a year out. then off to do more mischief

          You guys know that they often charge informants right? helps them deny that they were playing undercover, helps build their street cred.
          this guy, has no cred. I suspect he’s as much an informant as Enrique Torrio, a longtime snitch masquerading as a “proud boy”

          this mob was no “coup,” nor insurrection. it was just a riot.

          if they were real insurgents, they would not be in a violent gaggle of people they didn’t know, who had no purpose other than tresspassing and goofing around.

          and for their own clique, they would be running background checks on losers like Torrio, rather than letting them be “leaders” and spokesmen

          alas, patriotic americans are again and again deceived, being law abiding types, and quite often, i hate to say it, hayseeds, (but God bless them for it) but they are completely unaware of the dirty tricks that Uncle Leo uses and how to counteract them. they make easy targets for our Political Police who are ever eager to prove their own worth and elevate their own budgets

          sal sar

          1. Federal officers can not shot you merely for tresspass.

            Ordinary people can not shoot others merely for tresspass.

            In Some states you can shoot tresspassors breaking into your home.
            In many states a tresspassor must present an immediate threat of death or serious bodily harm
            That is also the standard for federal officers.

            The officer should be charged.

            I have looked at several videos. Maybe there is one I missed.
            In None of those I watched did it appear that Alishi was breaking the glass or crawling through the window.

        2. I saw many of the videos of the woman who was shot.

          And ALL she was doing was protesting.

          I have heard claims she broke the windows – I have seen the shooting from several angles – none show her breaking windows.

          I have heard claims she was climbing through – again none of the videos I have seen show that.

          That said – even if you could produce such videos, the law on federal use of deadly force is that you may only do so to protect yourself or others from immediate threat of death or serious bodily harm.
          That standard was not met.

          The only BLM/Antifa protestor that was shot was an active shooter.

          If the police shot every BLM/Antifa protestor that broke a window there would be 10,000 dead protestors.

          As is typical – the left is deep into double standards.

          1. She was climbing through the upper half of a broken sidelight, with her feet at the midpoint of it and head at the top. The room she was entering was the Speakers’s Chamber of the House floor where members were present. The officers holding those positions – like the ones blockading the main entrance to the floor were – were not messing around. It is tragic she was killed, but she was entering ground considered inviolate.

            1. “She was climbing through the upper half of a broken sidelight, with her feet at the midpoint of it and head at the top. ”
              Then you should have video of that. The video’s I have seen appear to make your claim impossible.

              Ultimately this is unimportant – because it is still an unjustified use of force.
              Federal law enforcement may not use deadly force against someone who is not an immediate threat of death or serious boddily harm to themselves or another. That was not the case.

              “The room she was entering was the Speakers’s Chamber of the House floor where members were present.”
              False. I have watched several videos, everyone including most of the CP had left the room before the window was broken.

              But again even if true – still not an immediate threat.
              It is not enough to break and enter,
              it is not enough to tresspass.
              it is not enough to menace
              it is not enough to be afraid.

              As I have noted over and over the only BLM protestor all summer that was shot by law enforcement was an active shooter.

              This was not even close – not even in your FALSE version of events.

              “The officers holding those positions – like the ones blockading the main entrance to the floor were – were not messing around.”
              There is not a “not messing arround” exception to the law on the use of deadly force by the police.

              I would suggest to you that one of the reasons that the Nation Guard has been deployed to the capital is because they are NOT Federal officers and they have different rules and norms. They ARE more free to use deadly force.
              Which is also why they should not be there.

              So far no one can get the NG to specify what their orders are – they are on a “secret mission from Biden”
              That is pretty scarry. Would you have tolerated that from Trump ?

              It is amazing – we spent 4 years listening to Shreiks that Trump was authoritarian, and Biden is acting totalitarian all over the place and it is OK with you – because Biden is screwing the rights of people you do not like.

              ” It is tragic she was killed”
              No it is a crime.

              “but she was entering ground considered inviolate.”
              Absolutely not. The capital police did not murder any of the Kavanaugh protestors – and they got just as deeply into the capital.

              No part of the capital is “inviolate”.
              Some parts are not public. I have no problem with tresspassing charges for those. But none are sacred.

              The capital itself is sacred – but not inviolate – it is actually sacred because it is NOT inviolate.

              It is “the peoples house”. It is the single most important place in the country to excercise free speech, to assemble, and to petition government.
              It is so scared that congress may not lock its doors while in session just because they do not like what people are saying.

              Congress and the CP are free to REASONABLY limit the number of people who can enter the capital at one time – but that will still be a VERY LARGE number. They are free to search people before entering. to prohibit guns weapons, ….

              They are NOT free to close it down.

              And it is NOT tresspassing to break in to those parts of the buiilding that should not have been locked.
              And you certainly can not murder people for doing so.

        3. I have listened to myriads of rants from those on the left that Trump/Bar were criminals for moving protestors who were throwing rocks and bottles and looting and arson and beating on police over 1 block over – with repeated warnings, slowly using sheilds.

          According to the left – you can not do that to protestors.
          But you can shoot them if they are trump protestors.

    4. JF – democrats run the country now EVERYTHING is their fault.

      Get over it.

      Pelosi can do what she wants in the house. Regardless, when it fails as it must, and often quickly it is DEMOCRATS FAULT.

      If Democrats are not being blamed for pretty much everything for the next 4 years – the Press is not doing their job.

      Conversely if the Biden admin received the same Treatment as Trump – he will be impeached in 100 days.

      Every single claim regarding Trump’s EO – poorly crafted, runs afoul of the APA, ill considered, Vague, missed unintended consequences … is all true of Biden’s EO – and then some.

      Biden’s immigration EO has the problem that it is literally illegal.
      Didn’t Biden just swear to uphold the constitution and the law of the land ? How do you do that by issuing an EO that litterally says – do not uphold the law of the land ?

      The opportunity has existed for immigration reform for more than a decade. We have gotten close several times.
      Obama botched it. Trump botched it. Biden is now botching it.

      Personally I think immigration reform is pretty trivial. There is overwhelming public support of all kinds of things.
      There is really one and only one consequential impediment. That is more than half the country wants something that we REALLY MEAN. The vast majority of americans want an END to illegal immigration. Wonks can fight over whether we allow 1M or 2M people in the country per year, and whether they come from $hithole countries or China and India. There are details to fight over but super majorities do not want Dreamers to be deported. There are details regarding paths to citizenship, all that can be worked out,
      Most of it does not matter whether the right ot the left gets everything they want or there is some compromise.

      But what people do not want is large scale uncontrolled imigration accross our southern border.
      That means REAL enforcement of immigration laws – whatever we decide they are. REAL deportation of those who did not come here legally, REAL border control of both criminals and illegal immigrant on our southern border – and that means a Wall, whether you like it or not. But it also means MORE than a wall. It means all the fancy systems that the left seems to think are a substitute for a wall.
      It also means more of the Trump immigration plan – Stop them at the borders – the borders of OTHER countries. Detain illegals in central america, and Mexico. Biden has aparently borrowed that chapter of Trump’s book and is bribing Central america to detain immigrants BEFORE they get to the US border. This is a stupid and inefficient and unhumanitarian system – detain illegal immigrants in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico and they get treated like $hit compared to the US – but the children living in squalor do not show up on the US news – not under Trump, not under Biden. We only care about illegals – they only become humans when they cross our border.
      Regardless aide to central american countries to stem the flow to the US will be part of any deal.

      But at the END americans want immigration to be CONTROLLED. If we agree to 1M/year – that is the number of LEGAL immigrants, and the number of illegal immigrants is still ZERO.

      If the laws are immoral, or flawed – FIX THEM – but whatever we agree on as the law FOLLOW IT.

      And Biden is already in trouble with the courts, and with the american people – because “we will not enforce laws we do not like” is a violation of his oath of office.

      So yes – EVERYTHING is NOW democrats fault.

      Americans expect that Biden will do as well as Trump – accross the board. And do so without the daily Drama.

      That is impossible – but have fun. Everyone is watching.

      You broke it – You own it.

  3. What Biden said about unity was only bluster.
    It was nice words spoken in a nice speech.
    Nothing nice about the Democrats who are forcing all these changes onto Americans.

    Pelosi, Biden and Kerry are elitist and they don’t care about anyone but themselves and those who have supported their political careers.

    One has to carefully look at what Pelosi is saying and doing; holding National Guard for months at the Capital, remember not one incident on Inauguration day. Was there a story anywhere. And now saying Republicans are dangerous as Pelosi says.

    They are creating a mindset in the American people for something bigger than what we see, it’s very scary.

    I miss President Trump.

    1. Yeah, Jean. Little Richy Rich Donald sure wasn’t a elitist. Must have been a bad dream when we thought he entered that chic restaurant – like a diner to him and his friends – after the rich guy tax cut in 2017 and to their applause said “I just made you all a lot richer!”.Like he told several rallies in his last campaigns, “If I lose, I’m not coming back here.” He meant all fly-over country Jean, with the exception of Las Vegas.

      I hear his lunch pail is gold plated.

      1. Joe biden Friday…man you are boorish. Nothing of substance. Nancy is above elite in her thinking…her actions. absolute power has corrupted absolutely. Herself and her husband have made millions in behind the scenes deals with insider knowledge and contracts whilst on the goobermint teat. Notice Trump donated his presidential salary – all of it while in office. Notice he was pro life , pro American as a leader. Meanwhile Pelosi and her klan of apparatchiks are pro infanticide, anti American , and attacking the constitution everywhere it conflicts with their wishes. And your ilk support this…. you are the cancer on our republic.

      2. No JF DJT was NOT an elitist.

        He was inarguably one of the elite.

        Those are not the same thing – something you do not seem to grasp.

        Trump is wildly popular in about half the country, with people who are not inherently republican or conservative.
        But who though not especially philosophical are inherently libertarain. They are not likely to listen to libertarain arguments or discussions of the NAP or when the use of force is moral or justified. But they do understand that their world has become impossibly complex, that complexity is the consequence of government, and that their lives would be simpler, more prosperous – better if government just got out of their way. Many of these are ordinary working class people, but increasing numbers of them are poor and minorities who are slowly grasping that the left is not there to help them but to exploit their victimhood.

        And Trump speaks for these people – and they love him for that.
        Trump came from outside politics, from outside government. He impossibly won a presidential election the first time he ran for office.
        He remained on the outside for all of 4 years even as president.

        He speaks for them. He keeps his promises to them.

        Trump is about as non-elitist as you can get and still be a billionaire.

        Wow! Trump eats at fancy resturaunts – like the French Laundry – no wait, that was Democrats.

        Sorry JF you have no clue what an elitists is – try a mirror.

      3. I beleive it is his toilet is gold plated.

        Do you think Bloomberg has a Gold plated toilet ?
        Do you think Bezos does ?

        What about the blue collar guy that won the lottery ?

        Again you do not know what an elitist is.

        On way or the other Trump/Trumpism will dominate the GOP in the future.

        One of the problems that the GOP faces in 2024 is that it will be hard for most of the leading candidates to come off as genuinely non-elitist.

        All of them will have to seek out big donors that Trump did not.
        All of them are career politicians and the new voters Trump brought to the GOP do not like politicians.
        They want to throw the bums out, drain the swamp, ….

    2. Then go see if you can get into his golf club, I hear he’s losing members big time. Or maybe rent one of his over priced apartments. Better yet, just send him a check.

    3. “I miss President Trump.”

      A lot of Democrats who voted for Joe Biden are saying the same thing. Regrets are piling up fast.

  4. It won’t end until Biden calls out those in his own party, means it will never end. We’ve got 4 years to prove me wrong but I doubt it.

    1. Thanks, Rhodes.

      That is a devastating analysis of what was likely a corrupted election. He focuses attention where it should be: 1) On the six cities in swing states. 2) On how utterly easy it is to manipulate and hack the voting machines (including those provided by Dominion.) 3) On how security experts and journalists (both Left and Right) sounded the alarms *long before* the 2020 election. Yet nobody listened.

      Here are some of the key elements:

      “‘Our highly computerized election infrastructure is vulnerable to sabotage and even to cyber-attacks.’ So wrote the same New York Times where now, two years later, even mention of the possibility has become verboten.”

      “You can get the machine to do what you want it to do.”

      “A report issued Thursday by some of the country’s leading election security experts found that voting machines used in dozens of state remain vulnerable to hacks and manipulations . . . ‘{W]we fear that the 2020 presidential elections will realize the worst fears only hinted at during the 2016 elections: insecure, attacked, and ultimately distrusted.’” (from “Mother Jones” magazine)

      “Princeton Professor Hacks Dominion Voting Machine in Seven Minutes”

      “[I]nstead of widespread election fraud, it only takes deep election fraud in six cities to flip the swing states they are in, to thereby flip the electoral college, and to thereby steal the election nationally. Those cities are Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.”

      “[W]hat we know is that five cities play a special role in US political science because of their ability to flip five key swing states; those five cities saw bizarre and unprecedented activity on voting night, up to and including the shutting down of vote counting []; in each case a huge spike of Biden votes were injected where counting had ceased and observers had been cut out.”

      His analysis, as with others, shows that there was motive, means, and opportunity to fix the election.

      What should have been done? At minimum, exactly what he suggested: The National Guard/U.S. Marshals should have seized the paper ballots and machines in those six cities. A forensic audit, livestreamed, should have been done right there, right then.

      1. Sam writes:

        “That is a devastating analysis of what was likely a corrupted election. He focuses attention where it should be: 1) On the six cities in swing states….”

        That is completely and provably wrong Sam .Here are the facts:

        Relative to 2016, when Hillary won the popular national vote, but lost the state vote in some of the same swing states Trump lost this timr – but less than he lost by, Biden outperformed her vote in the red counties and suburbs of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia. In all those states Biden under-performed Hillary in the big cities of Atlanta, Philly, Pittsburgh, and Detroit and equaled her performance in Milwaukee.

        Think about it! If the election was won by Biden in those states by hanky panky, it would have been in the big cities where Democrats clearly control the government and therefore the polling apparatus. That’s what your guy says happened. IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!!!! YOU CAN LOOK IT UP!!! He won those states because independents and suburban Republicans were sick of Trump. Did Biden somehow fudge the numbers in red Pennsylvania and the suburbs? F…k no!

        This argument is now as lame as saying that it was unexpected and unexplainable how Trump could have been ahead at midnight of Nov 3 and then lose with votes coming in later. We knew beforehand that would happen and the only question would be if there were enough votes counted later. We now know the swing state big cities didn’t explain the switch from Trump (2016) to Biden (2020). The suburbs and red counties in those states explain it.

        Now, that’s a devastating analysis!

        1. JF – much of the claims you are making are in every single way FALSE.

          While there is some evidence that the “steal” involved possible election fraud in some read counties.

          The FACTS are that Biden won significantly FEWER Counties that Clinton did, and in most of those that he won he did more poorly than Clinton did.

          Myriads of polsters have confirmed after the election that Republicans did better with every single minority group than they had in 2016 – that this is now a trend.

          Most of the claims you are making are not reconcilable against that.

          It is also crystal clear that Trump completely and totally dominated the in person vote – more than half of all votes in 2020.

        2. JF – all your analysis – aside from its other false premisis, start from the stupid presumption that the data you cite is correct.

          You can not prove that there was no consequential election fraud favoring Biden by citing data based on ballot totals that are POST the alleged Fraud.

          You are quite litterally arguing that there was no fraud because my candidate won.

          You are not only completely wrong about your claims – you are Obviously wrong.

          You honestly expect people to beleive that Biden got MORE votes in red counties and LESS in Blue ones – especially in the 6 target Cities ?

          BTW that claim – even if True does NOT preclude election fraud.

          There are now over 50,000 affadavits alleging election fraud. Many of them are direct observations.

        3. If it is so obvious that Biden won without fraud – then why the absolute Trench warfare to prevent any actual inquiry.

          Today – nearly 2 months after the election records and data that are supposed to be publicly available still are not. Even though in many instances they have been subpoenad.

          In some instances it is going to take months. But atleast some of this is going to be exposed.

          There is going to be a complete audit of Maricopa County as an example. It is only a question of when.

          Antrim county is already quietly being more thoroughly examined.

          It is going to take months – possibly years for the court audit of Fulton county to take place – but GA law makes that impossible to stop – only delay.

          Voter registration date is required by law to be updated to reflect the election, and that will occur eventually – it is supposed to have occured already – and voter registration databases are public record. The information WILL be available.

          It will be possible to verify atleast SOME of the number of fraudulent votes that were cast in time.

          I do not expect that the news will cover this – and Social Media will close down anyone’s accounts that tries to provide information that conflicts with the lefts narative.

          But the facts sill slowly get out.

          This story is not going away. And it is not going to get better for democrats.

          And efforts to bury it make is more dangerous.

          1. Fun fact. Democrats in Richmond, Virginia are calling for the removal of a Democrat who has been head of Richmond voter registrar for more than 25 years. Reason: they are not completely sure but they are working on one. Something about the Registrar dismissing concerns of losing candidates about accurate vote counting.

            Mafia members are jealous they never colluded this brazenly

            Nachman, a Democrat, previously said the electoral board was likely to seek her removal. He declined to specify the reasons they intend to present to Showalter on Monday.

            “It’s not just a partisan thing. If we do remove her, it’ll be for cause,” he said. “I think me commenting on anything specific would not be lawful. We want to make sure we’re doing this in a lawful manner.”

            Richmond Electoral Board to consider ousting city’s voter registrar on Monday

    2. Thank you for posting that Rhodes.

      I’m just going to say it this way. Our military strategists wargame against various foreign threats all the time. For the most part, these enemies are easily identifiable and again, for the most part will have the support of the American people. Now, from what I understand, the DOJ/FBI defines who are considered to be domestic enemies. This is usually a moving target depending on the direction of the President, his administration and in perhaps with coordination with Congress. Is it any wonder why no government entity ever makes the list? It’s the perfect cover. It’s the proverbial fox guarding the henhouse. But in this case, the fox isn’t sitting outside plotting a way to get inside the henhouse, the fox is in the henhouse and voters ignorantly put them there. Again and Again and Again. From the Russiagate hoax, to the 2020 election, etc., we have hunters like Durham, Giuliani, Horrowitz, Powell et. al. exposing evidence that the fox is in the henhouse and that fox is gobbling up the hens. But the fox has allies outside that henhouse coordinating disinformation and silencing the hunters. In the meantime, the fox is redefining who our domestic enemies are and not surprisingly, they are targeting the the deplorable people that have no doubt in their mind the fox is in the henhouse.

      We don’t need to wargame this if we look at history. He!!, pick a movie or a book on this scenario and we would know what it would look like if it happened in reality. And yet here we are, that reality is happening right before our eyes and a majority of Americans ignorantly believe the enemy is the other political party, not theirs. This won’t end well.

      1. Agreed, Olly. Caught me by surprise how a Russian agent could actually be elected president.

        Elvis Bug

        1. Agreed, Olly. Caught me by surprise how a Chinese agent could actually be elected president.

          FIFY. By the way, after reading your contributions on this blog, you apparently don’t react well to being caught by surprise.

        2. Qanon is obviously far less bat$hit than you.

          When Alex Jones is more credible than your average left leaning poster hear – there is a huge cognative problem on the left.

          It took 4 years of teddious digging against the stonewalling of democrats and the deep state to ferret out what was obvious to anyone capable of clear thought. Putin favored Clinton, not Trump. Today we have the actual intellgence product that confirms that. We have the intelligence that Russian agents were the sources of the Steele Dossier, That Clinton was being fed riussian dissinformation that she sold to State and FBI. That the State and FBI Knew this was russian disinformation, and they still lied to the courts about it.

    1. Interesting. The 2nd installment is even better.

      So who do you beleive ? 80 courts that never looked at the actual claims or 50,000 affadavits ?

      If each affidavit only resulted in a single vote change – that would still flip the eleciton.

      1. I agree with you. The second part lays out the damning details. (That’s the part my quotes are pulled from.)

    1. They are traitors – to Chairmen Xiden.

      With respect to the US Constitution they are patriots.

  5. ‘Leftists have erected a massive screen outside DC’s Union Station calling Senators Cruz and Hawley seditionists and criminals.

    Ironically, the graphics are greater incitement to violence than anything anyone on the right did.’


  6. Oh she’s right, the enemies of the Republic are in the House but Nancy’s yet to have that Pogo moment where the bulb goes off and she slurs and stammers in the fog of a myriad of cheap Scotch, “we have met the enemy and he is us.” I’m going enjoy her fall from grace.

  7. What Are Signs Of Paranoia?

    Symptoms of paranoia and delusional disorders include intense and irrational mistrust or suspicion, which can bring on sense of fear, anger, and betrayal. Some identifiable beliefs and behaviors of individuals with symptoms of paranoia include mistrust, hypervigilence, difficulty with forgiveness, defensive attitude in response to imagined criticism, preoccupation with hidden motives, fear of being deceived or taken advantage of, inability to relax, or are argumentative.

    Paranoia involves intense anxious or fearful feelings and thoughts often related to persecution, threat, or conspiracy. Paranoia occurs in many mental disorders, but is most often present in psychotic disorders. Paranoia can become delusions, when irrational thoughts and beliefs become so fixed that nothing (including contrary evidence) can convince a person that what they think or feel is not true. When a person has paranoia or delusions, but no other symptoms (like hearing or seeing things that aren’t there), they might have what is called a delusional disorder.  Because only thoughts are impacted, a person with delusional disorder can usually work and function in everyday life, however, their lives may be limited and isolated.

    Delusional disorder is characterized by irrational or intense belief(s) or suspicion(s) which a person believes to be true. These beliefs may seem outlandish and impossible (bizarre) or fit within the realm of what is possible (non-bizarre). Symptoms must last for 1 month or longer in order for someone to be diagnosed with delusional disorders .

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